Rachel glanced between the lap being patted and Quinn's warm hazel eyes, "I no need spanky." The girl declared with a shake of her head, she really hated the pain that would rip through her entire body and it reminded her of the spankings her fathers gave her until she was their good little angel.

"Yes you do." Quinn said but instead of reaching out and just yanking the girl who she was sure would easily flop into her lap, she reached up and tucked hair behind the brunette's ear, "You're a little girl that needs help remembering certain things and that's okay sweetie. You're a baby; I don't expect you to be an angel all the time. Now over my lap." She patted her lap again.

Rachel bit her lip and glanced at the door briefly entertaining the idea of running away but if she's learned one thing from being with Quinn is that the girl is incredibly fast and strong so a run would probably only piss her off more. Swallowing she knew she couldn't escape and cautiously lowered herself onto the blonde's lap. She was amazed at how well she fit; her body didn't seem to teeter one way or another which made it easy to relax and not tense up. It helped that Quinn said she didn't expect her to be an angel like her fathers did.

The smack came before she was ready. A squeak pushed past her lips and her hands instinctively rushed back to save her ass from the other hits but Quinn caught her hand and trapped it underneath Rachel's body and between her thighs, "Rachey you know why this is happening," the blonde chided smacking the girl three more times, "You left the door open and anyone could have come in," two more smacks, "A robber or murder," another smack, "You could have been hurt and I...that was very bad."

Three more smacks and the punishment was over, it was less severe than the first time in the bathroom but Rachel was crying just as hard which told Quinn she either truly hurt the girl which even in her rage of thinking something bad could have happened she couldn't do or Rachel was entering an infantile state that allowed a simple small spanking to seem like the biggest pain she's ever experienced which made the blonde sort of happy.

Neither spoke as Quinn stood up with Rachel in her arms. She turned around laying the girl on the bed, ripping her pants and underwear off. Ignoring the small amount of wetness and going to her bag where she pulled out her supplies that she now constantly had, her backpack was more a diaper bag than a back pack.

"Is your homework done?" she asked lifting the diva's legs up and slipping the diaper underneath.

"Wes…" Rachel laid there looking up at the ceiling loving the feeling of Quinn's soft slightly chill hands running up and down her legs. She glanced up a second later while the blonde was rubbing diaper rash crème all over her pussy, trying not to notice the arousing sensations, "Is yours?"

Quinn glanced up from her task, absentmindedly rubbing the crème in now as her breathe caught at the beautiful sight before her. Rachel was staring up at her through long wet lashes and a gentle half smile, the girl's chest rising and lowering with each breath, her hair slightly messy. The blonde was so lost that her hand slipped and she accidently brushed Rachel's clit making the girl gasp.

She pulled her hand away blushing, "I'm in the top of our class Rachey so yes mommy's homework is all done."

Rachel was glad that the older girl ignored the slip because as horny as she was getting she was just too emotionally tired to want to do something about it. Quinn crawled up onto the bed, passing Rachel who continued to just lay there. The blonde stopped and turned around putting her face over the diva who stared up at the upside down face of her girlfriend, "I no know you smart."

"Had to have at least an A to stay on the cheerleading squad."

"I fought C?"

"Coach Sylvester wanted nothing less than an A." Rachel nodded in understanding before Quinn leaned down and kissed her upside down mouth, her fingers awkwardly combing through brown locks and Rachel lifted her hand up to grip blonde hair, pulling the blonde in closer. They pulled away and just let their heads touch, taking in the moment.

"How Sam?" Rachel breathed out a minute later.

Quinn chuckled and pulled away, "How about you crawl up here and have some milk while I tell you."

Rachel eagerly turned around and crawled up to Quinn who had her back against the headboard, her diaper crinkling the entire way. The blonde unbuttoned her shirt and popped open her bra allowing one of her breast to fall free; she guided Rachel onto her back, holding her tight while soft lips encased her nipple, gently sucking the painful milk out of her sore boob.

"We met up at BreadStix. We talked for a while and he kept making me laugh with his stupid impersonations but he was quite charming….ouch!" Hazel eyes glared down to a sheepish looking little girl, "Did you just bite my nipple?"

Rachel pulled away with a plop, "Sworry mommy." Than dove back toward the nipple as if being away from it was killing her but the blonde's hand stopped her.

"Nah uh." She shook her head.

"Mommy?" Rachel whined trying again.

Quinn scooted away, "You bit me." She was completely surprised and shocked that it had happened.

"I sworry!" Rachel pleaded but the blonde lifted a brow which made the girl squirm, "I…Sam…"

"We really got to work on that baby girl. You have nothing to worry about, I had dinner with him. That's it. Now do you want to hear the rest of the story that goes in your favor?"

Rachel nodded and Quinn sighs, sitting back against the head board but the diva didn't move, "Mommy?" she asked quietly and kind of whiney which meant to the cheerleader she was bout ready for bed.


"Milky?" she licked her lips staring at the nipple still puffed out and waiting for her lips to encase it but she frowned when Quinn latched her bra back up.

"Not from there." The blonde scoffed, "Especially if I'm telling you this story." She got up and went to her bag grabbing a bottle and some pajamas, "Come to the edge of the bed baby." Rachel crawled to her and even with the diaper crinkling and making it known she was the little girl in this relationship she put extra sway in her hips and smiled seductively at the darkening eyes of her girlfriend. Reaching out she pulled off the girl's shirt and undid the clasp of her bra before telling her to stand up.

"No mommy," She slapped the hand away.

Quinn chuckled, "Like you have a choice. Besides it's getting chilly out and I think you'll look absolutely adorable in these footy pajamas now let's slip your little feet in."


"Rachey…" Quinn copied than leveled her stare, "Spanking?"

"No mommy, I wear em." She pleaded almost grabbing them and putting them on herself but Quinn pushed her hands away with a laugh.

"You can't help baby girl your too little," she easily slid the pajamas up the girls thighs and her hips, slipping her arms in and then zipping it up trapping the young girl in, her fingers 'accidently' caressing flesh as she did so.

"Diapy tighter." Rachel noticed shifting her weight from foot to foot.

"Yep," Quinn agreed with a smile, "And those pajamas are such a pain to get off when you got to go to the bathroom." She winked making Rachel blush a bit knowing that now even if she wanted to use the toilet it would be useless. It was killer to get a diaper off that she was being trained not to take off but to add pajamas that encased her entire being with the diaper. She sighed resigned to the fact she'd be wetting herself in front of the blonde and this time with no sexual encounters. She was very uncomfortable with that thought but nothing she could do now.

The blonde grabbed the girl and pulled her up on to the bed, lying her down beside her than grabbing the bottle of milk off the bed side table and placing the nipple in Rachel's mouth, the girl reaching out to hold it.

"No baby. Mommy will hold your baba, you just lay there." Rachel pouted but let her hands fall down before coming up to play with the open flaps of Quinn's shirt, "So where was I…" the blonde pondered as she fed her baby girl, "Oh yes so he was being charming and I had so much fun but then I was thinking of you and he was coming on to me so I told him I was dating someone."

Quinn looked down, Rachel's eye lids drooping every once in a while but staring up at her with as much attention a sleepy baby could give, she smiled down at her and caressed her face, "He was upset at first but…then he understood. I didn't tell him it was you but that was just because I wanted more time with him. I wanted him to hang with me and I thought if he had to figure out who I was dating he'd seek me out you know?"

Rachel nodded, "Cewvery," the girl purred out around the nipple.

"I know it was clever but I felt kind of awful about it. You don't feel like I'm hiding you right because I'll text him right now and tell him."

Rachel shook her head but didn't answer she just kept suckling and snuggled further into the blonde before finally falling asleep. Quinn smiled and kissed her forehead before leaning down and falling asleep herself.