Chapter 1: Who the heck is he?

Well guys I'm always going to use Mikan's and Natsume's POV..okay?haha

Natsume's POV

It is another ordinary day for our gorgeous hero. As usual sitting under the Sakura tree, reading his favorite manga and waiting for his girlfriend Mikan Sakura.

"Where the heck is that idiot now?"Natsume blurt out.

Then suddenly something caught his eyes. A young brunette running towards his direction.

"Nat-kun…"Mikan shouted.."Sorry,I'm late.I had an accident with my last class."

"Hn..Idiot!What did you do this time..?"

Mikan's POV


I was running down the hall, making my way to our Sakura Tree "oh gosh im late nat-kun will surely kill me"..when suddenly a boy bumped me with his tray of food.

"oh sorry.I wasn't looking. Let me help you."I said.

"You stupid girl now look what you've done."the boy said.

MY MY WHAT AN ATTITUDE..LET ME LOOK AT THIS BOY'S FACE…Then I sudden rush of happiness came to me….

"Fujiwara?…"I said.

"Mikan?Is that you?"He asked me.

"Of course it's me, who else wears pigtails at this age huh?hahaha..I so missed you."I said and hugged him.

He hugged me back and then I remembered that I was going to see Nat-kun.

"Oh my gosh, I gotta next time."I hurriedly said and went running AGAIN..

And then I saw Nat-kun lying lazily under our sakura tree..

~end of flashback~

I told Natsume what had happened. At first he was silent,but after I told him that I hugged Fujiwara that's when he changed his reaction. I caught the-you-are-so-dead-look or normally what I call "the jealousy look."That's when I realized…..

Natsume NEVER EVER wants me to get too NEAR to a GUY..oh..busted!

"WHAT?YOU HUGGED HIM?"Natsume said angrily.

"Well,Fujiwara isn't just somebody. He is a childhood friend aside from you,hotaru and ruka."I said. [A/N: MIkan and the gang are with each other since they were kids.]

"Then why the hell don't I know him?"He said.

"Because he is too shy to get along with you THEN. Natsume relax."I said reassuringly.

"Then don't get too near ?"He said.

"Ok. Well are you jealous of him?"I asked stupidly.

"Of course….NOT..In your dreams polkadots."He said.

"Natsume, you are such a meany and a jerk..But I love you.."I said and kissed him on the lips.

"As I love you."He said between kisses. We kissed each other for a few minutes and we decided to go back to our dorm.

Natsume's POV

As I walked Mikan to her room. Someone behind us shouted her name.

"Mikan!"IT said.

And suddenly anger flowed through me. Because I recognized it as a boy's voice that I'm not familiar with.

As I turned around I saw a guy with a red hair,blue eyes,and a piercing in his left ear.who the heck is this punk, maybe I should burn him..

"Hey!How are you?"Mikan said happily.

Who the hell is this guy and why is Mikan being extra sweet with him?

She's only being friendly you know said his conscience

Whatever. I'm gonna burn him.

"Mikan,WHO THE HECK IS HE?"I said.

"Oh. This is Fujiwara."Mikan said happily.

"Oh..So you're that guy ."I said bluntly.

"Hi! I am Fujiwara Kuroi and you are?"He said.

"Natsume Hyuuga, Mikan's boyfriend."I said with a smirk on my face.

"Oh.."is just he said.

"Well, we got to go..right Mikan?"I said in a serious tone.

"Ok. Well see you tomorrow Fujiwara.."She said and smiled at him.

SMILED!SMILED! This guy is gonna die. Someday. YOU will ALL see..{evil aura filling in..hmm just imagined villains having evil plan and having a dark aura on the get the point!HAHAHAHA}

As we entered Mikan's room…

"Oyasuminasai Idiot!"I said and kissed her on the lips with such passion that she responded it with equivalent intensity.

"Goodnight Natsume. I love you pervert!"she said and closed the door.

As I was on my way to my room with Ruka, I saw a door half open. A saw a sign on the door saying Fujiwara's Room.

Hmm.. would I find in this room? know you should respect other's privacy.said his conscience.

Oh shut the hell up.

As I entered the room. I saw a clean room. It is neat unusual for a boy.

Maybe he's a gay.

Well,Ruka is neat. Is he a gay?

You have a point.

As I scanned a room a particular notebook caught my attention. It said "Love of my life."

Soo Gay..:]

As I opened the notebook anger came to me at once. It is a notebook full of Mikan's picture since we were kids up to the present.

This guys is so obsess with Mikan.I should protect her away from this guy.

I heard footsteps coming in. I gotta to act fast so I went out of the window and closed it.

But a gust of wind slammed me to a tree. And ice spears start forming above my head . Instinctively a threw a ball of fire to eat and move.

Whose alices were that?...

End of chapter 1.

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