"Rachey crawl over to me," Quinn commanded after she finished her lunch and talk with her mother who got up to deposit the dishes in the sink.

"I'm going to head up stairs and change for the mall," Judy told them as she walked out.

Rachel licked her lips self-consciously as she rocked forward onto her hands and knees, crawling across the floor to Quinn who picked her up easily once at her feet, setting her on her lap. The blonde then reached over and gave Rachel the bottle earlier thrown on the floor, "Drink baby."

The diva quickly started sucking and realized she was quite hungry after not eating and getting a punishment, her arousal though stayed constant and she felt like crying still but held back as much as she could.

"Why did you start being naughty?" Quinn asked reaching out and tucking wild hairs behind the young girl's ear.

Rachel didn't want to talk to the blonde especially in a mommy and baby way because she wasn't sure how much arousal her body could take so she just shrugged and continued to suck her bottle, eyes darting around the kitchen, she really shouldn't have rocked back and forth while sitting in the corner. She should have left the ache alone and calmed down instead of getting that bit of pleasure then because now she was overly sensitive as Quinn's gentle hands caressed her neck and shoulder, fingers playing with wisps of her loose hair.

"I don't want to play right now," Rachel sighed placing the bottle on the table and trying to slip off the older girl's lap but hands tightened and held her closer.

"We don't turn off our roles; this is what you agreed to Rachey." Quinn reminded her, fingers now gliding up and down a slowly quivering thigh, "Why don't you want to play?"

Rachel blushed heavily, "Pwease I need badly mommy!" she clutched her fingers into the blonde's shirt and buried her head. Only to hear Quinn chuckle, the sound and feeling reverberating on her skin, "Pwease!"

"This is called punishment Rachey. That wittle ache in your diaper will help you to remember to be a good little girl from now on because good girls get their diapers rubbed." Rachel moaned as hot breath rolled over her neck and down the back of her shirt, her little hands clutching harder as she buried herself deeper into her girlfriend.

As much as she hated this she did feel better, the episode before with Quinn sitting with her back to her made her ache with so much guilt. She made her girlfriend upset and she paid for it and now it was fine. It was nice to have consequences stay constant, she knew when it would stop and not always feel her body tense and coil as guilt bubbled up in her stomach when she was being punished by her fathers who could have her grounded for a week for something bad to a month for something very mundane. The punishment could be her favorite movie taken away or her music depending on how angry they got and even after the punishment was "over" the tension and grudges held for not being perfect loomed over her head with every tight lipped dig at her for past behaviors.

With Quinn it was as simple as a spanking and corner time, no matter what she did. Though the ache in her clit felt just as bad as the tension between her fathers and her, it was still seemingly better because it was done out of love and once she came out of corner time her girlfriend was back and smiling and nowhere on her face was the bitterness that she wasn't perfect.

"Pwease!" she begged again clutching tighter.

"You're getting a bit fussy there baby girl, you can have a nap on the way to the mall but for now I want to get back to what happened. Why don't you want to go camping?" Quinn asked carefully.

"I hate it," Rachel chewed on her lower lip thoughtfully, "I've only went camping one time before and it was horrible. I forgot to go to the bathroom before we left because I was checking my luggage and making sure I had ever thing. My fathers wouldn't stop and so I wet myself, I got a spanking and had to sit on a towel. When we got to the camping site I was hungry but had to wait until my fathers pitched the tent. I was bored and sat down finding a stick and playing in the dirt. I got another spanking for getting dirty. After dinner we went to bed and it rained soaking the entire campsite and all our stuff. Dad and daddy packed us up and we headed home."

Rachel took a deep breath before burying herself further into the warmth of her girlfriend who was slowly caressing her back, "You've never been camping again?" Rachel shook her head without lifting it up, "I'm really sorry you didn't have a good camping experience. I love camping,"

Rachel lifted her head up at that admission. Her eyes roamed Quinn's face and saw the girl had this faraway look as if remembering all the trips she had been on. It was nice to see the blonde this way, unguarded and free spoken. It occurred to her all of a sudden that again she didn't know Quinn any more than she did when this first started. All she had ever known is a bitchy cheerleader who had given birth to her step sister, which still sent shivers down her spine. A thought she would never let settle in her mind for long.

Quinn had gone from zero to infinity in such a short time that it messed with Rachel's mind. She had no doubt that the blonde felt for her or that she indeed felt for the ex-cheerleader, but were they compatible besides the kinky sex game they like to partake in.

"Really?" she tilted her head adorably her eyes searching the hazel in front of her.

"My dad, though an asshole, well he was great on the camping trips. We went hiking, swimming, fishing, roasted marshmallows and….yeah it was great."

"You make it sound fun," Rachel watched the light in her girlfriend's eyes sparkle.

"It is and I can't wait to show you how much fun it is. You don't even have to worry about accidence since your diaper will keep anyone from knowing. If you're hungry, I will make sure you get a bottle or something to snack on, and the only spanking you will get is if you're really naughty. Getting a bit of dirt on your clothes is not naughty. It's what babies do."

"Are you guys ready?" Judy wondered walking into the room with her hand bag and a raised brow. Seeing the two girls intimately cuddled together, her daughter showing so much love and Rachel beaming at the blonde as if she was angel sent from above.

Quinn stood up whipping Rachel around to her side, automatically the girl's legs wrapped around the blonde's midsection while her arms tightened around her neck, "Yep."

"Then let's get going before traffic picks up."

"Pants?" Rachel questioned with pleading eyes before glancing at her folded up pants on the chair beside where Quinn had sat.

They ignored her and continued on out the door. Rachel buried her head in her girlfriend's neck feeling hair wrap around her and the soothing smell of Quinn calmed her. She knew that she couldn't fight for pants without another spanking and she was too tired for that. Quickly buckled up in her car seat, the car was off and before she knew it she fell asleep.

Quinn enjoyed the ride with her mother, talking about the upcoming visit with her sister in more detail until her phone went off; she quickly opened it not wanting to wake Rachel up, "Hello?"

"Where you at?" Santana's voice filtered in through the phone, she sounded slightly irritated.

"I'm with my mom going to the mall, why?" she asked staring out the window, watching trees and houses pass by as they exited their small town of Lima.

"Cause you have seemed to disappear since hooking up with Rachel, I miss hanging with you." The Latina sounded so unlike herself.

"Britt still not talking with you, huh?"

"It is not my fault that she would rather spend time with meals on wheels then me," Santana growled and Quinn could almost see the scowl marring the girl's features, "So I'll meet you at the mall,"

"I'm not going to the Lima mall,"

"What? What mall are you going too?"

"The one in Westford,"

"Damn, I can't get out that way. Papi has my car in the shop, can you pick me up?"

"Sorry San I'm more than halfway there already, how bout we hang tonight? Movies and pizza?"

"I'm so desperate for company right now I'm going to say yes, though I don't know what I will do until then."

Quinn chuckled, "I'm sure you'll figure something out."

They hung up just as the mall came into view. Judy parked near the entrance, grabbing her purse she got out. Quinn followed, opening the back door to see her girlfriend still passed out. She reached into the baby bag on the other side of the seat and pulled out matching pants for the girl, she easily unbuckled and slid the pants on without waking the diva. Judy came around with a stroller, another contraption they got off of the adult baby website.

"Rachey," Quinn shook the girl till tired eyes landed on her, "We're here." She pulled the younger girl out and placed her in the stroller.

Rachel's eyes widened once she realized that she was starting to be pushed, "No," she kicked her legs, "No stower!"

Hands slapped at her hands as they went to unbuckle the strap holding her in, "No," she was scolded, "You are to stay in there until an adult takes you out, understood?"

Rachel glared sleepily at Quinn. She was starting to hate herself for how turned on she would get when the blonde asserted her authority over her. This wasn't fair, she really wanted to walk like an equal next to the blonde, hold her hand, talk and laugh but then her arousal just had to peak when she was talked to like a child and not given the ability to be Quinn's equal. She really had to learn not to become a quivering mess when aroused or she reasoned become aroused less easily in the future.

So all she did was pout and because of this Quinn only chuckled and slipped her pacifier in, "My wittle baby girl is getting a bit pouty," the voice washed over her like a blanket of heat, her whole body lit on fire as a blush erupted on her face making her suck and pout harder while glancing away.

"I'll push her," Judy informed, "What store would you like to go to first?"

"Baby R US," Quinn smirked down at Rachel who wiggled in her seat.

This was not happening. She was not about to be pushed in a stroller into a public mall, a diaper hugging her midsection and a pacifier in her mouth. The diva couldn't fathom that this was actually reality. Chilled air hit her warm face as the doors whipped open and in a matter of seconds she was in a mall full of people. She tried to slide down and hide, her chin to her chest but her eyes fluttering up to see if anyone was looking. Surprisingly no one gave the three women a second glance which Rachel could not determine if that was a good or bad thing. On one hand it was good because no one suspected her to be too old for a stroller but then again that was why it was a bad thing as well.

Baby R Us was three stores down from where they had previously entered. Toys lined the walls as they walked in, several mothers and fathers holding their kids hands or pushing strollers like the one she was in. They continued on until they were on the baby care isle.

"So what is on your list Quinn?" Judy asked searching the isle.

"Well the trip is only three days if I remember right. We will leave Friday morning and get there in the afternoon then leave in the afternoon on Monday. So I will need wipes, diaper cream so she doesn't get a rash, and powder. Then we can go get her formula then we can go to the AB Little store for some camping clothes and diapers."

Rachel reached out tugging Quinn's pants earning her attention, "Formula?"

"For your baby bottle sweetie," was the reply as an evil sexy smirk crossed the blonde's face, "I can't pump my breasts while camping sweetie, the noise will be noticeable so we will just find a way for you to suck my nipples and you will have a bottle of formula every night before going to sleep."

Rachel sat sucking her pacifier watching as Quinn and Judy filled up a cart full of products meant to be used on her when she heard her ringtone from her cell phone going off. The blonde walked over and rifled through her purse in the back basket of the stroller, "Hm…Finn is calling." The diva held her hand out for the device, Quinn looked around before pushing the stroller to a far hidden corner, "You will make it fast. I don't want anyone in this store to suspect you're anything more than a baby so you can pretend to be a grown up talking to Finn but if anyone passes by you will revert back to what you really are, a babbling baby playing with mommy's phone understood?"

Rachel licked her lips, "Wes mommy,"

This earned her a big smile that warmed her entire being, she made her mommy proud and it lit her with energy. The phone was opened and Quinn pressed talk before putting it in Rachel's hand.

"Hello?" she spoke cautiously looking around and hoping no one walked by so she didn't have to make a fool of herself over the phone to Finn.

"Hey Rachel, what's up?" the boy asked excitedly, a video game could be heard blasting through the phone.

"Nothing. I'm at the mall, what did you need?" she watched Judy continue to fill the cart while Quinn sat tapping her foot looking unpleased that Rachel was talking to someone else besides her.

"Oh cool. I just wanted to see if you wanted to come over tonight? Hang out. I really miss you," he spoke as the game went on pause, "I kind of want to try again."

Rachel's lungs stopped working. How could he be saying this now? When she was on the other end in a stroller and diaper. It wasn't fair but then again Finn would never treat her this way, then again it was probably why she was never really horny around the boy either but she was his equal, well as much an equal as anyone could be to the lack of intelligence that the football player had.

"I…" she didn't know what to say, how to think, she was a ball of confused mush sliding down in her stroller.

"You don't have to say anything Rach; I know you feel the same way too." How did he know how she felt when she didn't even know how she felt? "We can just chill. Nothing fancy. I just want us to try again but slowly if you want."

He was so sweet, wanting to take things slowly.

"What is taking so long?" Quinn growled into her ear making her almost drop the phone.

"Hold on Finn," she spoke removing the phone and covering the speaker before glancing at the girl above her, where she realized she loved seeing Quinn, "Finn wants me over mommy," she supplied the girl the information.

"Tonight?" the blonde asked with a quirk of the brow earning a nod and eager little sparkling eyes, "You go in your diaper and I pick you up and drop you off. You stay no longer than two hours. Bed time still in effect."

Rachel bit her lip, "No diapy?"

Quinn leaned down so their eyes locked, "No diaper, no deal. My baby isn't going over to a big boy's house with big girl undies. One you will soak them and two you will think you are big enough to make out."

"No mommy, I no do that to you." Rachel assured her, the hazel eyes burning with jealousy toward her making the diva groan and pre cum seep out.

"Tell me you don't love him then and you can go without your diaper," Rachel could hear the undertone of her mommy's stern voice, giving way to a pleading Quinn who still felt like she was second fiddle to Finn.

Rachel furrowed her brow, she loved Quinn but she did still feel love for Finn. He was her first boyfriend.

"That's what I thought," the blonde snarled with a hard glint in her eyes, "You're wearing a diaper and you will be home by six so I can get you dinner, washed and in your crib on time."

"I…" Rachel nodded with some tears collecting in her eyes, "Otay mommy," she didn't want to make Quinn upset and she did. By not denying any love for Finn she had hurt her girlfriend, it was unfair to both of them especially keeping their relationship a secret, "Mommy…he wants be my boyfriend again."

Quinn inhaled sharply ready to deny Rachel the permission to go over but the diva continued, "I tell him about us?"