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Rachel sighed as she stood outside the door of Glee her fingers clutching the bottom of her shirt, feeling her anxiety kick in again only milder this time. She was ninety eight percent sure Quinn kept her word; the blonde was not going to tell about anything that made her upset. Her brown eyes was locked on to said blonde sitting in the front row with Santana and Brittany flanking her sides as per usual only this time instead of being involved in a conversation with her friends she was scowling quite openly at Finn Hudson who was at the piano talking and laughing with Artie and Mike.

Rachel wondered if she would ever figure out her feelings for the large boy, seemingly growling like a dinosaur/dog for his friends with a giant smile on his face. Realizing she didn't need to figure things out at the moment she squared her should and pushed the doors open realizing she was at least five minutes late. Ignoring the stare from Quinn, who seemed a bit upset that Rachel was late to begin with, she marched up to the front of the room.

"Seeing as Mr. Schuester is late again I deduce that I should run this meeting. We are falling behind schedule with all of this fooling around."

"Oh shut up," Mercedes spoke up quickly.

"Only thing we want to know is what is going on with you and Quinn?" Lauren smirked wishing she had popcorn to eat while watching the soon to be explosion in the room.

Rachel bit her lip and glanced at Quinn who sat unusually causal in her seat smiling at the small diva, "What…what did Quinn say?" Obviously they would have asked the more likable blonde before her and besides the cheerleader had indeed been in the class room before she was.

Sam rolled his eyes, huffing quite loudly while crossing his arms and pouting, "She won't say anything."

The diva nodded and glanced around the room to see all eyes locked on her, wondering what was going on and believing her the only source to give them straight answers. Pivoting on her toes she turned her back on the club and took a deep breath before spinning back around ready to fend off the sharks so to speak.

"Sorry I'm late," Will Schuester spoke rushing through the door. For the first time in her short time knowing the teacher she was thankful for his late arriving skills because this time it saved her. She needed to talk to Quinn soon so they knew how to answer such questions, "Rachel…can you sit down please."

Rachel's cheek tinged pink for a second as she nodded and rushed to find a seat in the back because all the seats upfront had been taken. She did not miss the frown on Quinn's face or the fact the girl's hand seemed to twitch as if wanting to grab on to her and make her sit…well there were no seats so probably on her lap. Rachel's face flushed deep at the memory of Quinn purring at her… "I thought all babies love to sit on their mommies laps." The thought of those smoldering eyes aimed her way made pre-cum leak from her neither lips. Biting her lip she sat down and readjusted her skirt as if it could become pants and make sure the wet spot forming did not accidently flash anyone.

"So I know we've been working extremely hard these past few weeks," Rachel rolled her eyes at the teacher, not five minutes ago she was complaining of their slacking off and now he was saying the opposite. The man had no work ethic.

Rachel quickly raised her hand, ready to set the teacher straight. They needed more time to be really ready for Regionals but Mr. Schuester completely ignored her and wrote on the board instead.

"So I am proposing an assignment for next weekend."


The word loomed on the white board almost menacingly for everyone in the club for various reasons.

"What do you mean camping?" Puck asked scratching his head with a raised brow.

"As in the woods?" Finn asked with a smile on his face, okay so maybe not everyone thought that word caused problems.

"Yes Finn as in the woods."

Rachel ignored the rest, sure that her subconscious would remember the dull drone of Mr. Schuester's words later when she needed them but for now she thought of camping out in the woods. The last time she went she was six years old and it wasn't a pleasant experience. Her fathers got the weekend off and the family packed up to go camping, she forgot to use the restroom before leaving because she was worried about forgetting something and so went over her luggage three times. Neither of her fathers asked if she needed to use the restroom either and would not stop when she mentioned she had to go. The backseat was wet and covered with a towel two hours into the drive and her back side stung from the spanking. She was bored because her daddies sat up front talking and laughing while she sulked in the back.

Once there she asked for something to eat but they said no, it would be a few hours since they had to get the camp set up. She played with a rock and stick in the dirt, earning another spanking for being dirty, dinner came quickly after that and she was off to bed soon after that. It rained that night soaking their stuff and the next morning they left never to return, her daddies telling her that camping was not something intelligent and tidy people like the Berry's did. She agreed especially if it got her extra spankings.

"So I will see you guys next week," Will Schuester smiled and ran off before anyone could stop and ask any questions.

Rachel gathered her stuff and walked down the ramp wondering if she and Quinn would get to talk before school officially ended and she had to go home again and spend another twelve hours or so away from the blonde. A sadness she had never felt before settled upon her chest making it slightly hard to breath and when she saw Quinn lift her backpack and smile at her encouraging the young girl to approach her but before she even took a step Sam was in her way, talking to the blonde girl.

Not wanting to ease drop she tightened her hold on her own backpack and left the choir room, everyone else surprisingly staying put to catch up with one another. Once outside she shivered lightly, ever since that weird day of a hundred degrees the weather had been steadily going down indicating winter around the corner. Luckily Quinn's pool was heated and so her swimming lessons would continue and by next year when the weather got warmer again she'd be a pro and showing off for the members of new directions.

Her cell phone went off interrupting her thoughts, "Dad" flashed across the screen so she quickly answered.

Quinn watched Rachel walk out of the room and silently growled, she really wanted to talk to the girl before school let out. Rolling her eyes at herself for the neediness seeping into her bones she focused back on the boy in front of her and smiled gently hoping to encourage him to finish up.

He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, "…so breadstix tonight, right?"

She smiled and nodded before shaking her head, "Wait…what?"

Sam chuckled and flipped his hair out of his face by whipping his head slightly to the side, "Remember I asked you out to breadstix a couple days ago? You said yes…"

Quinn groaned at the realization that she did indeed tell this boy yes to a date, in her defense this was at least two days before the incident with Rachel and she never had thought that this situation could have happened.

"I don't think…"

"Oh come on Quinn, I've been asking for like months. Please, I know you'll like me if you just give me a chance. Just this once Quinn?" Sam pleaded with a slight whine in his voice.

Well he has been after her for a while and she did say yes…she'd go and then let him down easy because there was no way that Sam could take the place of her baby girl.

"Pick me up at eight."

She spun on her heel listening to his silent 'yes' and she was sure if she looked back he was pumping his fists in the air. Smirking at how easy it was to manipulate boys she continued on her way out ready for a nice relaxing nap before her homework and date, she shuddered at the thought. Digging into her backpack in search of her keys she wasn't watching where she was going and tripped on the curb falling down.

Warm small hands wrapped around her and helped her stand up, once she dusted herself off she glanced up to thank her knight to find Rachel smiling at her, "You should keep your eyes up at all times," she chuckled.

Quinn shook her head with a chuckle, "I'll remember that. What are you doing here? I thought your father would have picked you up already. Your usually gone at this time I mean…" she clamped her mouth shut feeling her body becoming restless like every other time she got slightly nervous.

Rachel shrugged walking back to her backpack sitting on the curb and sat down, "My dad called and said that I should walk home. He isn't going to be coming home tonight due to an unscheduled meeting popping up."

Quinn nodded with a slightly frown, glancing over to her car and then back at Rachel, "What about your other father?"

"Oh daddy, no he couldn't come get me, he's in South America helping the doctors in some village that escapes my memory at the moment. He sent me a very nice postcard with musical notes on it last week, would you like to see?" Rachel asked immediately opening her backpack in search of said postcard.

"Maybe later." Quinn smiled at the small girl once she looked back up and nodded. Biting her lip she stared at the young girl for a moment longer before making her mind up, "Okay up you go."

"What?" Rachel asked unsure what the blonde was up to.

"Come on, upsy daisy," the words spilling from her mouth made Rachel blush but she did as she was told only to have Quinn immediately clasp her hand and tug her toward the blonde's car which was one of a few left.

Quinn opened the door to the very back of the vehicle which showed a nice flat big area that could house quite a few groceries, beach accessories or camping gear, which reminded Rachel of the camping trip Mr. Schuester was talking about. Her thought process was interrupted when she was hauled off her feet and sat on the tailgate her legs dangling back and forth.

"What are you doing?" Rachel asked as the blonde began pushing her to lie down which she did easily and without much thought.

Quinn set her backpack on the tailgate beside the brunette's head and rummaged through for a second before pulling out a diaper, "I'm getting you ready to go."

"Quinn," Rachel screeched trying to sit up because anyone could come around and see what was happening but the cheerleader easily chuckled and held her in place, then slapped her thigh earning a whine.

"You're not getting in my car and wetting the seats, baby girl, now hold still for mommy," Rachel moaned at the words and Quinn used the girl's distraction of whatever fantasy was playing in her head to reach under the diva's skirt and yank her undies down. The diaper was on quicker than Rachel could count to five. Quinn yanked her up and stood her on her feet than closed the tailgate, leaving their backpacks in the back.

"But…I…walk home." Rachel spoke, the diaper already helping to secure her infantile state in front of the cheerleader. Her center was dripping and she was so ready to drop to her knees and suck her mommy off if it meant that Quinn would rub the diaper into her clit and make her scream in ecstasy.

"Now sweetie if you walked home anything bad could happen. What if baby lost her footing huh?" Quinn teased stepping into the girl's space backing her into the car, Rachel's cheeks flushed and her whole body heated up beyond normal, "You'd be crying on the sidewalk with little tiny scratches on your wittle knees," Quinn's fingers slid down tickling the back of the diva's knee earning a giggle but the girl's breath hitched as fingers slid up underneath her skirt, "But than any adult could come up and take advantage of a poor little girl in distress."

The blonde's fingers barely touched the edge of the diaper wrapped around the brunette's leg before she pulled away earing a groan, "Mommy?" Rachel whined with a pout, she needed release and soon, if not she was afraid she'd cum without anything but her mommy's words and that would be completely embarrassing.

"I have a surprise for you," Quinn smiled taking the girl's hand while mentioning that little girl's need to hold hands or they'd fall down. They walked to the passenger side of the vehicle and Quinn opened the back door revealing a large car seat and again before Rachel could do much of anything she was buckled in to the contraption meant for babies, "Awww my little girl looks so adorable in her car seat. Sitting in the back of the car, maybe when you get older you'll sit in front with mommy and then we can…" she walked her fingers up Rachel's thigh and pushed gently on the diapered pussy earing a moan, "Could play.." she pulled away and laughed, "But you're not big enough so no play time in the front with mommy just yet."

Rachel pouted and folded her arms, she was so ready and wet it wasn't funny and Quinn was teasing. Everything she said made the diva feel small which made her even hornier.

"Don't worry baby," Quinn leaned in and kissed the girl's lips making Rachel reach up to blonde locks still trapped in a tight pony tail. Using all her might Quinn pulled away breathing rather hard, "I technically have two more surprises for you."

She held up something that looked small and black, "It's a remote that makes good little girl's happy."

Rachel watched as she pushed a button and her whole body lit up on fire, the strap that held her nicely between her legs began to vibrate, straight onto her over sensitive pussy, well on the diaper covering said sensitive pussy.

"Oh mommy," she moaned, her hips canting upward to try and hump the strap but finding that all the straps held her in place nice and good making her pout.

"I never want you getting yourself off." Quinn scowled at the thought, "Your pussy is too young to be touched by innocent wandering baby hands or untrained wanton hip thrusting." Rachel blushed but moaned at the vibrating which caused the natural build of pressure in her lower stomach; she was close and just needed a bit more and she'd fly over the edge.

I'm so easy, Rachel thought but didn't care because she was easy for Quinn and not easy in general but they had just started, I shouldn't be this close to squirting…how no now I'm thinking of squirting instead of cumming.

"Well that face means you'll be creaming your diaper very soon, so we better get going," Quinn shut the door and walked casually around to the driver side as if she didn't have a girl trapped in her backseat with a very wet vagina aching for release. She hopped in and started the car, "Oh I almost forgot." She jumped out again and rummaged through the back of the car before getting in, "Here baby."

A baby bottle was thrust into Rachel's sweaty shaking hands as she tried desperately to hold off the impending orgasm till they got home where hopefully Quinn would make love to her or at least physically rub her off.

"I want you drinking your baba the whole way home."

Rachel tried to move her hips as those deep lust filled eyes stared at her but it was useless, she had to accept what she was given and never help or urge it on. Tears began to fill her eyes, "I no baba, I need squirty."

"Squirty huh?" Quinn chuckled, "Guess my baby is getting used to her life. No one is stopping you Rachey, cream your diaper all you want. It's hot. But you will drink your baba."

Rachel moaned as her body was on fire and a few tears drifted down; she was so horny she needed off now. Her muscles twitched, wanting to move and help like every time she used to masturbate but she was helpless like a baby.

"I'll count to three Rachey than it is you and my hand and no squirting until next time I baby you."

Rachel didn't even let Quinn get to one; her arms lifted putting the rubber nipple into her mouth drinking the white liquid. The diva groaned as she realized the milk was actually pumped breast milk, it helped her think of drinking off of Quinn for real, her eyes shut as she imagined the tall blonde's nipple in her mouth, she sucked greedily as more liquid flowed out of her drenched pussy, which was red and swollen.

Satisfied Quinn turned around, "I'll be watching my baby suck her baba that has mommy's milk in it, all the way home." She said with her eyes locked onto Rachel through the rearview mirror.

Rachel opened her eyes and saw the smoldering eyes on her even as the car lurched forward, she panicked a little due to any one seeing them on the way home with her drinking her bottle which would not come out of her mouth except to beg Quinn for some more of her creamy salty milk preferable from a real plump hard nipple. The excitement of maybe being caught while having no choice in the matter anyway and the feel of Quinn's eyes glancing at her when not on the road as well as the vibrating car seat sent her over the edge.

Hot liquid squirted out soaking her diaper, her body tensed and Quinn kept the vibrator on to help her girl ride it out than stopped it when the tiny baby slumped in the car seat, tiredly sucking on her bottle and looking out ready for a nap, the blonde reached over and put on some music quietly to help sooth her baby into a sleepier mood while also turning on the air conditioning to help cool Rachel off from the heavy heat coming off her body.