AN: My first request, so here goes. This story is sort of a collection of some flashbacks I wrote in my story On The Backs Of Pigeons, just turned into their own little story about the significant moments in the lives of Helen and Nikola. They go in the order i think they would go in, so they might be off, if they are we'll just call it AU or something. Written for Helen.

Chapter 1 – Humble Beginnings

~~~~Fall 1877~~~~

Nikola Tesla stood by the clear pond by a sweeping willow tree.

The leaves cascaded around him and a light Fall breeze gently pushed them through the air to rest on his shoulder.

Nikola barely noticed the obtruding object sitting on his shoulder as he tore up the stale piece of bread in his hands and scattered the crumbs on to the ground.

A flock of pigeons swarmed around his feet and pecked at the food he had laid out to them. He had saved them the paltry slice of bread from his lunch and delighted to see them enjoying the small snack he scattered for them.

They cooed softly as the swallowed down the dry bread.

He smiled and made a similar noise in return.

He was so engrossed in his activity that he did not notice the bright pair of blue eyes watching him with amusement.

"No fighting, there is enough for everybody," he said to the group of bird at his feet.

At this point she let out a giggle, snapping him out of his little world.

He looked up at the rude interrupter, about to insult whoever in Serbian, when his eyes fell upon long blonde locks and sparkling blue eyes, his heart nearly stopped at the sight of the gorgeous Englishwoman in front of him.

"Sorry to startle you, but I couldn't help but notice you were talking to pigeons," she tried to stifle a giggle.

Nikola stiffened slightly, not enjoying being laughed at, especially by such a gorgeous creature.

"I wasn't I was, voicing my thoughts out loud," he looked away trying to ignore her small giggle.

"You were talking to them, like they were friends, it was adorable," she smiled stepping closer to him.

"Well, people talk to pets all the time, cats, dogs, birds…" he was making excuses left and right now.

"Pigeons? Do you consider them your pets?" she looked up at him.

"Of course not, they're stray birds in the park!" he defended.

"So you consider them friends?" Nikola opened his mouth to speak but he was at a loss for words, her smile had taken them from him.

She giggled again, but no way in mockery, Her laugh wasn't cruel like the fellows at the pub who said something behind his back and laughed, but looked away when he turned around. It wasn't a teasing laugh.

It was just a light laugh, like the twinkling of sunshine; her eyes were bright and blue, blooming with innocence, and her smile was genuine.

"Do you?" she said after a moment.

"Umm, sort of…" he said lamely.

She smiled and took a small piece of the bread in her gloved hand and tossed it into the flock of birds.

"My name is Helen," she said facing him again.

"Uhh, Nikola…Tesla…" he said trying to focus himself.

"I know, you go to Oxford, I've seen you sitting in the back," she crumpled a bit more bread and tossed it into the flurry of birds.

"You're that girl, auditing classes, I've seen you as well, sort of…" to tell the truth he rarely noticed anything out of his little bubble, that's why he didn't recognize her, but it was coming back to him.

"So you do recognize me?" she smiled again.

"Uhhh, sort of…" he said lamely and she giggled her airy giggle again.

"I hope I'm not making you uncomfortable, I just recognized you standing here by yourself and I was curious as to what you were doing, if I'm intruding…"

His brain suddenly kicked in.

"Oh no, I don't mind, Pigeons make for horrible conversationalists as it is," he managed to smile at her.

"If you insist," Helen smiled back and Nikola handed her half of the slice of bread for her to join him.

She accepted it graciously, and thus accepted a silent friendship invitation shared between them both.

When the bread was all gone and the birds had flown away they kept talking.

They walked around the park, comparing notes and ideas on many subjects, even talking about silly things like their goals for the future, and when they had stopped walking they felt like they had been friends for years.

He walked her, like a gentleman, to her home and bid her goodnight, and she asked him to save her a seat for tomorrow's class.

It was the start of a most promising friendship.