Rachel blinked once than twice, her mind spinning in a million ways as she stood in front of William McKinley high school. She was terrified for the first time in a long time to actually enter the building; no slushy ever made her feel this way. Sweat seemed to break out along her neck luck fully not too much and mouth was dry. She knew Quinn would never tell but she just felt like the minute she stepped in there everyone would know the kinky things that went on at the Fabray Mansion. Hear pounding she remember the events of the past few days, she'd learned so much about Quinn except the topic of Beth seemed to be the only off topic, she'd even found out about Mr. Fabray's impromptu visit in the middle of the night, which she was surprised did not wake her. She's usually a light sleeper.

She'd returned home reluctantly, not wanting to leave her safe heaven inside Quinn's house but knew it was time to leave. Rachel spent the rest of her Sunday doing homework and wishing for someone to talk to, though she was secretly glad for some time alone to think long and hard about what happened. She still felt a bit…odd. Was this right for her to behave in such a way and for Quinn to behave in another that was slightly not normal and be turned on by it?

Taking a deep breath she took another step closer but halted yet again. At this rate she would be running late for her class yet again. Closing her eyes she wished for a second that she and Quinn would have talked about today, how school would go with them being whatever they were but alas her father called her home just before that conversation could take place. The only thing that made this slightly okay was the 'Good morning. Hope my baby girl had a great night sleep without her mommy!' text she got when she woke at six am to do her elliptical which she did with a giant smile.

Swallowing she took another step but stopped when a couple cheerios laughed at her on their way in. Tears welled in her eyes, she had to keep reminding her self that Quinn did not tell anyone and that they were probably just laughing at her for the normal reasons, her clothes, short statue, and or lack of popularity. She glanced in every direction hoping a slushy wasn't heading her way and that was why they were laughing, but no jock was near her. Taking a few deep breaths and smoothing down her skirt she managed to take a few more steps until she finally made her way into the school and quickly without looking at anyone made it to her locker.

She slightly hated Quinn for what she did because all she could think about was sucking on her binky and closing her eyes to make the intense paranoia go away. Clutching her hands she waited for her heart to stop beating so loud before opening her locker to grab her needed essentials.

"Hey," she jumped sky high while accidently slamming her locker shut, "Sorry." Finn stood there awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck and smiling reassuringly at passersby that all was well, "I didn't mean to scare you."

Rachel nodded, "It is fine Finn. You always meet me at my locker in the morning; I should have assumed you would be here today as well."

"Right, look do you have that Spanish homework I forgot mine," he smiled goofily at her while leaning on the locker doors.

Rachel wondered why she still felt like helping the boy after everything, they weren't dating right now and she didn't see a future for them but he had asked for a break after finding out she kissed Puck for revenge, though the rest of the school assumed they broke up completely due to the spectacle in the hallways a while ago but she had her ways and reeled him back in, though for the life of her she can't figure out why now.

"Sure Finn," she smiled and opened her locker door again to find her Spanish homework for him to copy, she grabbed the paper that was neatly placed in her text book, "…here you go."

He went to grab it but a hand came out and snatched it from Rachel's out stretched hand, "Find someone else to cheat off Finnocessa."

Both Rachel and Finn stood wide eyes at Quinn Fabray dressed in her cheerios uniform, "Quinn I was just…"

"Going to cheat off her, you think you'd done enough." She growled wanting to throw her arm around the small diva's waist as well but managed to keep her hands balled at her sides, the minute she heard what was going on she marched over not liking the pull in her stomach as well as the aching in her heart.

"Now wait a minute I haven't done anything…"

"Stop," Quinn barked holding her hand up, "Just leave." She was going to lay into him but Rachel had grabbed on to the back of her skirt with a quiet whimper causing her to lose some of her anger.

Finn glanced between the two girls for a moment, "Since when did you start sticking up for Man Hands?"

Rachel whimpered a little louder this time, Finn had never called her names or at least never in front of her face and it stung deeply.

Quinn heard and took a step forward until Rachel's hand became a bit out stretched since she was still latched on to the girl's skirt, "Since now. You have a problem with that?"

The hallway grew quiet and watched with fascination to see what the jock would do, "Yeah I do. You don't care about her and probably just want something…"

"….like you?" she interrupted him quickly not wanting to hear too much of his voice today, "Just getting her homework right?"

Finn shrugged, "At least she knows what I'm up to."

Quinn closed her eyes and tilted her head up, fury building in her gut, digging its way to the tops of her head ready to pound Finn into the ground and let him feel….

"Mommy don't," Rachel whispered hotly into her ear tugging her back by her cheerio skirt.

The blonde opened her eyes to level the brunette with a gentle stare, "You sure?" Rachel nodded quickly, "Than come on, I'll walk you to class."

Quinn took her hand and ignored Finn tugging Rachel to their first period class only to have Finn step in front of them, "What the hell is this, you're holding her hand now? She's my girlfriend let go."

He reached forward to grab Rachel but Quinn easily slid the girl behind her, "Back off. You're scaring her."

Rachel had to know how the blonde knew she was slightly taken aback by the way her possible ex-boyfriend was acting, "I'm scaring her. I'm scaring her?" he shook his head back and forth in frustration, "You're a mean bitch to her and you think I'm scaring her, what about you?"

"What about me?" Quinn did not mean for this to happen, she had meant to come to school and avoid Rachel at all costs until she felt like she could handle the situation better or until lunch whatever came first. She'd thought about it all night and at least wanted to be friends with the small diva at school if not girlfriends.

"You're holding her hand and yanking her around."

"And?" she asked him with a quirk of her brow, "Does it look like she's complaining?"

Rachel was quite enjoying the feel of Quinn near her so really would she be complaining? No.

"Just let my girlfriend go," he said with more of a whine this time reaching for the brunette again.

"We're going to class, see her later." Though the cheerleader would make sure he definitely did not see her later, Quinn could not believe the amount of jealousy she was feeling so quickly in the day when she planned to lay low.

"Why are you doing this?" he shouted as they moved around him and began to walk off.

Quinn released Rachel's hand and stalked back, "Because I'm her friend. Okay. I'm her damn friend." She glanced around the hallway, "I'm Rachel Berry's friend; does anyone have a problem with that?"

No one moved, no one breathed. The head cheerleader was pissed. No one disagreed.

"Good." Quinn grabbed Rachel's hand again and stalked off toward class, once there she sat the girl down and then sat in her own seat, "I'm sorry." She said deflated now out of the hallway and away from Finn.

"For what?" Rachel asked not even trying to wipe the smile off her face, she finally had a friend at school to talk with, a friend everyone knew about.

"I wanted to keep a low profile but…Iwasjealous." She rushed out with a slight blush accentuating her features.

"I'm sorry…what was that?" Rachel teasingly leaned forward putting her hand to her ear, "One more time, a bit slower please."

"I said…" Quinn enunciated as she leaned closer making the brunette's eyes go wide sitting further back, "I was jealous."


Quinn smirked at the reaction she got, sitting back she frowned, "I was jealous," she repeated, "…and I don't like that feeling. I probably just made today worse for both of us," she sighed rubbing her temples, "I know Santana will be on my case about it."

"I'm sorry…you can take it back."

The blonde's head snapped up, "Don't Rachel. I…like you." She said as her hazel eyes darted around the mostly empty class room that was filing up slightly faster now, "I want to be your friend. You deserve that much from me at least if not more. No I know you deserve more but I'm not ready okay?"

Rachel nodded, "So friends?"

Quinn nodded to with a smile, "Until you come to my house Rachey."

The blonde smirked as Rachel glanced away a full on blush coating her cheeks as she slouched down in her chair trying to hide the faint smile on her lips. Quinn was very good at teasing, it was no fair. She'd have to learn to repay the favor as she felt some pre-cum leak out of her center. Than remembering what she was told during the week she sat up a bit staring into sparkling hazel eyes.

"I can't wait mommy," she hissed out in her baby voice while biting her lip.

Quinn growled and slid forward than sat back as if she was going to grab Rachel by her neck and kiss her until she forgot her own name but thought better of it, "Don't say that here." She warned with a finger before smiling again, "I really want to be friends."

"I do to." Rachel agreed easily.

"So what do you say to lunch together?" Quinn asked shyly ducking her head.

"I would love to," Rachel stated making the blonde raise her head and smile widely at her.

No this was not what Quinn Fabray had planned at all today. It was all about taking it slow and developing their feelings for one another outside the kinky fantasy the blonde slid them into but she knew when she saw Finn leaning on the locker all cocky and sure that Rachel would swoon over him that she knew that keeping a low profile would not do at all.

She was a jealous person by nature. What was hers was hers and everyone else needs to back off, that is her sentiment. So maybe being friends was a good idea, she could keep the girl safe and close and jocks and Neanderthals far away.

"What the hell I heard your friends with the tranny?" Santana's loud screaming voice echoed as she marched into the room causing all eyes to land on her as she stared Quinn down.

So maybe yelling out in the hallway that she was friends with Rachel Berry may not have been the best way to do things.

Both Quinn and Rachel smacked their heads against their desks.

Today was going to be a long day.