Author's Note: So, I'm doing my first co-write. I'm writing with someone on deviantArt. Her name is Freak4ever. We went through a lot of getting the plot down and what not. I'll be writing the first chapter and then she writes the second and I write the third, etc. etc. I'm writing in Sam's POV and she's writing in Dean's POV.

And, for all of you who think I need a beta, I have one –happy dance- Her name is gem-313-gem. She went through a lot proofreading this chapter. You can also find her on deviantArt too :]

I hope you enjoy it ^_^


It was a rainy Friday night so Sam and Dean were sitting in a bar getting a couple of drinks after finishing up a case. They were in Nevada after working a case that dealt with a ghost. Nothing they couldn't handle. It had been simple and everything panned out perfectly for them.

Sam glanced over at Dean who was slowly nursing his beer. He looked a little pale and tired but Sam didn't say anything about that. The two of them were always tired. Dean tended to get pale when he was really tired. Just a natural course. So Sam didn't think twice about Dean being pale. "Where are we going from here?" Sam asked taking a mouthful of beer.

Dean shrugged. "Drive around for a while 'til we hear something."

"Fine by me." Sam nodded. It would be nice to get through all the yellow-eyed demons crap and would be even more wonderful if they could just kill the evil son of bitch. But, they were nowhere close to finding it. They hadn't heard from Ash in a couple of days which meant he was still looking. The demon led Sam's thoughts to John who was now dead. He felt awful about how the last time he saw his dad he picked a fight with him. He wished that he could take that fight back, but you can't change the past; only the future.

"Want another?" A waitress asked coming over.

Seeing her, Dean perked up again. "I'll take another, pretty lady," Dean said winking at her. She giggled and turned to Sam.

"And you?"

"Sure," Sam nodded.

"I'll bring them right over," The she turned and left them alone.

"Five bucks I get her phone number," Dean smiled looking at Sam.

"I'm not betting anything. I know you'll get her number," Sam wasn't stupid. Dean got every girls number they ran into. He was the king of getting numbers.

"You're no fun," Dean grumbled finishing off his beer.

"I want to keep what little money I have left," Sam said leaning back in the chair crossing his arms over his chest.

"You're just afraid to lose," Dean countered.

Sam rolled his eyes as the waitress walked back over. "Here ya' go" She handed it to Dean. Their hands touched and she blushed.

"Thanks, I'm Dean," He smiled giving his most charming smile.

"I'm Angie," She replied blushing deeper.

"Nice to meet you... Angie," Dean smiled trying to win her over. It took everything Sam had not to roll his eyes and hit his brother.

"Here..." She handed Sam his without looking at him. Her eyes never left Dean.

"Thanks," He muttered as she walked away.

"You're unbelievable sometimes," Sam muttered.

"You're point? I'm allowed to have a little fun." Dean smirked.

"Hey pal, that girl you're talkin' to?"

Sam looked up to see some guy walked up to Dean. He was obviously royally pissed off. Sam sat up straight ready in case anything happened. It was a bar, it was late. Dean was tired and he had a couple of beers. Sam wasn't sure if anything would happen or not but it would be better to be ready then not ready.

Dean turned to look at the man. "Yeah?"

"That's my girl," He pointed a finger at Dean's chest. "Don't talk to her."

"How? She's my waitress. What am I gonna have to do? Sign to her then?" Dean asked standing up to look more intimidating. The man and Dean were about the same height and size.

"Just lay off pal," The man growled.

"It's a free world, I'm allowed to do whatever I want. That includes talking to our waitress," Dean said. "So, I'd lay off."

The bar and grown silent and everyone was watching Dean and the man. Sam rolled his eyes. He stood up and placed his hand on his brother's shoulder. "Dean," Sam warned him.

"Listen to your partner," The man said. "He says to stop it."
"That's my brother," Dean growled now he was the one royally pissed off.

"Alright," The man growled. "Just stay away from her."

"Make me," Dean challenged.

That's when things went south. Matt, Sam learned his name was Matt; threw a punch. It hit Dean square in the jaw. Sam groaned. If someone hit Dean, he'd hit them right back. So, Dean being Dean, threw a punch back. Matt held his nose which had blood pouring from it. "That's it," Matt growled charging at Dean. Dean went to move out of the way but he wasn't fast enough. Matt caught him around the middle and they smashed into the table spilling the beer that Sam and Dean had been drinking.

If Sam had though the bar was silent before now the bar was dead silent. Everyone was watching Dean and Matt beat each other up. Dean was moving slower than usual. Sam noticed that and knew that something was wrong with Dean. He just wasn't tired. Something else was wrong. Sam just wasn't sure what it was.

Matt and Dean were now standing up and throwing punches at each other. Matt charged again, but this time Dean got out of the way in time and kicked Matt in his side.

Sam was going to try and stop it but he knew it would only end up with him in the middle of it, that wouldn't do Dean any good.

"Hey! Hey!" Sam saw the manger running over to them. "Knock it off." Three other guys were following the manger. Now, Sam stepped in.

"Dean, knock it off," Sam said pulling his brother back. "You gotta stop." Sam managed to pull Dean back. He was hot and panting.

"Out, all of you," The manger spat at Sam and Dean.

"Sir, I'm sorry about my brother's behavior." Sam said as Dean pulled away from Matt.

"Out," The manger repeated not listening to reason.

"C'mon Dean," Sam said supporting his brother.

They had the manger follow them out of the bar to make sure they didn't come back.

Sam looked around in the rain trying to find the Impala. It hadn't been raining when they came to the bar. Now Sam was regretting making the decision to walk to the bar. He couldn't find it. "Where's the car?"

"At the motel," Dean sounded tired.

"Damn, looks like we have to walk back. Luckily it isn't very far," Sam said.

"It's raining," Dean grumbled peeling himself from Sam.

Sam nodded looking at his brother. He had a bloody lip and a cut above his eye that was bleeding. He looked pretty beaten up. He was starting to look paler. Maybe walking back to the motel wasn't a good idea... But they didn't have any other choice. Sam and Dean trekked along the side of the road in the pouring rain.