"Kurt. Kurt. Come on, you gotta wake up." The pale brunette groaned and shooed away the hand shaking him, while burying his face even further into his pillow. The hand was relentless. "Seriously baby. Get up." Kurt slowly opened one eye and glared at the boy sitting on the bed beside him.

"Noah, go back to sleep." The tan boy shook his head and stood.

"We're already running late and if we don't leave now, we won't make it by the third bell." Kurt sat up in his bed and stared at his boyfriend in shock.

"Since when does Noah Puckerman, self-acclaimed BAMF care about being late?" Puck shrugged and crossed his arms.

"Personally, I could care less whether I even go at all. But my boyfriend has a perfect attendance record to keep." Kurt smiled slightly. He and Puck had been dating for the past 6 months, after "meeting" in an online chat room.

They had been using fake names and when the two finally agreed to meet in person, they were both pleasantly surprised at the outcome. With that day, they both had a lot of firsts. It was the first time that they had talked civilly outside of Glee, it was the first time they saw each other for their true selves, the first time Kurt had given a blowjob, the first time Puck had kissed a boy, and the first either had had sex with another guy. The following Monday, Puck came out to the whole school over the morning announcements and telling anyone who had a problem with it to "kiss his sweet Jewish ass". The two had been inseparable since.

"That's really sweet of you to care that much, Noah. Thank you." Puck waved his hand dismissing the compliment, but blushed all the same.

"Yeah, whatever. Now will you get up? Time waits for no one, not even you." Kurt rolled his eyes but did as he was told and stood up from his bed and almost fell back on it, when he felt something in his ass. He and Puck had been having sex on enough of a regular basis but they had never used toys before. And whatever this toy was, it was lodged in there pretty good and Kurt knew he wouldn't have been able to remove it by himself if he tried. What he didn't know was when his boyfriend had put it there.

"Noah, what-" He started threateningly. The mohawked teen quickly walked up to him and kissed him, successfully cutting off the rest of his sentence. When they pulled apart again, both boys were panting.

"Now, I know what you're thinking and yes it is a vibrator, no I'm not gonna take it out now, yes you are gonna have it in there for a while, and no I'm not gonna tell you why. You're just gonna have to trust me."

"But I don't wanna walk around all day with a vibrator up my ass!" Kurt whined, moving some hair that had fallen into his face. Puck arched an eyebrow.

"Do you trust me?"

"Well, yeah but-"

"Then don't worry about it." Kurt rolled his eyes before walking around the taller boy to enter his bathroom, his walk a little different with the vibrator lodged in between his cheeks. Puck quickly pulled him back.

"Where are you going?" He asked. Kurt stared at him as if he had just grown three heads.

"To the bathroom to take a shower? Duh?" Puck shook his head.

"No time. You should've thought about that half an hour ago when I woke you up the first time. You only have time to get dressed. I've even already picked out your clothes for you. They're on your dresser."


"No buts." Puck firmly stated. "Now I want you upstairs in 5 minutes or I'm dragging you out of this house and taking you to school whether you're wearing clothes or not, and frankly that's one show I'd rather not give the rest of the school."

"I can't believe you didn't even let me moisturize." Kurt whined as he opened his locker and pulled out the books he needed. The two boys had gotten to school with a few minutes to spare and Kurt was doing the same thing he had done in the car on the way over. Complain. The smaller boy frowned. "I look hideous. And I don't smell like a spring waterfall." Puck chuckled and shook his head.

"You don't look hideous. You could never look hideous even if you tried. You look natural. And you smell natural too. Like sweat, sex, me and cum. And I will take that scene over anything that Dove can bottle any day." Kurt blushed but shook his head in disagreement.

"No. I'm not wearing any skin care products, there's nothing keeping my hair in place, and to top it all off what is with this outfit, Noah?" He said while gesturing towards himself. Noah had chosen a blue and white plaid shirt which he forced Kurt to keep open, a fitted white T, tight, black skinny jeans, and an old pair of converse Kurt didn't even know he owned. They were so old they were pinching his feet. Noah was definitely gonna owe him a foot massage after this. "This is not fashion forward in the slightest! It's, it's…"

"Comfortable?" Noah finished, smirking as he leaned against the lockers. Kurt glared.

"There's no such thing as comfort in fashion." Kurt grumbled as he looked down at his feet. Seeing how truly upset his boyfriend was at not wearing his Marc Jacobs, Puck lifted Kurt's chin with his hand forcing the shorter boy to look him in the eyes.

"Would you like me to tell you why I chose this particular outfit for you to wear?" Kurt nodded dumbly, lost in Puck's gaze. Puck quickly glanced around before answering, making sure no one was within hearing distance. "Well for starters, I choose the converse because they're a size too small which makes them tight. Just like your ass around my cock and currently around that vibrator." Kurt quietly moaned at the reminder and his muscles unconsciously clenched around the object.

"The skinny jeans," Puck continued. "Because they show off your wonderful ass and I want the entire school to see what's mine and only mine. The blue and white plaid shirt because it reminded me of that time I fucked you in that clear meadow, underneath the sky. The fitted T, because every time you raise your hand or stretch, I'll get to see the flesh that I marked as mine last night and every night before then. And last but not least, you're not wearing underwear so that I can pull down your pants and fuck you in the janitor's closet during lunch." Puck had said all this in a low voice that was laced with lust. By the end of his speech, Kurt was hard as could be and if Puck had wanted to take him against the lockers he would have willingly complied.

"Noah," He said breathlessly. "I-"

The ringing of the bell to get to class stopped him mid sentence and Puck let go of his chin, acting as if nothing had happened.

"Time to go." Puck said in a completely level and normal voice. "Don't want to be late for math." Before Kurt could reply, Puck grabbed his arm and lead him down the hall, Kurt too turned on to reprimand his boyfriend about pulling him around and about the bruise that would surely later appear on his arm.

"…so as long as you're quiet, you guys can do whatever." The class cheered at the teacher's words, everyone instantly pulling out something else to do. Puck and Kurt were seated in the back of the classroom, at a table in the far right corner. Puck looked at the boy on his left with a predatory grin. Kurt paled, but felt his pants grow even tighter.

"Noah? Why are you grinning at me like that?"

"Because we're about to have some fun." Noah replied. Kurt gulped.

"W-we-we are?" Kurt stuttered. Noah nodded and reached into his pocket, pulling out a small remote. "What is that a remote to Noah?" Puck's grin grew wider.

"Our new vibrator." Kurt gasped quietly and looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to the two. No one was.

"Noah!" Kurt said fiercely. "Are you mad? If you turn that thing on, we're gonna get caught! You know how I tend to…vocalize my wants when we are intimate." Kurt said in a rush and refusing to meet Puck's eyes."

"You mean how you're a screamer?"

"To put it in laments, terms," Kurt answered through gritted teeth. "Yes, the fact that I'm a screamer." Puck shrugged.

"Well , you heard what the sub said. You're just gonna stay quiet." Kurt shook his head.

"Noah, don't-" But the taller teen had already turned the dial on the remote from on, to level 1. Kurt instantly felt the low vibrations as they rumbled through his body. He had to bit his lip to silence the moan that was threatening to escape. Kurt was torn between desperately wanting the pleasure to stop, and desperately wanting it to continue. The fact that they were in public only heightened his arousal and made the straining on his zipper increase. Kurt looked at his boyfriend who was smiling at him. Puck scooted closer.

"That feel good, baby?" Puck whispered. Kurt gingerly nodded. "Want me to turn it up?" Kurt shook his head.

"No!" He whispered. "Please don't!"

"Please do?" Puck asked. "Okay!" His hand returned to the dial but instead of going to level 2, he skipped over it and went right to three. Kurt almost screamed in shock and Puck had to slap a hand over his boyfriend's mouth to remind him to hold it in. Kurt couldn't take it anymore and began grinding against his chair, desperate for friction, some kind of friction, any kind of friction that would help relieve him. Puck saw this and placed the remote back in his pocket, taking precaution to make sure he didn't accidently turn it off. "I wish you could see how you look right now." He said in the whimpering boy' ear. "With your eyes closed, and how hard you're biting on your lip, and how you're grinding on your chair. I love watching you like this Kurt, and knowing it's because of me."

Kurt's only reply was a soft moan. Puck looked around to make sure that no one had noticed the two before placing his hand on Kurt's thigh. "Stop trying to ride the chair and spread your legs for me." Kurt immediately stilled at the command and opened his legs wide. He had stopped trying to fight the feelings a long time ago and now was only concerned with keeping himself quiet. Puck slowly unzipped and unbuttoned Kurt's pants and his hand was instantly met with the head of Kurt's cock. Puck used his thumb to smear the precum that had been collecting at the top. "Oh, my baby is so wet. Is this because of me?" He asked sweetly. Kurt, whose eyes were still tightly closed, nodded.

"Always." He breathed. "Always…because of you… Noah…" Puck grinned at the statement and began to stroke his boyfriend's length slowly up and down, Kurt's hips meeting the rhythm.

"Really? Because I don't think all of this is because of me. I think most of it is because of me, but some of it is due to the situation. You like the fact that we're doing this in a classroom. That we are doing this in plain view of anyone and everyone. The only thing anyone would have to do is take one look at you grinding on air like a wonton slut and know exactly what is going on. You like the fact that you've got a vibrator pleasuring you right now and that you couldn't take it out even if you wanted to, which you don't. You're probably imagining it's my cock instead, aren't you? That my cock is sliding in and out of that tight ass almost hard enough to break you. But you wanna know what I think you like the most? It's the fact that I'm saying all these dirty things to you that we both know is true. That's your favorite part. You love it don't you? It's getting you off. Isn't it? Answer with your voice." Noah commanded when he saw Kurt was planning on simply nodding. With each sentence he spoke, Puck's strokes got faster, and the faster Puck's strokes went, Kurt's hips went double time to keep up. Kurt's eyes rolled in the back of his head when the vibrator hit his prostate due to a certain hip swing.

"Yes," Kurt sighed. It's getting me off…I love knowing that we're in school, that anyone can see. I love the vibrator. I love your cock. I love the dirty talking. I love it…I love all of it…" Puck smirked at his boyfriend's submission.

"Open your eyes for me, Princess. I wanna see those baby blue's when you cum all over my hand." Kurt's eyes snapped open at the command and his blue eyes locked with brown ones in a fierce staring contest. Noah went even faster, forcing Kurt to shove a fist in his mouth to keep himself silent, neither breaking the eye contact.

"Noah…" Kurt whispered one last time before reaching his orgasm. He clenched around the vibrator and continued to buck his hips wildly as he rode it out, Puck's hand never ceasing on his dick. When Kurt was finally spent, he placed his head on the table top, the cool wood nice against his burning skin. He twitched from the aftershocks and the still buzzing vibrator. Puck smiled and with the hand not still jerking Kurt's dick, he flipped off the vibrator and Kurt whimpered in relief. Noah brought his cum covered hand to his mouth and began to clean his fingers. Kurt watched, unable to move.

"Just as good as always." Puck commented before holding out a finger for sticking a still coated finger in his boyfriend's gaping mouth. Kurt licked it clean without complaint. "Did you enjoy that?" Puck asked, watching the small boy's tongue the entire time. Kurt nodded weakly and Puck slowly withdrew his finger from his mouth. "Good. I hope you're up for round 2 during lunch and round 3 after school."

"What happens in round 2 and 3?" Kurt asked in a small voice.

"Well I already explained to you earlier that I was gonna fuck you in the janitor's closet which will be round 2." Kurt shivered at the thought of what was to come (in all uses of the word) within the next three hours. "And in round 3," Puck continued with a smirk. "You get to find out what levels 4, 5 and 6 feel like." Kurt closed his eyes and gulped but couldn't deny the rush of blood to his boyfriend's favorite body part. He couldn't WAIT for school to end.


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