Chapter 4 - Stuck In A Cupboard

Once Angrod was at Estel he placed his hand upon the handle and turned it down only to realize it was locked and upon un-locking with one of the master keys that the king had given him he saw that there was still no-one inside.

Slowly Angrod backed out the room listening for any slight movements or any voices but hearing nor seeing none, he walked along the hallway entering Legolas's room but that too was empty.

Angrod sighed shaking his head before walking away and down the hall knowing he would find Estel another time hopefully and kill him then.

From inside the cupboard that he was locked in, Estel could feel someone lying beside him but he did not dare turn on a light not whilst he could still hear footsteps echoing down the hall and checking in his and Legolas's room for any signs for him then once he was sure that Angrod had disappeared for the time being, he bent closer examining the being beside him before letting out a tiny gasp as he saw who it was.

It was Legolas and he was unconcasious.

Slowly Estel began to look around his surroundings for a way of escape but there was nothing and Legolas was out cold so he couldn't help him at all so Estel sat back against the wall of the small cupboard tucking his legs up to his chin and placing his head down trying not to cry although he didn't know what else to do, he had never before been stuck in a small confined place before and now he was starting to sweat knowing that he wasn't going to get out anytime soon since Elrond and Thranduil were most probably in some other area of the castle currently so they couldn't be of any help and Angrod.

Well Angrod was probably still hunting high and low for him whilst he sat cowering in the cupboard like a small little boy even though he was 15 but he had never been anywhere by himself and had not wanted to start but as his foster-father and brothers had said to him many times before.

'Even the most useless of thing shall help.'

Looking round now once again, Estel began to see things that he had not seen before like there was a window lying half open only inches from where he was sitting and there was a half broken lump of wood sitting in a corner just begging to be used.

Putting two and two together, Estel began to place his plan into action, first he placed the wood into the window enabling him to open or so he thought as he started trying to push down to make the window rise, he realized that the he wasn't strong enough so the window wasn't going to budge.

After a couple more failed attempts, Estel grew tried and sat back down on the floor heaving a sigh as he tried to keep his emotions under control, even though Legolas was still out cold, he didn't want to start getting freaked out about the fact that he couldn't get out of a room which he himself had got into in the first place.

"What troubles you so Estel?" Estel jumped back at the sound of Legolas's voice but he didn't get far as there was only an inch between him and the wall.

"Legolas. Legolas you awake. I am so scared" At this Legolas lept forward into Legolas's embrace catching the elf off guard who had started to sit up so he fell back down again letting out an umph as his back hit the floor once again.

"I'm sorry. Did I injure you?" Estel asked breaking away from the elf after hearing the groan of pain from the elf.

"Nay Estel, you indeed did no such thing."

Estel smiled at this, glad he had done one good thing today before he looked around as Legolas looked around as well before they both spoke at the same time.

"How do we get out of here?"

"We must leave here at once."

review, how will they get out?