Quinn felt like she was light as air jumping down the stairs, taking them two at a time. A smile splitting her face in half, she was so happy that Rachel was upstairs, comfortably resting in a crib with a diaper on. She'd have to keep an eye on the girl until she accepted her place but Quinn had images of the two of them growing close and both of them loving the roles with in their relationship. The blonde waltzed into the kitchen to see her mom thumbing through a magazine.

Judy Fabray heard some footsteps and glanced up, "What has you so happy?"

Licking her lips she stood by the island in the kitchen, drumming her fingers upon the clean surface, "Well…you know that nursery upstairs?'

Judy quirked her brow, she'd known about Quinn's little kink for some time now after a heart to heart with the girl when she moved back in. The older Fabray wanted no more secrets that could potentially tear the family apart and Judy herself was very open about all things including sexuality but hid it quite well around her stick up the ass husband Russell. Judy, with her long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, was a beautiful sight to behold even with the years added on and she had indeed messed around with a few women before meeting her ex-husband. Now that he was gone, all three Fabray women had grown closer. Turns out Judy's oldest daughter, Frannie, was a dominatrix for a living, making a substantial amount of money. Frannie's husband was actually one of her clients but the two fell in love, it was not hard to tell who wore the pants in that relationship.

"Yes," she nodded shutting her magazine knowing this might be very important; Quinn didn't bring the nursery up unless it was very serious.

Quinn shyly smiled down, "I…did it."

Judy cocked her with furrowed brows, "You did what?" she cautiously asked keeping her eyes locked on her daughter.

"Rachel…you know Rachel Berry from school…" the younger blonde watched her mother nod uneasily.

"The small diva you make fun of but are dying to date?"

Quinn blushed. She really couldn't believe how much she and her mother pulled together, knowing very deep and weird secrets about each other. She briefly wondered if it was normal, "Yeah. She's upstairs…in the nursery." She clarified for her mother whose eyes grew wide.

"OH….you did it!" she clasped her hands together, "Like…right now…in a diaper…"

"…sucking a pacifier and napping in the crib." Quinn finished.

The two stood silently for a moment staring at the counter. It was one thing to talk and fantasies but another thing to actually make it happen.

"Are you happy about it?" she wondered.

Quinn bit her lip thinking for a moment, "Yeah…I haven't felt this good since…since getting pregnant," she shook her head causing her long blonde locks to whip around her face, "…no before that. Since I was a little girl,"

Judy smiled at her daughter who seemed so grown up and happy it was surreal, "You know I've always wanted a granddaughter…even if this is a bit unorthodox I hope you know I will spoil her."

"Mom you can't," Quinn chided, "…at least not yet. She isn't that comfortable in her new role. She's used to fighting for everything and taking care of herself. It's going to be tough for her to give me the control and I can't have you undermining me until she knows I'm in charge."

Judy laughed and held her hands up, "Fine. I'll hold off, for now."

"Thank you. Can she stay for dinner? I already told her she'd be calling her dads to ask for permission."

"Your baby is welcome any time. Didn't you mention she was vegan?" Judy asked opening the take out draw, wondering if they ever ordered from any place that had meals like that.

"She is but I think I'm going to help her learn the joys of some animal related products, I remember hearing her say she only became vegan after visiting a chicken farm when she was six. She saw some of the chickens get their heads cut off."

"That's awful." Judy held her hand to her heart picturing small children witnessing that horrible act, "Do not push her if she doesn't want it."

"I won't. I want her to be happy, I hate when she frowns and she does it too often now." Quinn sighed thinking back on all the non-happy faces the brunette had pulled lately and all because of that stupid Finn and his thick jock skull including the Glee club making fun of her, "You should see her. She's so cute, she's even wearing that shirt you made…the one that says 'Mommy's little baby' and can you make more of those?"

Judy smiled, "If it is anything like I imagined after you showed me her school pictures than I don't doubt that. I'm glad the shirt fit and yes I can make more."

"Oh speak of the infant." Quinn laughed softly hearing noise on the baby monitor, her smile quickly faded when she noticed the noise to be whimpers.

"Sounds like she's having a bad dream," Judy concluded, "You go wake her up and bring her down. I'll order some pizza."

Quinn smiled and kissed her mom on the cheek, "You're the best."

Quinn slid into the nursery as quietly as she could hoping not to disturb Rachel. She held the camera she snatched from her dresser harder in her hands as she stood above the crib. Rachel's hair, even in pig tails, was slightly askew. Some loose strands sticking to her forehead due to a slight shine of sweat covering her body. Toned long legs twitched and kicked a bit so the covers lay at the bottom of her legs allowing the warm sun light to bath her body. Rachel's shirt rode up showing more of the girl's flat tummy, small frighten whimpers escaped the diva's mouth. Quinn snapped a few pictures for the album she was going to create before setting the camera down on a side table.

"Rachey wake up," she said gently rubbing the back of her hand along the girl's cheek. Rachel for her part sniffled in her sleep and drew away from the hand. Quinn slid the bars down and picked her baby up carrying her to the rocking chair. Sitting down she started rocking back and forth, "Rachey come on baby open your eyes. It's just a bad dream,"

Rachel blinked a few times letting her fuzzy eyes settle on the blurry figure in front of her, she shifted to get away from the unknown person only to find strong feminine hands holding her still.

"It's okay sweetie," Quinn whispered.

Rachel heard the voice and calmed down knowing it was her mommy that had her, she smiled around the pacifier still in her mouth, "Hi…" she whispered back with a blush.

"What was that bad dream about huh?" she questioned while her hand soothingly ran up and down Rachel's stomach feeling it tighten and loosen with each pass.

"I…" the brunette glanced away not wanting to talk about it, unconsciously she started sucking on the pacifier finding comfort in the rubber incased in her mouth.

Quinn smiled at the action, "Rachey, mommy is here to help you and listen. I care about you a lot and I know I never showed it before," brown eyes locked on her hazel ones with doubt, "Mommy understands why you are scared and unsure but I promise if you are a good little girl than you have no reason to be those things. I will take care of you, even in school," she assured but the mention of school only brought another whimper to Rachel's throat, "Is that what the dream was about, school?"

Rachel thought for a moment, this was weird but she felt completely safe in Quinn's arms, in this nursery but she still needed control. Rachel had always taken care of herself and kept her emotions as checked as possible even if it was harder at times than others.

"Come on," Quinn nudged her with a calm smile, "Nothing bad will happen here."

The brunette searched the blonde's face finding nothing but sincerity staring back at her, "I no wike scool." Her words came out so quietly the blonde had to strain to hear them, "I dweam bout sweashies."

Hazel eyes saw the sign of tears beginning, "Shhhh…I promise you will have no more slushies' thrown at you when I'm around. But I can't stop everyone, not without telling them that we are together."

Rachel stiffened, "No pwease."

Quinn didn't even feel slightly bad at the outburst knowing it was more about people finding out about Rachel's new role as baby than the two of them actually being together, "I'm not going to tell."

Rachel visible relaxed into the embrace rocking her back and forth, "I…" she furrowed her brows unsure how to keep talking like a little girl, "I…I'm not sure how I feel about this." She said than closed her eyes ready for whatever punishment the older girl would throw at her for talking like a big girl.

A soft chuckle echoed in her ear while a cool breath washed across her face before a kiss was placed on her forehead, "I'm not going to spank you. Rachey I know this is hard for you and some slip ups are allowed. I know you were trying to figure out how to say that in baby form and it was just too hard, it's alright."

Rachel smiled at the blonde, "Rwely?" Quinn laughed holding the brunette closer and nodded making the diva feel more at ease.

"Can you give me control? Do you even want too?" Nervous energy seeped into the words making Rachel uncomfortable as well.

"I don't know. I've always been by myself even when others are around," she shook her head to herself looking at the nursery instead of Quinn.

Quinn pulled Rachel's head to her and they kissed; slow and passionate, lips pressing against each other, breaths mingling, and tongues dueling. Taking their time to explore one another, no hurry in the world, by the time they pulled apart both were breathless.

"That was…" Rachel closed her eyes before opening them again staring hard at the blonde, "The best kiss ever!"

"Me…Rachel that was…who taught you to kiss like that?"

Rachel noticed the change in Quinn's voice, the way she purred 'Rachel' and not 'Rachey'. She shrugged, "Finn says I need more practice."

"Hell no!" Quinn growled, "If anyone needs practice it is him. Your kiss was wonderful, soft, perfect."

Rachel blushed and smiled easily around the pacifier not even noticing it was still there, her brown eyes glanced down than back up, "I…tank you."

Quinn laughed, "Your welcome baby." The blonde took that statement as Rachel wanting to try this situation out, "But to be fair and warn you…I will be stern when you start to try and take control."

Rachel nodded. She really did want someone else to deal with everything for a change, her dad and daddy was always gone since she was ten and hardly talked with her. She had no friends to talk too and Glee was the only out let she had to her emotions. Giving up control and to Quinn Fabray of all people was not something she ever thought would happen but if it made life just a bit easier she'd take it.

"Rachey…I want you to understand one thing. Quinn and mommy are different people. At school we will act one way until you are ready to come out with me, if Quinn is mean or does something you don't like you can tell mommy and she will make sure the mean cheerleader knows to back off."

Rachel smiled largely almost letting the pacifier fall out of her mouth, she found that statement incredible funny, "I will." She agreed.

"Now let's get you dressed. My mom is dying to meet you," Rachel dropped her smile and her brown eyes grew two sizes, Quinn laughed and stood up putting Rachel on the floor than walked over the dresser grabbing a pair of overalls.

"Mommy pwease, big girl cwothes?" Rachey whined gently smacking Quinn's hand away from her legs where she was trying to put the overalls on.

"Rachey, stop it." She chided with a light smack on the girl's thigh making her pout and Quinn smirk. Rachel pouted with folded arms the entire time the blonde dressed her, the overalls covering her diaper and the straps wrapping around her back to fasten in the front, the words of the shirt could still be seen.

Quinn grabbed her hand tugging her to the stairs but the girl refused to move so the blonde picked her up making the girl squeal as she flew through the air to land on the cheerleader's hip, "How do that mommy?"

The older girl began the trek downstairs, "Coach Sylvester is always on us to train. I can bench press at least two hundred and you my baby are only what…a hundred and ten."

"I'm a hundred and eight." She corrected.

The two of them quietly made their way downstairs after that, just before they entered the kitchen where Quinn's mom was still reading her magazine Rachel started shifting in the blonde's arms.

"What's wrong?" she asked with a sigh. Rachel pointed to her pacifier. Quinn smiled and took it out before putting it in Rachel's pocket, "There. If you get fussy though I'll put it back in." Rachel pouted with furrowed brows making Quinn kiss her hard, "So adorable…" she hissed biting the girl's bottom lip earning a moan close to her ear. Yanking back she kissed the girl's nose causing a giggle to escape, "Ready to meet my mom?"

"Can I stand?" she asked.

"Sure," Quinn set her down than took her head leading her into the kitchen.