A/N: Don't worry this is all Faberry, that thing with Judy was a onetime thing. It was to help let Rachel know that it is alright to be herself or to be her baby self in front of her and to not be ashamed that she is aroused by it. This is a short update but I hope you like it.

Rachel snuggled closer into Quinn unconsciously as her eyes stayed on the screen, her mind briefly wondering why she had never seen this movie before today than becoming numb and entertained by the moving toys on the screen. She was so enamored that she did not hear the doorbell ring or see Judy get up to leave the room.

"Pizza is here," Judy called as she entered the room picking up the remote and pausing the television.

Rachel picked her head up from the pillow and glared, "Why'd you pause it?" A soft slap was delivered to her thigh, "Sowry," she whispered with a slight blush.

"Because dinner is here," Judy spoke softly, "Do you want to continue watching the movie?" the older Fabray had a feeling Rachel had never seen this movie before, no one over the age of ten was that enamored by the movie but could see that the small brunette was embarrassed about such a thing so kept it to herself.

Rachel licked her lips and nodded, "Yes Nana,"

"Can we trust you to sit here quietly and watch the movie while we get dinner?" Quinn asked leaning around Rachel's shoulder to stare into her brown eyes.

The brunette blushed, "Yes," she rolled her eyes because honestly she was old enough to sit in a room by herself and watch a movie especially when said movie is very interesting.

Quinn got up and sat Rachel on the couch placing a gentle kiss on the girl's cheek seeing as her mouth was quite occupied with the pacifier, Quinn realized Rachel was a natural at sucking on the little nipple which sent dirty images racing through her mind. Shaking her head she glanced into the girl's eyes, "We'll be right back." She said unpausing the movie and walking out with her mother leaving a quiet good girl sitting on the couch.

Inside the kitchen Quinn glared at her mother, "What was that in there?" she pointed to the living room, keeping her voice quiet.

"You're just now bringing it up?" Judy smirked grabbing some plates and cups, "Can you get the baby's bottle please."

Quinn walked over to the cabinet grabbing the gold star bottle she bought a few months ago, "I didn't want to make her think anything that happened to her was wrong and embarrassing. So yes I'm bringing it up now. I can't believe you…" the younger blonde couldn't seem to get the words out, it may have been hot because she wasn't picturing her mother being the one to do it, but still felt so wrong, that was her baby.

"I did it for two reasons," Judy explained as she took the bottle, "Thank you. Soda okay?" Quinn nodded her head as she watched her mom fill the bottle while she smirked and cut Rachel's pizza up in small pieces.

"And what were those two reasons?" she growled the knife and fork scraping on the plate as she dug them in.

"You think Rachel would allow you to change her or anything around this house if I could walk in on you two at any time, now she won't be that shy to show her baby side besides I'm sure I'm going to have to change her at times too…though let's make that few and far between." Judy tapped her long fingers on the counter.

"Noted," Quinn laughed quietly, "…and the second thing?"

"I can see you're not sure if you want to continue anything after this weekend."

Quinn's eyes widened, how did her mom get into her head like that, it was creepy, "How'd you know?"

"I'm your mother, I can read you. You can't handle the thought of someone else doing that to her, do you really think seeing her at school with a boy hanging on her will be alright with you?"

"No but…I can't just come out,"

"Why not? Quinn you are a powerful young woman and rich to boot. You are beautiful and smart; those combinations are rare in this world. Take what you want, forget about anyone else. You, Quinn, are head cheerleader. Make them part for you and Rachel."

The head cheerleader sighed, biting her lip and thinking. She really did want to continue seeing Rachel even at school, she closed her eyes and imagined the smiling face meeting her in the morning at her locker, soft lips encasing hers as a morning greeting, and a warm hand in hers as the two walked to class. It was easy to imagine, especially the naughty make out sessions in closets and empty class rooms, but could she do it for real.

"Quinn," Judy walked over to her daughter laying a hand on her shoulder feeling the tenseness under her fingers, "Think about walking in to school and seeing that Finn boy or some other guy kissing Rachel, what is your first reaction?"

The sixteen year old felt boiling rage pooling in her stomach, heat racing over her skin as she thought about some boy slobbering all over the diva's mouth, "Disgusting." She spat out angrily.

"You have your answer. Now you just need to react,"

"I know…I think I will make her my girlfriend but I still need some time. Besides I think she's afraid that if we did become girlfriends that people will somehow find out about our positions with in the relationship. It should stay between us and whoever we allow in."

"I agree but you can have your sex life and you're public life as two different things. Your father and I kept it that way for years; still no one knows that your father loved to be spanked."

"Ewww, mom I did not need to know that." Quinn grimaced at the thought of her strong opinionated asshole of a father draped over the lap of her pretending to be frail blonde hair mother begging to be spanked. She let a shudder over take her body while grabbing the baby bottle and Rachel's plate full of bite sized pizza while her mother laughed and grabbed some plates, two cups and the box of pizza.

"She won't wait forever Quinn," was the last thing said as they entered the living room to see Rachel leaning forward on the couch smashing the pillow between her thighs and arms, close to falling off with eyes trained on the movie which was a second away from the credits rolling.

"Rachey sit back before you fall," Quinn chuckled watching the girl pout a bit but slide back as the credits rolled which meant her attention focused back on the two blondes.

"I hungwy," Rachey patted her stomach feeling silly but seeing the adorable smiles grace the other two's face made her feel happy inside, she squirmed off the couch and plopped onto the ground in front of the coffee table. Quinn placed the plate down in front of her and watched Rachel furrow her brows before glancing up and being handed the baby bottle.

"I don't want any complaining baby girl," the cheerleader wagged her finger seeing the brunette begin to open her mouth, both of them knew that she did not need to be reminded that she was a diapered baby in this house so she reached up to take the bottle, "Two hands sweetie," so she reached the other hand up and soon the bottle was in her hands and she felt the cool liquid chilling her hands.

Rachel stared at the bottle in her hands, she realized it was bigger than a normal baby bottle and she really did need two hands to hold it steadily with the liquid inside. She smiled when she noticed the gold stars littering the plastic container; Quinn had been so great with the stars…on her ceiling, her plush pillow, and now her bottle. The cheerleader wasn't making fun of her for her love of stars, the metaphor of her future but embracing it. She felt thirsty all of sudden but realized the pacifier was still in her mouth, her hand immediately lifted to take it out but hesitated, did babies take it out or…she sucked for a second on the rubber nipple before spitting it out and replacing it with the nipple of the bottle, feeling the sweet soda washing away the dryness of her throat.

Quinn stared at her with her mouth agape; she did not expect that at all. Rachel had just spit the pacifier out onto the ground, Judy laughed and picked it up placing it on the table. Rachel was really starting to embrace their roleplaying and it made her ecstatically happy that she excused herself for a second to do a victory dance in the hallway before coming back in calmed and ready for dinner.

"Should we watch another film?" Judy asked watching Rachel place the bottle on the floor and grab at a slice of pizza before stuffing it into her mouth, sauce dripped on to the white shirt.

"Shit," Quinn raced out and came back in with a two things in her hand, she smacked (easily) Rachel's hand away that kept trying to get the red goo off the shirt and wiped it with a wet washcloth before undoing the overall buttons letting the straps fall away, "Arms up baby,"

Rachel bit her lip but complied raising her hands and Quinn made quick work of taking off Rachel's shirt making the diva gasp. She was not wearing a bra…her breasts hung out for all to see but Judy didn't even glace away from the movie case as she was picking a new movie. The cold air caused a shiver to go over the diva's flesh and her nipples protruded. Quinn ignored them although subtly ran her hand over them causing a moan to rip through Rachel's mouth, as she buttoned the overalls back up and than placed the bib around the brunette's neck.

"To keep the mess off of baby," she kissed her lips and sat back down, "What movie did you pick?" she asked taking a bit of her pizza and watching her mom.

The sound a phone ringing echoed and Quinn jumped to get it. Once on she talked for a moment before glaring at Rachel, walking over she leaned down, "You forgot to call your fathers and let them know you were staying for dinner. Though it must be my fault really, I'm in charge. So apologize and ask to stay for the weekend."

Rachel grabbed the phone, "Hi dad," she blushed as Quinn continued to watch her, "I'm sworry…I mean sorry," she blushed redder and glanced away from the blonde's smirk aimed at her, "I was going to call but we had a Glee assignment and you know me and music. Yes…okay…do you mind if I stay the weekend over here? Okay…love you too. Tell daddy too. Bye." She handed the phone back, "He said yes."

"Great. A whole two days well one in half with my baby girl." Quinn beamed and kissed her, the kiss deepening immediately, a tongue running along sensitive flesh. Edging in until their tongues wrestled for a moment, the action stealing the breath from both of them.

A throat clearing brought them back to the present, "I put the movie on and I think we should eat before it gets too cold."