AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari


TITLE: Let The Games Begin

BOOK: Maximum Ride

PAIRING: Hentai: FangXMax/IggyXNudge

STATUS: Multichapter: Completed


WARNINGS: Graphic sex between male and female.

~Let's Play A Game~

Max wanted to KILL Nudge right now. She had suggested a "friendly" game of truth or dare. But the thing was, they all wanted to play, Max wasn't able to say no. She knew it wouldn't stay very friendly for long, and sure as hell not with her and Fang playing together.



Nudge was screaming in my ear. I loved her to death, but I wanted to sew her mouth shut sometimes! I apparently had been muttering my words, because Fang, who'd been behind me, put his hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear,

"I only suggested it to her to see you so pissed off. You're hot when you're angry."


I shrieked in fury and sprang up to beat him, only to be jerked back down by my wrist by Iggy, landing on my butt, HARD.

"Just sit and play the dang game I'm not happy with it either, choose him for a dare, THAT'LL punish him. Knowing your sadistic mind."

Fang looked horrified,

"You fucking traitor."

"FANG!" I screamed, just as he clapped a hand over his mouth.

Nudge giggled, and Iggy smirked. I smacked the back of Iggy's head and quickly jerked away before he could hit back.

"OW! YOU-mfmbghgh."

He mumbled as I flung a hand across his mouth.

We were in a circle, Gazzy sat across from me.

"Iggy, truth or dare?"

He said innocently, but I knew he was thinking of a way to blow Dr. Martinez's house sky high.

"No bombs."

I said quickly.



I growled.

"Hm. Fine." Gazzy whined.


Came Iggy's uncertain reply. The look on Gazzy's face almost gave me a heart attack.

"I dare you... AH! I dare you to go through Nudge's underwear drawer and bring down the pair you think is cutest."

Nudge jerked up, spewing her sprite all over the room. I fell backward laughing so hard I was crying, poor kid. Iggy flushed a bright pink, and raced up the stairs. Hard to remember he was blind, wasn't it?

Nudge looked worried, wringing her hands nervously, what was she hiding? We heard him roaming through her dresser, opening and shutting drawers. A few minutes later, he came down, holding a pink thong in his hands.

Gazzy and Fang nearly busted a gut laughing. Iggy smirked.

"This one is hot."

He said. He must've had a really good feel of them, to know it was a thong, him being blind and all. Nudge was almost purple from blushing. She ripped it from his hands. I, was wildly amused, but was wondering where she'd gotten it, or how. If she had shoplifted stuff without me knowing I would ground her from now until her thirties, we can't do that often.

"Hmm. Bet Max has the same underwear too, go check Fang."

Said Iggy in a sly voice. I gagged, and threw my can at him, hitting him square in the forehead. He scowled and sat down again, looking across the room, and his gaze stopped on Nudge.

Oh god please no, Don't say her name, please just be accidentally looking at her.

I thought anxiously.

"Fang, truth, or dare."

thanks god!

He looked evil.


He said in a mocking voice. Iggy smirked. (As in, "End of the world" smirk.)

"I dare you to..."

He sat there with a calculating look on his face. I was holding my breath, anxiety eating me alive. Suddenly Iggy sneered. I put my face into a pillow and groaned. Iggy laughed,

"I dare you to run upstairs and get one of Max's bras, and hang it on the flagpole outside."

Fang was up and running full speed upstairs to my room before I looked up, little jerk. He knows he's faster on the ground, but who's faster in the sky? I raced outside, looking for his shape against the moon. I felt him whip in front of my face, he was a daring brat. The chase was on. We zipped along the dark, clear sky, I laughed aloud as I heard Angel and Nudge screaming


And Gazzy and Iggy were yelling for Fang.

I saw him smirking, a black bra in his hands. I scowled, pouring on the speed and as he stopped and turned around when he reached the flagpole, I barreled into his chest. We both lost our breath, as we crashed to the ground. He had his arms around me to cushion my fall. We both were laughing so hard it was getting difficult to breath. He held the bra up.

"So, C-cup hm? Are they gonna get bigger?"

He asked, amused. I sat up so his hips were between my thighs and snatched it from him, when I felt something hard between my legs. I looked down, gasping, and tried to pull away, but his arms held me in place, as I squirmed he got harder, until I finally just grinded my hips. He gasped, arching up, but the stupid bastard let go. I got up, staring at his pouting face. I giggled.

"You're cruel."

He whined.

"I'm not cruel,"

I said. Then bent down, my mouth to his ear

"But this is part of your punishment."

I whispered seductively, walking away. I heard him scuffling behind me, as we came into sight I had my bra. Nudge's head turned and she squealed,

"Max won! HA!"

She said, sending a glare to Iggy, which was pointless, sadly. I laughed, and pushed him inside, he tripped over the chair and landed on his back on the floor. As I sat back down next to him he squinted up at me.


He said in a sarcastic tone. It was Fang's turn, as Iggy decided to go sit on the sofa. Fang turned to Nudge, his face was emotionless, but his eyes were... mischievous, or in MY words, demonic.

"Truth or dare?"

He asked, staring at Nudge. She looked up,

"Dare... I think."

She said uncertainly. Fang sneered.

"I dare you to go sit in Iggy's lap the rest of the game."

Nudge looked horrified, as I snickered, Iggy smiled and patted his lap. Nudge slipped across the floor, and nervously sat down on Iggy, he threw his arms around her and pulled her close.

She blushed, without looking up she almost whispered

"Angel, truth or dare?"

Angel pondered this a moment, before deciding on dare. Nudge thought a minute or two, before smiling and saying

"I dare you to search Iggy's mind and tell us what he's thinking."

Iggy jerked his head to look at her angelic smile that I wished he could see. Angel smiled and concentrated hard. Suddenly a shocked expression came up,

"What's "blowjob" mean?"

She asked, turning to me with a confused look. I jerked up, spitting out my coke, glaring at Iggy while telling Angel she didn't want to know. Angel looked confused before shaking it off and turning to me.

"Max, truth...or dare."



It's tweaked a little tiny bit. I didn't like it before. This is the first fanfic I EVER wrote, I have no idea where the idea came from but it's here.

Just realized there are no truths in this game. How exciting!