A bit of Mommy! Kink, post-Beth: Quinn breastfeeds Rachel. Rachel gets so turned on she has to stop and grind against Quinn's thigh. Desperate! Rachel. And it would be kind of cool if they called each other 'mommy' and 'baby'. But, you know, no pressure .com/glee_kink_?thread=4715464#t4715464

Rachel had no clue how this whole thing started. She'd never been one to be really into sex even though she knew that all girls wanted it just as much as guys and she certainly never thought that she would be turned on by anything other than vanilla sex but here she was on the door step of someone who has tormented her day in and day out. Smoothing down her skirt with her tiny hands trying to make herself presentable, shaking her head and rolling her eyes at the very thought of trying to be presentable for this person. Taking a deep breath she raised her hand to knock, hesitating before putting her hand back down at her side and sighing.

The door swung open suddenly revealing a tall lean figure smirking down on her making Rachel shift her feet uncomfortably, "Why are you just standing there huh little girl?" the voice purred and lowered to a highly arousing octave.

Gulping Rachel just shivered as a rush of heat pooled in her panties, shifting again she shrugged. The figure held a hand out which the small diva after a couple of seconds debating with herself took it and was led into the large house or mansion really. The two of them walked through a parlor which was decorated with expensive furniture, it hardly looked lived in and Rachel felt bad for the people living in this place before her mind was pulled back to the soft hand leading her which tugged her toward some stairs.

"Don't worry no one is here,"

"You're all alone?" Rachel asked with doe like eyes as she watched photo after photo on the walls pass by showing the family in staunch matching clothes and tight lip faces with no humor with in their eyes.

The person holding her hand suddenly stopped and turned laying intense happy eyes on her, "Why not? I am a teenager, I think I'm old enough to stay by myself. Unlike some."

Rachel blushed heavily as the lust filled hazel eyes burned into her. A tug on her hand had her following a giggle into a white door. The room was large with a walk in closet, a four poster bed, two side tables by the bed, a dresser off to the right and a large body mirror to the left.

"Wow." the brunette had never seen a room this big before, even her parents bedroom was smaller, "This is huge."

Another chuckle escaped the throat of her tormentor, "I'm glad you like it although you'll hardly be in here when you do come over."

"Why not?" Rachel asked turning quickly unsure what that comment could have meant.

The taller figure smirked motioning with her forefinger for Rachel to follow her. The two walked over the closet where a hidden door sat behind rows and rows of clothes, "I had this made especially for you baby,"

Opening the door revealed a large nursery. A crib to the right, changing table to the left and beside that a television on top of a TV stand. Some toys lay at the base of a toy chest but most were put away, a rocking chair was next to the crib and gold stars littered the wallpaper. Walking in Rachel stared wide eyed, "Mine?" she asked with a heated blush.

"All yours." was said close to her side with a soft cool hand caressing her cheek, "Seems like my baby has some heat to her cheeks."

That line just made her blush harder and look away out a large bay like window so she did not see the nursery or the person's face beside her, "Don't...I just came to tell you I don't want this."

A chuckle escaped, "I don't care if you want it although I'm sure once I put my hand in your pants your pussy will tell me differently."

"Quinn...that is not funny." Rachel stamped her foot earning her a quirk of an eyebrow from the cheerleader making her feel like the child she sure Quinn was seeing before her.

Licking her lips Quinn nodded with a thoughtful expression, "If you didn't want this, which I'm sure you do, you could have called or texted me instead of coming over." The blonde stalked closer, "Instead of following me up here."

Rachel bit her lip taking a step back, "I thought it...would be...more appropriate if I did it in person besides..."

A finger lay upon her lips making her wonder when Quinn got so close so their bodies pressed into each other. The blonde's milk filled breasts full and large pushing into her tiny barely there double A-cup breasts. Swallowing was difficult with this close proximity, she really did want to tell the cheerleader off and stalk off but after the incident at school Quinn had her mind shut down and her body was frozen on the spot.

Hazel eyes roamed hungrily up and down the petite girl's body sending more shivers over her body, "No more big sentences."

"But..." a strong hand on her wrist sending some pain down to her toes silenced her.

"I said no little girl," this made Rachel whimper and nod her head, "Such a good baby...now come with me."

Quinn led Rachel toward the changing table where she expertly picked the tiny girl up and laid her down on the table. The blonde than bent down for a second than stood up with a white diaper with loony toon characters pasted on it. Rachel quickly shook her head and started sitting up protesting.

"I'm not wearing a diaper Quinn," her voice rose before dying down with a puff of air rushing out as the blonde pushed her easily back down.

"Yes you are. I'm not letting you make a mess in your underwear like you did at school; you proved to me that you're not ready for big girl undies so lay still baby or you'll be spanked."

Rachel's eyes widen her hand twitching to touch her back side at the thought of earlier today and how Quinn's hands slapped against her ass making it sore and red. Licking her head she sighed, "Please...I...can use the toilet."

"The potty" Quinn corrected knowing it would make Rachel even more uneasy, "…and I'm sure if you could you wouldn't have pissed on me now would you?" Quinn locked a steely gaze on Rachel who gave a pout shaking her head, "Exactly...so let's get you in your diaper. Plus it will help remind you that you," Quinn ran her finger down the smaller girl's lips, chin, down her neck painfully slow, going between the valley of her breasts and over her stomach to settle between her legs pushing in making Rachel's hip jump slightly before trailing down her leg, "...are nothing but a little girl who does as she's told."

Knowing that she could not fight Quinn, the fight long since gone in the bathroom at school, she let her mind play that scene over again as the teenager standing before her popped the button of her jeans so they could be taken off.

Rachel sighed as she ran late into McKinley for the first time since she started preschool. She blames her father who had been trying Christmas lights to see if they still worked for next year since this year they celebrated Hanukkah due to the fact that she is both Jewish and Christian although she prefers her Jewish heritage due to it making her closer to her favorite actress of all time, Barbra Streisand. Her father blew a fuse at midnight and neither of her fathers came to reset her alarm which got her up twenty minutes after the first bell rang.

Running to her locker trying to forget the pressure building in her bladder because she really did not have time to stop at the restroom before going to her first period where she was sure all eyes would be on her as the door slammed behind her. Grabbing her math book she trudge to the one class she was actually having trouble in though she would not let anyone know that because she can handle the situation, it would just be a few late night studying in the next few weeks.

Opening the heavy door she groaned noticing that the only open seat was near Quinn Fabray who uncharactiscally smiled gentle at her with a barely there nod. Furrowing her brows at the joke that she was sure was going to come up she made her way to the seat after the teacher lectured her about being on time. She really wanted to roll her eyes; she had never been late so why would this one time warrant a warning at all. Sitting down she allowed a brief glance at Quinn who just smirked down into her desk feeling the brown eyes unsurely looking at her.

Catching her self staring she glanced down at her desk getting her note book out to take notes. A few minutes passed as the teacher droned on about equations that meant nothing to her before a sigh on her left caught her attention. Blinking she glanced over to the noise to see Quinn slouched in her chair staring at Rachel's legs in the skirt she was wearing. Blushing she cleared her throat to get the girl's attention, Quinn raised her eyes to see that she had been caught but instead of looking away she just licked her lips unashamed at being seen, "Nice legs, short stuff."

Rachel choked on her own saliva at the comment before widening her eyes and putting her eyes on her paper. Her bladder distracted her from the inappropriate thoughts swimming in her head, she should not fantasize about the head cheerleader between her legs anyway. She shifted and glanced at the clock seeing five more minutes left, and then she'd have five minutes to go to the bathroom.

"Problem?" Quinn leaned over and whispered.

Rachel shook her head, "No," she squeaked out.

"Hmmm...Looks to me like you need to go to the bathroom."

"Quinn and Rachel do you need to share something with the class?" The teacher growled not liking the fact he was being interrupted.

"Nothing." the cheerleader smiled innocently before looking at her paper.

Rachel sat completely still for a moment. Why was Quinn talking to her? What was with that bathroom comment, although she did really need to use it even more now that the blonde mentioned it.

The bell rang and she stuffed her things into her bag than rushed out only to find the bathroom closest was closed.

"If the teacher didn't interrupt," Quinn sighed passing by.

"You knew!" Rachel called out to the retreating form but it was no use, she wasted her time and would have to wait.

Well the wait was over by lunch time, she had thirty minutes and that was plenty of time to run off to the restroom. Dropping her things off she ran to the far east bathroom, it was hardly used by anyone now that there was a bathroom near the lunch room which made this bathroom perfect for cleaning up slushy facials without being caught with a shirt off. When she entered she did not expect to see Quinn coming out of one of the stalls, silence came over the room while they stared at each other.

Quinn just took a deep breath and went over to the sink to wash her hands, "You shouldn't stare little girl,"

Rachel furrowed her brows not understanding why her body just heated up at that comment or why the head cheerleader had said it to her in the first place. Steeling her shoulders and standing up straighter she glared at the taller teenager, "You're one to talk Quinn. Your eyes had a hard time leaving me during first period."

"Your right. I'm sorry," Quinn wiped her hand on a paper towel while trying to hide the smirk threatening to form at the confused glance of Rachel, "I should practice what I preach but you do have to admit I was admiring beauty while you were just…" she turned around putting her hands on her hip giving off the famous HBIC attitude she perfected over the years, "…giving me the evil eye."

Rachel just rolled her eyes, "I'm sure that whatever joke you are coming up with is going to be epic but please let me just inform you that I'm not going to fall for it."

"You talk way too much for someone so small." The blonde growled not liking the tone in the diva's voice and being upset at herself for letting Rachel get under her skin.

"Oh me sorry I talk so big," Rachel drawled as babyish as she could hoping to get a rise out of the girl before her, she was fed up with being bullied around by people who did not consider her feelings in the conversations

This set Quinn off, if she wasn't so damn horny at the moment than maybe she would have been able to control her urges to take the small diva up against the wall or sink or piano or anywhere as long as her fingers got to be clenched between the brunette's tight wet walls.

"You really shouldn't talk to me right now," Quinn breathed out deeply biting the inside of her cheek so she didn't let her biggest kinky secret out, that she loved to be a dominate mommy controlling her little baby and in every fantasy it was Rachel withering beneath her.

"Look Quinn I really don't care at the moment. I'm going to be out of here at graduation any way so why don't we just stay out of each other's way." Rachel huffed brushing by Quinn toward one of the stalls but she brushed up against the blonde's full sore aroused breast making the cheerleader moan, the brunette stopped, "Did you just…moan?"

Quinn stared at Rachel for a moment realizing she could finally put that nursery to good use at her house, she could have the little girl she'd always wanted if she just stepped up to be the mommy with all the control.

"Yes I did moan….you turn me so fucking on," she breathed stalking forward.

"Quinn…" Rachel lost her breath as the older girl pushed her into the stall door. A finger lay upon her lips.

"You talk when I say so…" Quinn quickly removed her shirt showing a lacy bra that had clasps for breast feeding, she undid one and let her right boob fall out revealing how full she was. Brown eyes widened as she watched the cheerleader bring her hand up and palm the globe, fingers rubbing gentle on the nub. Moaning she stared at the girl in front of her before grabbing the back of Rachel's head and forcing her forward until her lips were mere inches from the nipple, "Suck!" she commanded.

"Quinn I…"

She forced her head closer, "I swear I will spank that tight little ass of yours baby if you don't suck."

Rachel tried to pull back and reason with the girl in front of her but quickly felt a heavy smack against her ass making her whimper. The pain and unexpected action caused her to lose her bladder, the liquid ran down her leg soaking her underwear, going down her leg and pooling on the floor. Quinn looked down.

"Did you just pee your pants?"

"I really needed to…" she pointed at the stall behind her.

Quinn licked her lips, "I always knew you were nothing more than an infant in adult form. I just wanted some fun to alleviate the pressure from all this fucking milk and you go and piss yourself." She threw her hands up and shook her head.

"I really didn't mean to," Rachel whined, she felt so ashamed of herself for not being able to hold her bladder, she was sixteen.

"Oh good to know you didn't piss yourself for fun," Quinn growled loving the disturbed look crossing the girl's face.

"Please don't tell anyone," the diva pleaded thinking of all the horrible things that would happen if this had been leaked (no pun intended). She got hell at school already and did not need this added to the list.

Quinn bit her lip while cocking her brow, "I won't tell…" she waited a beat to see relieve flood the smaller girl's face, "If you do exactly as I say." Licking her lips she glanced at the bathroom entrance before looking at Quinn again, who was standing there with arms folded. Feeling herself shrink she nodded her head, "Good. Drink my milk."

Rachel furrowed her brow at the request almost forgetting the incident before she peed her pants, "Quinn that is quite disgusting, if you need help in that department I can go purchase a breast pump if you have no money…."

"Berry, listen here, you will suck my milk or the whole school will know how you messed yourself like an infant."

"No please…" she pleaded, "…fine."

Taking a deep breath she bent back down and easily slipped the large pink nipple into her mouth. One suck later and milk quickly dribbled out landing on her tongue, she cringed but after a few swallows began to crave it, the taste was thick and salty coating her tongue and throat. Her hands didn't know what to do so settle on the cheerleader's hips, pulling her closer.

Quinn moaned at the fact that Rachel was eagerly sucking on her, her fingers combed through brown locks, tugging slightly earning a small moan from the girl beneath her, "Your mommy's hungry baby huh?" she tugged again earning another moan.

Rachel was turned on beyond disbelief and those words help create a river in her underwear but it felt so wrong, she pulled away breathing heavily, "I…I have to go."

"No," Quinn snatched her arm, "You'll finish."

Rachel shook her head, "I did what you wanted…if you need more go to a fucking whore house and get the rest. I'll even supply the address." She sneered with heated eyes glaring at Quinn.

"You are getting an attitude with me little girl," she watched Rachel shiver slightly knowing that she was turned on, "You piss yourself and enjoy drinking my milk and don't even deny you didn't, remember I felt that hot little mouth of yours greedily sucking." Quinn groaned wanting the girl back on her breast, "So just be a good girl and come back to mommy," she held her hand out hoping the brunette would easily give up control and be hers but the diva shook her head stepping away, "I swear Rachel I will throw you over my lap and spank you."

"I'm sixteen years old. I don't need a spanking and certainly not from someone barely a year older than me who has a kinky fetish." She folded her arms but did not move toward the exit, probably where she went wrong.

"You may look sixteen but you sure don't act like it making me at least emotionally and probably sexually a lot older than you. Old enough to be your mommy and spank you," Quinn replied taking a step closer, "…and I didn't even know you knew what a fetish was virgin."

"I know how to use the internet,"

"So you look at porn?"

Rachel blushed, "That is none of your business but no I don't...I googled it after hearing Finn talking to Noah on the phone."

"Rachey wants mommy I can tell," Quinn cooed stepping closer, Rachel shook her head in protest but even she knew she did want to have another taste of the milk.

"Don't call me that," she begged not having been called that since she was three and told her fathers she was a big girl now and a silly baby nickname would not do.

The blonde girl just cocked her head to the side showing off a long soft neck that the brunette all of a sudden wanted to curl into and rub her nose along the vein sliding down from the jaw to below her shirt, swallowing she tried to remember what they were talking about as she watched a pink tongue slowly lick across kissable lips. Before she knew it Quinn was right up against her, "You were staring again baby girl,"

Rachel let out a breathy moan, "I…"

"Shhh, just be a good girl." Quinn tried to push her head down again but Rachel ripped away making the blonde sigh tiredly, maybe this wasn't right and she needed to find someone else.

"I'm not a baby," Rachel lisped accidently making the other teenager grin, nope she had her baby.

"I will give you to the count of three Rachey to summit to mommy or I will spank," she threatened while staring the girl down, "One…" Rachel squirmed and glanced at the door than back at Quinn, "…two…" she held her fingers up, "…three."

Before Rachel knew what happened, Quinn and yanked her into a stall, the blonde sat down on the toilet seat and hoisted her, a bit too easily, onto her lap. Before Rachel even figured out what was happening three hard smacks landed on her wet ass, the pain ripped through her and she tried to reach behind and stop the hand but it was no use in this position.

"You are a very naughty girl Rachey," she growled as another hard hit landed, "You don't listen to anyone and are always a little brat. You don't deserve to be in Glee if your this selfish," five more hits, Quinn could hear the girl start to whimper and cry a bit, "Rachey says she's a big girl but she pisses her pants, stomps her feet, and is always saying mine….sounds just like my two year old cousin."

"Please stop…it hurts…" she begged squirming in the older girl's lap, "I'll be good I promise."

Quinn kept berating her and smacking her ass for a full thirty minutes until Rachel was limp and weeping openly like a baby. Slowly she allowed the girl to stand up and instantly she saw a change in the girl, her feet turned inward and her hands fiddled with the edge of her shirt and big wet doe eyes stared at the floor.

"Mommy is sorry sweetie but you have to learn to be good and listen," Rachel nodded and sniffled, "Now come here."

Rachel immediately went to the cheerleader afraid of another spanking. Standing in front of Quinn with soaked panties, wet cheeks and what she was sure was a bright red sore ass made her feel like the blonde was in deed her mommy and her no more than a baby. Quinn easily led her to her knees and offered her nipple again. This time Rachel latched on greedily sucking with no qualms. The blonde moaned feeling herself throbbing painfully in her pussy at everything that had gone on.

The diva smelled how aroused the blonde was and sucked harder, "That's a baby…mommy's good girl," she moaned, "You love sucking mommy's milk don't you Rachey?"

Rachel needed release, sitting here below her new mommy had her aroused beyond anything. Quinn shifted so she could get closer which allowed her leg to slip between the younger girl's legs officially putting pressure where the brunette needed. Without much though Rachel started slowly humping Quinn's tan toned leg, she moaned deeply feeling heat rush through her veins. Her thrust got faster as she sucked the milk, felt fingers tugging at her locks of hair, heard Quinn telling her she was a good baby girl and that mommy loved her. Everything made her so horny she needed to get off, her lips released the nipple with a plop and she began desperately humping the blonde's leg.

"Mommy…" she sighed contentedly as she frantically got herself off.

"That's right Rachey….show how much you love me babying you," the cheerleader smirked feeling pre cum leaking onto her leg with a little of Rachel's pee that still had yet to be taken care off, "Tell mommy?"

Rachel was lost in the sensations of her wet pussy gliding easily up and down the blonde's leg, her clit being rubbed by her underwear, "Mommy I need…I….cum pwease?" Rachel needed just a bit more to push her over.

Quinn smiled proudly at the use of baby language coming from Rachel, "Do you need help wittle one?" she asked feeling Rachel slam down on her leg harder, the brunette shook her head if she was going to come even in this way she'd get herself off, "Okay baby girl you can cum on mommy's leg with no help."

Hands ran through her leg as she humped ferociously, until blinding heat rushed through her body and she stilled as the orgasm hit but Quinn thought to do one better and reached down to rub the still hard clit through cotton underwear making Rachel have a second smaller orgasm. The girl slumped to the ground exhausted. Hearing slurping sounds she glanced up and saw Quinn sucking her fingers.

"Baby tastes so fucking good."

Rachel bit her lip, "I…"

Quinn shook her head not wanting to hear anything close to an apology or that it was a mistake, "You will come to my house after school today do you understand?"

"I really can't…"

A foot pressed into the juncture of her thighs silencing any protest, "Baby will just nod her head yes."

Rachel wanted to cry at the fact that she knew that the previous events had her giving up control to Quinn and that if she did not want another spanking she would be…a good girl. She nodded her head.

Quinn leaned down and kissed her on the lips, she could taste herself and became aroused yet again as a tongue pushed into her mouth massaging her into submission, she had never felt so right with anyone else, being here knowing Quinn would hold her when she fell and feeling soft warm lips on her made Rachel realize that she probably would end up going to the Fabray house after all.

Rachel opened her eyes to see Quinn smirking above her, "Where'd you go wittle one?" she asked.

The brunette looked down at herself and saw she was in a white shirt residing just above her belly button that had the words 'Mommy's little baby" scrolled across it, on her bottom half a diaper and pink booties. She reached up and felt that her hair had been tied up into pig tails, "I was thinking…" she whispered.

Quinn picked her off the changing table making Rachel remember that she should ask how the blonde was able to pick her up so effortlessly. The cheerleader set her in front of the full length mirror and Rachel felt like crying, with her small statue and new clothing she did in fact look like nothing more than a two year old.

"Mommy's baby looks so cute," she cooed running the back of her hands down the side of Rachel's cheeks while standing behind her in the mirror looking several times taller than Rachel remembered previously. Quinn than turned around and walked to the rocking chair, she turned to face her baby girl and slithered out of her cheerleading uniform to reveal her glistening wet pussy to Rachel whose eyes went wide. Quinn had a perfect small neatly trimmed landing strip of air, fingers played with it teasingly, "I noticed my wittle girl doesn't have any hair…do you shave Rachey?"

Rachel shook her head 'no'.

"Really…tell mommy how you manage to stay looking like a bald baby down there."

Licking her lips she finally turned around to stare at Quinn, "I don't need to shave or wax because I have never grown hair down there. My father says it is part of his genes and that most people on his side of the family do not have a lot or any hair on their bodies besides their hair of course…."

"Rachey!" Quinn barked officially ending the long winded rant, "I told you that you talk way too much for someone so small and I fucking meant it. Now you are a diapered baby girl and you better start talking like it, small lispy sentences, understood?" she narrowed her eyes indicating that if the brunette did not understand and spanking was to be had.

"I sworry mommy," she twisted the bottom of her shirt while feeling pre cum drip from her pussy, the diaper was warmly snuggled up against her crotch and every time she moved it brushed deviously against her swelled clitoris.

"That's better. I can't believe you even have a baby pussy, I mean I told you that you are trapped in a sixteen year old body but I guess that isn't true either isn't baby?"

"No mommy," she shifted again hoping to get used to the feeling of the bulge between her legs keeping them slightly open.

"I want you to come here baby," Rachel took a step but Quinn told her quickly to stop, "I don't want you falling down and hurting yourself, so from now on you will crawl on your hands and knees."

Rachel whimpered; Quinn had taken another thing from her that allowed her to feel grown up, first her clothes, her long rants, and now her ability to walk. Sighing to got down and realized it was easier to move with the diaper if she did indeed crawl and it helped rub even more on her clit. She felt the older girl's eyes on her making her even more wet as her own eyes stared hard at the pussy waiting for her, glistening wet, open and gaping ready for something to get it off. Quinn's fingers still tugging gentle on her curls.

"Now mommy let you get off at school but I have been waiting for a few hours, I think it is time baby made me feel just as good. Don't you think baby girl?"

"Yes mommy," she whispered before eagerly jumping forward and wrapping her lips around the older girl's clit. It was large and soft, fitting perfectly in her mouth. She sucked on it, letting it fill up her mouth as she sucked than letting it deflate loving the contrast.

"Oh…Rachey…God yes…baby girl…" one hand find it's was to the back of Rachel's head where she guided the little girl and the other slid down so she was fingering herself, "…that's right suck mommy's clit…oh…yesssss…" she hissed out feeling her lung burning with the need for air, "Come on Rachey suck harder…" she ordered needing more than the girl was giving, "God you're so pathetic…I mean I even have to finger myself to get off," she moaned throatily talking more to herself but knowing it was turning Rachel on even more. Rachel reached down to put her hand in her diaper and finger herself, "Your hand never goes in your diaper!" Quinn gasped as Rachel's tongue swiped across her clit again and again, "Only mommy touches your pussy now baby girl."

Rachel whined; she needed release, hearing Quinn and tasting her was turning the brunette's head. All she could think about was cumming and the salty taste of her mommy. The blonde humped her face a few more times before cum shot out covering the brunette's lips and chin. As she settled down she pulled Rachel up to sit in her lap, kissing and licking the cum away. Her hand laid upon the front of the girl's diaper rubbing the seam of it into Rachel's clit and she moaned into the kiss.

"Mommy pwease…" she tugged on Quinn's shirt trying to move her hips up for more contact but the blonde managed to keep the same pressure.

"No, no, baby girl. Mommy is in charge. I got to make you cum where, how, and when I want." Quinn loved the slightly scared aroused look she was given, "I will spank you when your bad and I don't care if it is in front of anybody. You're my baby girl. Say it!"

Quinn pressed harder, "I'm baby girl," she breathed out.

"Who do you belong to?"


"That's right…mommy…no more Quinn for you." She laughed rubbing faster, "Man does my baby have a wettie right now or what…"


"Please what Rachey?" Quinn stressed her words carefully reminding Rachel she was an adult who could speak properly and Rachel wasn't.

"I want to cum." She blurted out.

"Baby's don't cum…only big girl's do…you can squirt in your diaper though but only after you pee."

Rachel blushed, "I can't…not in a diaper."

Quinn slapped her diaper covered pussy, "Little girl speak." She chided, "And yes you will. It is the only bathroom you have."

Rachel tried to hold it but with the blonde's lips on hers now and a hand rubbing quite quickly on her covered pussy she was in so much ecstasy that her bladder just exploded as she had an orgasm and peed at the same time which just heightened the experience.

"That is mommy's good baby girl," she cooed, "Now let's get you cleaned up and in a new diaper. You need to tell your daddies you are having dinner at my house tonight. I'm sure my mom will love you."

Rachel's eyes widened as she was easily carried over to the changing station and laid back down, Quinn untapped the diaper and opened it up, "My wittle girl sure had fun," she teased taking a baby wipe and running it soothingly over her vagina cleaning away any trace of piss or cum.

"I…your mommy?"

Quinn smiled down at her girl knowing she'd give her another great orgasm latter for remembering to talk like the baby she now is, "Yep…we will probably have pizza and watch a movie."

"Can…I pwease wear big girl cwoths?" Rachel drawled out with puppy dog eyes seeing as Quinn powered her and lifted her ass up to put a new diaper underneath.

"I don't think so sweetie. You might think you're a big girl and we both know you're not." She told her tapping the new diaper on, "…but I guess I can dress you up so my mom doesn't see the diaper. How about overalls but you will keep that shirt on."

Rachel knew the blonde's mom might say something if she walked downstairs with a "Mommy's little baby" shirt and pig tails, "Pwease I can't have her know…she might say something and I'll be so embarrassed.."

A soft rubbery surface slipped into her mouth officially shutting her up. She sucked for a second before realizing Quinn gagged her with a pacifier, "If I hear any more big sentences you're going to get a spanking. You are a baby so embarrassment is the least of our concerns." Quinn picked her up again and walked her over to the crib where she placed her, she grabbed a blanket and placed it over the smaller girl who was in her shirt and new diaper, "Now you suck your binky and take a nap. I'm going to go help my mom figure out dinner." Quinn slipped a gold star stuffed pillow into Rachel's arms, "I made this for you. Now if you need anything just cry, mommy will have the baby monitor on her so I will be able to hear you. Night night baby girl." Quinn kissed her forehead grabbed the baby monitor and walked out feeling very satisfied and happy since giving Beth up for adoption.

Rachel stared up at the gold stars, letting herself feel the diaper between her legs, the soft plush of the star in her arms and indeed she found that she was exhausted. Knowing that Quinn could hear if anything was wrong she slipped into a very peaceful dream.