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AN: This story will be based on the myth of Hades (god of the underworld), Demeter (goddess of the earth) and her daughter (er, son? lol) Persephone. It's a quick story, so I encourage you to google it so you have an idea of what's going on. This chapter is more of an intro than anything, as it's painfully short, so forgive me T_T;

On another note, 'Stages of Confliction' is still in the works, but while I pick that apart, I'll be working on this as well.

In all of his endless and immortal years, he could not ever recall such a thing.




"Mother! The sun feels so nice!"

He watched with scarlet eyes those dainty feet, petals on a breeze, kissing the grass beneath them. He envied each and every blade.

The sunlight overhead was hardly something that he enjoyed, but oh, he could watch that creature bathe in it forever. He wanted to be everything he touched: the sun dancing between his lustrous hair, the cloth against cream skin, the breeze rustling against those delicately flushed cheeks. For if he were, he reasoned, he would never be foolish enough to depart. Were he the sun, he'd never set. Were he cloth, he'd mourn to be shed. Were he the breeze, he'd become a gale that would sweep the little jewel away for his own.

If he were. But he was not.

So he watched the object of his affection flit about the endless field of flowers, sure that it was his mother that had set it to bloom for her beloved son. The goddess Rachel, mother of Earth (and by some great blessing, the lovely doll twirling about her), caught a dainty wrist and tucked a white lily behind her boy's ear.

"It is that. And what of the flowers, Ciel?"

"Beautiful, mother. They smell lovely. Do you think… will I be able to make them bloom too, someday?"

"Ciel," Rachel smiled, glowing as her golden hair swam behind her, "I cannot say that I know if you will. You may yet, but whatever power the Gods have given you remains to be seen."

"But all of father's children can-"

"I know, darling," The goddess soothed him with an embrace and smile that could make the Earth she so cared for sing, "But if nothing else, my child, I am certain that of all your father's children, you are the most beautiful."

The boy laughed. He was mocking his own perfection, and the silent voyeur found it unfathomable.

"I am eighteen seasons old, with an eternity before me, mother. And a male at that. Does beauty really suit me?"

"Ciel," came the trill, "whether it does or does not, it is yours, darling." And though they were both giggling together, it sounded only like music. Rachel looked worried suddenly, looking in a direction that could not be seen.

"Is something wrong, mother?"

"An issue to take care of. Minor, but still necessary. There are a few sets of crops that still haven't matured, and the poor humans below do need to eat…"

"Then listen for their praise, and give them the bountiful harvest only you can sow, mother." Ciel smiled.

"I will see you later in the day. Perhaps one of your nymph friends would enjoy your company in my stead?"

Ciel shrugged. "With or without them I plan to enjoy the flowers, you know."

The goddess laughed and pecked each of his cheeks, "I will see you." And with that she was gone.

The serpent among the grass, still watching, still needing, was certain that the boy would do as suggested and seek company. But to his surprise, he sat in the grass and fixed sapphire eyes towards him.

"I can't see you. How long have you been watching me?" crooned the fledgling god's voice.

And in an instant, he was paralyzed. A serpent caught in knots of silk.

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