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Crisis on Two PokéWorlds!

Chapter 1: Prologue: The PokeGuardians' Dilemma

In a place normally inaccessible to any mortal, is a place one can call an "in-between" world. Deep in that realm stood a sanctum that rivaled what humans could achieve by their own accord. It a dimension surrounded by primordial darkness; despite that, there's a fortress than shines in that realm, like a lone light shining through the eternal darkness. But staring at the fortress from the distance was a man dressed in a dark sleeved robe. His face was partly covered by a mask but yet one can see the malicious schemes that he has in mind.

"It's about time I paid those two a little visit," the man mumbled to himself.

Then the mysterious cloaked man disappeared into the cloud of darkness.

"Hmm, something's not right," A mysterious man muttered as he observed a gigantic circular screen. He was wearing a golden sleeved robe that covered his body; his upper part of his face was covered by a mask. He also carried a golden sun crested staff that he kept with him at all times. The person was intrigued by what is happening at the screen.

"This doesn't tally at the last records," the man murmured to himself. "Last time the numbers of the people were consistent, but now I see that several important people went missing. I couldn't help but wonder what was going on. . ."

The man reached his staff and waved it about a little. Then suddenly a hologram-like figure projected in front of the man. It was a woman roughly the same age as the man, wearing similar garments as the former, but albeit silver in color and bearing her midriff a little. Her upper part of her face was also covered in a mask.

"Lunaria, are you getting this?" The man spoke to the woman. "Last time I checked the records, it was consistent, but by the time I checked it today, several people have mysteriously disappeared."

"Yeah, I get you Solaris," the one known as Lunaria replied. "Can you tell me who are those people missing form your world?"

"They're a group of trainers known as the PokeDex Owners," Solaris explained. "They are the ones that ensure safety in their respective regions in their world."

"That's strange alright," replied Lunaria. "And you're not the only one who's got missing people. A few days ago people in my world disappeared mysteriously. Nobody knows where they are, I don't even know myself."

"Could this mean that the two incidents are connected somehow?" asked Solaris to his associate.

"Yeah, it's quite possible," replied Lunaria. "But we couldn't be certain. We need to track the problem to its source."

"We can solve this. We're the PokéGuardians after all," Solaris reassured her. "It's our duty to observe and maintain balance in our chosen Pokémon worlds. I'm sure it could be resolved quick-"

Before he could finish that statement, an alarm echoed through the entire room.





"Solaris," spoke Lunaria with a worried look. "What's happening there?"

"Ack," snarled Solaris. "Who in blazes could've intruded at Sector D7 at this time?" He looked at the monitor and was horrified at what he saw "Oh no!He's back and he's at Sector D7!"

"What? He's back again?" spoke Lunaria "We need to go there ASAP. I'll meet with you at the rendezvous point." With that statement the hologram faded away.

Solaris knew what he and his cohort have to do. With that, he teleported himself to Sector D7, otherwise known as the Dimensional Orb Chamber.

The Dimensional Orb Chamber is a very large room situated at the lower part of the sanctum. In that room houses one of the great extra-dimensional artifacts called the Dimensional Orb. This is one of the great PokéWorld artifacts is said to grant the wielder the power to create various Pokémon worlds and maintain all of them in a delicate balance. Should the Orb be destroyed or harmed in any way, the worlds that the Orb created will be greatly affected. That is the reason why the Orb was kept securely in the sanctum but now it doesn't really matter as someone is going to attempt to steal it.

Within the chamber itself, a man was standing in close proximity to the Orb.

"So this is the Dimensional Orb," the man muttered to himself. "By its power I'll be able to create a PokéWorld I can call my own."

The man reached his hand to grab the Orb when. . .

"Stop right there, Odio Tristeza!" a voice bellowed. "Don't you dare steal the Orb!"

The dark figure turned around to see Solaris and Lunaria glaring at him.

"Well, if it's the welcoming committee!" said the one known as Odio Tristeza. "Is this the 4th time you greeted me like that, or it's just me? I can't tell for certain."

"Step away from the Orb if you know what's good for you," warned Solaris sternly.

"Y'know I wouldn't heed such warnings like that," Odio mused nonchalantly. "If you both excuse me, I'll be taking the Orb with me now."

Then suddenly a beam fired in front of the Dark Guardian. He narrowly ducked out of the way and looked at the culprit that fired the beam. It was a Solarbeam attack that came from Solaris' Solrock. The Dark Guardian saw another beam coming and dodged it too. It was an Ice Beam attack that came from the direction of Lunaria, who called out her Lunatone.

"So it's no holds barred eh?" Odio grinned maliciously. "Alright then, you asked for it!"

Solaris and Lunaria commanded their Pokemon to attack directly at Odio. The Solrock and Lunatone fired a Solarbeam and Ice Beam at him. Just before the beams hit him, Odio called out one of his Pokemon. It was a humanoid knight-like Pokemon and has a round red and black head resembling a helmet, topped with gold, double headed axe blade. The Pokemon deflected the two beam attacks effortlessly.

"Now it's my turn," Odio said. "Bisharp, Metal Claw!"

Bisharp obeyed and used its blade-like appendages to slash Solrock and Lunatone. Then it lunged at Solaris but he was saved by his Solrock who used Flamethrower to push Bisharp back.

"Thanks, Solrock," said Solaris. "That was a close one."

"Aren't you forgetting about me?" Lunaria smirked. "Lunatone, use Earthquake!"

Lunatone slammed its body into the ground, knocking Bisharp off balance, followed off by another Flamethrower of Solrock. Both super-effective attacks knocked Bisharp out of the battle.

"Ack, you're pissing me off!" Odio gritted his teeth angrily. "That does it! Hydreigon, come out and use Dark Pulse!"

A three-headed dragon-like Pokemon came out of the PokeBall Odio threw. The brutal Pokemon unleashed a wave of dark energy that engulfed Solrock and Lunatone, pushing them back to the entrance of the chamber.

"We can't just battle like this." Solaris exclaimed. "We need to defend the Orb no matter what."

"Tch, I know that," Lunaria replied. "It's just that we're on the ropes now. That Hydreigon is strong."

She was right about that statement. Hydreigon is a part Dark type Pokemon, which has an advantage over their Solrock and Lunatone. But nonetheless, Solaris and Lunaria were persistent individuals. They are still able to hold their ground against Odio.

"Tch, I came here to steal the Dimensional Orb, not to toy around with both of you." Odio said frustratingly. "It's time to eliminate the two of you and claim my prize. Hydreigon, use Dragon Pulse!"

"We won't let you have your way!" Solaris and Lunaria shouted in unison.

"Use Flamethrower!" Solaris commanded.

"Use Ice Beam!" Lunaria cried.

Several moments after the three attacks converged, neither side gave in to the other. But just as when things are in a stalemate, the Dimensional Orb began to absorb the energies emitted from the three attacks. The three can only watch in horror as the Orb absorbed so much energy that it began to crack and ultimately shattered into 18 pieces. 16 of those pieces flew out of the fortress and into the two worlds while two large fragments lay on the ground in front of them.

"It's just a shame that the Orb shattered." Odio said. "But at least I'll take those shards from you!"

He grabbed one of the fragments and proceeded to take the other one but. . .

"Use Rock Slide, Solrock!" Solaris commanded.

Suddenly, Odio was pelted by large falling rocks. Knowing that he might die before reaching to the fragment, he backed off.

"Hmph, it doesn't matter anyway. I'll eventually obtain all the fragments," Odio spoke to Solaris and Lunaria. "And when I do, all of you will fall before me," He and his Pokémon escaped in a blanket of darkness.

Several minutes has passed since Odio's departure, Solaris and Lunaria were still weary and exhausted from the battle. They and their Pokémon sustained losses during that battle.

"If only we could've acted sooner. . ." Solaris mumbled as he tightly clutched the Orb fragment into his hand.

"It's alright," Lunaria sympathized. "I think having the Orb shattered is a good thing."

"In what way can that be good?" Solaris asked, confused at her statement.

"Think about it carefully," Lunaria replied. "It's a heck lot better than the alternative."

Solaris was silent for several moments as he considers Lunaria's opinion. Then he spoke "I guess you're right about that. But what're we going to do now? We can't just go to our worlds and tell the people there that they'll be erased into oblivion. Not to mention that we need to find the other fragments before he does. . ."

"Don't push your self, Solaris," Lunaria said optimistically. "I'm sure we can sort this entire fiasco out." Something gave her an idea. "I've got it! We may not be able to directly interfere, but we can enlist the help of certain people in our respective worlds!"

"Alright, I'm listening," said Solaris.

"Earlier you mention about the PokeDex Owners right? And how they help shape their world?" Lunaria continued. "Perhaps you can enlist their help to deal with this crisis."

"Hmm, you have a point there," Solaris agreed. "But we need to find all of them first; and what about you? What're you going to do?"

"It's simple really," Lunaria replied. "The same thing I said to you. I'm going to enlist help from my world too, and find those missing people."

"And with the help from those people," Solaris exclaimed. "We can gather the shards and ultimately save both PokeWorlds in the process!"

"Now you're getting the idea!" Lunaria smiled at Solaris. "I'll see you later. I need to find and convince those people soon."

"Yeah, see you around." Solaris said to her. Moments later, she disappeared in a flash of moonlight.

Solaris was alone once again in the damaged chamber. He looked into the empty void and into the portals that lead to the two PokeWorlds.

"Hmm, guess the real battle is just around the corner."

End of Chapter

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