Too Sweet

Clunk! Bang!

"ARGH! Stupid… gah! Freaking ramen..."

Naruto moaned and rolled over in his bed.

"Ungh…" he mumbled. "What the heck is that noise downstairs…"

His eyes widened. Could it be a thief?

Naruto charged downstairs and screamed at the shadow he could just see through bleary eyes, "What are you doing, you jerk? Get out of my house!"

To his surprise, the shadow answered back in a familiar voice, "Shut up, you idiot!" then made a strange noise of… embarrassment? Annoyance?

Naruto fumbled with the light switch, and as the light came on, he was stunned to see…

Uchiha Sasuke.

Sasuke cleared his throat, embarrassed that he had been caught rummaging through Naruto's cupboard, in Naruto's house.

"I was… I needed… it's, ah… cup ramen! And you pig out on it every day, so I figured that you… ah… yes."

The two boys wouldn't, couldn't think of anything to say, ensuring an extremely awkward silence.

"So what's for breakfast?" Naruto blurted out, slightly to cover up the pause, but more to make clear that this ninja needed something to eat. Even at two in the morning. Or perhaps, especially two in the morning. "Seeing as YOU were the one who woke me up, you should cook me something good. I want ramen and milk!"

Sasuke glanced away, blushing, while Naruto chattered away about the various ramens he had tried out lately, and the flavour he recently started liking.

Finally noticing the pale flush spread across the other boy's face, Naruto cackled, "What're you so embarrassed for, Sa-su-KE! You scared that I'll spread the word around that I caught the great Uchiha genius stealing my food?"

The black-haired boy scratched his head, still averting the other boy's eyes. Then, a small smile crept onto his face.

"You idiot," he murmured. He took hold of Naruto's hand and pulled him into a tight embrace.

Naruto's eyes widened, and he stuttered, "H-h-hey jerk, wha-"

His words were cut off by Sasuke's lips on his. He struggled to push Sasuke away, but he was too strong.


Naruto closed his eyes, gasping for breath between Sasuke's long, passionate kisses.

"Sa... what are you..." he panted.

Sasuke didn't answer, instead choosing to slip one of his hands down Naruto's arched back.

"Don't..." gasped the orange-haired boy. "Sasu..."

Sasuke pulled away slightly, and asked wryly, "So am I good enough for breakfast?"

Naruto's confused expression turned into comprehension, then bliss.

"Too sweet for breakfast... but I don't wanna share."