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Massive Attacks Plus Lucky Strokes

Most people see the world as nothing short as only a cold and cruel place from a castle beyond the looking glass that was half empty; others view it differently as a warm and kind home worth fighting and dying for. The weather itself was proof of it all; the golden sun had its exultant presence sparing the spectators from a possible dark dawn, with the avian chirruping echo a cacophony of refrain's abundant notes to beat back the endless pursuit of reticence. The bravura buds blossomed and bubbled into a bracketing background of flora bulleting big like the blue and blushing bunnies. Since the hills have eyes they were also alive with the sound(s of music) yet they were even the perfect place for sleeping giant to rest in peace, never to be disturbed by anything other than the names of conquest, war, famine, and/or death themselves. The waters matched the skies in quantity and quality from a physical standpoint, albeit separated by numerous elements and compounds in a chemical light.

In short, it was the best place for all childhoods whatsoever to be experiencing with the nutrition of youth once to love and cherish every moment of it all, looking at the hands of the time being given to them in less than a tenth of a million seconds in a day's worth of thinking of any way to make each and every one count for many to choose: either turn it all around or throw it all away; apparently, the former's case was helped by the children. The day began with an argument between two rabbits, Yin and Yang, over a broken television in the home caused by the latter; unfortunately, this sibling rivalry ended in a dozen of broken tears. Of course, the waterworks weren't the only thing that was broken because of them exchanging some very harsh words between them: little boy blue was, physically and mentally. The pinker counterpart realized how they were so lucky to be alive; thinking too much about the opposite outcome would've filled her with guilt and shame. At least, this pestilent reality made her realize that the strange journey to recovery would be a long one to walk the thin line, the razor's edge between achievement and disappointment; what better way to scratch out the bitterness and sniff in the sweetness than a reunion between old friends themselves at a meager game of miniature golf.

Ironically, it'd the side effect of bringing in two extra into the party for the purpose of causing to bring in a crash damage of epic proportions: Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard and his brother Herman; the former insect went by the pseudonymous façade of Carlsbad in the face of his notable enemies, an extension cord for his real name while the latter was referred to as Hermes, a diminutive of some sort. The cockroach wizard was a very skilled veteran already aware of Yang's plight from the very beginning but could care less about it while the ant warrior learned of it all thanks to the former and was willing to take advantage of such a mental ailment that their antagonist was suffering from. Carl has mustered up the understandings for a brilliant plot at the golf course while Herman had the backings of an army for a diversionary.

For now, it was best to focus on what's upfront right now than stick around another twenty minutes into the future: a jade green crocodile was constantly opening and closing its widened maw, snapping itself back shut between intervals as its hazel irises (re)bounded from left to right in an acerbic grimace. Even though it was just a perfunctory apparatus designed to simulated an organic creature of some sort, the likeness of it all had scared the cockroach wizard thusly but it was clear that failure was no option; why pass up a great opportunity when it'd just never strike again. Closing his eyes, Carl had imagined that the crocodile was a piston instead and that the crowd composed of competitors and a few more spectators were replaced with the secret ingredient of nothingness usually found in soups. The sounds however didn't disappear from the cockroach wizard's presence but he'd used them to his advantage of knowing when it was the right time to go on further to the ends of the game; soon, the overbite starting to rise again and he swung the globule quickly and strongly. Carl then quickly opened his eyes to find that the people around him had returned from the blackness of his own making and perceived the ball moving towards the mouth at fair speed ahead; instantly, the jaw had returned to its original locus but not after having swallowed the object whole. As a result, the crocodile's snack soon emitted itself out of there unchanged and sunk itself inside a large nearby perforation up in front for everyone to see. The performance was so worthwhile at best a pair of hands struck each other together in approbation even though it was the only sound there was to join in the ambience of the snappy structure.

Relieved, the cockroach wizard evacuated himself from the premises and returned to the ant warrior with a complacent look on the former's face being bathed in the arrogant afterglow.

"Beat that…!" were the two words that Carl had mouthed to Herman soundlessly, earning a quiet snarl from the latter for the former to see.

Onward, the ant warrior whispered tauntingly to the cockroach wizard that no one else can hear, "I 'ope that plan of yars is better than that shorn conerry of a performance compared to the wee lassie before ya."

"At least I'm nothing like the lamest kid ever like I was before…" Carl had responded to Herman's accent quietly before adding on in sudden remembrance of some sudden factoid from the precedent, "except for that whiny tree kid over there; besides, by the time we're through, those dumb bunnies won't even have a clue about it."

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