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Quinn parked in her spot in the driveway before killing the engine, it was weird having Rachel in her car sound asleep in the back and not talking, but damn if she wasn't the most adorable thing in the world cuddled into her car seat, bottle laying in her lap, out to the world. The blonde smiled before opening the back and grabbing their backpacks.

"What are you doing home so early?" Judy asked coming out the front door as Quinn quietly shut the back.

"Didn't feel like hanging out with them is all," she shrugged her shoulders.

"I see you'd prefer a small brunette inside of your friends," Quinn beamed and was happy her mom knew that she was talking about Santana and Brittany, usually the three hung out at the mall or Santana's house until it was dinner time.

"Let me take those and you get sleeping beauty."

Judy grabbed the back packs and watched as Quinn easily opened the door and slid in a bit to be closer, "Rachey wake up we're home." She caressed the side of her face and earned a content purr from the sleeping girl.

Blurry brown eyes blinked open and a lazy smile was directed at the blonde, "I wove you mommy,"

"I love you too," she smiled placing a chaste kiss on her lips before unbuckling the car seat and slipping Rachel out but on the way out accidently slammed the girl's head against the top of the roof.

Rachel gasped in surprise at the pain and was unsure how to react at first. If it was just her than she'd hold her head and take a deep breath allowing time to pass and the pain to subside, if she had an audience like she does now she'd just smile through the pain and go on but another aspect of her life was threatening a new reaction. She wanted to cry, it startled her, it hurt and her mommy was looking so guiltily at her that she just wanted to let the tears roll down her cheeks and scream out hoping Quinn would hold her.

"I'm sorry," the blonde bit her lip hard waiting for some kind of reaction and hoping she didn't give her first and hopefully last girlfriend a concussion of sorts.

"Go ahead and cry sweetie," Judy calmly spoke as she continued to walk away knowing Quinn could and should handle this.

Those five words seemed to ripe a hole into Rachel and when she opened her eyes up again from a blink they were wet and soon tears trickled down her face, a whimper escaped her trembling lips.

"Oh no baby it's okay," Quinn whipped her out of the car and into her arms, before Rachel's full on sob could be heard the diva's head was buried into the crook of Quinn's neck. Kicking the door shut and berating herself as she walked toward the house, hand rubbing soothing circles on the small girl's back and whispering apologies and comforting words.

Once on the couch in her living room Quinn allowed Rachel's head to come out of her neck and the wailing echoed into the house. The blonde sighed and knew this is one of the things she could look forward to all the time when playing the baby game but it didn't make it any less difficult especially since she caused it.

Finally the sobs turned to sniffles than just cuddling silence. Quinn was happy that her girl was over what happened and there was no yelling or anger just a five minute cry and it was done and Rachel couldn't believe how much real tears had come out. She was an excellent actress and could cry on cue but these were such raw and real that it surprised herself that it came out at such a simple action like hitting her head while getting out of a car.

"Are you okay? I really didn't mean to hit your head."

Rachel glanced up and saw Quinn turning slightly pink, it was cute, "I'm fine…sorry I cried." She said starting to wipe her tears away only to have her hand gentle pulled away.

"Don't…please. I don't want you to ever feel uncomfortable about crying in front of me." Quinn spoke quietly, a little embarrassed to say such a thing.

"I don't," she assured her leaning in for a soft but fulfilling peck.

"Good. You're sure you're alright though," Quinn began checking the diva's head for any blood but for nothing.

Rachel laughed grabbing the cheerleader's hands in her own and pulling them down to her mouth, kissing each one while keeping her eyes locked on the girl before her, "I'm fine sweetie."

The word just tumbled out. Rachel's eyes widened afraid she over stepped her bounds but when she finally met the blonde's eyes again all she saw was a goofy smile, "You called me sweetie," Quinn gushed with a teasing voice.

"I did." Rachel nodded a bit unsure.

"I liked it," Quinn responded sincerely.

Rachel beamed and shifted closer, "Good, cause I liked calling you it."

For the first time since everything happened Rachel initiated a grown up passion filled kiss, teeth clattered and tongues danced. The brunette never gave up fighting for dominance even if Quinn was trying to win, the fight only made Quinn hotter inside.

"Wow…did I tell you how much I love kissing you."

"No," Rachel responded dreamily.

"I love kissing you," Quinn laughed kissing her one more time before getting down to business, biting her lip again and taking a deep breath she let a frown grace her features earning a confused look from Rachel, "I…don't want to tell you this but I owe it to you. You know how Sam has been constantly on me for a date." Rachel nodded still confused, "Well…and mind you this was at least two days before anything happened with us and I never thought anything would happen with us but here we are and…"

"…you said yes." Rachel interrupted sliding off Quinn's lap and onto the couch, the diaper around her midsection didn't even register as she sat, "I want to be mad."

"So be mad," Quinn spoke quickly wanting to get everything done with.

"No…if I… I was a baby I'd be mad cause it's the first reaction I had but I'm not. I'm your girlfriend and I can't be mad because this happened days before but…why are you telling me this now?"

Rachel was so confused in her mind.

"The date is tonight but I swear I'm just going for a free dinner and to tell him to back off, that I'm not interested." Quinn reached forward grabbing Rachel's hand squeezing it for reassurance but when relief didn't immediately spread across the diva's face she tried a different, "I'll tell him that we're dating…"

"But not about…"

"Not about that."

Rachel bit her lip and thought for a moment. If Quinn was ready to be out than maybe it was a good thing and she could handle anything if the blonde was near her.


"Okay?" Quinn furrowed her brows. She was happy that she could finally tell someone but what changed Rachel's mind so fast when she was terrified yesterday.

"I really do want people to know," Rachel nodded absentmindedly, "I just…I don't want them to know this." She pointed to her diaper and blushed before looking away, "But I…think I love you and it would be easier if he knew. He could back off. I wouldn't have to watch him drool over you like I want to do."

Quinn chuckled quietly, "So it's agreed that I will go and let him down by telling him about us?"

Rachel smiled, "I'm really happy you talked to me about this. It makes me feel like you trust me and don't just see me like a kid."

"I don't see you like a kid; I just get turned on by babying you. I really do want an adult relationship with you."

"I want that too."

"So why don't you help me for my non-date and then I'll drop you off at home before meeting up with Sam."

Rachel nodded and not ten minutes later she was sitting on Quinn's large plush bed watching her girlfriend go in and out of her closet trying to decide what to wear. Her heart sped up quite a lot at the thought of Quinn putting this much nervous thought into a date she was dead set on wasn't a real date. Biting her lip she watched as the blonde settled on a low cut white v neck shirt and laid it on the bed, Sam would be seeing a nice amount of cleavage, the same that she drank off of. Jealousy flared up and she quickly took the shirt and hid it under the pillow she was laying on.

Quinn came out and held up a short skirt that would undoubtedly swish as she walked showing off that perfectly toned ass and long slim legs, "How's this?" she asked and Rachel nodded, it would definitely go with the top she'd chosen out. The blonde nodded and tossed it on the bed and went in to find some shoes, Rachel hid the skirt as well and when Quinn came out a perfectly sculpted eye brow rose up and a smirk graced her lips, "Where's my clothes?"

Rachel shrugged.


"I don't know Quinn."

"Your suppose to be helping me," she sighed, "Are you not comfortable with this because I will call it off, it's not fair to him but I will, I love you not him."

"I'm okay with this," Rachel nodded with a smile, "What shoes are you going to wear?"

Quinn tilted her head, "I don't know Rachey, mommy's clothes are missing." She spoke teasingly and Rachel blushed with a slight smile and a tilt of her head allowing hair to tumble down over her shoulder, "Do you know where they are?"

"No mommy," she whispered shyly unsure how this game would play out.

"Rachey I'm not playing. I need to get ready," Quinn said sternly.

The diva bit her lip and shook her head, "I not doing anyfing mommy." She assured her while batting her lashes.

"Seriously you said you weren't jealous, why are you doing this?" The blonde scratched her head. Rachel just grinned, "I want my clothes Rachey."

"I no no,"

Before even the wind could sweep through the room Rachel was over Quinn's lap and a slap resounded through the room, "I told you I wasn't playing little girl. Now where are mommy's clothes?" she asked slapping the diaper again.

"Under de pellow mommy," Rachel cried out wanting to hold her ass though hardly any pain was felt through the thickness of the diaper but the shock and remembrance of the earlier spanking had her mind on high alert.

"That wasn't so hard was it baby girl," Quinn chided setting the girt down on the bed easily before grabbing her clothes.

"I no want you to go," she pouted with arms folded.

"I thought it was okay," Rachel shrugged and turned her head away from her girlfriend, "Is it still okay?"

"Yes," Rachel sighed, "I don't mind but baby Rachey don't want you to go."

That sentence had Quinn rolling with laughter and Rachel along with it. A few seconds and they calmed down, the blonde slid into bed wrapping her arms around the little girl, "Rachey don't want mommy to leave her uh?"

Rachel nodded her head, "But I understand…" she assured with a small peck to the lips.

"I should get you out of the diaper and into some big girl clothes before I drop you off…"

Sighing, the brunette nodded and soon she was in her adult clothes and on her way home. Quinn dropped her off with a scorching kiss. Unlocking the door to the empty house that the blonde did not know of, she entered with a heavy heart. Another night by herself, she sat down to do her homework but her mind was on Quinn's 'date'.