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Rachel's eyes fluttered open for a moment before slipping closed again, her body was held in place firmly when she tried to roll over and stretch like normal and her heart began to pound quickly because she couldn't figure out why she couldn't move. Her eyes shot open and she was met with blonde hair cascading around her and a cute adorable pouty girl attached to it and holding her. Smiling she relaxed a bit letting her heart rate slow down. As her body calmed she realized she had to go to the bathroom, she shifted feeling the diaper snug against her and really wished she could let go but it was humiliating to do so without the thought of sex to follow.

Sure it was still awkward but it was part of the play, she was the baby and got rewarded for acting like one but right now she was being held by her girlfriend in her bed in her own house. A place she hadn't wet herself for years and this time she knew no spankings would follow but she was a grown up and she can make it to the restroom now but really she couldn't, a girl was wrapped tightly around her and still asleep while footy pajamas caged her in and by now just thinking about all of this made her need the restroom even more and she knew even if she stood up, assuming she could scoot Quinn off her, that she would never make it to the bathroom and even if she did the action of seeing the toilet and having to peel off the pajamas and diaper well she just knew it wasn't going to end well.

But she had to try.

Licking her lips and trying to force her legs together, which was near impossible to do, to stop anything deciding to trickle out she reached out and lifted Quinn's arm only for it to snap back and pull her closer, unfortunately right on her stomach. Groaning a bit at the pain like pressure building she tried again only to have the blonde now slip a leg over both of her legs effectively pinning her to the bed.

Rachel was angry and about to protest but when her eyes fell on the blonde she realized the girl was still officially asleep. It was subconscious movement, a small smile played upon her lips when she realized Quinn really loved being with her to the point even in sleep she didn't want to let her go, but she needed to and soon.

"Quinn?" Rachel whispered near the blonde's face, their noses practically touching and the air from the words wafting over the older girl's lips.

"What baby?" she purred leaning in brushing her nose along the brunette's cheek but still seemingly nowhere coherent.

Rachel wasn't sure if the 'baby' part was meant to remind her she was diapered and little or if it was a term of endearment from her girlfriend. She'd talk to Quinn later about that but her mind already felt like if she didn't play along she'd get a spanking.

"Mommy?" she whispered again as her lips moved they ghosted over the blonde's lips earning a small smile and sleepy kiss.

"Hmmm?" she moaned snuggling and pulling closer, more pressure on her bladder.

"I need go potty," Rachel sighed but Quinn didn't respond and this caused the small girl to blush having admitted she had to go 'potty' seemingly to herself and the empty room. She reached out shaking the girl.

"Rachey go sleep," she hissed and Rachel chuckled because it sounded so incoherent with a babyish whine that it was just so cute.

"But I need…" she trailed off not ready to say the word again.

Quinn's eyes fluttered open landing half lidded on the girl in front of her, "You need what?" she asked and didn't even seem irritated at being woken up like her fathers who were always so angry when she woke them up cause of a bad dream or her accidents in bed. Her hand lazily slid up Rachel's arm before stroking her face and lips, a sleepy smirk playing on the edge of her lips.

Right than Rachel knew she was head over heels in love with Quinn Fabray who was the epitome of beauty early in the morning with her tousled hair and sleepy smirk and Rachel tilted her head a bit wondering why the girl's eyes seemed a brilliant shade of gray in the morning as if the color drained from her as she slept leaving a blank slate and returning when she woke up and giving her back her personality.

She shifted to get a better look at the girl who than breathed deeply, "Rachey I'm not letting you up to use the bathroom."

Rachel balked she wasn't even thinking of that anymore, well now she was and it was back in full force, "I…what?"

"You're gently kicking your legs baby girl," the blonde soothingly said, "What are you wearing?"

"A diaper?"

"Is that a question or statement?" Quinn's eyes fluttered shut again as sleep threatened to take hold.

Rachel sighed, "I'm wearing a diapy mommy."

Quinn snuggled closer slipping her leg that had the girl pinned between her thighs, "Now stop trying to hold it."

Well any power Rachel had slipped after that, she could no longer use her muscles and what small insignificant pressure she had from pressing her legs together was now gone with the thigh between her legs but she still didn't like losing control, she shouldn't and she wouldn't, she would get up and go like an adult.

"Would you like your binky?" Quinn asked in a haze but looking at her officially stopping her from acting on her adult impulse.

A pout formed and Rachel nodded so Quinn leaned over her and grabbed the pacifier from the nightstand and slipped it into her mouth. As soon as it went in her body relaxed, feeling the nipple against her pallet and tongue, soothingly going in and out, Quinn wrapped around her lying warm and snug in the bed. She closed her eyes and before she even made the choice to let go she was peeing into the diaper.

"Good girl," Quinn sleepily smiled running her hand through Rachel's hair, "Such a good girl." She kept repeating till she and Rachel ended up falling back asleep.


Rachel woke with her legs spread out and a blonde between her legs and just the thought sent a shiver down her spine and boy did she wish it was because she was being woken up by an orgasm but instead Quinn was cleaning her up and putting on a new diaper.

"Hey sleepy head," she smiled down on her.

Rachel realized that the girl had already showered and was dressed, "How long was I out?"

"Maybe another two hours, I got up bout forty minutes ago and hopped in the shower. Hope you don't mind." Quinn shyly asked tapping the diaper up.

"No I don't mind," her eyes left the blonde's for a second before coming back, "Thanks…um…" she nodded to the diaper, "It was getting kind of uncomfortable."

"My job sweetie. I put some diaper crème on you so you shouldn't get a rash or anything but if you do let me know." Quinn patted between her legs then her eyes lit up, "Let's see what baby is going to wear today." She stated getting up and walking to the closet.

Rachel was fully awake now realized she was naked except the diaper and blushed, it really was unfair that Quinn kept getting to see her naked and she…she shook her head who was she kidding as humiliating as it is she loved it.

"Can ask a question?" Rachel called out a moment later.

Quinn stuck her head out, "You can ask anything?" then disappeared back into the closet.

"This morning…um…when you called me baby, was that a term of endearment or…"

The blonde came out, "Nah…baby is for little Rachey. I don't want to confuse you and we should have probably discussed that. Why don't you pick out a term you would like to hear me call you?'


"Yeah, I figure if I'm going to call you something you should like it and I already know what calling you baby does," she wiggled her eyebrows but it did have an effect to her lower regions anyway.


"Why that?"

"Cause it's like the adult version of baby."

"Babe it is then."

"Can I ask you something else?"

"Rachel stop with that. Ask me anything," Quinn told her sternly before leaning down and pecking her lips.

"Can we discuss what we both want out of this?"

This had the blonde stop what she was doing with laying the clothes she picked out for Rachel and licked her lips, this was a conversation she was kind of dreading because she wasn't sure how far Rachel wanted to go and she wanted to go pretty far with the babying and humiliation because it made her feel so powerful and in control and high on life and so much more. She knew she'd been holding back from a lot of what she wanted to do, the first time in the bathroom for instance, because she was afraid that Rachel would run so far away from her but now the girl would know and she wasn't sure how to put it in words but she'd try.

"Sure," she spoke but her voice squeaked a bit and her smile faltered.

"What do you get out of this or want from this?" Rachel asked and this wasn't the first time she wondered.

Quinn sat on the bed, her mind racing quite fast. She closed her eyes for a moment to collect her thoughts, "I…it's hard to explain." Her eyes went down to Rachel's chest and seeing the nipples protruding out begging to be touched and suck in to her… "Let's get a shirt on you first." She reached over and grabbed the cute baby tee she got out and let Rachel put it on herself before continuing, " I…like the power but…seeing your eyes light up when I make you feel good just…it lights me on fire. Seeing you wiggle beneath me, so little and innocent and unable to control what's happening to you."

The blonde stood up quickly and began to pace, "I know that sounds horrible I do. What kind of person likes to see someone they love helpless and aroused all the time?" Quinn stopped mid pace a panic look spreading across her face, "You remember the bathroom?"

Rachel nodded her mind remembering the stinging of her ass.

"I loved that. I mean not actually hurting you during the spanking but, making you do stuff you didn't want to do and knowing that any minute someone could walk in and see you submitting to me." She closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them they were glistening with unshed tears that she would never let fall, "I love it Rachel and I want that. I want to baby you so much and I want to make you submit and know that only I can get you off. I want to be able to touch you when I want not when you want; I want to hear you complain that we could get caught and for me to stop but I won't and your pussy is dripping wet from the fact you can't control what's happening."

Rachel sat wide eyed and lost for words.

"But I also do want a normal relationship where we talk and go out and hang with friends, where you can take control of the date like you're doing this Friday but still remember that I can take charge when I want and touch you how and when I want whether it is in front of anyone or not. I know you don't want that and we can keep this as light as you want and I will try my hardest to be what you need Rachel but you asked and I'm telling you this is what I need…what I want…"

Quinn couldn't believe everything she just sprouted out and slouched on to the bed next to her girlfriend, her body tense and ready for Rachel to tell her she is disgusting and controlling but the girl just stared at her and the blonde was sure she saw arousal blowing out the girls pupils but she didn't want to assume right not, she was going to wait as patiently as she could for Rachel to talk to her at least until her heart can't take it and she bolts out the door but really hopes that doesn't happen.

The blonde breathed in deeply after three minutes of silence, "What…what do you want from it?" it physically hurt to force those words out because now the silent brunette needed to open her mouth and answer.

Rachel gnawed her lip, staring at her lap and in retrospect the diaper covering her private area. The blonde sounded so broken right then that the brunette had a hard time looking at her any longer.

"I…want…" she breathed out and lifted her head seeing Quinn staring at her with such sincere vulnerability that she leaned forward pushing blonde hair behind her ears and cupping her cheeks, her thumbs brushing away nonexistent tears that she knew wanted to fall but couldn't and so she pretended they did and this sent a shiver of comfort down the blonde's spine.


She licked her lips and closed her eyes for a second, leaning forward and kissing Quinn who tensed as if it was a last kiss goodbye but Rachel didn't bolt, she sat still pulling away and staring at the older girl in front of her.

"I…came to your house that day after the bathroom, right?" Quinn nodded glad Rachel had yet to remove her hands from her face, "What…what happened…in the bathroom didn't scare me off." Her voice was hoarse and whispery along with stuttered, she wasn't sure what she was saying and was playing it by how she felt but it was hard to force the words out, "It…brought me to you."

Quinn nodded reaching up and grasping the shorter girl's wrists pulling her hands off of her face and holding them together. Her eyes landing on the hands together as she gently allowed her thumb to caress the flesh. She was scared and knew Rachel was as well so offered what support she could at the moment. It wasn't much but by the way the girl squeezed back it was okay.

"I want to lie and say what you described…didn't…turn me on. Isn't something I've dreamt about and it isn't at least consciously." Quinn smirked a bit with watery like eyes, "But you're asking for a lot of control of my body." Her smirk faded to a frown and she nodded, it was a lot of control and she knew it was unfair.

"I understand," she said going to get up only to be yanked back down.

"I'm not finished," Rachel sternly said grabbing Quinn's hand and playing with her fingers.

Quinn nodded glad the girl was still initiating contact, "Sorry. Go ahead."

Rachel nodded, loving the way the girl's fingers twitched when she ran her nail along the base of her wrist before looking up again, gnawing her bottom lip again and blinking slowly just taking in the girl in front of her while she tried to get the words to form on her tongue, "This is really hard for me to say but…" she glanced away for a brief second before locking eyes again, "I like being a baby…your baby." She corrected, "As much…" she cleared her throat, "As much as I hate saying this I like the idea of you…touching me when you want. Putting your hand between my legs and forcing me to get off when you want." Her jaw tensed and she blinked back her own set of tears.

"Keep going…" Quinn prodded continuing her soothing motion of her thumb.

"I really…want my binky," she tearfully chuckled and reached toward the object at the top of the bed but the blonde grabbed her hand making her look at her.

"Don't. This is us. You don't get baby comfort right now," she told her and kissed the palm of the hand she just snatched.

Rachel pouted but understood, "Right. Your right." She breathed out, her chest felt like it was on fire and her body trembled a bit, she swallowed and glanced at the pacifier again before tensing and looking at Quinn who gently smirked at her, it didn't mean anything negative or teasing, it was just a knowing smirk that made Rachel laugh gently, "I really want it right now."

"I know," the blonde chuckled but held the two hands firmer, "I told you and now you have to tell me. Everything. We need to work this out."

Rachel nodded, "When did you get so mature?" she took her hand back and brushed a stray tear away and whipping her hair out of her face before placing her hand back into Quinn's warm strong hands.

"Since you learned to be more childlike," Quinn kissed her gently, almost no pressure on their lips, a ghost kiss more like it and then pulled away.

"I…" Rachel's mouth opened and closed several times, "I feel like I need to have someone take the control away from me because I don't think I know how to fully give it, ever." She rushed out afraid she'd stumble on the words like before but she wanted Quinn to know that this was a sure fire sentence but than her voice wobbled as she continued, "I hate and feel disgusted with myself for wanting you to…to…make me…feel small and helpless…and out of control and yes I've had fantasies of you publicly…um…you know."

Quinn nodded though she wanted details on those fantasies she bit the inside of her cheek and let Rachel continue on. Though the blonde never ever wanted to make Rachel feel disgusted of herself and that made her heart clench because maybe this wasn't something they should be doing.

"Don't." Rachel responded in the same tone Quinn used earlier when she went to grab her pacifier, "You don't get to be an adult and not tell me what you're thinking and possibly make decisions without my input."

Quinn swallowed her smile, "Right. No baby comfort. No adult comfort. Just us."

Rachel bit her lip, "Just us."

"I don't want you to feel disgusted."

"It's not you at all. I want you to know that Quinn, you make me feel beautiful even when we play."

"I really hope so because I can't stand…" she was cut off by a very pleasurable passionately raw kiss that only lasted maybe ten seconds.

"Not you. I want to give you control of me; I want to submit to you. I want to know that you can take me when and how you want. But I want to know that I have you even if I'm the one submitting. Which you know how much I hate."

Quinn eagerly nodded, "Oh you have me babe more than anyone in my entire life." Her voice, her eyes, her body displayed this heart felt confession that literally shook Rachel's heart against her chest.

"Good. I'm glad. I…also I'm happy with this…um…" Rachel closed her eyes and leaned closer to Quinn, "Clit only thing."

"Oh. I…really?" she was quite shocked about that and mentally noted that the strap on she purchased wouldn't be getting a work out for some time apparently.

Rachel opened her eyes, "You know I'm still…and we haven't really…been together for a long time. I just don't feel quite ready for that part yet, you don't mind do you?"

"No," she shook her head glad to hear it was only a temporary thing.

"And you can use it you know," Quinn furrowed her brows in confusion, "To…you know…make me feel…small…"

"Oh, like…my wittle baby is too little to have anything in her tiny little pussy."

Now Quinn was sure Rachel's eyes were blown out in arousal and she was shocked by how severe the reaction was with a small moan and rock of the hips that came of that sentence.

Rachel nodded tensely, "Right. Like that." Her voice had dropped an octave and sounded silky to the blonde's ears, "I do want to have sex eventually and control you once in a while."

Quinn opened her mouth to okay that when Rachel went on.

"Not a lot, like ninety nine point nine percent of the time I want you topping me but…sometimes I want to top you."

"Point one percent of the time?" Quinn asked with a brow raise, she was fine with Rachel topping her more than that but was so glad she would top pretty much every time submitting was just not that fun for her.

"So…I'm your baby girl."

"I'm your mommy."

They stared at each other feeling like something strong and electric was sparking between them and they were embarking on what could become and maybe in some way already has a lifestyle kink relationship and not just an in the bedroom relationship.

"I want to be clear though Rachel on what rules I would be setting on you if we do this."

Rachel nodded chewing her lip until Quinn reached up and prying the lip away from the teeth soothing it with her thumb. Pushing Rachel back on to the bed, hovering above her. Staring at each other as their breathing quickened. The blonde reached up and grabbed the pacifier, bringing it into view of Rachel and running lovingly across her almost torn lip that she'd been chewing on for the past thirty so minutes they've been talking.

The brunette's lips part but Quinn just leaned down and kissed her, slowly, letting their tongues explore, feeling Rachel clutching at her shirt and pulling her in. She pulled back to see blown pupils and parted swollen lips, hearing her breathing quick and sharp, heat rushing through both their bodies. She again slid the nipple of the pacifier against those shiny swollen lips watching as Rachel's brown eyes silently begged her to slip it into her mouth.

"Your diapered twenty four seven except at school," she spoke cautiously, "At school you will wear pull ups."

Rachel licked her lips and shook her head, "I…can't…"

"It's a rule Rachel. A rule I need you to follow or this part of the relationship can't go on."

Rachel smiled, "If you let me finish, I can't wear a diaper at home."

"Why?" she raised her brow.

"Well…you can't change me and I'm assuming a rule to follow this is I can't take it off by myself, correct?" Quinn nodded, "So it would be kind of a moot point right now. But I'm willing to…wear the pull ups at home." She blushed but kept her eyes trained down trying to see the pacifier ghosting over her lips.

She furrowed her brow for a moment and pursed her lips, "Fine but…and this will sound weird,"

Rachel giggled, "And what part of this conversation has been normal so far?"

Quinn poked her in the ribs before again rubbing the pacifier on Rachel's lip and causing the situation to become arousingly serious again, "Every night before you take a shower you have to wet your pull ups."

"What?" now it was Rachel's turn to arch her brow.

"I don't want you thinking you're an adult just cause your using the toilet at your house. You will wet your pull up and after your shower you will Skype me to let me know and so I can put you to bed and remind you your my baby."

"So you can put me to bed?"

Quinn smirked, "Unless your homework isn't done, which we both know you usually get it done, you'll be in bed by eight thirty."

"Eight thirty? But…" Quinn kissed her silent.

"You can work on earning a later bed time sweetie but for now you go night night at eighty thirty unless otherwise stated."

Rachel's hips ground up on the thigh between her legs at being told she'd be going 'night night' instead of to bed.

"If I need extra time?"

"If you really need extra time and it's something important I will definitely allow you to stay up. I'm not going to hinder you in your work and if you need more time to work on a glee assignment I will give you more time but if I see your getting stressed out or tired I will tell you to go to sleep whenever."

"That seems fair, though I still really dislike having an early bed time."

"But it gets me all hot and bothered," Quinn leaned down and nipped at Rachel's lower lip before again sweeping the pacifier back and forth.

Rachel's hips brushed up again and she moaned, "I really want my binky…" she whined licking her lips and feeling the rubber pass her tongue.

"Not yet," Quinn gently spoke, "It's still just us."

"Okay," she breathed out shakily as the girl above her kept swiping the nipple over her lips, "Rules…"

"At school you can talk normal but if you're talking to me you'll do your best to put you best baby foot forward, understand."

"I'll talk as babyish as I can to you,"

"You don't call me Quinn, ever only mommy."

"Only?" the blonde nodded, "How do I get your attention otherwise, I'm not calling you mommy in front of like the whole school."

"Fair enough. We can compromise on this rule, though eventually I want you comfortable enough to call me that whenever you talk with me but we can totally work up to that."

"Wait so you want me to call you that in front of people?" Rachel's brows furrowed and her heart thudded dangerously in her chest, she wasn't ready for that.

"Yes. But like I said we can work up to it, could be years and years from now." Quinn quickly said, "Is that okay?"

"I…don't know about that."

Quinn breathed out, "That's okay. You don't have to be sure on everything and we can revisit the ones your uncomfortable with later on. I want to make you feel helpless not like your world is crashing around you."

Rachel beamed up at the girl before her, "You're a really sweet dominate, you know that?"

"I try," she shrugged glad that this conversation was now winding down to planning and teasing instead of the scary seriousness it had been, "No flirting with anyone."

"Not even you?" Rachel frowned.

"You could try but I would easily turn it around until you had a wet mess in your pull ups, though you can definitely flirt with me." Quinn nipped her lip again earning another grind, "But little girls do not flirt especially with boys, they are too grown up for you and I don't want them thinking their dicks can go anywhere near you understand."

Rachel giggled, "I like jealous mommy," she purred and this time Quinn's hips jolted down unexpectedly but the brunette should have realized because she knew what that word did to her girlfriend.

"Let's see," Quinn cleared her voice and let the blush die away as she continued, "Whenever you want you can be a grown up to ask me on dates and get time to plan them, when we go out you will be to everyone else a teenager out with her girlfriend and friends or family but you will wear your pull up or diaper depending on your outfit or if I feel like changing you or letting you use the restroom which you will always be accompanied too. That includes the bathrooms at school, you need to go let me know and I will take you."

"What if you're not around?" Rachel challenged.

Quinn was happy this was going on, all the rules getting laid out felt like a weight was lifted off her shoulders and with Rachel's ability to foresee things and plan, it helped iron out any obstacles that could come along.

"This is probably going to upset you but don't act out until I finish okay?" Rachel nodded but her hands gripped the side of Quinn's shirt tightly, "Santana knows we are dating but not about this part," she rushed out when she saw Rachel about to open her mouth at the mention of Santana, "Listen," she pointedly stared down at the girl who swallowed, tensed her jaw and nodded for the girl to continue, "She's my best friend and she knows about this thing I have with rules. Not just for you, I do it to everyone in my life. So we talked remember and she asked me what the rules are so I gave her some that she is going to help me enforce with you." She reached out brushing hair away from the girl's face while the pacifier kept gliding over the girl's lips, tears seemed to be collecting in Rachel's eyes and trickling down but the blonde surged forward, "I want you to think of her as an aunt okay but in no way will she know about this part of our relationship until I think we're or you're ready and I won't take that lightly Rachel. Remember I can read you so I won't just one day decide to tell her, I'll tell you when I will and if you are a hundred percent not ready you tell me but…" she leaned down so their eyes connected, "…but if you are ready but are just scared you don't get to tell me not to tell her, okay?"

Rachel nodded, memorized by her girlfriend's stern yet warm and safe eyes bearing down on her, "But why tell?" she choked out.

"She's my best friend Rachel; I'm going to need someone to watch out for you just like I do. I'm going to need someone to babysit you if I need to go out suddenly."

"I could watch myself," she assured.

"You want to give up control and this is part of it, just because I have an emergency doesn't mean you can suddenly have it back if I can help it. If she or Brittany…"


"Yes, Brittany….if they aren't available than yes you can be a good girl and watch yourself."

"Would they..."

"Change your diaper?" Rachel nodded, "Yes…and put you to sleep, bathe you, feed you and play with you."

The brunette blushed heavily but the thought did turn her on a great deal making her think…"Would they…make me…squirt?"

"If you're okay with that but I never thought of it. I never thought…do you want them to also…um…force you?"

Rachel thought about it, if they were to know, in the end if that was something that had to be done and with Quinn's explanation it seemed it would have to be done than yes she would like them to do what her girlfriend does to her, though that made her feel sick to her stomach.

"I feel disgusted again," she whimpered.

"So you do." Quinn didn't know how she felt about that, though kissing Brittany and Santana a thing in the past was fun and she always got hot when they had made out but including them into the sex part of her and Rachel's relationship…wasn't exactly a thought she liked but here Rachel was giving up most everything and so she would see how it could work out.

"I'm sorry," tears slipped from her eyes.

"No…no…no…babe don't cry. It's alright. Look if it is something you want, we…when you're ready we can do that."

"But…I don't want you to feel like you're not enough for me cause you are."

"I know that has nothing to do with it. Having someone know about your baby side is a sexual thing for you and if they know you feel like you need them to make it sexual so it doesn't feel like a joke or something right…I mean I'm not sure if I understand or explained that right or but that's how you feel right."

Rachel couldn't focus her eyes on anyone spot on Quinn's face, "Yes. I feel if it is a sex thing it's okay but if it's not, I mean with you its fine but….you know?"

"I know and we'll get there but for now can we not?"

"Please?" Rachel agreed with that question.

"Okay so um…" she cleared her throat and looked at the head board about them, "If you have to go to the bathroom and can't find me ask Santana or Brittany to take you. They won't do anything but walk you into the bathroom okay. I promise."

Rachel nodded her stomach in knots but the pressure in her lower region was building slowly and she was embarrassingly sure that she was going to orgasm either before or after all the rules had been laid out and only from the words being spoken to her and the fact that she had no say over how two other people were going to help control her.

"You do not get to masturbate; your hand never touches your pussy or takes off your diaper. I'm in control of all your sexual needs now and I think…for now that's all I have but if I tell you something you have to do it okay."

Rachel nodded.

"Now if you disobey any of these rules or disobey me you will be spanked and after today because we're going into this you will not get to cum after a spanking, you will stand in a corner and have a time out after, your diaper will always be on display after a spanking so please try and be good in school."

Rachel's stomach plummeted again and her clit throbbed painfully in her diaper, "You would…at school?"

"Yes. I would try and do it somewhere no one will come in and see you but…you never know." Rachel nodded and a shiver run up and down her body. "Anything you want to ask?"

"What about your…um…sexual needs?"

"You can suck my clit to help me get off but until I can penetrate you I think it's fair you can't penetrate me and when you're a baby I don't want you to ever penetrate me, understand?"


"It makes me hot knowing you want to fuck me but can't because you're a little baby who doesn't know how to finger herself let alone her mommy."

And that was it, all it took for Rachel to come undone. Her orgasm rolled through her like bricks hitting the street, her body arched and she moaned into Quinn's ear as she clutched onto her for support.

"Really Rachel?" Quinn laughed, "Well now I don't feel so bad about this." She began to rock her center against Rachel's thigh and it only took five good rocks to get her to cum as well, her orgasm was less intense but she clung and kissed to Rachel as if it had been earth shattering because emotionally it was.

After a few minutes of them just lying there against each other, coming down from orgasmic bliss Quinn raised her head up to look at Rachel.

"So do you still want to give me control?"

Rachel swallowed closed her eyes and nodded, she wanted Quinn, she needed Quinn and even though she knew Quinn would never break up with her over her not wanting to do this she realized she did want to do this no matter how upset it made her.

Immediately her binky was placed into her mouth and she sighed happily. She loved her binky.