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Judy was sitting in the exact same spot as earlier, still flipping haphazardly through the magazine, not really paying attention to the pictures or words. Her mind was extremely worried due to the phone call from her soon to be ex-husband, he wanted to meet up. Judy still loved the man even though she hated the way he acted and she wasn't so sure that she could with stand an assault of her senses by meeting up with him.

"Mom," Quinn furrowed her brows not liking the concerned look gracing her mother's features, the woman was too beautiful for such worry to settle on her shoulders.

Judy glanced up and smiled, her hazel eyes landing quickly on Rachel who was as adorable as Quinn had mentioned. Her hair was slightly messy due to the nap and the overalls did nothing to cover the shirt, it took her a month to make it and Judy couldn't help but smile at the fact that it fit perfectly, "Oh…sorry Quinn I was just thinking. So who is your little friend?"

Rachel blushed at the 'little' comment; she knew it meant nothing as she was short and she'd also heard parents mention those kinds of things when asking about new friends on the television so knew it was appropriate, but the blush happened anyway, it didn't help that the diaper rubbed against her as she shifted. Standing tall she walked over offering her hand, "My name is Rachel Berry, it is a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Fabray."

Judy leaned over and smirked at her daughter who was trying not to giggle than looked back at the girl before her, she clasped her much larger hand around the brunette's, "The pleasure is really all mine young lady,"

Swallowing Rachel tried to keep her hormones under control but with the situation it was becoming increasingly harder. Here was a woman way taller than both Quinn and her, with older features and constantly reminding Rachel that she was a little girl with in this house even though Rachel knew she did not mean to imply such things.

"And please call me Judy…or Nana if you want."

"Isn't that what you call a…grandmother?" Rachel wondered unsure if she was right, her two grandmothers disowned her and her fathers so she had little experience dealing with the older generation.

"Yes," Judy nodded with a gentle smile.

The brunette glanced at Quinn who sat down at the island before letting her brown eyes wonder over to Judy, "If you don't mind me saying…Judy, you don't quite look old enough to be a grandmother so I don't understand why you'd want me or anyone else to call you Nana. If you are having trouble seeing yourself young than perhaps I can set you up with an appointment with my father, Hiram Berry, he is a great therapist. I'm sure getting a young boyfriend perhaps would help as well…"

Judy began rolling; she'd never heard such a rant in all her life, "You're right Quinn she does talk too much."

Rachel felt a twist in her stomach, she really hated when people said she talked too much, "I'm sorry."

Judy saw the devastated look cross the young girl's features and quickly stopped laughing, "Oh honey I didn't mean anything by it," she reached out pulling the girl in to her body wrapping her arms around a tiny waist.

"It's okay. I should be used to it by now, everyone tells me I talk too much and for me to shut up." Rachel replied sadly snuggling in closer to the woman whose perfume was intoxicating, setting her senses on fire.

"Well I don't want you to shut up," Judy smiled running a soothing hand down the girl's back, "I quite enjoy a rant now and again and you should never have to get used to something like that." Judy glared at her daughter who looked away ashamed at her pervious actions toward Rachel.

Rachel pulled back and beamed at her, "Thank you."

"Now dinner is going to be here soon so I think we should all go to the living room to pick a movie," Judy smiled taking Rachel's small hand in hers, Quinn followed behind the two with a giant smile on her face.

"What movie do you want to watch?" Quinn asked keeping her eyes trained on Rachel who smiled at her, her nose crinkling in such an adorable way that the blonde had trouble keeping her body rooted to the spot so she didn't sweep the diva up into her arms and kiss away the world.

"I…what kind of movies do you have?"

Judy sighed, "What movie were you thinking of?" Rachel shrugged her shoulders knowing that neither of these two could possibly want to watch a musical with her, her father's although highly into art stopped watching them with her when she turned eight, "Rachel?" Judy cocked her brow and stared the girl down making her squirm.

Licking her lips she squared her shoulders, "I'd prefer a musical but understand that most people are not as musically inclined as I am and therefore don't want to constantly be surrounded by or talked to about Broadway or any other kind of music…"

A finger laid upon Rachel's lips to silence her, Judy's hard hazel eyes glared down on her, "We don't own any musicals." She stated sending a shiver down the diva's back but then pulled away quickly and smiled, "We'll go to the mall next week and you will have to pick out a few that you want us to watch with you."

"What? Really?" Rachel felt like bouncing up and down, her feet rocked back and forth and she clapped her hands happily.

Quinn shook her head, "So we will let you pick mom. Why don't you sit next to me?" she patted the seat next to her while staring at Rachel who nodded and quickly made her way over, before she could sit on the couch Quinn quickly took ahold of her wrist yanking her down into the cheerleader's lap.

"Quinn!" Rachel gasped with wide eyes staring across the room to Judy who was bent over searching for a movie in their very large movie cabinet.

"What?" the blonde smirks with a glint in her eye.

"You're mom…" Rachel's lips tighten up and all sound gets cut off when Quinn pats her diapered ass.

"I thought all babies love to sit on their mommies laps," Quinn purred running her nose over the sensitive flesh of Rachel's neck earning a low groan.

Rachel took a deep breath, unconsciously tilting her head to expose more of her neck to the blonde, while still keeping an eye on Judy who seemed oblivious, "I…" she shifted uncomfortably, not at the fact she was in Quinn's lap, no that was a very safe and comfortable place to be but because Judy could turn around any minute and catch them. From everything Rachel had heard the Fabray's were not the kind to welcome anything out of the ordinary, they hated gays and anything that went against the church's belief system. What would the older woman do if she knew that she'd had sex with her daughter and was wearing a diaper that was absorbing all of her pre-cum that was dripping from her aroused center due to the constant pressure between her legs reminding her of the previous events upstairs and in the bathroom?

"Relax," Quinn whispered into her ear, "Everything is fine."

"Fine," Rachel screeched before lowering her voice, "Your parents kicked you out for getting pregnant, everything I have heard through the grapevine is that they hold you up on a high pedestal and berate you constantly. Your parents are like Sue Sylvester only more selective with the people they accept. How is your mother going to react seeing me, the daughter of two gays, sitting on her daughter's lap? Turned on a great deal and in a diaper no less just wanting to feel your lips on mine again."

"I'd think it was cute," Rachel's eyes went wide even though she was still looking at Quinn who was smirking at her, the brunette had no clue that her voice had risen due to all the emotion she was feeling, "Rachel look at me," Judy said waiting patiently but the girl just closed her eyes and refused to turn her head away from the blonde in front of her.

Quinn reached up gliding her fingers along a red hot cheek, "I think she's embarrassed," she chuckled.

Judy walked closer standing right in front of the two girls, "Rachel look at me," she said again a bit more sternly but nothing happened, the girl was rooted to her spot, not even the feeling of Quinn stroking her cheek relaxed her.

"My mom's talking to you," Quinn whispered against her warm cheek.

Rachel shook her head. There was no way she could look at the older Fabray woman, she was sure she'd see disgust aimed at her even with the cute comment.

"Rachey you look at me this instant little girl," Judy snapped with a glint in her eye.

Rachel swallowed but swung around with her eyes wide open staring at the older woman, never in her life did she feel so small, she had no choice but to do as she was told especially when Judy called her Rachey.

Judy smiled and sat down, "What you heard was right." Rachel looked ready to bolt out of the room at that confession but Judy's hand on her thigh stopped her, "My husband was the one to do all that. I on the other hand have no qualms about anything you mentioned. I have had sex with women in my college days before meeting Russell and as for the diaper situation you mentioned…well everyone should express their feelings in any kink that turns them on. I dominated Russell in the bedroom, although we prayed before and after the act. He was very ashamed at being turned on by me taking control and Quinn's older sister is also a dominatrix. It seems only natural that Quinn too be dominate in the sex department and there is no reason to be ashamed at submitting to another person."

Rachel lowered her brown eyes to her legs, "…but it's not right."

Judy chuckled, "Are you turned on?"

The diva sighed, "I was but this…" she trailed off pointing to Judy and back to herself, "…kind of turned me off." She blushed as she said it adding to the red in her cheeks.

"There is nothing wrong with feeling good," Judy responded leaning forward letting her hand settle between Rachel's legs, her hand began to rub up and down while Quinn just smirked and held her in place.

"Judy…" she moaned trying to get away.

The older woman stared her down pushing harder on the soft cloth below her hand, "It's Nana baby,"

Rachel moaned deeply her body betraying her by slouching down a bit, finally letting the muscles in her thighs relax, no longer was she trying to keep her legs together as if a diaper wasn't between her legs holding them open to a certain degree.

"That's right little one, let Nana make you feel good." She cooed rubbing a bit faster, watching with fascination as Rachel lost herself in the feeling of being pleasured, "Quinn you were right she is an adorable baby girl,"

Rachel hissed when Judy's fingers pushed in allowing the diaper to constantly rub against her hard clit, her wetness running down her pussy allowing for the material to slide easily with each push of Judy's palm.

"You like my mom touching you, getting you off baby," Quinn licked from the brunette's neck up to her ear, whispering softly with a tone of authority, "You couldn't even stop her even if you wanted to, you're just a weak little baby who needs help getting off. Babies don't know how to touch themselves."

Rachel was a mess, the hand between her legs, the weight of Judy on top of her. The words emanating from soft pleasurable lips in her ear from Quinn, she was in heaven.

"What are you?" Judy demanded pushing harder gaining a few thrusts from Rachel's hips.

"A weak baby," Rachel stuttered.

Judy smiled and leaned down, "But a strong woman…" her hazel eyes boring into Rachel's lust filled brown ones, "Baby Rachey lets us take care of her but Rachel is a strong person who doesn't take shit from anyone understand?" she pressed harder.

"Yes…God yes…please just…" she humped the hand pressing between her thighs.

Quinn's hand snuck in, her fingers twisting a hard nipple through the cloth of the shirt, "Now sweetie, you talk like a baby or you don't get off."

"Quinn's right…baby girls do as they are told or get punished." Judy smirked, "Do you want to get a time out Rachey? Stand in the corner in nothing but your diaper, horny as hell, knowing you'd get a good old fashioned spanking if you touch your pussy by yourself."

"Oh God," Rachel moaned biting her lip before her hand raced out latching behind Quinn's head and pulling her in for a deep passionate kiss. Tongues dueling for dominance that the blonde easily won as the brunette lost herself in what was happening. Fingers tugging on her nipple, ghosting over the very tip sending shivers to her center and making goose bumps rise on her skin.

"Come on baby girl, cum for us." Quinn sucked the shell of her ear knowing that was a sensitive part for the small singer.

"No," Rachel spat…she could not do this. Not with Quinn and her mom, not when they could turn this around on her and make her life more miserable than it already was. She placed her hands on Judy's shoulders trying to desperately push her away but the woman wouldn't budge. Rachel could feel her muscles turning in to mush around these two hot women, she was a baby to them, she could not do much but let them give her pleasure but it did not mean she wouldn't try, "I…oh yes…don't want…harder…this," she said shaking her head trying to clear it from its aroused state.

"You want it softer?" Judy asked sarcastically, "Is this too much for you wittle girl?" she laughed along with Quinn.

"Someone's getting fussy," the blonde cheerleader taunted getting the pacifier out of Rachel's overall pocket and trying to get it into her mouth but Rachel held her lips together barely being able to contain the moans wanting to fall from her throat. Quinn smirked at the fact the diva was trying to take control again, "I knew I should have brought you down in just the diaper. You think you're an adult, well, you aren't Rachey. Nothing about you screams adult or teenager for that matter."

As Quinn kept reminding Rachel that she was nothing more than a horny infant, she brought the pacifier down, undoing her pants and slipping it in till she was able to slightly fuck herself with the nipple, coating it with her juices that flowed out at the erotic scene going on. Biting her lip to keep herself from cumming she managed to pull the pacifier out and put it up to Rachel's lips.

Rachel took a breath through her nose immediately getting the scent of Quinn's pussy, the same one she eagerly sucked on upstairs. Her mouth began to water, the taste ghosting over her tongue. Quinn ran the nipple over Rachel's lips letting some of the liquid coat them, "Do you want to taste mommy Rachey?"

Rachel's brown eyes pleaded for this to stop but she knew she didn't want it to. She was loving every minute of this but felt like she shouldn't, "I…"

As soon as she opened her mouth to answer the pacifier was in and she was sucking Quinn's juices, letting it drift down her throat. She moaned and bucked her hips; she could feel the blonde below her fucking herself while Judy thrust harder against the diaper. So many sensations, she was losing herself and did not care anymore.

"Pwease Nana," she begged her voice raspy and muffled by the pacifier which she would not drop for anything as long as it contained the essence of Quinn.

"Awww there's are little girl, are you horny for Nana?" Judy asked.

"Wes," she hissed bucking harder feeling the diaper graze the tip of her clit sending electric shocks to her entire body, "Pwease…inside." She lifted her hips to help justify her sentence.

Judy and Quinn both chuckled evilly before Quinn moaned as her fingers hit her g-spot, "Rachey doesn't get to have anything in her pussy just yet. Your too little and you don't understand that."

Rachel whined but sucked harder on her binky.

"If you're really good and learn your place, maybe in a couple months you can be fucked in your pussy but till than get used to getting off by clit only baby," Judy laughed lightly but it held every bit of power and evilness(at least to Rachel) that the Fabray's were known for.

That was it, Rachel could no longer hold on and for the first time in her entire life she squirted as white hot flashes shot through her body. Her muscles clenching and her flesh tingling, the diva's throat opening as a scream pierced the room. Rachel's mind shutting down slightly at the intense pleasure, her entire body folding up, her hips thrusting up while the other two held her down. Quinn moaned out deeply but still pretty quietly letting it be known she had just came as well making Rachel have yet another smaller orgasm.

After a minute Judy retracted her hand and sat back eyeing the two teenagers, thanking her lucky stars that after her menopause she'd been less sexually active and this in no way gave her the need to go finish herself off, "So I think I found a movie…"

She got off and walked over to the movie cabinet picking out a video and slipping it into the DVD player before she excused herself for a moment. Rachel's head lolled to the side because honestly she was not able to move at this time, her brow cocked and she felt a twinge in her stomach as she watched the woman walk out. Quinn shifted below her making her look at her; she smiled down at the small diva, moving her so she was snuggled close before hazel eyes glanced at the television. Rachel shook her head, the Fabray's really were something, she just had one of the most intense orgasms of her life in front of them and they go on as if it wasn't some erotic experience spent between two or in this case three people but instead a simple bodily function done by a baby, nothing to bask in. It made her feel dirty and yet sexy because even though they dismissed it, it still happened, they wanted to touch her. Judy and Quinn Fabray found her hot, or at least adorable, they had the need to bring her off to make her feel good. It had been so long since she felt wanted, felt sexy, and felt loved. Smiling around her pacifier she cuddled closer to Quinn feeling the girl wrap her arms around her waist holding her tight.

"Here sweetie," Judy came in leaning down handing her the star pillow that was left up in the crib earlier.

Rachel smiled and grabbed for it holding it close to her chest before laying her head down on it feeling the soft plushness on her cheek. Quinn leaned down kissing the other cheek that was not on the pillow before leaning back into the couch while Judy sat with her legs folded up on the other side of the couch. The main menu finally popped up revealing the movie chosen was Toy Story, Rachel furrowed her brows and looked at Judy.

"It is one of the safest videos for baby," was the reply she got.

Rolling her eyes she dropped her head back down on the pillow, it was a lame pick and only rated PG, she's been watching high rated movies since she was five, musicals mostly. Her fathers didn't care for animated or any other movie that did not introduce music or gave some kind of cultural lesson. So she would never tell them that she had never seen Toy Story before. As the movie began she found a lightness fluttering in her chest as she found herself falling into laughter at the characters actions and feeling Quinn wrapped around her. Maybe being a kid wasn't such a bad idea, she wouldn't have to take care of herself anymore and let others deal with the pressures.


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