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Puck was quickly reducing what was typically a 15 minute drive, down to an eight minute drive as he sped towards Kurt's house, one hand on the steering wheel, the other hand on the back of Kurt's head, which was nestled deep in his lap. After reinserting the vibrator, hurriedly getting dressed, and making sure to leave no evidence of what they had done, the two boys had ran out of the school building and into the parking lot before jumping into Kurt's Escalade. Puck stopped at a red light and he threw his head back in a groan as Kurt swallowed around his dick. "That's right baby. You always were too good at this. If I didn't know any better, I'd think I wasn't your first." Kurt pulled up and let out a small gasp before grinning widely.

"It's a natural talent." Puck smirked.

"Like the fact that you have no gag reflex?" Kurt didn't answer verbally, but instead once again dove down and engulfed Puck's hard cock in his mouth, silencing his boyfriend from saying anything else. The stoplight chose that exact moment to turn green, and Puck slammed on the gas, even more determined than ever to get to the familiar confines of his boyfriend's bedroom where he was free to do with him whatever he pleased. Puck could feel himself getting closer and closer, and the fingers of his right hand tightened themselves in the soft brown strands of hair they were holding.

"Fuck Kurt…I'm close…" Just two more corners and they would be at Kurt's house…Kurt moaned around his boyfriend's dick and rolled Puck's balls in his hand…He could see the edge of his boyfriend's house, it was just up the street…Kurt pulled up to kiss the head and lick away the precum there…less than five feet and they would be pulling into the driveway…Puck took that moment to glance down at Kurt to see him looking back up at him, smirking, as he licked up and down the length before seductively sucking on the head. Puck couldn't take it anymore, and came in his boyfriend's mouth just as he parked the car in front of the garage. Kurt swallowed everything before proceeding to lick Puck clean. When he was sure that there was nothing else, he sat up straight and looked at his boyfriend, licking his lips.

As Puck tried to catch his breath, he stared at his boyfriend. With the tousled hair, the wide lust filled eyes, the swollen and spit/cum covered lips and the fact that his eyes were staring intently on his crotch, Puck couldn't help but pull the smaller boy into his lap, smashing their lips together. He shoved his tongue in his boyfriend's mouth, moaning at the taste of himself. Kurt began grinding on Puck's lap, his deflated dick quickly growing hard again.

"Fuck Kurt." Puck moaned as he pulled away from his boyfriend's lips, only to reattach them to his neck. He sucked on a spot just above Kurt's collarbone, taking extra care to bite on the skin electing a whimper from the teen above him. Kurt dug his hands into Puck's mohawked hair. Kurt was now grinding so hard onto Puck's lap that Puck became aware that he was trying to get himself off. He placed his large hands on his boyfriend's smaller hips, stilling them. Kurt, who had his eyes closed and had been biting his lip, looked down at his boyfriend in confusion and Puck could feel him tensing up in fear. Puck moved his hands down to his boyfriend's ass and gently rubbed.

"Calm down, baby. I just don't want you to cum yet, that's all." Kurt nodded and began to rock himself backwards into Puck's hands. Puck grinned at his boyfriend's reaction and slapped the left cheek earning a gasp. "Is your dad home?" Kurt shook his head and looked at his boyfriend with hooded eyes.

"No. Him and Carole…they went…on an overnight trip with Finn. They won't get back till tomorrow afternoon." As Kurt spoke, he continued to repeatedly rock back and forth in Puck's hands. Puck grinned.

"Good. Then no one can hear you scream." Puck slapped his boyfriend's ass again before moving Kurt back to the passenger side and getting out of the car, closing the door behind him. He walked to the front door, Kurt not two steps behind him. He fished in his pocket and pulled out his key chain, before opening the door.

When it was open, he turned around to see his boyfriend staring at him with an arched eyebrow. "What?" He asked. Kurt crossed his arms.

"When did I give you a key to my house?" Puck shrugged.

"You didn't. I took your key and copied it when you weren't looking last month." Kurt stared at him. "What? Weren't you really horny a second ago? Are we seriously gonna stand here and argue about it?"

"No, I just think that I should be told when my boyfriend steals my things and-" Puck shut him up by drawing the boy against him and fiercely kissing him. All the will to fight left Kurt's body and he kissed back just as eager. Puck picked him up by his legs as easily as if he were a rag doll and Kurt wrapped his legs around his boyfriend's waist. Puck walked the two of them inside the house, making sure his lips never left Kurt's. He shut the door behind him with his foot, and started the very familiar trail towards Kurt's basement bedroom. When they were inside and the door was locked (they didn't want any surprises) behind them, Puck literally threw his boyfriend down on the bed and watched the flushed boy bounce up and down on the soft mattress a few times. Puck looked at his boyfriend and growled.

"You should look like this every day. Hair a mess, out of breath, and waiting for me to fuck you." As he talked, he stroked his dick through his unbuttoned jeans. Kurt moaned, and rubbed himself through his skinny jeans, making sure to maintain eye contact with Puck the entire time. "Take off your shirt. Both of them." Puck commanded his hand still on his dick and his eyes still on Kurt. Kurt, shaking from desire, removed his hand from his crotch and peeled off the blue and white plaid shirt before removing the plain white T. He threw them carelessly on the floor, not caring where they landed. When they were off, he looked back up at his boyfriend waiting for the next instructions.

"Shoes and socks." Kurt rushed to take off the converse, and when he finally pulled his feet free, he let out a little sigh of relief before tossing them and the socks on the floor with the shirts. He patiently waited for the command to remove the skinny jeans but it never came instead, Puck stepped closer until he was at the foot of the bed, and motioned for Kurt to come towards him. Kurt crawled over to his boyfriend until his face was only a few inches from the completely re-hardened dick that he had had in his moth less than ten minutes ago and in his ass less than twenty minutes before. He licked his lips and looked up at Puck innocently, waiting. Puck smiled down at his boyfriend before running a hand through the soft hair.

"Kiss it." He whispered. Kurt started at the base and slowly worked his way up, making sure to lather it in his kisses. When he reached the top of one side, he'd start over on the bottom of another side. When he had covered the top, bottom left and right sides thoroughly, there was only one place left. Kurt pulled back and stared at the beautiful circumcised head. He glanced up at Puck again before gently pressing his lips to the tip and softly kissing it. He closed his eyes and swiped his tongue along the slit repeatedly. Puck groaned as his boyfriend continued to make out with his dick. When he had enough, he backed away from the bed, and Kurt looked up at him with a pout on his face. Puck grinned and reached into his jeans pocket, pulling out the vibrator remote. Kurt's eyes widened and he visibly gulped.

"Lay back." Puck commanded. Kurt did as he was told, leaning back on his bed. Puck got on the bed and crawled towards him, only stopping when he was straddling Kurt's soft and smaller hips. Puck slowly leaned down, stopping just a hair away from Kurt's lips. As the two stared at each other, Puck turned on the vibrator, setting it on Level four. Kurt moaned for a second before Puck closed the distance between them, connecting their lips in a kiss. Kurt gripped Puck's shoulders tightly as he lost himself in the kiss and the motions of the vibrator.

"Fuck Puck!" Kurt yelled moving his mouth from Puck's to scream as the vibrations rocked his body. Puck grinned and rocked his hips against Kurt's while sucking on his neck.

"You like that?" He asked. Kurt bit his lip and nodded. "Turn over." He said. Kurt opened his eyes slowly before nodding. Puck got off of his boyfriend and Kurt slowly turned over onto his stomach, gripping his pillow and focusing on not coming too soon. Puck watched Kurt grind his hips into the sheets desperate for any sort of friction through the skinny jeans he was still wearing, the slim hips arching up and down in a rhythm that Puck found hypnotic. He leaned over his boyfriend, laying a kiss on the top part of his spine. "You're perfect." He whispered. Kurt turned to stare at his boyfriend through hazed eyes.

"What?" He asked weakly.

"You. Are. Perfect." He said placing a kiss on the pale teen's back with each word. "Everything about you is perfect. Your smile is dazzling, your personality is alluring, your mind and wit are astonishing, your mouth is irresistible, and you have the most amazing body I've ever seen. Better than any Cheerio's or MILF's. The things you can do with it are unbelievable Kurt. But the best thing about you is your heart. So full of forgiveness and love. For me. I love you Kurt. You've made me so happy. I love you, Kurt."

Tears welled up in Kurt's eyes as Puck finished his speech. Puck never was one to express his feelings vocally, and for him to say all that with a straight face was the sweetest thing Kurt could have ever heard. He turned to look at his boyfriend as a tear rolled down his check.

"I love you too, Puck. I love you so much." Puck smiled as he wiped away the tear. He tenderly kissed Kurt on both checks before softly kissing him on the lips. As they kissed, Puck reached in front and undid Kurt's skinny jeans, allowing his boyfriend's erection to pop out. He ran his hands up and down his dick. Kurt moved to pull away from the kiss but Puck quickly placed his unoccupied hand on the back of his head, forcing his lips to stay in place. When he was positive Kurt wasn't going to try to move away again, Puck took his hand off of Kurt's head and moved it back down to his lover's jeans. Keeping his mouth on Kurt's, he slowly lowered the smaller boy's jeans until they were around his knees. He broke the kiss and the two gasped.

"Come on, baby." Puck muttered running a hand down Kurt's chest. "We gotta get you out of these jeans. They can't be good for your circulation." Kurt, whose eyes were still closed from the kiss, nodded slowly. Puck moved the tight pants off of his boyfriend's slender legs before throwing them onto the floor, and turning his boyfriend over so that they were facing each other. "Ready for level five, Kurt?" He asked. Kurt slowly opened his eyes, his bright blue ones meeting Puck's brown ones. Puck thought his boyfriend was about to pass out, but instead he nodded. "Are you sure? Because if you're tired and wanna stop-"

"I'm ready." Kurt said firmly looking at his boyfriend with a determined gaze. "I'm completely ready. Turn it, Puck." Puck opened his mouth to interrupt but was stopped by Kurt placing his hand over his mouth. "I said turn it. So either you do it, or I will." Puck arched an eyebrow before moving so that he was sitting across from his boyfriend. The two stared at each other in silence before Puck quickly turned the vibrator to level five. Kurt snapped his head back and howled as the intensity of the pleasure increased. "Yes, yes oh god yes…" He muttered as he rocked his hips. Puck watched his boyfriend writhe around and he began to slowly stroke his dick as he imagined his boyfriend's tight ass around it. He moaned at the imagery and Kurt glanced at him.

"Want some help with that?" Kurt asked motioning towards his boyfriend's hips. Puck removed his hand and leaned back on his elbows.

"Help away." He said smirking at the brunette. Kurt smiled, crawling towards his boyfriend on all fours. When he was directly over Puck's dick he lowered his lips until he had encased it within his warm mouth. Puck moaned and desperately tried to think about anything besides the wonderful heat of his boyfriend's mouth. Dead kittens, history tests, plastic surgeries gone wrong, but nothing helped. Kurt's mouth felt like heaven and Puck never wanted to leave. He watched as his Kurt continually moved his mouth up and down the shaft, his tongue moving in the slit, his ass moving with the vibrations of the vibrator. "God Kurt…" He moaned. Puck was about to cum, so he pulled Kurt off of his cock by his head. Kurt moaned at the absence.

"Wha-" Kurt started but he was stopped when Puck held up a hand. The taller boy moved so that he was leaning against Kurt's headboard with his legs spread wide open, his dick still hard and in the air. He motioned for Kurt to sit in between his legs and the smaller boy did, opening his legs as well. Puck kissed Kurt's shoulder as he gently rubbed Kurt's thighs. The soft rubbing only added to the pleasure of the vibrator.

"There's one more level." Puck muttered against his boyfriend's skin as he held up the remote. He handed it to Kurt who gulped. "Turn it baby. I wanna see your face as you control your own pleasure. Go on, Kurt. Do it." Kurt nodded before placing his hand on the knob. Kurt glanced at Puck once more and he nodded. Kurt flipped it and he trembled as the tremors shook him and he dropped the remote on the floor. Puck gripped his boyfriend and tried his best to keep the shaking boy still.

"Shit baby. That feel good?" Kurt shook his head as tears streamed down his face.

"No…It feels…fucking amazing…" Kurt dug his nails into Puck's legs and rubbed his ass against Puck's swollen cock. Puck in turn moaned and tweaked the paler teen's nipples and moved one hand down to Kurt's dick, stroking it in rhythm with Kurt's grinds. "God Puck…faster…faster please…"

"Anything for you." Puck said grinning. He moved his hand rapidly up and down Kurt's dick as he watched his boyfriend unravel under all the stimulation. Kurt threw his head back and moaned as his lover laid yet another hickey on his neck.

"Puck…I'm so close…I need to cum…please…" Puck pulled Kurt's lips to his and kissed him fiercely before giving him a hard stare.

"Then cum. Now." At the command, Kurt couldn't help it and came all over Puck's hand. Puck continued to stroke him through his orgasm and Kurt moaned as the aftershocks rocked through him. When he was finished, Kurt promptly passed out, Puck still stroking his deflating cock.

When Kurt later came to, he was sitting on Puck's lap, facing him. The vibrator had been removed and Kurt could feel that he had been lubed and stretched accordingly. "Huh?" He said groggily. Puck smiled and kissed him softly.

"I want to fuck you baby. Would you like that?' Puck asked. Kurt bit his lip and nodded, rubbing his hole against his boyfriend's hard cock. "Even after all the pleasure you've just had?"

"Yes. Please Puck." Kurt said quietly. Not needing to be asked twice, Puck gripped his boyfriend's hips and raised him up, so he was hovering just above Puck's cock. Puck slowly lowered him until he was fully sheathed in Kurt's ass for the second time that day. Both boys moaned at the contact and gripped each other tightly.

"God baby…"

"More…I need more…"

After that the two didn't speak anymore words as they created a rhythm. Kurt would raise himself up as Puck would pull out. Then the two would force their bodies back together in a rush, with the sound of skin slapping skin. They increased their speed, their eyes never leaving each other. For the next minutes the room was silent as the two boys gave themselves over to their instincts and fucked faster. The only sounds that could e heard were their labored breaths and occasional moans.

"Noah…" Kurt whimpered weakly. "Noah…cum with me…please…" Puck smiled at the other teen and nodded slowly…

"Whatever you want. Just say when." Kurt nodded and closed his eyes, focusing only on the wonders that the cock inside him was doing to his body.

"Puck…" Kurt cried. "Now!" Kurt exploded all over Puck's chest as his lithe body violently shook. Puck was not far behind and continued to fuck his boyfriend as he filled the ass he loved so much with cum. When both boys were fully sated, they collapsed on Kurt's bed, still physically connected. Puck feebly raised his hand to run it through Kurt's sweat soaked hair.

"So what do you think of our new vibrator?" Puck asked. Kurt chuckled and traced a star on his boyfriend's chest.

"We should definitely use it again soon." Puck arched an eyebrow.

"Really? How soon are we talking?" Kurt rolled his eyes.

"Oh shut up and sleep. We can discuss it later."

"You don't even wanna talk about how furious your dad's gonna be when he finds out that you ditched school early?" Puck asked. Kurt shook his head.

"I'll just intercept the call like usual, but we can talk about that later. Now we sleep." Puck nodded and moved out of Kurt, the tinier boy moaning at the sudden absence of heat within him. Puck moved the covers around the two of them and pulled Kurt close. Just as Kurt was drifting to sleep, Puck shook him gently.


"What?" He asked slightly annoyed. Puck laughed at the expression on his boyfriend's face.

"You know I meant it right? What I said earlier?"


"About you being perfect and that I love you. I meant it. I meant every word." Kurt smiled at the sweetness of his boyfriend and he intertwined their hands together.

"Yeah I know." Puck grinned and kissed their clasped hands.

"Good. I love you."

"And I love you too."

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