Chuck and Casey learn new skills. Written for the LiveJournal Chuck_Slash Slashy Sunday prompt #3:

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."
(Benjamin Franklin)

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Warning: This story is Chuck/Casey, which is Chuck and Casey in a romantic relationship with each other. If this kind of thing isn't to your liking, or if m/m relationships are illegal where you are, please don't read this story. Life is far too short to be upset by things you read on the internet.

Disclaimer: Not my sandbox, I'm just playing in it. Thanks to all involved in making Chuck such a fantastic show.

Chuck sighed. 'No, no, no. It's the first memory slot, the one on the left.' Over his headset, he heard Casey's growl of frustration and silently cursed the broken foot that kept him sitting behind the Nerd Herd desk while Casey went out on his home installations. They couldn't exactly tell Big Mike that he'd broken a bone in his foot when a security door shut on it as he dived out of the way of a hail of bullets, so Casey was covering for him instead of one of the other Nerd Herd nerds. Another couple of days and he'd be able to go out on calls himself, provided Casey hadn't simply shot one of the clients in the meantime.

A month later, and Chuck ran down a corridor and skidded through a doorway, only for the door to slam shut behind him.

'Where are you?' Casey's terse voice sounded tinny in his ear.

'I'm, I'm, I'm in some kind of closet,' Chuck stammered. 'The door won't open!'

'Figures,' Casey grunted.

'What? Never mind, you're going to have to do it. Open the case.'

'I'll come get you.'

'No time! Just do as I say! Open the case up. You should see a circuit board running down the back. The chip needs to be attached to the third slot on the right...'

A month after that, Chuck sat in the cage. It was two in the morning and he was wearing the remains of a tuxedo, a stack of broken computers to one side of him, fixed to the other. He'd claim deja vu if he hadn't been in exactly this situation two years ago.

He didn't look round as the cage door opened and footsteps came up behind him. 'Couldn't sleep.'

'Want a hand?'


In silence, Chuck and Casey worked side by side for an hour until the backlog was largely cleared.

'Coming back to bed?' Casey asked, leaning over to place a kiss on Chuck's forehead.

'Missed your pillow?' Chuck smirked.

'Hell yeah,' Casey said. 'You know I can't sleep without you any more.'

Chuck smiled and stood. 'I guess you'd better get your pillow home, then, before someone finds out you're a closet nerd.'

'C'mon,' Casey said, wrapping an arm around Chuck's shoulders. 'I won't tell them you taught me to fix computers if you don't tell them I taught you how to make a headshot.'

'Deal.' Arm-in-arm they headed out, the nerd-turned-spy and spy-turned-nerd.