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Quinn yawned; the day had been long and unexpected. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she'd be sitting in her living room with her mom and Rachel Berry and on top of that Rachel was…her baby. It felt so good saying that, each time she thought it a smile wanted to split her face. For so long she had dreamed of claiming the young diva, night after night guilt ate away at her insides while the images of the day's events rushed through her mind of how hurtful she was to Rachel. The only thing that made it slightly better was the fact that she only did it so she could hide her true feelings for the girl.

Licking her lips she glanced to the floor, tilting her head she watched Rachel watching the television. This time her mother picked a movie more suited for teenagers, Blue Crush, one of Quinn's favorite movies. One day she will learn to surf. Rachel was laying on her back, a pillow propped up by the couch holding the girl's head up so she could see the screen, her legs sprawled out as far as they could go and the bottle resting on the brunette's chest while the nipple sat upon a plump lip so the good could suckle every once in a while unconsciously. She looked so relaxed that Quinn had a hard time staying up on the couch because all she wanted to do was feel the girl beneath her, skin upon skin, moving as one…she shook her head before side glancing quickly to her mother, now was not the time to think of such things.

"It is getting really late," Judy, yawned shutting the movie off as the credits rolled, "I'm heading to bed. I'll see you girls in the morning."

The two girls said good night and watched the older woman climb the stairs and disappear before glancing at each other, hazel and brown locked, each studying the other. Finally they were alone and for some reason neither knew what to do. Rachel looked away first trying to hide her yawn, the day was long and the spanking earlier with all the orgasms, well the nap had not been long enough for her and she was still tired.

"I guess its bath time," Quinn sighed pushing herself off the couch; she picked the bottle up off of Rachel and motioned for the girl to follow. Rachel had a hard time getting off the ground with the diaper between her legs but after a few tires and Quinn's annoying laughter she made it to her bare feet.

"Not funny," she whined stomping her foot and losing some balance but did not fall.

"Should I hold your hand so you don't fall over baby," Quinn chuckled extending her hand for the smaller girl.

Rachel shook her head, "I can do it," she whispered but her hand instinctively latched onto Quinn's soft outstretched hand and the two walked upstairs hand in hand. The hall way seemed quiet as the two continued to the bathroom, "You baf too?" Rachel asked blushing at the way it came out, honestly it would take some time to get used to saying things simple and short and slightly grammatically incorrect but if it got that smile from the blonde every time she would do it often.

"I'm not sure yet," the cheerleader tilted her head while opening the door, "Not sure if I want to get in with you or…" she trailed off with a thoughtful look before nodding her head as if she made up her mind.

"Or?" Rachel prodded tugging on the hand still holding onto hers. Quinn turned and pulled Rachel fully into the bathroom, shutting the door she turned around, hazel eyes darkening as each step brought her closer to her baby girl. Rachel for her part remembered that same look from before and took a step back as the older girl approached, "Mommy?"

"You know how turned on I get when you say that?" Quinn purred stepping into Rachel's personal space, her finger running the length of the girl's jaw. Brown eyes darkened and yet innocently widened at the same time.

A smirk graced the diva's lips, "You do mommy?" Quinn groaned and smashed their lips together pulling the girl in tight so their chests smashed together, Rachel's arms wrapped around the blonde's waist.

Tongues sliding back and forth almost moving as one, neither battling for dominance just enjoying the feel of the other, hands roamed feeling skin wherever they could. Rachel reached down and slowly removed Quinn's shirt, her fingers sliding over tight abs along the way, "I wove your abs mommy," she hissed between kisses.

Quinn fisted the side of the overalls in her hands at the confession. She had never told anyone but she still felt a bit ugly in that department, losing baby fat was quite hard but she worked out every day and apparently it was working. She'd be doing fifty more sit ups a day if it got Rachel to caress her stomach like that. Once her shirt was discarded Quinn stepped away out of Rachel's arms earning a pout and arms reaching forward to pull her back in. The blonde shook her head but said nothing as her longer arms reached out, slowly and sensually without breaking eye contact she undid the overall straps letting them fall away officially allowing the entire garment to pile on the floor.

"Step out," she whispered while licking her lips her hazel eyes locked on Rachel's diaper covered center. The brunette did as asked, standing there being stared at was slightly exciting and unnerving. Quinn stepped closer kissing the girl again this time with a bit more urgency but she still had yet to battle for her right to top the girl before her, it was hot and slow and Rachel thought she would die if it continued, but boy would she be one happy girl.

She'd never felt this heat building all over her body before, Finn was clumsy and Jesse was to rough. Puck was good with his hands but never as soft as Quinn's that seemed to ghost over her entire body, Rachel could not even fathom how the older girl's hands appeared to be everywhere when she could not get her hands to move fast enough on the blonde. Her hands quickly snaked down to undo the button of the jeans the blonde was wearing, the zipper broke Quinn out of her haze and she yet again pulled back.

"No fair," Rachel stomped her foot again reaching forward for Quinn who chuckled and shook her finger.

"Just watch baby," she winked as her hands glided down her body, over her bra clad breasts, down her tight stomach to the edge of her jeans. She kept her eyes on the young brunette whose own eyes stayed on the hands holding the pants, smiling she gradually lowered the pants. Rachel wanted to rush over and rid the girl of the useless item that kept her from the honey leaking from the pot of gold she'd wanted to drink. Once she was out of her jeans she sashayed over to the other teenager, yanking her off her feet with a small yelp from the brunette than slowly laid them both down on the bathroom floor. She kissed her deeply again before moving down her body, Rachel watched as Quinn peppered kisses all over her stomach and then finally the blonde sat up, Rachel closed her eyes feeling the diaper being removed and knew that any minute Quinn would be making her feel so good…but after a minute of just her heart pounding in her chest she opened her eyes to see Quinn no longer in front of her. She turned her head to see the older girl standing at the bathtub.

Feeling eyes on her she turned around to see her baby looking up slightly angry and confused at her, "Bath is almost ready sweetie," she said gently as if they had not been in a completely hot make out session, knowing it would make Rachel even more aroused if she pretended that she wasn't as hot and bothered as the brunette was.

Rachel had not even heard the water going, her mind so focused on anticipating the feel of Quinn's mouth on her. She lay there staring up at the ceiling, focusing on getting her breathing to even out and her heart to slow down. Closing her eyes she felt the cool floor beneath her bare body, whispers of cool air gliding across her burning flesh. Soon cool hands wrapped around her and picked her off the ground. Opening her brown eyes she saw herself being lowered into the bathtub, the warm water lapped at her skin not helping in cooling down.

Once in Quinn turned around and searched under the sink for a moment before coming back, "Here you go," she smiled placing a rubber duck and a few other bath toys in with Rachel, "Now I'll be right back to wash you but for now just play with your toys."

"Mommy?" she asked with furrowed brows, "I fougt we gonna…pway."

"Not right now, its bath time baby." Quinn excused herself from the bathroom and went to her room than into the nursery to get some pajamas for Rachel and then back into her room and to her dresser to pick out some pajamas for herself in which she laid them out on the bed. It was funny to see the footy pajamas next to her nightgown and knew Rachel would whine a bit but it would be worth it to see the young diva entrapped in the cloth. She took a few deep breaths to calm her pounding heart, she really wanted to do more in the bathroom with Rachel but felt like she should show the diva that this was more than just a sex game, she wanted to make the brunette feel loved and wanted and not merely for the excellent sex.

• • • • •

Rachel sat watching the door for a moment hoping Quinn would come back in and they could continue what the older girl had started but another minute later and no blonde…she knew it wasn't going to happen. Sighing she glanced back at the toys than at the shampoo and conditioner, she knew Quinn would be upset if she tried to wash herself so focused back on the toys. The cheerleader was kind enough to supply her with entertainment, however juvenile the entertainment is. Picking up the toy truck she moved it through the water watching the trail of moving water behind it, a motorboat like sound pushed past her lips quietly. It wasn't that bad playing with toys. She smiled.

• • • • •

Quinn walked back to the bathroom and opened the door but stopped quickly and smiled running back to her room in search of her video camera, once it was found she ran back to the bathroom and pushed the door open easily allowing the lens to focus on Rachel who was holding a rubber duck toy in one hand and a turtle toy in the other.

"Give me my girlfrwend, Miss Wadybug back ewil tuvel!" Rachel deepened her voice, moving the rubber duck as it was the one talking, "Ner…she mine now." This time her brown eyes locked on the turtle and it moved while 'talking'. The teenager than glanced to the side where on the soap container attached to the wall sat a toy lady bug, "Pwease save me Mifter Duckie!"

Quinn watched for a few more minutes, keeping the camera trained on the brunette all the way up till Mifter Duckie rescued Miss Wadybug. Shutting the camera down and setting it on a side table within the hall she pushed open the door, "Mommy!" Rachel squealed splashing her hands and kicking her legs in the water excitedly accidently throwing water over the tub wall and on to the floor. Brown eyes widened and she glanced at the pooling water, a frown gracing her features.

"Rachey what's wrong?" Quinn asked coming closer while grabbing a towel to mop up the water but the young diva sat there staring at the water making the blonde wander what was going on in the girl's mind.

Rachel was playing with all her toys, the bubbles coating the top of the water made good hiding spots for the good toys while the bad toys roamed above. She was moving and swimming and water was going everywhere but she was having too much fun to realize.

The door swung open with a very mad man standing in the door way, "Hi daddy!" Rachel called barely glancing in his direction.

"What is this young lady?" he raised his voice a bit, his anger showing as his eyes surveyed the water coating the bathroom floor.

"What?" Rachel asked glancing over the rim of the tub best she could.

"This?" he yelled motioning to the soaked tiles, "This is a mess Rachel. How many times have I told you not to make a mess while you play?" she shrugged her shoulders she was sure the answer was a lot but couldn't open her mouth to say so, "At least ten times Rachel. Now there is no playing in the bath tub anymore, you will bath and that is it."

He hauled her out of the tub quite roughly, her arms ached a bit when he set her down and started using the towel to dry her off. She stood in the corner with no dinner, her stomach growing painfully than sent to bed thirty minutes earlier than her normal bed time, and unfortunately when ever she was being punished no matter how big or small her daddies always took away Barbra Streisand, her only friend. She lay in bed crying because she didn't get to watch her favorite musical before bed, she would never tell her daddies but she had no friends at school and she would talk to the television and pretend that Barbra could hear her.

Quinn realized Rachel had been quiet for a long time. She managed to wash the girl's hair and body with out a whimper or word, reaching over she let the water out than ran her fingers soothingly through brown locks, "Rachey are you back?"

Rachel's brown eyes squinted in confusion but she quickly realized where she was. The memory had hit her hard, she had forgotten all about being bad as a child and the way her fathers yelled at her constantly. They liked things a certain way and she had to follow. She learned to be a very good girl early on, while others fussed and made messes, she knew her boundaries by picking up her messes and doing her chores on time as well as her homework. Fun came last, if at all. It helped isolate her even more from the kids around her.

"I back mommy," she sighed sadly kicking the turtle toy as it moved slowly toward the drain as the water got sucked down it.

Quinn knew that Rachel would feel better and more open once she was dried and warm. She quickly helped the girl out and dried her off, not a word was spoken. Soon the two were in the blonde's room and Rachel didn't even complain about getting a new diaper or being put in the cute footsy pajamas, "What's wrong Rachey?" she asked when they were both dressed, it was so unusual for the girl to be so quiet.

Rachel looked at Quinn, finally let her eyes linger and her mind wander. This was the girl to dig at her constantly; she was the one that made all the other kids shun her when they were in elementary school, "I'm sorry," she cried collapsing into the surprised blonde's arms.

"Rachel what's wrong?" Quinn wasn't roleplaying anymore; she needed to know what had happened in that bathroom, why the brunette grew distant.

"What ever I did I'm sorry, I just wanted some friends but…you wouldn't let them, and now your going to tell them about this…and…and…and then they really won't ever want to be my friends…" she hiccupped and cried harder.

Quinn felt her stomach tighten into coils and bile rise toward her throat, she swallowed a couple times hoping she wouldn't run to the toilet to throw up. Her arms instinctively wrapped tighter around Rachel, "I…you…" licking her lips she steeled her self and sat up straighter pulling the girl into her lap, right now maybe she needed to be mommy and not the scared teenage cheerleader that had hurt the poor girl, "Rachey you have no reason to be sorry," she said sternly while rubbing calming circles on the girl's back.


A finger laid upon Rachel's lips before anything else could be said, "No…I'm the one that is sorry. You are perfect Rachel and I never meant to make anyone stay away from you, I did it because I was scared and my father was always pushing at me to be the best. He said awful things about your fathers and you and in the end I started to believe him but after…" she trailed off she wasn't ready to go there just yet, "…after everything I've changed. I won't ever tell anyone about this Rachel, okay?"

The diva just buried herself into Quinn and sniffled, "I beweave you mommy,"

"Good, now I think we should sleep. We can talk more and get to know each other even better tomorrow. We'll also be talking about what happened in the bathroom okay?" Rachel nodded.

Quinn settled under the covers and pulled Rachel underneath with her, wrapping her arms around the younger girl, "Mommy?"

"Yes baby?"

"Can…" her voice trailed off making hazel eyes glance at her, a faint blush resided on her cheeks, "Can…I have my binky?"

Quinn chuckled but rolled over and grabbed a pacifier from her night table and slipped it into the girl's mouth. Rachel nestled into the blonde who smelled like strawberries, sucking gently on the rubber nipple and feeling snug and warm in her diaper and pajamas. She fell asleep quickly with Quinn's fingers running through her hair.

Quinn heard a loud noise startling her awake, she glanced down to check on Rachel who was sound asleep. Another loud thump sounded so the blonde carefully extracted herself from the other teenager and made her way downstairs.

"Mom?" she asked rubbing her eyes trying to wake up a bit more so no one can blame her for missing the slightly terrified look of her mother who was standing by the front door.

"Quinn go back to bed sweetie," Judy tried to smile but it faltered.

Another loud bang echoed through the first floor, "Open this damn door Judy!"

"Is that dad?" Quinn became wide awake seeing her mom nod, "How long has he been here?"

"An hour," Judy sighed rubbing her temples as another slam echoed, "Go away Russell, You'll wake up Quinn and her friend."

Quinn opened her mouth to say something but Judy shook her head, holding her hand up for the teenager to remain quiet.

"Why did you change the locks?" he spoke with a harsh scratch in his throat, his hand barely banging on the door this time.

"You don't live here anymore," she whispered back laying her forehead on the cool surface. Judy still could not believe everything that went down, Russell was a horrible husband and he had no sense when it came to running a business. Judy offered him a deal, he give her control of the company and she'd pay him a reasonable amount of money a year to live okay, he'd still need a job but wouldn't be bad off if he did not work. All he had to do was divorce her and stay away from her and until Quinn turned eighteen, Quinn as well, Frannie could decide on her own whether or not to see her father.

"I haven't signed yet, you're still my wife," he yelled out his fists beginning again.

"He's going to wake Rachel," Quinn hissed glancing at the stair case than back at her mom, she really did not want the other girl to witness this scene. Just hearing her father pounding away at the door knotted her stomach, she could not believe she came from him.

"Is that Quinn?" Russell called out.

"No, now go away before I call the police,"

"Quinnie, come on open the door!" Russell ordered softly hoping it would cause the girl to let him in.

"Stop it dad," Quinn called as tears spilled down her cheeks at the horrible sound her father was making, "Go away!"

"Is that any way to talk to your father," he screamed, "I gave you your life young lady. You have to do as I say,"

"Listen to yourself Russell," Judy called back thanking her stars that she was not playing the meek wife anymore, "That is no way to talk to our daughter." The older blonde quickly crossed the floor wrapping her daughter into her arms who was now crying softly.

"Let me in damn it!" he screamed once more, his fists pounding as the two sat inside holding tight to each other. Finally they heard him stagger away from the door an hour later but neither moved for another few minutes afraid if they did he'd come back.

"Mom?" Quinn sobbed she had never felt so terrified of her father before, not even when he kicked her out for being pregnant.

"It's okay Quinn." Judy spoke holding the girl tighter, more for herself than for Quinn.

"Is that the first…"

Judy shook her head, "…No, the fourth."

"How did I not know?"

"Your usually a sound sleeper or at a friend's house." Judy shrugged releasing her daughter a bit and laughing sadly, "At least he didn't wake up Rachel." Quinn nodded before yawning, "Why don't you go back to sleep sweetie, I'm heading there myself."

"Can I stay with you for a little?" Quinn asked.

Judy nodded and the two headed to the master bedroom. Quinn just needed to be near her mom after that, her stomach was still in knots and she felt like throwing up. She'd never tell but she felt like she was turning into her father and prayed she would never turn out like that, she would never want to scare her kids like he just scared her.

Rachel stretched, feeling very warm and comfortable. Opening her eyes she glanced around, her pacifier was on the pillow and the covers pooled around her knees where she must have kicked them in the night. She looked around when she noticed Quinn wasn't in the bed with her, she frowned, "Mommy?"

Judy passed by when she heard the small cry. She went into the room to see Rachel sitting up rubbing her eyes with a small pout, "She had a rough night and is sleeping in my room."

"What happened?" Rachel asked concerned.

"Ask her when she wakes. Till than do you want to hang out with me or stay in bed until she wakes up?"

Rachel licked her lips, "I hang wif you Nana."

Judy smiled, "Well lets go have some breakfast." She picked the girl up carrying her downstairs.

"I big girl?" the brunette asked.

"Only when Quinn says so," Judy told her as they entered the kitchen. That was when Rachel noticed the large high chair by the table, the older blonde quickly locked her in it before she had a chance to say anything, "So what would you like for breakfast?"

"Cereal?" Rachel asked not in the mood for watching anyone cook especially on her behalf. Less than a minute later a bowl of cheerios with no milk was put before her along with a baby bottle of apple juice. She smiled and dug in, pretending each round cheerio was one of Coach Sylvester's cheerios, they begged her not to eat them but it was useless because they did not give her a break at school so she would not give them a break now. Plus they were quite yummy.

Judy sat at the table with a cup of coffee, "So you're in Glee with Quinn right?"

Rachel nodded shoving a handful into her mouth, "Yep…I wove Gwee. I sing good." She smiled happily before picking her bottle up and drinking some.

"You were very good at that competition I went to."

"Tank you Nana," Rachel beamed. She was trying to remember the last time her and her fathers sat down for breakfast together or when they were interested in anything she did that wasn't naughty, "I gowna be on bwoadway."

"I believe that." Judy laughed at the girl kicking her legs back and forth, seeming so carefree in the jammies she was wearing, her eyes jumped to the thermometer hanging by the fridge, it was almost a hundred degrees already and those pajamas would be uncomfortable soon, she could see sweat beginning to bead on the poor brunette's face, "It's getting pretty hot, would you like to hang out on the patio and go swimming?"

Rachel licked her lips, "I…" she trailed off. How could she tell this woman that she did not know how to swim. Her fathers told her each summer they would teach her but then business trips came up and she was enrolled in any and everything related to music whether singing, dancing or even acting classes. She had no time to go swimming.

"Rachey, do you know how to swim?" Judy wondered tapping the table with her fingers quietly, she watched the girl shake her head, "What if I told you that I have some floaties for you and you won't drown. Would you want to go swimming then?"

Rachel nodded quickly, it was hot and she would love to play in the water for a while. Soon Judy had her in a new special diaper, one designed to get wet and it had several cartoon characters on it. She wore a plain blue shirt to match the diaper and one floatie was blown up on each arm, "Where you get these?"

Judy smiled as she finished blowing up the second one, "There are websites that make all baby things but for adults. I think I remember Quinn telling me you couldn't swim, she must have ordered these for you just in case."

Rachel smiled, her mommy was so thoughtful. Judy carried Rachel out to the patio deck and over to the pool, putting her down she watched as the teenager walked down the steps, "My only rule Rachey is that you don't jump off the side into the pool unless a grown up is watching you, okay?"

"Otay Nana," she beamed as she felt the cool water swallow her up, the diaper grew tighter around her groin area but the weight of it didn't change much. She waded closer to the deep end but didn't feel comfortable going any further than where her toes just began to not be able to touch, the floaties kept her above the water so far but she didn't want to try anything more, "This is fun," she called out kicking her feet, feeling the water swirl around her ankles.

While Rachel swam, Judy sun bathed on a lawn chair. The two began an easy conversation back and forth, learning more about each other.

A couple minutes later Rachel got out of the pool and walked quickly to the deeper end, "Nana…Nana…watch me Nana."

"I'm watching," Judy called back hoping the girl didn't get hurt by jumping in, it was a natural thing for kids to want to do and so she wanted Rachel to enjoy that seeing as the small brunette had never had the chance to, but luckily the diva barely jumped. Her knees squatted and she basically slipped into the water instead of full on jumping.

She emerged a second later seeing as the floaties wouldn't let her stay under for very long, "You see Nana?" she called wiping water out of her eyes.

"I saw Rachey." She had never seen someone smile so big at this small act, she definitely wanted to learn more about Rachel's home life.

Quinn groaned, her head hurt a bit from the crying she had done the previous night. Her hand reached out feeling for Rachel but found nothing. She bolted up in a slight panic until she realized she was in her mother's room. Getting up she headed downstairs to maybe talk more to her mom about what happened last night, she walked into the kitchen just as Judy walked in with an empty glass.

"Morning sleepy head," Judy smiled, "I just came back in to get something for me and Rachey to drink."

"Rachey? She's up?" Judy nodded grabbing the bottle that had been left on the high chair so she could wash it out and get some cold water in it, "Where is she?"

"In the pool," her mom responded filling up the bottle now and her glass.

Quinn's hazel eyes widened, "She can't swim mom!" her voice raised and her body went rigid as she ran out to the patio hoping to save her future girlfriend only to find the girl happily playing in the pool with some toys and two floaties keeping her above water, "Huh?"

"I remember you telling me she couldn't swim. I bought them a week later just in case."

"Mommy!" Rachel screamed happily when she saw Quinn standing on the patio in the shade with her pajamas on.

"She thinks you bought them by the way," Judy winked walking over and handing the bottle to Rachel who greedily sucked away, she worked up a thirst.

"Come pway," she called after swallowing.

Quinn loved her mom more than anything and ran to get her bathing suit, it took her less than ten minutes and soon she was back on the patio. She dove quickly into the water and swam over to Rachel who she immediately kissed.

"I swimming," she giggled when they parted.

Quinn nodded, "Yes you are. Do you want me to teach you how, without the floaties?"

Rachel smiled and kissed the girl before her, "I wove you,"

"I love you too. Hey…we can have a pool party. We can invite the Glee kids and you can show them you can swim."

Rachel frowned at that idea.

"Oh come on I know you want to sock it to Finn for making fun of you last year when you told him you couldn't swim."

"So that how you knew."

Quinn blushed at being caught eavesdropping, "Yeah well when you talk, I listen." She shrugged trying to brush it off but it came off cute and Rachel kissed her cheek.

"Finn was mean," Rachel pouted, "So wes I want to poove it to him."

Quinn wrapped her arms around her baby and kissed her harder. For the rest of the afternoon she tried to teach the girl to swim interspersed with Judy and the girls talking and laughing.