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Space Invaders

Now, it was the panda whom currently was found right within the domicile's kitchen at that very moment, unaware of the intruders that had already made their way inside. A stovetop oven was lined up uniformly underneath a row of even door breakfronts, presumably stocked with all sorts of varying dinnerware handcrafted from the finest of materials into every shape and size whatsoever. The washbasin held up crystal clear yet still somehow sullied water inside as if it was a safe haven for bacteria and protozoans alike even though the wares had been stricken from the great unwashed resting as the windowpane above it showed a gateway to the wonderful world. A quadruple slotted toaster and a microwave were in sight of close range along with a percolator up upon the countertop near the sink also underneath the breakfront row as well, a refuge for a few bottles and jar on them. A circular dining table was also present as well, constructed merely of vintage woodworking lain in the center of it all with a large peachy cloth over the entity for ensconce within the entire room. There were also about at least a quarter dozen empty spaces lined up around the ligneous arrangement nearby as if they all were simply making an equiangular shape edgy and dark like life itself. Of course, in order for a kitchen like that to have some meaning it would have symbolic lifeblood consisting solely of mere foodstuff and beverages within a steel refrigerator.

Speaking of foodstuff and beverages, the objective at hand right now in his mind seemed to be only one thing and one thing alone at this early hour: getting some snacks for the remainder of his time. Rummaging throughout the open refrigerator, Master Yo had searched the contents to and fro for merely seconds until his decision had cause a brief retrieval: a tall brown paper carton with the face of a bovine was now in that fateful left hand. The panda then started to siphon its contents, satisfaction overwhelming his taste buds with such a sweet flavor so typically iconic even at that kind of an age like his.

"Well, better get back to the game now; I want to see how my kids are doing in the tournament…" he said after contorting his beverage with within his otherwise spacious pharynx.

Taking another unruffled draught from the very equiangular sachet, Master Yo soon started to disappear from the kitchen all at once, finally content with his finite treasure.

Containing his insignificant yet voracious thirsting, the panda traversed throughout the antechamber unaware that there were people monitoring his presence all too closely: a diminutive squadron filled with but a dozen ants standing only scant few yards away had just locked their sights on him and had scurried off into hiding; thankfully, they weren't even noticed at all upon taking refuge underneath the nearest table. The thirty seconds that would have been traveling to the eyes of Mars itself were quickly burned away as Master Yo's otherwise perceptively gargantuan shadow passed over them. Even though when it'd just seemed like that the very coast was now clear, the small soldiers still stood stirringly straightforward, shaking in their steel shoes slowly. The panda's booming footsteps that had dominated the reverberating sound wave processed by the onlookers' exoskeleton then started to grow very faint as well until the hallway was silent once again.

One of the ants within the group then started to depart and peered his eyes from their collective position for the purpose of verifying the current details in front of them; finally, the faint words that had escaped from the scouter's mouth was, "okay, it's safe enough to come out now team…"

Back to the living room once more with feeling, Master Yo was now back here again, feeling a bit shagged and fagged and fashed, having been a morning of some significant energy expenditure from the turn of events that had taken him from his otherwise benign domicile. As the old panda sat down on the avocado recliner with the milk carton in possession, his lavender irises had marginally amplified to the very sight of something from not long ago: rather than F.L. Smelfman, Connie, or even the kids on screen playing miniature golf the man was coming this close to caring one bit about this wicked world when a faint sound had reached his very ears. Gradually, he had just started to stand back up again like so but not on the account of such hunger: when the jingle came forth with a burst of urgency for a moment, it had seemed like something of great importance had flown in; feeling the gastric acids running amok within him the only option left for him was to head towards the bathroom as soon as possible.

"Confounded chocolate milk…!" the now choleric Master Yo grumbled with uncooperative tranquility as he scurried away to find the restroom; of course, the inner realization of it all pales in comparison to what was residing when he got there: as soon as he had opened the door, frustration churned into astonishment as he discharged a macabre squawk, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

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