Fang could have almost felt bad for Max; the key word being almost. Angel's name was a bit of a deception when it boiled down to how cunning the child could be. They had all experienced that first hand. Angel cocked her head and placed the tip of her index finger to her chin, tapping against it in thought. As Max wrung her hands together, she was blind to the irony of her troubles. Place her in a fight to the death and she's in her zone; ask her to play a fun game and she's horror-struck. Max was a paradox, to Fang. A beautiful, powerful paradox.

Angel's blue eyes darted towards Fang and the boy felt his throat tighten. They all forgot how careful they had to be to hide certain thoughts from Angel's unseen grasp. A sly smirk crossed Angel's lips. With a giggle, she pointed her left hand towards Max and the right one towards Fang. "I dare you both to spend an hour upstairs together!" Personally, Angel was doing it so that the rest of them could watch a movie Max would never approve of. But, the implications to the eldest four were glaring.

Nothing good could come from this. In fact, maybe it would be best to just avoid the situation altogether and prevent the oncoming war. Max cut her gaze towards the open window in the living room, but someone had already beaten her to it. Fang shut the window with a heartbreaking click before he turned to face Max. "Don't tell me the "Great and Brave Max" is turning down a dare?" Fang was picking on one of Max's most sensitive nerves. He was also doing it with an expertise that made Max regret not abandoning him in a box somewhere when they were kids.

Max stood. She placed her hands on her hips. "There's no way I'm losing because of you. Get up the stairs, blackbird." Max scrunched her nose up in that frustrated habit she had, waiting for Fang to start up the stairs first. Just when they reached the top of the staircase he paused and called down to the others. "Stay out of trouble, we might not come back." Max shoved the boy away from the stairs, sending him towards the closest bedroom; her own.

"You'll be lucky if you do come out." Max grumbled, kicking her door shut behind her. Maybe she should be a little more careful with it, considering the last time she had to fix something she almost lost her pinkie.

Fang held his hands up to Max in a gesture of surrender. "I'm not the one who suggested this, Max. Nudge was, remember?" Well, duh. But Max was not going to yell at Nudge. She would do that puppy-eyed look she learned from Angel.

"Maybe, but you're also the one–put me down!" Max was rudely interrupted by Fang picking her up around her waist. He turned around and tossed Max onto her bed, which gave a quiet squeak under her weight. A few pillows went bouncing off the mattress and onto the floor to be lost beneath the bed forever. "You ass, you're lucky I don't pick one of those up to smother you." The threat, like most of them were, was empty. But it was the thought that counted.

"I'm touched you'd go through that much effort for me." Fang's soft laugh echoed around the cool room, a deep and liberating sound that sent a pleasant shiver down Max's back. She raised herself up onto her elbows to look up at Fang's imposing figure as he neared the edge of the bed.

"Fang, I–" Max's voice was lost somewhere on the way. Perhaps it was when Fang unzipped his jacket and shrugged it off. Or, maybe it was when he smiled down at her in that way that never failed to make her heart race. Yeah, one of those things had done it. Max swallowed, trying to wet her dry throat. "What do you think you're doing?"

Fang didn't approach Max any further. He stayed at the edge of the bed to give the woman the space she needed. A caged Max was one who broke windows, or noses. "Are you being coy, or are you as naive as the kids downstairs?" Somehow, the words managed to rouse a streak in Max, which was about as close to comforting her as Fang usually came.

"Right. You're into getting pinned, I've got some rope somewhere, so we could make a night?" Wry humor was a good shield in Max's opinion. At least it got a chuckle out of Fang. He knelt one knee on the bed and leaned forward to press his hands on either side of Max's head. She tilted her head up. Barely a breath was between their lips, but neither one of them moved to close the gap just yet.

"Actually, I'm just into you," Fang's lips tilted into a sly smile. Max rolled her eyes, but she had the good grace to loop one of her arms around his neck. Flattery did get you everywhere, don't listen to what the old people say.

"We can use the rope another day, then." Max arched herself up to be able to reach Fang's mouth. Warm, dry lips pressed against hers, and she could almost taste his shock. Fang didn't disappoint, he always had been fast at recovering, after all. With one hand supporting his weight, he cupped Max's face with the free one. The calloused pad of his thumb stroked against the smooth skin of her cheek and followed the contour of her jawline. Max hummed in appreciation for the cool touch against her hot flesh. Fang had always been the ice to her fire, enough to cool her down and keep her grounded. Even if he had been the one to set her aflame. Not all heat was bad, Max was learning.

Their lips parted with a quiet pop. Fang's hands found Max's wrists and pushed them over her head. His mouth stifled the woman's disapproval. Instead, the protest morphed into a satisfied moan. Max slipped her tongue past Fang's parted lips and traced the tip of it against the roof of his mouth. Fang's grip tightened on Max's wrists. She was a sneaky thing that would try every trick in the book to make Fang's control lapse. Well, there were two players in this game; and they were both very, very competitive.

The rough, cool pads of Fang's fingertips glided beneath the oppressive fabric of Max's top to shove the offending thing upwards. Max could take a hint just fine; the shirt wasn't wanted; therefore, the shirt was gone. The girl arched her back and slid the top off with little effort, where she then discarded it to the side in a quiet whisper of rustling cloth. With the expanse of her soft skin now unprotected by the bothersome shirt, Fang was free to lose himself in a world that was solely Maximum Ride.

Her skin, darkened by hours in the sun, left her a healthy tan that would make most wonder if she spent her entire day in a lounge chair sunbathing. But no, she didn't get these dimpled curves of muscle from sitting around. Her abs weren't hard or wiry, but firm and powerful. Max's muscles quivered as Fang traced his fingers against her skin, his nails catching slightly on the faint rises. They all had scars. Max, Fang, and Iggy had earned the most of them. Several of the wounds had come as gifts from the School. The three had been a fresh, new species. Of course, the scientists would want to fillet them like fish. Others? They came from battle, from defense and survival. Max wore those scars with the pride of a queen.

She had earned those marks, they screamed of her stubborn will and raw power for fighting. Even now, as Fang traced a faded slash scar on her hip, Max's lips tilted with a prideful satisfaction. "You plan on finding every one of them, lover boy?" Max's voice had dropped to a husky tone. Fang found it rather hard to focus, when she spoke like that to him.

"Another time, when I've got more patience. I could spend a night devoted to worshiping every inch of you," Fang promised her. He leaned down and grazed his lips against the old wound, kissing it. No pain sparked there now, but Max could remember when there once did. She hummed in appreciation, both for Fang's sappy words and for his affections. When he chose to, Fang could wield his words better than any world leader or historic poet could. Well, perhaps Max was a tad bit biased.

Fang pressed another kiss just below Max's navel. She felt his fingers fiddling with the buttons to her jeans, but she did nothing to halt him. With no protests voiced, Fang unzipped the jeans and began to tug them off Max's hips. The woman raised herself up a bit to make the task easier, but she wasn't going to let things continue how they were. How was this fair at all? Before Fang could move again, Max pressed her palm to his chest. A thin blonde brow raised, she leaned up so that her lips moved against Fang's with each of her words. "Do you think I'm going to lay here naked while you still have clothes on? I don't think so," she whispered, eliciting a shudder from Fang. Dexterous fingers snatched his shirt up and started to tug it upwards, and the man could only comply by lifting his arms.

Max grinned with approval. It was getting better, but it could only improve from here. Now she hooked her fingers in the belt-loops of Fang's pants and used them to tug him closer, giving her easier access to his zipper. Fang's teeth sunk into his lower lip when Max began to slowly, terribly slowly, pull down the zipper. The pressure loosened and his chest relaxed in a sigh of relief. Fang heard Max emit a smug chuckle and he realized that somewhere along the way, he'd let his eyes slip closed. "It doesn't take much, does it?" she teased. Fang's hips spasmed when Max dragged her finger along the bulge in his boxers. Prompted by Fang's strained hiss, Max pulled down the flimsy white boxers.

Fang's cock popped free from the tight confines of the underwear, thick and erect. Beads of pre-cum smeared against his tip. Before Max could follow through with any more of her playful explorations of Fang's body, she found herself shoved backwards. Fang's mouth crushed against hers in a searing kiss, sure to bruise soft lips and make Max taste him every time she even thought of him. His fingers had lost some of their previous adroit skill, but he still managed to unhook Max's bra with relative ease. It fell away to expose her breasts, the cool air in the room caused pink nipples to harden into pert peaks. Fang cupped one of Max's breasts in his palm, gentle as he kneaded the soft, unblemished flesh. His thumb circled the hardened peak of Max's breast, where she was most sensitive.

It seemed to please Max, who arched her chest outwards and gasped into Fang's mouth. Fang broke apart from Max, a thin string of saliva fell onto her chin. Dark eyes peered up at Max as Fang lowered his face to her breast. He blew a cool puff of air over her nipple before he wrapped his warm lips around it. Max's mouth opened to groan in surprise, pleasant tingles weaving through her nerves. Fang's tongue pressed flat against Max's nipple as he sucked, eager to take in all her expressive reactions to what he was doing to her. Max's thigh nudged against Fang's hip as she shifted herself to try and mold them closer together. She had to get closer, to feel all him; every shiver, every hitch of his breath.

Fang's mouth kissed down Max's stomach, leaving a wet glide on her skin until he came to the band of her panties. He rolled the cotton garment down her hips and thighs until Max lifted her legs and kicked them onto the floor, where they crumpled. Max let her legs fall open upon Fang's coaxing fingertips stroking against her knees. They smoothed up her inner thighs, eliciting a tremble.

"God, Fang," Max exhaled the breathless hiss when she felt his teeth nip at her thigh. Apologetic, he sucked a hickey onto the smooth skin, leaving behind a mark that Max would get to look at for a while. Max's sex was glistening with arousal and her labia was puffy and pink. Max had to clench the sheets in her hands when she felt Fang's tongue against her most sensitive parts. He licked up along her folds before he delved deeper, using his fingertips to spread her open.

Max tangled her fingers in Fang's hair to tug him closer to her, pressing his face against her sex. Getting bold, Fang dipped the tips of his index and middle finger against Max's entrance and slowly sunk them into her. Max clamped down on the fingers with a startled gasp, causing her to wince a bit. Fang kissed at her inner thigh with a soothing hush, coaxing the woman to relax and invite the digits inside of her heat. With how wet Max had gotten, Fang had no trouble thrusting his fingers in and out of her. Her lubrication glistened on his fingers with every pull out. Holding onto his control right now was Fang's top priority; he'd sooner see Max lose herself, after all. But, it was getting harder by the second not to let go to a more primal instinct.

Fang dug his fingers into Max's thighs hard enough to leave behind bruises. With the way she convulsed, it was all he could do to pin down her hips. His tongue traced rough circles against Max's aching clitoris, pressing firm against it only to pull away and leave Max whimpering for release. The coils in Max's belly were tightening, tighter and tighter until the pressure was starting to hurt. She ground her hips down against Fang's face with impatient groans. Her entire body was trembling something fierce with pleasure and an innate need that was as carnal as it was natural.

Fang wrapped his lips around Max's clitoris and sucked, pistoning his fingers in and out of her cunt with a lewd, wet sound. Max's breath hitched on the first syllable of Fang's name, and it took all she had not to rip the sheets in half beneath her. She yanked Fang close, surely tearing out some of his hair in the process. Fang's tongue pressed inside of Max and she convulsed on the bed, her orgasm was like electricity dousing over her nerves. A whine caught in her throat, but it was the only noise Max was capable of producing. Even after her orgasm had washed over her body, Fang continued to glide his tongue in languid strokes against her drenched sex. That drew out lingering flinches and breathless pleas from the still-shaking woman.

Max was boneless. In fact, she was pretty sure she'd just left her body behind and floated up into the clouds. Of course, she knew from past experience that you couldn't live in clouds, but you could still feel like it. Her eyelids fluttered open when she heard the bed creak. Her eyes met with Fang's as he hovered above her, settled between her spread thighs. The hunger in Fang's gaze sent a chill down Max's back, but it was far from fearful. It was the chill of feeling hunted, but it was a chase Max had always wanted to lose. Admitting loss was sort of okay if the prize was big enough, right?

Max looped her fingers around Fang's shoulders to pull him down against her, crushing her chest against his. His mouth found hers, even if it took a moment of clarity to not just blindly kiss at her jawline instead. Never disengaging from the kiss, Max reached between them and wrapped her fingers around Fang's erection. She felt him tense above her and almost pitied the poor man. He'd been ignoring his own need for quite a while to focus on hers. Max was willing to make it up to him, at least. She guided the head of his cock to her entrance, an act of not only permission, but encouragement as well.

Fang pushed his hips forward and began to sink the length of his cock inside of Max. She grimaced, but the worst of it was short-lived. Max throbbed with the discomfort of feeling stretched for several seconds. Fang was, of course, slow and careful. He never moved fast enough to hurt or tear her. Max had put on a brave face throughout the entire ordeal, the least Fang could do was make the effort not to act like a madman. The last thing he ever wanted to do was cause Max pain.

"It gets easier. Are you okay?" Fang managed to speak despite the ecstasy crushing his lungs. Max scoffed, but to her credit, she didn't make a remark about it. That's not to say she didn't want to, there were quite a few things she could have said. Like how Fang should shut up, how he had no room to talk since he'd never had a dick inside him, all sorts of good stuff. But this was Fang being gentle, and Max could be gentle, too.

She rested her lips against Fang's throat, where she felt his pulse beating against her mouth. "You can go ahead and move, I think the worst is over." Max hoped so, anyway. The throb had dulled to a faint twinge now, but when Fang moved she found he stole her breath on his way. Fang couldn't swallow the low growl that rumbled in his chest. Max was just so tight and she clenched down on him when he pulled out, driving him to shove himself back inside of her. Max's thighs squeezed around Fang's waist as he rocked them into hers, pulling him close each time he left her.

Max's voice was raspy with pleasure, echoing inarticulate words against Fang's ear. Her breath was a warm puff against his skin each time she struggled to find it again, though she never quite seemed to. Max was too busy with other, more important things. Like how her body and mind both focused on the intense satisfaction rocketing through her body, and how she shared it with Fang. Or, even on the little things. Such as the way Fang's voice rose in pitch when he felt good, or how he couldn't seem to keep his eyes open. He would blink down at Max every now and again though, just to see her expressions.

God, she was beautiful. Why had it taken her so long to believe him?

Max tilted her head back against the sheets, mouth open and eyes scrunched shut in an expression wrought with bliss. Fang had to ball his fists in the sheets when he felt her muscles clamp down on his cock and ripple with her orgasm. It was fast for both of them, but it was only the beginning. There would be days with more patience, days with more experience. There were infinite amounts of curiosity that assured those days would come. For tonight, they could bask in what was a mind-blowing connection between them.

Fang's hips rocked into Max's with indolent rhythm, spilling inside of her and trying to ride out the last waves of his climax. His was faster than Max's, who still appeared lost in a haze. Her body trembled as remnants of pleasure sparked through her. Fang dropped his head to Max's throat, bared to him, and rested. She had yet to let go of him and he had yet to separate from her, but they both liked it this way. For just a little longer, let them bask in the afterglow and pretend moving wasn't an option.

Max had experienced many forms of exhaustion in her lifetime, but none quite such as this. Deep in her chest pulsed a radiant sense of satisfaction. Her bones were like jelly and her veins still tingled with aftershocks. She felt Fang lower himself next to her, but she couldn't be bothered to open her eyes. A part of her more worrisome side fretted that they should get dressed and make an appearance downstairs again, just to erase any suspicions. But, Fang tightened an arm around her waist and that idea went out the metaphorical window.

"Goodnight, Fang." Max whispered, rolling over to rest her face in the crook of his neck. Fang hummed drowsily in response, carding his fingers through Max's tangled hair. She drifted off before he did, leaving Fang to his own thoughts. In the daze, Fang thought about having to thank Angel for her little dare. Though she'd have no idea what it would mean.

It was unfortunate that the daze meant Fang's walls weren't as sturdy as he might have liked them to be. A quiet little voice echoed in his mind, interrupting his own thoughts.

"You're welcome, Fang. For whatever it is. I hope you and Max have sweet dreams!"

Fang's face heated up and he rushed to lock away any remaining thoughts about the night he'd just shared with Max. Just as he thought they had gotten away with keeping Angel oblivious to anything less than decent, her voice broke in again. Fang cringed.

"Iggy says he wants you guys to buy soundproof walls."

Max wasn't a fan of the morning sunlight that had come peeking through her curtains. In fact, just to be spiteful, she stayed in bed for a few minutes, pretending it wasn't scorching her eyes. She had to relent soon though, or else she wouldn't have eyelids anymore. Blankets twisted around her as she rolled over away from the window. A sudden throbbing sensation between her legs surprised Max when she moved too fast. It wasn't something she'd consider to be more than a minor discomfort. Still, she could probably guilt Fang into taking care of her chores for today. With a wince, Max sat up. Immediately, she noticed the absence of a certain grumpy bird-boy.

It wasn't that big of a surprise to her. Maybe Fang wanted to leave before anyone could catch him leaving her room and stopped to tease him about it. Max could whine at him later, maybe even put on that fake-pout that got so much out of him. Hell, all three girls could widen their eyes and puff out their lower lip and get anything from Fang. Iggy was lucky he was blind. Max took her time getting up, being careful not to jostle herself too much. She picked up the blankets and pillows that had been strewn about to toss them back onto the bed. There, now it was somewhat more organized.

A warm shower did wonders for making Max feel relaxed and ready to tackle the day. She put on loose sweatpants instead of her usual, more tight-fitting clothes. Somehow, she doubted jeans would do her any favors right now. As she took her leave of her bedroom, the scent of pancakes wafted to her nose. "Nudge better have left me some," Max grumbled as she took the stairs two at a time. Hopefully there would be at least one syrupy treat left.

"Ah, she joins the land of the living!" Iggy's voice was the first to acknowledge Max. Of course, Max was sure he'd heard her leave her room, anyway. That hearing of his could be a real danger, sometimes.

"Morning, Iggy. Nudge and Gazzy leave any food?" Iggy gestured towards the kitchen with a nod, but Max was paying more attention to the secretive smirk the man was wearing on his face.

"Why do you look like the cat who caught the mouse?" Max prodded, further annoyed by the vague shrug Iggy offered her in response. Iggy could be the most uncooperative member of her flock. While Max wandered off to grab breakfast, Iggy sat sipping on his cup of coffee, smirk never falling off his face. Only once Max was a safe distance away from him did he call out.

"I hear bras make good flags these days, Max."

The sound of a plate clattering to the floor could be heard from somewhere in the kitchen. Max raced past Iggy, hoarding the intention of socking him one for later. Outside, the sight of her dark bra waving in the wind greeted her. It was like some sort of celebration about conquering lingerie-land. Max could taste the fury rising. "Fang!"

From up on the roof, Max heard a snicker. She stomped out into the yard in order to peer up at the house. There, reclining on the roof, was Fang, and right beside him sat Gazzy. "Were you in on this?!" Max demanded, arms crossed and brow furrowed in the picture of a woman scorned.

"Well, I'm not the one with the idea, but I can support genius, can't I?" Gazzy fell onto his back with a burst of hysterical laughter that mingled with Max's outraged cry.

Angel came trotting out of the house to investigate the commotion, followed shortly by a much slower-moving Nudge. "What's with all the yelling, Max?" Nudge yawned, tilting her head up. One eye squinted open and caught sight of the bra waving about in the wind. One of her thin fingers pointed up at it, as if it were a secret. "Er, Max? Flag poles don't have much need for modesty, you know?"

Max's wings unfurled with a harsh snap and she pushed off the ground. Either she was going to catch Fang or she would run them both into the ground trying. Fang rose from his spot and hopped off the shingles, wings outstretched and catching the nearest breeze to glide out on. From somewhere behind her, Max heard Gazzy wailing in despair along with Nudge and Angel's combined giggling. She could only assume the girls had formed a tag-team. Fang was getting away from her, but with a few more pumps of her wings Max was sure she could grab an ankle or something. She'd see if that little twerp thought it was so funny when it was him strapped to the flag pole. Well, you know what they said about women.

Hell hath no fury.

I am completely inept at writing sex scenes between someone with a penis and someone with a vagina. I tried, I really did, but it's been several months to a year since I last even tried. Hopefully it's better than what was splattered on the document beforehand.

Honestly rewriting this makes me want to rekindle my love for the Max Ride fandom. I could totally do a couple more shippy or cute flock fics. Maybe I'll consider it when I'm done with all this rewriting!