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Quinn entered the girls' locker room to find Santana leaning against a row of lockers with her arms folded over her chest, eyes focused on the door awaiting the arrival of the head cheerleader. Squaring her shoulders she walked further into the room until she was directly in front of Santana whose eyes narrowed and lips pursed but neither spoke. Brown and hazel staring unwavering, with little to no blinking, trying to figure the other person out.

"Berry huh?" The Latina cocked her head with a smirk.

Quinn shrugged while inspecting her nails, "Berry."

"When did we start liking her Q? Huh?"

The blonde managed to look up without showing how nervous she felt, her cool exterior keeping her from running out of the room like a scared kitty cat, "We?"

Santana rolled her eyes and stepped off the lockers, "Yes 'we' damn it. I'm tired of always fighting with you okay, can we just…I don't know stop?"

"You're the one always starting it," Quinn shot back with a quirk of her brow making Santana raise her arms in surrender.

"I know. I'll stop." Another quirk of the brow, "I'll try and stop."

Quinn smiled than frowned, "We use to be close S,"

The Latina sighed sitting down against the lockers, "I lost sight of what I wanted and it lost me Brittany. I can't lose you too."

The blonde went over and sat by her friend, "I don't want to lose anybody. Not after…." She trailed off feeling the pit in her stomach growing, she swallowed and bit back and groan of discomfort.

"Berry, huh?" Santana repeated her earlier statement.

"It just happened," Quinn replied automatically.

"Wait…it…as in relationship it or…what you like like Berry?" Santana couldn't get her brain to work, she was sure it was just a friendship thing but with the way Quinn answered and the faraway look, a look she got all the time thinking about Brittany she knew her answer.

"I…" Quinn felt another pang in her chest, if Santana knew nothing good was going to happen, "…yea."

"I knew there was sexual tension between you two," she gloated with a smirk, "…maybe you can get her to dress better."

Quinn immediately pictured dressing Rachel up in her footie pajamas but shook it away, "Yeah…I can ask." Though she was sure she was taking Rachel shopping soon anyway, the girl had been deprived of a woman's opinion for far too long when it came to picking out her outfits and two gay men helping out wasn't so great apparently.

"Cause her style," Santana gagged than the room went quiet, the ticking of the clock on the far left the only sound, "So when did you guys start…" she gagged again, "…dating?"

"S," Quinn warned earning a disarming smile, "We aren't."

"But I thought…"

The blonde nodded, "I just haven't asked yet."

"I can't just be nice overnight,"

"I know…but you'll try right."

"Why her?" Santana whined, "We've been going after her forever and it is kind of fun. Why do you like her?"

Quinn sat there and didn't know how to answer, she had so many reasons to actually like the girl and so few to dislike her but it was hard to voice these reasons to other people besides Rachel, "I just do."

Santana bit her lip and nodded, looking away with a sigh, "I can relate."

She thought about Brittany and how her stomach floated away and her vision narrowed so only to see the blonde dancer before her, she wished she wasn't such an ass but being in Lima Heights and dealing with her family had crashed her ability to express herself in a calm manner.

"So what are the rules?" she asked after a minute of silence.


"Oh don't give me that Q, you have rules for everything. You're a control freak. Rules for me being your friend, for Brittany, for cheerios, our boyfriends…you need to enforce rules to feel safe."

Quinn couldn't deny any of what the other girl said she did love her rules, if she wasn't in control she felt like things slipped from her grasp and she was left with nothing. She wasn't in control when she got pregnant and look what happened, that was not going to happen again. Smiling she realized that even though Santana didn't know the specifics of this relationship she could easily help with keeping Rachel in line. The Latina knew about Quinn's need for rules however weird and the girl also knows how possessive she is, this may turn out to be a good thing.

Rachel ditched Finn as soon as she could, he was all over her and has funny as he was at times, she was sure he was appealing to her infant side with his humor, he smelled like after shave and kept his puppy dog eyes trained on her in a creepy sort of way that made her skin crawl. She automatically felt bad for thinking that, he was a great boyfriend well to a point and if it wasn't for the fact she cheated on him than things would still be going…okay with them. Rachel knew it was her fault and felt like she should make it up to him someway but how she wasn't sure as she was still trying to figure out if she wanted him as more than a friend now that Quinn was in the picture.


A confusing thought for just one word. The older girl was…Rachel couldn't put a finger on it. This whole thing started out fast and kept driving forward, she needed time to think but felt her stomach clench at the thought of not being near the blonde girl in any way to do the thinking. Rachel was sure she wanted more than whatever this thing between them is but she was afraid if she brought it up that Quinn would run away scared.

Glancing up she noticed there was ten minutes left till lunch was over and Quinn had yet to show up, surely her meeting with Santana couldn't have lasted this long since the blonde had said so herself. Maybe she was thinking of backing out of being her friend, maybe she told the Latina all about their actions at the Fabray Mansion. Rachel felt her skin flush at the thought, her body tensed her in chair; she hated Quinn for making her feel so insecure.

"Hey baby girl,"

The three simple words calming every nerve in the diva's small body, the sound of the cheerleaders voice like a baby blanket settling around her shoulders, she glanced up to see Quinn walking toward her with a bit of a frown on her face.

"You okay?" the blonde questioned sitting down next to the shorter girl, "You're a bit flushed." She laid her cool hand upon a slightly sweaty warm forehead, "Are you sick Ray?"

The nickname sliding across her tongue without a thought, her only concern was the way Rachel seemed pale and warm.

Swallowing was slightly difficult but the diva managed to do just that while shaking her head, "No," she croaked out before launching herself into Quinn's arms who immediately wrapped her arms around the smaller girl.

"What's wrong?"

"I thought you weren't coming or that you told Santana…" Rachel kept going and going as she clung tighter to the tall blonde.

Quinn glanced at the door hoping no one showed up at this second, she didn't need someone asking why Rachel was practically sitting in her lap with tears in her eyes, that would not help with calming the girl down, "Shhh…baby you got to stop this." She whispered stroking the girl's hair, "I promise you I won't tell anyone. I wish you could believe me."

The blonde closed her eyes; she never even considered the ramifications of what her actions previously toward Rachel would have on this encounter. How was she to make things right?

"I'm sorry," Rachel began pulling her thumb up toward her but Quinn's gentle hand caught her wrist and lowered it making the brunette blush.

"If you want to suck your thumb sweetie go ahead, I just don't think it is safe right now, understand." Rachel nodded; she just needed something that felt safe at the moment, "Look I understand how you're feeling, I do Rachel. I feel the same way."

"You do?" she asked with slightly wet eyes glancing up.

Quinn smiled reaching forward to wipe the tears away, "I do. It is scary and we haven't really talked a lot since this happened. We need to really sit down and get to know each other,"

Rachel nodded eagerly; she wanted to know everything about Quinn Fabray now that she had the other girl's attention.

"We need to discuss this whole situation because…" the blonde sighed glancing away this time a faint blush tainted her cheeks, "I can't stand seeing Finn all over you and…" she sighed deeper this time, "I can't stand not giving you rules to follow to remind you that your my baby girl."

"Rules," Rachel arched her brow, "Like…at school?" Quinn nodded shyly but didn't look away, instead reaching up again only this time to brush loose hair away from the brunette's face.

"I really want to set them for you but I said that Quinn and mommy are two different people but I think I was a little hasty on that part. I don't think I'm strong enough to be both."

Rachel pondered that for a moment, locking away how shy the blonde was being, "I think I understand. All day today all I have wanted to do is lie in your arms and feel your fingers on my skin. I've wanted my paci too." She whined shifting in her seat, talking like this in front of Quinn was getting easier and easier to do which was a little frightening and freeing all at the same time.

The blonde nodded, biting her lip not knowing the effect it had on the diva whose tiny body responded at the sexy pout, "My baby does love sucking things."

"Mommy," Rachel whined nuzzling into the taller girl's neck than pulling away slightly at the growl emitting from Quinn's throat, an arch of her brow causing the trance that one word sent the blonde into to break, "Sorry."

"It's okay," she breathed through the deep need to force Rachel on the ground and fuck the living daylights out of her, "Look I want to do something for both of us…maybe it'll help make you feel a little better about our…situation."


Quinn got up, glancing at the door again to make sure it was safe before kneeling down, "Rachel Berry I would love the honor of dating you."

"Are…are you asking me to...for real?

"Yes for real Ra…" the blonde was knocked on her back before she could finish her sentence, the slight heavy weight of the diva on top of her as the girl locked their lips together harshly, needing to feel the blonde near her, taste her again.

The passion began to rise only for the bell to ring breaking the spell. Quinn hauled both of them up to their feet, "I'm going to have to be more careful around you," the blonde chuckled earning a questioning glance, "Seems my baby girl can't control herself. You know how many times you've made it so we could be caught."

"People can't know?" Rachel wondered a pout forming on her sultry lips, tears beginning to surface but Quinn rushed forward kissing away the sadness.

"No I didn't mean it like that. I don't care if the whole world sees it, I just meant…the baby stuff."

Rachel's little mouth formed an "O" than she giggled, twisting the hem of her shirt around her fingers unconsciously looking like a toddler, "Sorry."

Quinn chuckled, "What am I gonna do with you?" she teased kissing the girl's cheek, "Come on girlfriend I'll walk you to class."

The blonde grabbed the smaller girl's hand knowing they needed to sit down and talk everything out and Quinn needed to explain the rules she's been coming up with. They exited the choir room heading for Rachel's calls where the blonde planned to drop the girl off at, neither talked nor looked at each other. Just comfortable walking and feeling the grip of the other, both trying to focus on not seeing the stares and whispers, Quinn didn't care how fast she went from hating the girl to loving her. She felt like the only reason she really did 'hate' the girl was because she couldn't accept herself and now that her father was gone and her mother was helping out in any way she came to accept herself and the way she felt about Rachel. In fact they may have gotten together sooner had it not been for the fear her father instilled which meant this fast track they were on was just making up for lost time. Both knew it would slow down after the talk but right now things were okay.