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An Unwanted Wish

A set of suburban buildings were around a nearby domain, standing up three stories high. A few trees stood tall and proud even though the wall surrounded the house and blocked them. The sky was jaded by an emerald diffusion matching the grass. The atmosphere was clean and lively like a solvent made from natural fruits and spices with herbal essences. There was also a gate with a diagram of fish circling about.

Yet, beneath its exterior facade, some sounds of glass shattered from within but not a single window was even broken at all: it came from inside a bedroom made for children; although it wasn't actually the true concept of oriental, it had some things considered based on part of the average home. The ceiling had a spinner fan suspended ten feet from the ground while acting as the main source of light in this very room. The background, better yet known as the walls serving as the foundation to the vast bedroom, was surrounded in a curious yellow being five yards away from the epicenter. The floor was basked in a tufted and jaded carpentry purchased at a fair bargain and then later vacuumed and steam cleaned afterwards. There were only but two sleigh beds that rested against the walls they've belonged to: one a blue race car with a matching comforter and another a pink divan with its four heart shaped bed posts. There were also some matching nightstands near both of them with a fluorescent lamp standing up to half a yard with analog alarm clock sitting on top of them. Even a television set was inside albeit broken already, serving as an answer to the question.

Then, the attention was now currently focused on two rabbits inside the bedroom wearing snow white training vests, having their share of differences. First, for starters, one was a blue male while the other was a pink female with a purple hair bow between her ears. Secondly, his eyes were colored with amethyst whereas she had true blue eyes instead. More descriptively, the young bunny boy had nothing on him at all but annoyance whilst the female counterpart had anger brewing within herself.

"Yang, I can't believe you broke the TV!" the pink hare yelled at her twin brother that revealed itself to be Yang.

He yelled back at his twin sister as he pointed towards the set, "I didn't do it on purpose; I was training in the house and this happened!"

"Why would you train in the house?" she countered, "we have a yard for hitting things, Yang!"

"It's not my fault that I wanted to see if I could fight in smaller spaces when a villain attacks; you just want to be boring and do the same thing everyday, Yin," Yang said with his teeth gritting.

The pink rabbit named Yin responded, "You can see when you train in an alley!"

"Look, I understand you want to have a safe life and that recklessness can lead someone to death; but, whenever I try to have fun, you and dad always hold me from having excitement once in your life," he spoke back to her, "you're still young; but, you don't even have-"

"I DO have excitement, I HAVE humor, and I EVEN have knowledge but I'm sick of you calling me a nerd and making messes; you're always so reckless and I'm sick of it!" Yin hollered at her brother.

Yang's amethyst eyes turned sharp with anger as he shouted back, "I'm your brother, Yin, you can't change who I am!"

"Well, I can see that," the pink bunny spoke as her eyes gleamed, "but, you know what?"

"What?" the male counterpart had peeped.

With a sudden burst of energy the girl said, "I... I wish you were never born; I wish you never even knew me and I wish I was an only child!"

Yang's eyes widened with confusion hurt and betrayal whereas his twin felt a passion of guilt when she noticed tears forming in her brother's eyes.

"Yang, I-I didn't mean...I didn't know what I was saying," Yin had stuttered with regret, "I-"

"Heard you; I know you meant it," Yang cut her off.

She had no idea what to say just to take back her words; but, all she could do not was stand there.

"Yeah, just as I thought," and with that, Yang walked away, leaving his sister alone to watch him leave the room.

Later that same day, the female headed downstairs to where her brother sat watching the television set in the living room alongside a male. Unlike Yang, he was an elderly panda who was in an old green recliner, possessing a gray short beard to prove his age while whiskers had surrounded his facial cheeks. The panda donned a light blue sash around his swollen torso.

He noticed Yin and had invited her to join them; yet, her brother remained silent, causing the former to ask, "what's with you two? You're not saying or doing anything; what seem to be the problem?"

"It's nothing," the boy's voice answered, low and husky, "nothing at all."

"Alright then, as long as nothing's wrong," the elder said, getting up from his chair and left the two alone.

Finally, the blue bunny spoke up as he took a stand and went across the door, "I'm going somewhere."

"I'll go with you," Yin followed after him with concern.

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