Quinn parked in the only spot open at the restaurant, her eyes immediately landing on Sam smiling and waving at her as he leaned against his car. As soon as she put the car in park he was making his way to her. She stepped out and forced a smile.

"Hi Quinn, you look really beautiful."

The blonde looked down at her clothes and sighed, she only chose them to impress Rachel which she had seeing as the young girl hid the clothes so Sam could not see her in them, "Thanks." She said shyly pushing hair behind her ear making the blonde boy beam.

"Shall we?" he asked offering up his arm.

Quinn nodded and took his arm and as he led her into the restaurant she wondered when his smile became charming. As soon as they entered the hostess smiled cutely at them, "Two?"

Sam nodded with a grin and the hostess grabbed two menus and led them to their table, Sam pulled her seat out for her, she berated herself for not asking for a booth. She did not want him doing all this stuff for her just so she could let him down.

"This is such a nice place," he commented once they ordered their drinks and the hostess left. Quinn nodded in agreement, "I don't get to come here often. It's a treat." He beamed at her.

The blonde chucked, "Smooth."

"I know," he winked and she shook her head with a smile. Too bad he wasn't really arrogant; it would have made this easier.


Rachel rolled her neck as she finished her last problem of the night. Sometimes she loved being caught up and done with her school work, it allowed for other more joyful activities but sometimes, like now, she hated it. When no one was home, the ticking of the clock the only sound besides her own breathing, no one to talk to or play with or chill watching movies with. She briefly wondered what her parents were up to but shook the thought away for what Quinn was up to. Sitting with Sam, laughing and having a good time, it almost felt like she had two sets of parents and all left to hang out with more adults, doing more adult activities than staying home and hanging with her before bed time for school tomorrow.

She sat in her chair, spinning around and around, watching her bed disappear and reappear in her vision before skidding to a stop staring at her computer. She hadn't updated her MySpace account with a video in so long, her fans must miss hearing her sing, but even now when she knows she should be warming up to perform, she couldn't find the energy. Her stomach growled alerting her to the time and she figured making dinner would occupy her mind and hopefully off of Quinn. She rushed down stairs tripping on the last step and sprawled out on the floor. Rachel slammed her hands on the ground so angry at herself for not watching what she was doing, in all her years of being alive she had never ran down the stairs, she was careful and planned every step out. Falling down was ungraceful and unladylike, as her fathers would say. Tears welled up in her eyes as the anger built but she kept them at bay, she would not cry at this simple act of stupidity. She finally sat up, her mind made up to ignore the incident and go cook when she saw it. Her pacifier lying on the floor, having fallen from her pocket, "So that was what Quinn was doing when she tickled me," Rachel thought.

Looking around, though knowing no one was home, she reached out plucking it off the floor and slipping the nipple between her lips; feeling instantly better. She smiled and got up and headed to the kitchen to find something to eat.


Quinn's smile seemed to light the entire table up as Sam made another cheesy joke along with an impersonation, of who she wasn't sure. She hadn't laughed so hard in so long, he was corny and cute sitting across from her with his lopsided grin and twinkling eyes. Wiping her eyes she let the last of the chuckle die down.

"I just wanted to let you know Quinn that I don't judge you, whatever happened last year it doesn't matter to me."

She brushed blonde hair behind her ear letting a small blush grace her features, "Thank you Sam. I really appreciate that and I hope you and I can remain friends."

Immediately the blonde boy's smile faded to a small frown, "Friends?" he asked sadly.

Quinn nodded reaching across the table, feeling her stomach churn at the tone in his voice as she grabbed his large hand, "Yes, friends. I like you but…I'm dating someone else."

Sam pulled his hand away and looked around for a second as if a prank was being pulled before settling his eyes on her and leaning forward, "You're…dating someone and still agreed to come out with me. What does your boyfriend think or does he know you're out cheating?"

Snarling Quinn felt her HBIC attitude rearing its ugly head, "First off you have no right getting angry with me seeing as it is you who pressured me into this date and secondly my girlfriend knows all about this so I hardly call this cheating seeing as I came to let you down."

Sam blinked. Twice…three times, "Girlfriend?" He sat back for a second before leaning in again, "You're gay?"

"Yes, I guess. I don't know."

"You don't know but have a girlfriend?" his eyebrow raised skeptically, Quinn thought for a moment he looked a lot like her with blonde hair, natural beauty and the ability to raise his brow just like her.

"Let's say I'm…gay for one girl in particular."

He nodded with a sad smile, "I get it."

All the anger seemed to deflate right out of his body, "You do?"

Sam scratched his head, "I lived in LA. Some of my good friends were gay. I have no problem with it."

Quinn beamed, "You're going to make a girl happy one day."

"Just not you." He stated.

"Just not me." She smiled.

He pursed his lips before raising his hand for the waiter who came quickly, "Can I get the check please?"

"What are you doing?" Quinn asked watching the waiter scurry away.

"I'm sure you'd rather be with your girl than here."

She really did and let her mind think of Rachel through the silence of walking out of the restaurant.

"You know Sam," she spoke once at her car, "I think we can be really great friends. If you want to?"

He leaned against the car, "I know I'm going to regret this, the friend zone is a cruel place to be but…I accept your friendship."

Quinn grabbed him up in a hug and felt him squeeze her back just as hard, "Well if I get hugs like this I don't mind being in the friend zone." He whispered in her ear. She laughed and pulled away than unlocked her car door, he opened it for her with a furrowed brows, "Do I know her?" he asked quietly.


Sam waited but she said nothing else, causing him to roll his eyes, "Does she go to our school?"


"Is she on the cheerleading squad?"

"God no," she chuckled but the image of Rachel in a cheerios outfit sent a nice wave of heat through her body, that is one fantasy she hopes the young girl doesn't mind fulfilling.

"Okay," he chuckled as she slipped into the driver's seat of the car and he shut the door behind her leaning in the open window that she rolled down, "You're not even going to give me a hint?"

Her fingers drummed on the steering wheel before leveling him with soft hazel eyes, "Surprisingly she's on the slushy list. Though not for much longer." She waved goodbye and pulled out of the spot leaving Sam wondering who the mystery girl was. Many were on the slushy list; actually anyone not on the cheerleading squad was on the list.

Quinn smirked as she watched the boy disappear in her rearview mirror, now that she was sure he was a good guy and a new close friend, she felt like playing him, making him work for the answer. It felt fun and exciting and it gave him more reason to seek her out for answers which means more time to hang out with the geeky boy that somehow brought out the closet geek inside her.


Rachel hummed as she sautéed the veggies in the pan, it had taken her almost an hour to figure out what she wanted. It surprised her that when it came to her future she knew what she wanted, how to get it, and her ambition would never waver. Unfortunately that was as far as her decision making process went. Matters of the heart and body were much harder for her to figure out what was best for her. She was unsure of the right path; if Quinn didn't initiate contact she would never have known she was gay. The brunette sighed, she admitted it. The more she thought of Quinn and their relationship she realized she did not want Finn, he was just a replica of her Quinn. Tall, popular and rhyming names only that was where it ended besides he had Quinn before she did, subconsciously she must have thought that was as close to the girl as she'd get. Even figuring out dinner was a chore, so many choices and not enough room in her stomach. Finally time flew by, an hour exactly, and her stomach was causing her so much pain that anything sounded good and so the first thing to pop in her head was what she began to make.

Her knee hurt still from the fall but it was only a slight throbbing pain so she paid no mind to it, focusing on flipping the veggies. She was so busy that she didn't hear the knock on the door, then several knocks on the door and then the door slipping open seeing as she forgot to lock it like every other night. Her fathers always yelled at her for that but she just didn't think of her safety like she should.

"Not locking the door is dangerous baby girl," the sultry voice flitted through the kitchen settling in Rachel's ears making her spin around shocked that she was no longer alone.

"Quinn," she gasped holding her heart the pacifier dropping to the floor, "You scared me. What are you doing here?"

The blonde seemed a bit agitated as she took a few steps forward until she was standing close to Rachel whose breathing hitched, "Was that door unlocked the entire time I was gone?"

Rachel furrowed her brows, "Um…yes?"

"Are you asking me or telling me?" Quinn reached her head out to tap her fingers against the cool counter top.

Brown eyes starred at the smooth fingers moving against the counter top, "Telling?"

"Rachel that's dangerous," Quinn snapped pulling her hand away from the counter as she leaned down grabbing the pacifier from the floor only to see a small cut on Rachel's knee, dried blood caked on, "What the hell happened?" The blonde snapped quickly grabbing the shorter girl by the hips and setting her on the counter top.

"What?" Rachel squeaked as her ass hit the counter quite unexpectedly. Her eyes big and fearful watching the blonde who bent down to examine her knee, she leaned forward noticing the cut and realizing she should have checked herself out after falling down the stairs.

"How did this happen?" the tips of her fingers ghosted over the cut making the brunette flinch just slightly but her body heated up at the touch as well. Hazel eyes lifted to stare up at the girl noticing the arousal pooling in her eyes.

Rachel swallowed, "I…I ran down the stairs. Tripped on the last step." She stated, "Which was quite ridiculous of me…." She began pulling her eyes away from the warm hazel instead staring straight ahead, "…I've never ran on the stairs in my life and I don't know why I did today. It's just being around you and playing this game has let out my inner child. It was great to feel free running down the stairs but then I tripped, I tripped and that was stupid and idiotic because I'm better than that. I'm better than silly games and…" her words trailed off as Quinn stood up connecting their eyes, "…and…fanciful…ideas…"

"Your Broadway dreams are fanciful," Quinn replied quietly reaching out petting the hurt knee but keeping an eye out for not touching the cut.

"They are not, they are real…" Rachel replied just as quietly but still forceful with a little pout.

Quinn nodded, "Because you believe in it. Well you believed it would be fun running down the stairs, and was it?"

Rachel nodded back; it really was, until she fell.

"It was in your head. You had no reason to believe running would be fun; you have no reason to really believe you'll make it because there are a lot of people with a voice out there, maybe not like yours my little angel, but they have drive and maybe they will do something you're not willing to do or that I won't let you do. But you work hard Rach, you make things happen, but it all starts with a dream."

"What's your dream?" Rachel whispered reaching out clutching blonde hair in her hand, letting her nails gently caress the skin underneath the locks.

Quinn sighed and leaned in a bit more, "I don't have one yet…but one that is starting to build in my mind is being with you for a long time."


The blonde nodded with a smile and leaned in letting her lips brush gently against soft full lips.

"I love you," Rachel leaned even further into it deepening it quickly before pulling away, "Wait…what are you doing here? What about Sam?"

"Where's the band aids?" Quinn asked earning a response of upstairs in the medicine cabinet in her room. Quinn took her hand and led her upstairs sitting on the bed then grabbing the band aids, "Where are you parents?"

Rachel shrugged as the blonde came out with the band aids, "Dinner. I think they are staying at a motel near the airport. They have a business trip and are leaving tomorrow but tonight is their anniversary so they went out."

"Why didn't you tell me you were going to be all alone?"

"I didn't think it mattered. You had something to do."

Quinn kissed the newly covered wound than crawled up Rachel's lithe form until she was lying beneath the blonde, "I would have cancelled." She assured earning the diva's lips upon hers.

"I know." Rachel responded a minute later after she pulled back for air, reaching up to push loose hair behind Quinn's ear, "That's why I didn't tell you." The blonde smiled down at her lover before pecking her lips, "Goonadatewithme?"

Quinn furrowed her brows before smirking, "What was that?"

Rachel blushed but did not hide her face, she leveled her gaze as best as the fluttering in her stomach would allow, "Will you…" she took a deep breath not believe that she was the one asking here, "…go on a date with me?"

Quinn squealed like a classic teenage girl wrapping her arms around Rachel, "Yes. Oh my god I can't believe you asked me. This will be awesome. When is it?"

Rachel was listening and trying not to giggle that she didn't even think about the when or where, she furrowed her brows, "Uh…you pick?" she smiled unsure of herself.

Quinn shook her head, "Nope…you asked baby girl this is your ride. Mommy ain't helping." She kissed her nose and hoped off the bed.

Rachel sat up on her elbows staring at Quinn, "Next Friday?"

"What time?" she asked with a smirk watching the brunette struggle to get a hint from the blonde.


"Nice, I'll be ready."

At the confirmation and no rejection Rachel sat up more confidently, "So Friday at seven."

"Yep," Quinn nodded with a smile almost splitting her face, "I can't wait to see what you plan."

"I'll blow you away," the diva chuckled hoping she could come up with something.

"Now that is taken care of I think my little girl needs a punishment."

The smile was wiped off the small girl's face, "What?"

Her body tingled at the look of her mommy staring her down, "You left the door unlocked which was dangerous and you ran down the stairs without an adult present baby girl. So…" Quinn walked over to the bed sitting beside Rachel patting her lap, "Over my lap…"