Chapter 18: Found out


"What if Mikan tries to kill you, will you let her?"

"Most likely." I shrugged and I stood up indicating that I will be leaving his office when he asked me another question.

"Why did you share this information to me and not to Yuu?"

"Because I trust you that you'll be looking out for Mikan's best interest." And with that I turned around and went to the door when I heard him whisper

"This is the beginning of the end."

Normal POV

When Lou returned to Shiki's office, they went straight with the activity of altering Mikan's memory for good. Lou removed any memories that could trigger Mikan's emotions. She even went above and beyond her work by tweaking the poor girl's personality and amplifying hatred and anger to her once beloved people. All of this just to see the grimace and agony of the people that they hated.

"I have completed with all the alterations Sir." Lou happily reported.

"Good." Shiki replied.

"What shall we do next? Shall I send her back to her room?"

"I have other plans for her. How's the other thing I asked you to take care of?"

"They are on their way to collect the necessary people for disposal in the guise that it is an advance training for the upcoming war."

"Where are they headed right now?"

"Queensland Forest. The terrain is a perfect place to execute such useless people."

"I see. Their existence is beyond appalling and occupying such precious space in this lifetime is pitiful. We have taken the duty to eliminate such vermin. However, I would like to test the capabilities of our little friend here." Looking down at the girl who owns a brunette colored hair.

"As you wish Shiki."

"Mikan, how would like to get those hands tainted?" Smirking, he reached some loose strands from the table and played with it.

"Lou, don't forget to bring Aries with us, we will need his alice just in case she will need some assistance." Shiki handed Lou one of Hachi's alice stone and ask them to teleport their way to Aries then rendezvous with the 'trainees'.

While Shiki was about to get a glass of his finest liquors to celebrate his euphoric mood, a gentle knock was heard outside his office. Only high-ranking officers and his trusted colleagues are allowed on the 7th floor and he wasn't expecting any visitors as of the moment so it got him curious.

"Come in." The door revealed a male figure with an ash blonde hair, broad shoulders that were emphasized by his black fitted shirt and is currently in his late twenties. The guy strikingly emits a hostile aura entered the room. He was also the leader who took care of the kidnapping of Fujiwara and Mikan.

"Apologies for disturbing you Shiki. I just found a little interesting report about your strategist commander." Shiki grabbed his favorite scotch and took 2 glasses from the first drawer of the cabinet. He poured the liquid content on each container and went to sit on the couch.

"Oh really Leo? Please do tell. How's our old friend?" He directed Leo to sit across from him. He handed the other glass to his unexpected visitor and let him continue with his report.

"I know that you were already aware of his absence during the meeting and has been MIA these past few weeks. I monitored his finances and flights because of my suspicion and the last country that he arrived to was in Japan."

"Hm. Nothing that concerns me Leo. I have given him a task in Japan regarding our allies there and also some political people that do not share the same sentiments that we have. Although, he usually takes care of these things pretty quickly, he might have had some side trips, if you know what I mean." Smirking while the glass is near his lips, Shiki continued "And besides, that old man needed to loosen up." And drank his liquor.

"You don't understand. I had one of my men follow him and he disappeared from the country a week ago." This caught Shiki's attention and gave him a side eye.

"That is truly odd. Would you like me to call him right now to clear the doubts?"

"No. Not yet. I need an evidence to prove his traitorous act."

"Such a heavy accusation Leo. You know what happens to people who gives me false report, don't you?"

"I know Shiki and will take full responsibility."

"Very well said. Then shall we drink to the academy's demise?"

Natsume's POV

After reporting to the high school principal, I have to look for Persona as to give him the fruit of our mission. As I am taking the route toward the elementary premises as the dangerous ability class' headquarter is located there, my phone suddenly rang.


"Kuro, let's meet somewhere outside the ESP's radar."

"But –"

"Just do it. Go to the Northern woods." And the line got cut off.

And I hate being cut off. I just shook my head to show my disapproval on the act. Well, I guess I have no other choice but meet him there. Now the question is why? The Northern Woods is near the high school principal's area. Looking back, it all started when I asked Mikan to go through those woods because I wanted her to prove how strong her nullification alice was. And as a young boy who can't properly express my feelings for her, I resorted on playing a prank on her. She got lost in the forest and cried all night. I was really worried that I ended up rescuing the her and when I was about to use my fire on one of the beasts that tried to attack us, she was able to nullify mine and after grabbing my arm, she had a small red stone on her palms. We got back to the academy and explained to the teachers about what happened and discovered that Mikan was also able to possess her mother's alice. She was automatically included to the Dangerous Ability class but I fought hard not to send her out to any missions. It was enough that I am exposed to such dark living. I would never ever want her to experience the horrors or the aftermath of what we do outside the school's premises.

"Well, isn't this pretty convenient." Then I heard someone call my name.

"Natsume!" It was Narumi sensei. He ran towards me and put a hand on my shoulder to prevent me from going anywhere.

"Do you have any update on how's Mikan?"

"She's alive."

"Where is she right now? Shouldn't we be saving her? Tell me that we have a plan. I want to help." I looked at him straight in the eye as I try my best to hide the emotions I am feeling before uttering the next words.

"We should be preparing ourselves from her." And with that, I left him.

The trees were ancient, timeless as they disappeared into the sky, rough with age, yet their roughness had been worn down by the soft greenness of moss that had slowly made them home. Their leaves are in varying shades of green that only send comfort to the very core of your soul. The gentle blow of the wind caused the rustling of the leaves.

"What's the update Natsume?" Persona appeared from the dark part of the forest.

"Cicada gave us the information about the war that is coming. It will be held on the Annual Gala Night. They're going to annihilate everyone in the Alice Academy."

"How sure are you that this is not something orchestrated?"

"We saw her."

"I see. So she's still alive."

"Yes. And they are with her."

"Oh. She finally joined them? Left you in this hell hole?"

"Never in her right mind will she do that. They did something to her. She's my Mikan and yet she isn't. There's something different about her and she plans on leading this violent event."

"Now this is great news. Mikan and Nobara can actually fight one on one." And then he laughed.

I am beyond pissed with what he just said. I told him the inevitable plans of the enemy that can cause the safety of all who are under the care of the Academy and all he can think of is the petty battle that he wants to happen in a long time. I can't help it but lunged at him and grabbed the collar of his shirt.

"WHAT ARE YOU THINKING LAUGHING IN SUCH CRITICAL TIMES!?" I snapped. Now, he looks pissed as well. He touched the hand that's fisting his shirt.

"I'll know my place if I were you Natsume." And he put a curse on it. I immediately withdrew my hand and I felt the searing pain that is coursing through my veins.

"That is just a warning from your insolence child. However, you're right that this is not the time to kid. Back to business, while all of you are out of the mission, I have conducted a little investigation of my own. Before the incident of Mikan's kidnapping, I happen to pass by ESP's room and saw one of the perpetrators there. He was called Hachi. I know all of the men under his command but that one seems to be off my radar. I asked one of my men to do a background check and I found out that he is actually a part of AAO."

"What is that old man thinking? Hiring someone that could jeopardize his safety. And here I am and thought that he is the most cunning person that I know." And he nodded.

"That is right. We know how picky he is with his subordinates and only wants the best of the best. What bothers me the most is this thought. What if all along he knows that Hachi is part of AAO?" This statement stopped me. If Yuu really knows who that man is, why is he helping him? Why is he helping AAO?!

"Have you found out about it? The connection of AAO and Yuu?" I asked.

"I am still working on it but there is a high chance that the ESP is collaborating with AAO."

"Why? How?" This caught me completely off guard. A person who is that wicked cannot possibly ally himself with the enemy. He is putting not only the students in danger but himself as well.

"During the last meetings with the other principals, Yuu has vigorously fought that responsibility for the security of the coming event be under his management. This is somehow uncharacteristic of him as he never cares for such mundane things."

"And if he does, then he has all the control of what could possibly happen." And it clicked, the missing puzzle as to how Fujiwara was able to penetrate the academy. It was all Yuu's actions.

"Who knows about this Persona? Who can we trust? His influence is not something to be taken lightly." I asked.

"I have spoken with the Dangerous Ability class and their loyalty is bound to me. While snooping around Yuu, I tried to cover my tracks as discreetly as possible. From now on Natsume, you better watch your every move. All eyes are on you and your friends. I'll think of something on how we can counter such powerful enemies. In the meantime, do you still have contact with Cicada?"

"Yeah. He told me how to reach him and will still provide the necessary details to avoid major casualties. Though, he was certain that the fight is inevitable."

"Then it's a fight that they shall get." Persona smirked. "We ain't tagged as dangerous without a reason."

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