"I don't know how she managed to get you to cave into all of this," Judy responded with hands on her hips staring at the extra bags that they had taken out of the car and brought in when they got home, "She's got you wrapped around her little finger."

Quinn blushed looking at her girlfriend sitting on a baby blanket in the living room watching Toy Story yet again, it seemed to be a favorite of hers now, before clearing her throat; "Well…um…" she rubbed the back of her neck.

Judy waved her off, "Don't even try and deny it. You may be her Dom but her little pout and bashful innocent eyes turn you into mush and you know it."

The blonde teenager couldn't really deny that though she wished it was Santana or even Brittany talking to her about this because she would feel more at ease to banter back but it was her mother and the topic was still kind of weird to talk about.

"Isn't Santana coming over soon?" Judy wondered grabbing a few bags while Quinn did the same, taking them up the stairs and into the nursery.

"Yeah. We were going to do pizza and a movie. Is that still cool?"

"I don't see why not but um…you think Rachey will mind?"

"Why wouldn't…" she trailed off when she realized that as a rule Rachel wasn't allowed to be an adult in the house and she couldn't start breaking her own rules right off the bat. It would show the girl she had no control, she could easily bend and not take care of the girl and this had to be avoided, "Shit!"

"Welcome to the world of Domming Quinn. Where you're in control of your needs, her needs, emotional and other wise and when you screw up it can hurt her too." Judy sighed wondering not for the first time if her daughter was really ready for such a task. She herself did not take it on till her twenties with her husband and her daughter Frannie took it on at twenty as well, only for a job then to her husband as well.

A crash was heard downstairs. They looked at each other and rushed down, Judy in the lead. They reached the kitchen to see Rachel on her knees trying to clean up some glass; she glanced up when she heard the footsteps. Eyes wide.

"I sworry!" she called out quickly trying to clean it up even faster. Judy rushed over and hauled Rachel up into her arms away from the mess.

"Quinn, take her." Rachel was passed off to the blonde before Judy went to get the broom.

"What the fuck were you doing?" The cheerleader growled out as she walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. Sitting down on the couch with Rachel on her lap.

"I sworry!" The brunette said again snuggling closer but Quinn would have none it.

"Rachey look at me," she waited but the girl squirmed closer so she swats the girl's backside, "Look at me." She never raised her voice but the sternness resonated and got the desired reaction. Quinn reached up moving hair away from Rachel's troubled face, "What happened?"

"I was twisty mommy and you weren't here and I…I cwaled into there and stood up and and…" tears started to fall as she spoke until she was crying and hyperventilating.

"Shhh…baby…it's okay sweetie." The blonde rubbed her back unsure where all of this emotion was coming from. She thought that things were starting to look up; they had talked about the rules and the situation. It was clicking but now Rachel was trying to take control and all of these situations were starting to develop, "You're okay baby girl."

She spoke quietly until Rachel calmed to quiet sniffles. She stood up laying the girl on her stomach, "Mommy?" she whined pitifully starting to get up and reach for the blonde only to be gently pushed back down on her stomach.

"I'll be right back. Stay." Quinn disappeared only to return a moment later with a bottle in her hand, "You said you were thirsty." She replied shyly, "I want you to stay on your tummy while you drink it okay."

Rachel reached up and took the bottle, the nipple quickly disappearing into her mouth. Her eyes closing as a few more tears escaped, Quinn stooped down, rubbing soothing circles on Rachel's back.

"Keep drinking your baba and I'll be back in a few minutes okay." Rachel nodded without opening her eyes.

Quinn stayed there a moment longer watching then got up and walked into the kitchen, "Let me do that,"

Judy waved her away, "I think you should worry more on Santana coming over then this mess. What was she doing getting a glass?" The last part whispered under her breath.

Biting her lip Quinn nodded silently. Why indeed did Rachel try for a glass and not her bottle?

"You really need to talk to her soon, Quinn. Her teetering on the edge of control and submission is only going to hurt her."

"I know that mom."

"You remember what happened to one of Franny's clients, poor boy, suicide is not the way to go."

Quinn felt her stomach twist. Rachel would never consider suicide. Would she? This was getting to be too hard and complicated.

"Mommy?" a soft whimper echoed into the kitchen.

"Deal with it and soon Quinn," her mom called as she made her way back into the living room to see wet eyes glancing up through long thick eye lashes.

"Hey, babe."

Rachel recognized the term and sat up without Quinn stopping her, rubbing her eyes she shyly glanced at her girlfriend, "Mom….Quinn what's wrong? Is this about the glass cause I'll pay for it…" her voice came out wobbly and unsure till it tapered off. She liked calling her mommy. It gave her soft warm fuzzes in her stomach and made her feel like she was flying over the moon yet safely tethered to the ground.

Quinn smiled at her, "No, this isn't about that, but again we're going to have to talk about this but for now…Santana is coming over. For a movie and pizza."

"Oh." Rachel tucked a loose hair behind her ear, "I can…I'll just head home." The tiny girl got up but not far before a warm soft hand wrapped around her wrist and yanked her down to the couch again where she plopped down with a breath of air escaping.

"I want you to get along with her," Quinn whined leaning over and snuggling into Rachel, the smaller girl wrapping her arms around the blonde, "You're both important to me."

"Does…" she hesitated by licking her lips to cause moister to reappear on them, "Does she know I'm here?" The blonde shook her head but refused from lifting her head from the crook of Rachel's neck, "It's not really me you have to worry about."

Quinn snorted, wasn't that the truth.

"I will try my hardest for her to like me. I've always sort of wanted her too, Brittany also and you." Rachel admitted, "But nothing I seemed to do was good enough."

"Don't." Quinn growled but the conversation was left at that. The one word conveyed a deeper conversation that battled between the two.

"I will gladly stay and hang with your friend Quinn. Just tell me how this is to go." Rachel offered lifting the blonde's head up and pecking her on the lips earning a smirk.

"Well I can't let you be an adult; we both know you're not. Especially in this house." The diva nodded, she was tired of being an adult any way. She liked sucking her binky and watching Toy Story and snuggling with her girlfriend/mommy. "But…I don't want to humiliate you; well I do but never to the point that you'd be traumatized." Quinn sighed, how was this to work.

"May I suggest something?" Rachel wondered tracing her fingers up and down Quinn's arm in an attempt to calm her. Quinn nodded. "Well, seeing as I will remain in…" she swallowed, "…my diaper then that means the bathroom is out of the question so we can have a code word to let you know when I need a change. As for talking like an infant, though relatively arousing for you, say I only talk in short sentences. Getting to the point, as it were. Well at least try to do so anyway."

Quinn beamed at the girl. It had been awhile since she heard a full blown Rachel Berry rant. Even before the blonde cheerleader had ordered a cease in this action while in baby form it had been awhile. Rachel was slowly losing herself in the relationship she had with Finn and being a bit broken when the boy dumped her in the hall ways.

"I think that sounds good." She leaned over planting a heartfelt kiss to the girl's oh so delicately plump lips.

"What about drinking and eating? I can't very well be in my…" Rachel cricked her neck, why she was finding it hard to say all the baby stuff was hers was unsettling, "…highchair and seeing as since you've put me on the bottle I can't for the like of me stop spilling my drinks." A nervous laughter echoed in her stomach and out of her throat.

"Sippy cup?" Quinn raised a brow in question. Rachel's nose scrunched up as she smiled and shook her head no, "Right. No sippy cup. Okay. Drink with two hands?"

"I can do that, even if it looks weird."

"We're having pizza so…try not to spill anything on you. I do not want…no I do want to…but for now I don't want to put you in a bib."

Rachel nodded once, "Right. Careful with pizza sauce."

Just then the doorbell rang.