Mirkwood's Prince

Set many years before the war of the ring, Aragorn does not yet know of his hertaige and so is still called Estel, Estel is 15 and Legolas is 1,000.

Now enjoy the story and if anyone does not like this sort of story don't read and write a bad review, now enjoy.

Chapter 1 - Tis Only A Dream, Estel

Sunlight peered through the curtains onto Estel as he awoke in his room at the usual time of the sun reaching the horizon.

He did not know why he liked to awaken this early only that he had done it every day for the past ten years but today was a very special day in Estel's life for today he was going to be travelling a far distance to Mirkwood, sure he had travelled before with Elrond and his son's Elladan and Elrohir but it was only for short distance's to the woods and back for his family did not want him to come to harm when he was young but since he was older, he would travelling under the watch-full eye of his foster father Elrond of course but further distance's meant a lot to Estel as he had always wondered how Mirkwood's elf's would differ from that of Rivendell.

Elrond had told him many stories of the times that Thranduil, the king of Mirkwood and himself had spent working together to make the places of Middle Earth safe for everyone and though Estel did not know many of the places in Middle Earth he was still excited at the prospect of seeing a king who had worked alongside his foster father for many years.

Not wasting a minute longer, Estel through his silk sheets off himself before racing down to the hall seeing that Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir were already awake.

"Good morn Estel, the weather is fine, we will on set out upon the first lights" Elrond said as Estel seated himself at the table and began to munch on the food in-front of himself.

"We have great news Estel, Glorfindel called our trip to a close so we may travel with you to Mirkwood with father" Elladan said smile appearing on his face at Estel's sigh.

Estel had really hopped to have some time to talk to his Elrond about Mirkwod without the twins but things were not to be so true.

"Look on the better side, we can let you begin to know the prince of Mirkwood" Elrohir said and Estel sat up suddenly, he had always wanted to know more about the Prince of Mirkwood and now was going to be his chance.

"Estel's mood has changed father and ere I thought we may have had to tie him to our horses to make him come with us" Elladan said with a laugh and Estel blushed remembering before when they had tied him to the horses for he had injured himself upon falling into pine needles.

"Elrohir, Legolas would really get a laugh out of that story, Estel's clumsiness still amuses me to this day" Elladan said just as Estel stood going to whack his foster brother for saying such a thing when he tripped over his own feet falling to the ground with a crash.

"Estel, may you be hurt" Elrond said hurrying to his foster son's help whilst Elladan and Elrohir couldn't control themselves and began to laugh leaving the table whilst mimicking their human brother falling the whole time.

"Nay ada I be uninjured" Estel said standing from his position on the floor hopping he did not embarrass himself in-front of the king and his son.

"I shall call for you when we be ready to leave" Elrond said before Estel left still hearing the twins laughter in his head.

Upon reaching his room, he noticed his sheets were already made so he checked his bags one last time making sure he had everything he would need for the long journey before he washed and dressed himself hearing the whistle of Elrond as he was towel drying his hair.

Flinging his bags onto his shoulder he walked downstairs to see Elladan and Elrohir still there trying to stop from laughing.

"Shall we take the bags Estel, don't want you falling into someone" Elladan said whilst Estel glared going to fix up his horse for the journey.

As Estel jumped atop his horse he could hear Elladan and Elrohir behind him talking about all the things he had done to embrass himself before settling on the ones to tell Legolas, the twins friend.

Estel rode up to join Elrond anger evident on his face as he slowed his horse beside his father's.

"Pay them no heed" Elrond said giving Estel a small smile before they began their journey.

Several days later, they made it to the borders of Mirkwood and began to ride forward just as they were stopped by two elves that jumped down from the trees.

One was slightly taller than the other with a head full of long dark brown hair which fell across the front of his face hiding his features and the other was the one that Estel could not take his gaze from.

The other had long golden blond hair which brightened in the light and his eyes, so blue they were that Estel thought he may have lost himself in them before the other figure began to speak and Estel turned his gaze away listening to the man.

"What brings you to Mirkwod, Elrond Lord of Rivendell" The man said bow in his hand and Estel feared he might shoot his foster farther but the blond lowered the weapon with his own.

"Angrod, what alis you, Mirkwood's king told of the party from Rivendell" The blond figure said to the man Angrod who nodded bowing to Elrond.

"Forgive me, my lord I was wrong to judge" Angrod said brushing the front of his hair away from his face and Estel saw the man had eyes as black as the cloak he wore.

Angrod let his hair fall back into place before turning to the others.

"Leave the horses here, they shall be taken to the stables" Angrod said and Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir stepped from their horses with grace but Estel who was used to grabbing onto something slid off slowly but unknown to him he caught his foot in the stirrup almost falling flat on his face if it wasn't for the blond man catching him and Estel blushed as he felt the warmness of the elf's hands on his waist.

"We need no story to tell you Legolas, Estel is always falling, humans and their ways" Elrohir said and Estel felt his face blush even more at the remark wondering how Elrohir could have said that in-front of the blond elf who he had come to know as Legolas, the twins friend.

"Nay, do I need remind you of your falling down three flights of steps" Legolas said to Elrohir who glared at his friend whilst Estel laughed imagining his foster brother doing such a thing.

"Follow me, Angrod, father would like to see you, orcs are on patrols" Legolas said and Angrod bowed before hurrying off.

"Time never changes you Prince Legolas" Elrond said as they began to walk after Estel had freed his foot and he followed beside Elrond hearing everything.

"Nay but you have my lord Elrond, when did you adopt a human" Legolas said smiling at Estel who felt his face warm at the politeness of Legolas.

"Twelve years ago he passed into my home, his parents killed" Elrond said and Legolas nodded just as the reached the gates which from a single word from Legolas swung forward allowing them entry.

"Do me justice to remember such password, your father changes every three years does he not?" Elrond asked and Legolas nodded.

"It be LĂșthien upon this morn."

"Enchantress, he may remember the song of her" Elrond said as they approached the palace and Estel felt his hands begin to sweat, he was going to meet the king of Mirkwood and the prince of Mirkwood had saved himself from being a fool in-front of his family.

Legolas allowed them entry into the main castle and Estel felt himself relax, the inside of the palace was beautiful with paintings hanging from the walls and stained glassed windows allowing the light from the outside inside creating a magical light in the middle as Legolas led Estel and the others towards the royal room.

Estel walked in first his attention caught by the two chairs that sat at the front of the room, one was gold with many golden leaves engraved upon the back whilst the other was shinning brightly by the light of the window so Estel could not tell the colour. Sitting atop the second chair was a man much like Legolas except for being twice the size in height of the elf.

Legolas sat in the seat beside the man whom Estel guessed was his father.

"Elrond Lord of Rivendell, you return ere with Elladan and Elrohir but who may be the young human?"

"My apologises King Thranduil, this is Estel, my foster son" Elrond said bowing to the king and Estel bowed too as he were being addressed.

"Estel, hope in the language of the elves, son do you know any elvish?" Thranduil asked him and Estel nodded saying the first thing that came to mind.


Thranduil nodded before locating their rooms and he left allowing Legolas to do the work.

"Elrond, Ellladan, Elrohir you reside at the same room, Estel I shall show you to your room" Legolas said before leaving and Estel followed the prince watching all the paintings they passed by before they reached his room.

"I shall leave you to get yourself sorted, your bags shall be inside, my room is two doors down on the right if you need anything" Legolas said before walking to his own room and Estel walked into the room he was given.

Around him were beautifully coloured walls with ivory coloured bedsheets and a sink was beside a dish filled with many different smells of soap, Estel smelled them all before choosing the light reddish one, it smelled like his home Rivendell and he need not forget the place in a hurry.

Estel saw his bags lying by the bed and picked them up emptying the contents into the drawers made ready for him before stashing his weapons under the bed if he ever needed them in emergencies.

Looking out his window he saw that the sun was in-fact about to set which meant they had been in the meeting with Thranduil for a while, they had reached Mirkwood at the last dawning of light and now it was all gone.

Estel looked around the room one last time before settling into his bed feeling that the sheets were soft beneath his tired and aching body.

As soon as his head hit the pillow, Estel fell asleep but his dreams were plagued by nightmares.


Estel stood upon a lone road looking out for he was out on a hunt with his brothers and Legolas.

"Estel, be on key, wargs attack unwillingly, aah" Estel whipped his head round to see that one of the wargs that Elladan was telling him about was attacking his brother.

"Elladan" Estel yelled going to pull his bow out but Angord appeared grabbing him from behind gripping his bow hand.

The next second Estel saw a second warg creeping up on Elrohir but before anything could be done, Elrohir was dragged away screaming.

"Legolas" Estel wept to the blonde who turned at the noise.

"Angrod, leave the boy" Legolas said pulling his bow up just as the warg appeared out of nowhere knocking the prince down.

"Legolas" Estel screamed before he sat up sweating in his bed.

End Dream.

As soon as Estel felt the dream leave him, he hurried out of his bed and along to Legolas's room wanting to make sure everyone was okay.

Upon entering Estel saw that the room was a bright white with leaves and trees but on the dresser sat a silver crown wrapped in leaves that the prince was to wear.

Estel approached Legolas slowly not wanting to awaken him but upon approaching, he saw that Legolas's eyes were open and he was not moving.

"Legolas" Estel whispered touching the prince softly but upon nothing happening, the young man begin to worry.

"Legolas" Estel said again only slightly louder but that did nothing to stir the prince.

He wasn't, he couldn't be, the only people he had seen with their eyes open was his parents eyes when they had died.

"Legolas" Estel said shaking the prince hard but that seemed to do nothing and Estel shook as sobs began to work their way down the man's face, Legolas had said he would be there if he needed anything.

The door to Legolas's room opened and Elrond entered upon hearing his son's cry's from across the hall.

"Estel, what ails you?" Elrond said sleep still present in his eyes but he rubbed them seeing his son crying.

"Ada, it's Legolas, I fear he is dead" The young man said through his sobs and Elrond laughed.

"My son, Legolas is only resting, shake him once more" Elrond said and Estel did as he was told before he saw Legolas's lithe figure move beneath the sheets before the prince awoke.

"Legolas, oh bless the valar" Estel said gripping onto the prince his tears still flowing down his face.

"Estel, what ails you?" Legolas asked worry on his face at the thought of why the young man was crying.

"I had a bad dream, I came to see if you were okay and I saw you're eyes were open" Estel said pulling away from the prince long enough to say what he had to before he collapsed onto the prince's bed more tears rolling down his eyes.

"Estel, elves sleep with their eyes open, only humans when..." Legolas stopped mid sentence now knowing what had upset Estel so much. Legolas placed his hand under the man's chin guiding his head to meet that of the prince's.

"Estel, let no dream nor fear guide you, tis only a dream."

Estel stopped crying after this knowing what Legolas said was indeed true. It was indeed only a dream. Nothing real but Angrod approaching him had felt real.

"Estel, what may be the matter?" Legolas asked noticing that Estel had gripped his hands into fists.

"Angrod approached me in the dream, he stayed me from saving you" Estel said looking at his foster father and Legolas.

"As Legolas said, tis only a dream, nothing to be weary off" Elrond said before bidding them goodnight but Estel knew he could not fall asleep again.

"Legolas..." Estel said in a whisper knowing what he was about to say would sound crazy, he was 15 and the elf had to be at least 900 if not 1000 years old, way too old for such things.

"Aye Estel?" The man jumped forgetting that elves could hear whispers.

"May I stay in your bed tonight?" Estel said looking at his hands knowing that the idea sounded pretty stupid.

"Repeat that Estel, facing me" Legolas said guiding Estel's head up again and holding it in place

"May I stay in your bed tonight?" He said once more looking into Legolas's eyes and was surprised to see the prince smiling.

"Aye you may" Legolas said moving over to give the man some room and Estel slipped under the sheets gripping Legolas's waist and the elf turned to look at him.

"I used to do this with my foster father, it helped me sleep" Estel said and Legolas nodded before falling asleep but the man stayed awake for a few minutes watching the raise and fall of Legolas's chest reside to nothing before the mouth opened breathing out warm air onto the man's face and he smiled snuggling closer to the elf feeling for the first time, he had a real friend.