A/N: There will be no Brittana, unless those who don't want it permanently leave the story I am all for keeping it between the two of them. And I was planning on doing that but they have to talk and figure things out slowly. It's not going to be all this is it; uncomfortable situations are going to be brought up, like in the last chapter with Brittany and Santana. I want to thank everyone who is still reading; sorry it took a while I have been dealing with finals.

Quinn frowned as she watched Rachel suckle her pacifier, how her lips quirked up in a smile behind the plastic and her eyes shone with the smile and all the blonde wanted to do was wrap the girl up and never let go, never let a single person harm her or touch her and taint the innocence that was the brunette. Her stomach twisted at the thought of another person touching the soft skin of her girlfriend, gliding over and sending goose bumps down tanned skin. Lips ghosting over kissable lips, parted and swollen just begging for more sweet aggressive kisses…she shook her head before reaching out and snatching the pacifier back from Rachel's mouth earning a whine.

"Actually…I can't…share." Quinn furrowed her brows as she watched the brunette stare at the pacifier looking dazed and confused.

"But not yours," Rachel whined out unsure why Quinn would want to share her binky, it was hers and besides Quinn was a grown up and she didn't need the soft soothing pacifier.

Quinn glanced at the object before chuckling and closing her eyes for a second, "I didn't mean…you can have it all you want. I don't want it."


Now Rachel felt defensive, why wouldn't Quinn want the pacifier? It helped calm and direct thoughts or shut out everything else; it helped her not to feel hungry all the time and kept her jaw relaxed so she didn't feel like all the energy inside her was going to burst out.

"Because I don't need it," The blonde spoke gently, she knew she was in dangerous territory at this moment; you did not disrespect a baby's pacifier. It was a life or death situation for them.

Rachel's lips tightened and she glared at Quinn before realizing they were talking about a stupid little plastic soother and she cracked a smile, "I'm sorry. That was…I actually felt my gut tighten at the thought of you dissing my binky."

Quinn leaned in and pecked her girlfriend, "I was afraid you were going to tear my head off," she spoke with no accusation or anger, just love and affection and understanding that made Rachel's toes curl and her body yearn to push the blonde down and have her way with her.

Instead she shook her head, licked her lips and stared at the blonde, "You can't share what?" she prompted bringing them back to what had started this whole thing.

"I can't share…you." The blonde stated uneasily wondering if this conversation in which she had thought was done would ever end.


"Is that all you have to say?"

Rachel sat up straighter, feeling a bit of her old self surface and needing to take control, "What else would you like me to say Quinn? I wasn't expecting you to say something like that but if you want my opinion I can't share you either and if what you are referring to is the Brittany and Santana situation of…" she faltered not sure how to phrase it and it didn't help that Quinn's eyes held a steel gaze upon her, "…touching me then I will tell you right now Fabray that they will not know of my…our…this situation."

"Is that so Berry?" Quinn asked with a growl and raised brow causing a shiver to shake her bones.

"Yes," she replied with only a slight quiver which actually made a bit of pride envelop her; that was more than she could have mustered up a day ago or so, well really since the bathroom when she got her ass handed to her.

"Oh thank God," Quinn breathed leaning forward and wrapping her arms around her girlfriend, cuddling in and letting Rachel's strong arms wrap around her waist.

Rachel laughed, untangling one arm from around the girl's waist and tucking loose hair behind her ear, "You know I haven't really been speaking like a baby this whole time." She wanted to draw the conversation away from the thought of others finding out or touching her in any form that should only be done by Quinn.

The blonde girl only snuggled closer placing a few light kisses into the crook of the brunette's neck, humming while doing so, "I think we're just developing our relationship. You'll know when to use it and when not to. I mean I haven't had a problem with going in and out of it, have you?" she asked again using her tongue to slide up Rachel's neck before nipping at her ear lobe.

Rachel shuddered feeling wet heat pool in her diaper, "No," she whispered out huskily before pulling back so she could see Quinn's face, reaching up she clasped her hands on the girl's cheeks, leaning in to kiss her passionately. Wishing she was lying down so she could grind her center into the older girl's thigh for some much needed pressure.

"Already?" Quinn asked with amusement, "Didn't you just squirt baby girl?"

Rachel blushed with a pout, "But mommy…I need you." She whispered while looking up through thick eyelashes.

"Sorry baby but it's time to go see my mom, she wants me home for lunch and since I now know you are alone you're coming with me." Quinn responded as she stood up.

"Your mean," said the pouting girl as she folded her arms and looked up at the blonde.

"Sorry Rach but I told you…" she leaned down so their noses were practically touching and their breath mingled, the brunette's breathing hitched as she felt her face on fire at such closeness, "I want you helpless and aroused at all times." She nibbled on the brunette's bottom lip earning a guttural moan and a body shudder, "Watching you walk around…wet…and horny…" she smirked before sucking in the girl's bottom lip before kissing her hungrily, "Gets me so hot."

"Oh God," Rachel moaned grabbing the back of Quinn's head, tangling her hands in the girl's golden locks before smashing their lips together. It only lasted about three seconds before Quinn pulled away.

"Uh huh, baby girl." The smirk aimed her way was so sexy Rachel thought she'd cream from the sight, "let us see what you'll be wearing on top of that cute wittle shirt." She added a quick peck to the nose before helping Rachel get dressed, putting extra pressure in certain places and caressing her with intent on keeping her aroused and it was so unfair as the brunette quivered with heat and blinding arousal that the only thought stopping her from taking the blonde and fucking her against a wall was that said blonde could easily throw her over her knee and spank her if she tried.

Quinn got out of the car and quickly unbuckled Rachel from the car seat. The brunette was getting used to sitting in the back seat and it allowed her to feel safe every time Quinn's eyes settled on her in the rear view mirror. The two walked up to the large mansion hand in hand just enjoying each other's company. The blonde fished for her keys and began to open up the door allowing them entrance.

Judy stood just on the inside, looking as she was coming down the stairs and about to head off to somewhere on the first floor. She glanced over and saw the two walk in and took in Rachel's attire which was so darn cute on her. A baby tee with a rainbow on the front with some loose cargo pants and Velcro shoes, a picture for baby gap if she ever saw one.

"Hey mom," Quinn smiled while Rachel nodded a quick greeting.

Judy frowned, "Nope. That entrance won't do. Out, both of you." She began to usher them back outside. The teenagers confused as they found themselves back on the porch, "Now I want a proper hello young lady," she wagged her finger at Rachel before slamming and locking the door in their face.

Rachel glanced at Quinn who shrugged with a smirk, "Your mom is weird,"

Quinn laughed gently before bumping the other girls shoulder, "You love it."

"I do," she breathed out. Judy was…well she wasn't quite sure what to make of the older woman. She was quite different than what Rachel was led to believe but then again this only happened after Russell Fabray was kicked out. The woman smiled and joked with her and seemed genuinely interested in most everything she has to say, which in of itself is weird to the brunette.

Quinn repositioned her key back into the slot but Rachel stopped her, "What do I do?"

The blonde stared at the wide eyes aimed her way and shrugged, "I don't know. She said a proper hello…" she trailed off not sure herself what that meant before opening the door and again Judy was standing there only this time with her arms folded because she was waiting for them to enter.

"Hey mom," the blonde spoke energetically hoping that was what the older Fabray wanted to hear.

"Hello Mrs. Fabray?" Rachel asked with furrowed brows.

Judy shook her head and pointed back out the door, "Nope."

The two girls bit their lips and turned back to the door huffing as it was slammed and locked again behind them, neither seeing the smile threatening to appear on the amused woman's face.

Both teenagers stared at the door for a full minute trying to figure out the answer.

"Oh God," Rachel turned a deep shade of red as she turned and laid her warm head in the crook of Quinn's neck, the other girl licking her lips and wrapping one arm around the girl snuggling into her.

"What?" she asked reaching up to brush hair away from her angel's face.

"I no want to do it," she breathed out with a slight hitch of a whine earning a chuckle.

"Oh," Quinn responded a second later.

"Is that all you have to say?" she growled out much like earlier but when the roles were reversed. Quinn shrugged her shoulders, "Fine…your mother is going to kill me with embarrassment before our relationship can even reach the first month mark."

She stood up tall and put her shoulders back.

"Oh no, you loosen those shoulders baby this is not a role you're playing." Quinn chided wagging a finger at the younger girl whose body warmed for an entirely different reason than embarrassment.

"Fine," she pouted though she was seriously considering protesting but then again a spanking wasn't something she was looking forward to especially if she couldn't cum afterward. That would be unbearable to stand in the corner with her diaper showing, her pussy drenched and aching for release, her clit throbbing against the material wrapped around her begging to be touched, caressed, suckled…

"Maybe later baby girl," Quinn spoke quietly leaning in and kissing Rachel who pouted even more, "I love seeing you like this. Is your wittle pussy begging you for attention?" she asked mockingly while running cool fingers up and down the tanned girl's cheek.

Rachel nodded, if her stupid thoughts could have stayed PG then everything would have been fine, "Pwease touch me mommy," she begged.

"I'm waiting girls!" Judy called and they could almost hear the amusement in her voice and a fake impatient tapping through the door.

"Later." Quinn pecked her again before unlocking the door and opening it up.

Rachel was actually happy she was aroused at the moment it helped her to slip inside her baby side much more easily. Her legs carried her quickly and slightly wobbly into the main entrance her arms reaching out and hugging the older woman, "Nana…" she squealed out as Judy picked her up and hugged her.

"That's a baby," she cooed tickling Rachel's midsection before turning to her daughter, "I thought you'd be here soon." She raised her brow.

Quinn just shook her head, "Rachel and I had to talk some stuff out." She replied with a bit of bite to end that part of the conversation which was meant to stay between the two girls. Judy nodded and began her way to the kitchen with Quinn following behind.

Judy sat Rachel in her high chair and locked her in, "So what do you girls what for lunch today?"

The blonde bit her lip knowing exactly what she'd like for lunch today as Rachel swung her legs back and forth but turned her eyes on her mother a second later, "Sandwiches is fine with me."

"What do you normally have Rachey?"

Rachel pouted, "Nothing." She saw both blondes' look at her, "I usually forget."

"Well that is going to change from now on." Judy raised her brow and Rachel nodded wanting the woman to stop staring at her like she was on trial and a second later the older woman began to make lunch.

Quinn got up and started helping after pecking Rachel on the forehead. The brunette felt upset that she couldn't get up and help, it wasn't right for them to be making her something but there was nothing she could do and so started to plan the date that she'd be taking her girlfriend on this Friday. She had never planned a date before, only told Finn what days she was available and the dates she had been on were never great and she wanted this to be perfect. The first thing Finn did for their first date was…asking her fathers permission, so is that what she should do, ask Judy?

"Nana?" Rachel looked up from the baby tray locking her in and over to the woman who had begun to worm her way deep into her heart.

"Yes sweet heart?" the soft way it was spoken almost made her swoon.

"Can I take mommy out on a date?" if she really thought about how this was going she would probably run for the hills. She was dressed as a baby in a high chair asking the mother of her girlfriend who had been the one to lock her in said high chair if she can take the woman's daughter out on a date.

"When?" Judy asked setting down the butter knife she'd been using.

"This coming Friday?"

"Aren't you going on…a…camping trip this Friday?" the older woman wondered if she misunderstood the day the little trip the Spanish/glee teacher was holding.

Rachel's face fell. It was the first time she had ever not paid attention and not remembered something, it was the first time she was to be the one planning something special for someone else, "I fwogot," she breathed out, her disappointment radiating out from her baby voice she easily slipped into.

"Dang," Quinn frowned, "I forgot too." Her fingers started tapping the counter, "Do we have that two room tent still?" she turned to her mother who had returned to spreading the jelly onto the sandwiches.

"I believe so," she stopped to think for a second before nodding, "Yes…out in the shed. Your father put it there after the last family outing."

"I'll pull it out and let it air for the week."

"Do you think you'll have enough diapers and stuff for the baby?"

Quinn cut up the sandwich before her into tiny squares with the crust cut off knowing it would irk Rachel even more, "No. We should go to the mall over in Westford for some supplies." she confirmed.

Rachel sat there stunned. She was going camping and if that wasn't bad enough she was going as the baby. Her mind started spinning all these different scenarios of being caught, "I no want go!" she practically screamed as her face flushed.

The two blonde women furrowed their brows, "You don't have to yell baby," Quinn chided walking over to her girlfriend, "We use our inside voices," she chuckled as Rachel went bright red again, "Besides it will be a test on how well you can behave in public little one and no one will be there that we know okay so relax."

"Everyone we know will be there," she frowned unsure what Quinn was talking about because they both knew the Glee club members pretty well and some are the blonde's best friends.

"No one we know goes to that mall," Quinn sighed going over to the counter and grabbing a plate and baby bottle then placing it in front of Rachel.

"Mall?" the diva bit her lip, "I was talking about the camping trip…what mall?" her mind started spinning again and she felt like she was going to throw up, her head started whipping around and her hands started digging under the tray to her pockets.

"What's wrong sweetie?" Quinn asked watching her girlfriend freak out.

"Where's my binky?" she asked in a panic, her eyes starting to water.

The blonde teenager smirked and reached into her own pocket producing said pacifier, clearing her throat to gain the brunette's attention, "Looking for this?"

"Mine," Rachel reached out but the older girl was just out of arms reach.

"Beg for it," the blonde told her.

"Pwease mommy I want my binky…it mine…pwease…" her lip started jutting out and she was so adorable that Quinn started forward with the pacifier and Rachel's hand swung out but the girl jumped out of the way, "Mommy," she cried out frustrated.

"Don't use that tone with me little girl," she chided with a stern look.

"My binky!" she cried desperately reaching for it.

"Put you hand down and open your mouth," Quinn spoke gently wanting to be close to Rachel as she slid the pacifier in so she could hear the quiet sucking as she leaned in and nibbled the girl's ear lobe knowing a soft moan would surface.

"NO!" she screamed again, her legs kicking back and forth and her hands slammed the tray making the plate and bottle fly to the ground.

Quinn wasn't surprised and had been waiting for an outburst such as this for a while now, she actually had assumed it would happen sooner but it was time to show Rachel she was not the boss and she would need to be a calm little girl and talk to Quinn when she was upset instead of going off on a tantrum, the blonde was sure that if not locked in the high chair Rachel would have either lunged at her or performed a brilliantly perfected storm out.

"I'm going to give you the count of three Rachey to calm down. One…" Rachel just screamed 'no' louder and kicked harder, "Two…"

"I want my binky!" she cried with a pout and steel gaze as her way of saying she was in charge and Quinn better damn well give in and give her what she wanted.

"Two in a half," Quinn tried to extend it but the girl continued, "Three. That's it!" she yanked the tray off and before Rachel could slide out and grab the object and make a dash for it Quinn had her yanked over her knee and was landing blow after blow, "You don't get a say Rachey. You do as your told and your being a very naughty little girl right now. I told you to do something and you do it no questions asked."

After a good five minutes with maybe fifteen smacks Rachel was crying and horny and feeling guilty for acting out. Quinn pulled her up to her feet and as soon as the diva was standing hands were at her pants undoing them, soft hands yanking them down, "Step out," she was told and did so quickly. Her mind on only two things, apologizing and her girlfriend's fingers rubbing her pulsing clit, which had barely gone to a dull throb before her spanking and was now intensified; her girlfriend picked her up and Rachel was imagining being taken just like in the bathroom after her first spanking.

Her body trembled at the memory, liquid sliding down to get sucked up by the diaper. Soon though she was put down so she was sitting and when she focused for a second realized they had only gone a few feet and she was in the corner, a pout formed as she stared up at the now really tall teenager in front of her.

"You will stay right there until I get you." Rachel kicked her legs slightly trying to squeeze them together for pressure, "Are you horny?" she asked with a hard gaze.

"Wes mommy," she replied with red cheeks and a heaving chest as her tear stains began to dry on her cheeks.

"I didn't hear you,"

Rachel looked over to Judy who was sitting at the table eating her lunch watching the scene, the older woman raised her brow as if saying "I'm not your mommy and you better look at her now." So the brunette looked up at Quinn again and took a deep breath, "Wes mommy."

"Yes mommy what?" Rachel just growled while biting her lip, "You just acted like a spoiled brat baby; you don't get to be pampered. Now, yes mommy what?"

"Wes mommy my wee wee is very hot and wet!" she doesn't know where that came from but the kitchen reverberates with the saying making her embarrassment jump to a hundred, she barely recalls her fathers trying to have a talk with her at a young age and what is appropriate names for certain body parts, that one got vetoed but somehow must have stuck in her deep subconscious where it got thrown out in her anger at having to repeat it.

"Keep your legs open baby, no rubbing your clitty against your diaper. No cumming."

Quinn turned on her heel and walked back to the table where she sat down and began to eat her lunch, "Oh I forgot to mention, your sister is visiting next week for Thanksgiving."

And just like that Rachel was left in the corner, horny and upset with legs spread. Her hips moved slightly back and forth every few seconds when she was sure Judy wasn't looking seeing as Quinn had her back to her which made her feel even worse. It almost hurt with how aroused she was right now, she briefly wondered if she could get away with sliding her own hand down inside her diapy and…her mind blanked after that…what would she do once her hand found the wetness. Only thing she could imagine herself doing was sucking her mommy's clit but she couldn't suck her own so what would she do, Quinn reminded her over and over that her hands, her little infant hands would only frustrate her more since she was too little to masturbate.

"Really, is she bringing her husband?" the blonde asked excitedly though trying desperately hard not to let her own arousal of the situation cause her to get up and fuck Rachel in the corner. A good distraction is what she needed and she hadn't seen her sister in about a year.