Santana glared hard at the blond head cheerleader who finally squared her shoulders and sat back, not before noticing that Rachel was still hiding with her head down on her desk. Keeping her smirk at bay she steeled her gaze with her right hand woman who had become a great confident as of late, their growing dislike of Coach Sylvester bringing them together through mocking and bitching of the older woman.

"Miss. Lopez, did you need something?" the teacher asked putting his papers on the desk as the late bell finally rang.

"No Mr. Tallis," she replied sweetly without taking her eyes off Quinn, "You. Lunch. Locker rooms." Was all she said as she pointed at the blonde than spun on her heel sashaying off toward her classroom.

"Well that went better than I hoped," Quinn sighed slumping her shoulders and relaxing, glancing over to Rachel who still had her face hidden, this time she did smirk and chuckle. Leaning forward she nudged the girl who lifted her head, "I think it's safe baby girl," she whispered earning a blush and nod.

Rachel took a deep breath, this was not going to change her at school. She could handle this easily. She was Rachel Barbra Berry, she could do anything she set her mind to which happened to be her first class. With a smile at Quinn assuring her everything was fine she began to ignore the blonde and focus on her teacher.

For Quinn's part she was focusing more on her upcoming confrontation with Santana. It was not going to be pretty but she knew how the other girl worked and vice a versa, so she was sure after awhile she could break the girl down but she prayed that she didn't break first. Just as she finished jotting down the last note of the class the bell rang.

Rachel gathered her things and stood up, shyly looking over at Quinn while tucking some loose strands of hair behind her ear, "So I'll see you in Glee?" she asked hesitantly seeing as they did not share any more classes.

Quinn furrowed her brows, "Aren't we eating lunch together?"

"Oh…I just thought since…well your meeting Santana and I figured…"

"You figured wrong," Quinn snapped before sighing wishing that Rachel did not jump to conclusions so fast, "I want to eat lunch with you. This thing with Santana shouldn't take to long. Meet you in the choir room?"

Rachel was beaming from ear to ear, nodding quickly, "Of course I'll meet you in the choir room. That is a wonderful choice, away from the crowd where we can talk and be ourselves. I'm sure I'll enjoy our upcoming meeting."

Quinn chuckled, "There's the Berry I remember." Earning a larger smile before the two headed off into separate directions.

Once Rachel was out of view Quinn breathed a deep sigh glad that she didn't have to put up a front, she didn't need the brunette thinking that she couldn't handle this situation that she put them into because she couldn't handle her jealousy. Though she had a feeling Rachel would have been fine and tried to make her feel better but she just felt like she needed to do this on her own.

She pushed the thoughts away and focused on the rest of her classes.

Rachel felt light as air as she walked through the halls. Everything was right, at least it seemed because she had the grades to get her a great GPA to get her into any college she wanted, though the only college she wanted in was Julliard. After graduating from there she'd be on her way to Broadway and to top it off she has Quinn, maybe not forever but for now she has her and that is all that matters.

"Rachel?" she turned to find Finn strolling up to her, his hands stuffed deep in his pockets.

"Hello Finn," she greeted with a smile willingly pushing the morning mishap away in her mind, "What can I do for you?"

Finn Hudson bit the inside of his cheeks; he knew he still wanted Rachel Berry more than anything but something held him back. Every time he glanced at those beautiful brown eyes all he saw was Puck leaning down to kiss the girl on his bed. Anger boiled in his gut but he managed to push it down quickly, "What was up with you and Quinn this morning?"

"I don't know what you mean," she shrugged hugging her books closer to her chest, her mind screaming out for Quinn to show up to save her from conversing with the big man but then she shook her thoughts away. She was slightly confused to say the least, licking her lips she stopped and looked at Finn with the way he hunched his shoulders no matter how many times she begged him to stand tall, to his messy hair barely combed to passing, and his lips pressed in a firm line which happens when he was concerned about something. She truly did care for the boy and before Quinn claimed her in the bathroom she was on her way to apologizing a million times until he took her back. She liked him though at the moment couldn't understand why but she liked Quinn as well. It was a problem that she knew she'd eventually have to deal with but at the moment she was going to push it to the far end of her brain.

"She was like…all over you." He scrunched up his nose and shifted on his feet.

"That is a bit over dramatic don't you think. She was holding my hand at the most, friends do that."

Finn shook her head, "I don't like it," he stated falling into a desk while she sat beside him, "Just seems fishy is all I'm saying Rachel. First she like hates you and now your buddies, just doesn't make sense." He shook his head again while opening his notebook.

"I appreciate the concern. I do. But you have to understand that I'm a big gir…that I know what I'm doing and can pick and choose the people I hang out with." She ran a hand through her hair blinking a couple times, "…besides Finn you and I are no longer dating at the moment and though I would like to keep you in my life as my friend for now I won't tolerate you berating my friends."

He bit the inside of his cheek harder but managed to nod through the pain, "Of course Rachel. I will totally respect you and Quinn hanging."

Rachel refused to lower herself to an eye roll that was threatening to escape, "I appreciate that. Thank you."

He smirked and leaned closer, his arm resting on the back of her chair, his aftershave wafting through her nose. She wondered why he wore it when he never had to shave a day in his life but shrugged it off as something men do, "So…how bout after school we grab a bite to eat? My treat of course."

"I'm not sure. I need to talk to Quinn first,"

"Why?" he rolled his eyes.

Rachel realized what she said; she didn't technically have to ask the blonde's permission to hang with her ex-boyfriend but she felt like it was the right thing to do not because Quinn held any power over her, even if she did to a point, but because the blonde got jealous easily and it was their ex-boyfriend she would be hanging out with.

"I…remember her mentioning that we might be hanging out tonight. So I need to make sure before making any other plans."

He nodded but she could tell he didn't fully get it, "Cool. I hope we can hang."

She nodded in agreement as the teacher began the lecture. Rachel tried to keep it under control but all throughout the class Finn was leaning over and whispering jokes making her laugh and reminding her why she fell in love with him in the first place. She let out a quiet chuckle at the latest joke on to see him smiling goofily at her before winking and pretending to listen to the teacher. Once class was over he offered to walk her to her locker to put things away so she could go to lunch empty handed.

Quinn couldn't wait to see Rachel again, her mind on nothing but lunch with her girlfriend…well a girl that was a friend with benefits until she got up the courage to ask the girl out. She bounded out of third period intent on meeting the small diva at her locker, giving her a reassuring hand hold before meeting Santana for their meeting and then rushing back to Rachel in the choir room. With a smile on her face the students parted way for her to pass with ease, even with a happy expression she was able to put fear into every single student whether they admitted it or not and with that fear came a sense of protection for her and her girlfriend when it was time. As she turned the corridor her smile faded and a dark cloud settled over her entire aura. Rachel was leaning against her locker with one hand hiding a giant smile threatening to take hold as Finn made some gestures and movements with his body getting the brunette to open up like she should only do with the blonde. Her frown turned into a scowl, how can her baby just stand there and flirt with someone who has hurt her over and over and over again. Quinn felt even worse after thinking that because she has hurt Rachel over and over and over and even more over than Finn ever did but now she was trying to make up for it and so it seemed Finn was too. It didn't matter she concluded Finn couldn't handle being with Rachel and Rachel surely couldn't hold up a relationship with someone who could never give her what she needed sexually, he would have been a horrible daddy to Beth so it stands to reason he wouldn't be able to be a daddy to Rachel either.

The blonde cheerleader chewed her bottom lip as her fiery eyes watched every movement, eye flicker and breath flowing from them, her ears picking up every laugh and chuckle though she was down quite a ways. After dealing with Santana she would have a serious talk with Rachel because it seemed the diva thought she was adult enough to flirt with a boy, which they both knew she is not. Some rules would have to be laid out she thought, her baby girl was going to stay safe and secure if she had to coddle her through high school so what.

Quinn spun on her heel and went to meet Santana while thinking of rules to tack on to her little girl to keep her line.


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