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Crisis on Two PokéWorlds!

Chapter 25: The Dimensional Madness!

At the Sanctum, as the PokéGuardians Solaris and Lunaria were occupied in finding the Kanto Team, a bright flash of light filled the room. To Solaris and Lunaria, this was a sign that Stellanius returned safely along with the Johto Team.

"My Stellanius," Solaris greeted Stellanius and the Johto Team. "Thank goodness all of you arrived safely!"

"Heh, it's good to see Sunny Boy and Loony Girl again," Gold snickered; Crystal glared at him in response.

"Heh, arriving safely was the easy part," Stellanius chortled.

"And you brought along new people too," Lunaria commented as she saw Jimmy, Lyra, Marina, and Khoury.

"Excuse me, but who are you two?" Marina asked.

"Oh, my name is Lunaria," Lunaria introduced herself. Then her eyes gazed upon Solaris. "And that man is Solaris."

"So, let me get this straight," Jimmy clarified. "Are you two PokéGuardians?"

Solaris and Lunaria exchanged glances and smiled at Jimmy.

"Why, of course we're PokéGuardians," Solaris cheerfully replied to Jimmy. Then, he noticed the boy clutching his back. "Are you okay?"

"Ah, it's nothing really," Jimmy replied. "I just got this when we fought those robot creeps earlier."

"Shush, you shouldn't ignore those injuries," Lunaria said to Jimmy. "Come with us to the infirmary; we'll patch those up."

As Lunaria and Solaris escorted Jimmy to the infirmary, Silver approached Stellanius and gave him the Dimensional Shard.

"I found this when we were battling those robots," Silver explained.

"Thank you and your friends for your support," Stellanius smiled as he replied. "You guys might want to see Jimmy in the infirmary."

Stellanius watched as the rest of the Johto Team went to the infirmary to see their friend Jimmy. However, his eyes caught a glimpse of a shadowy figure that began to float away to one of the open windows. On impulse, he called out his Lucario in an attempt to intercept the figure.

"Lucario, use Aura Sphere!" Stellanius commanded.

Lucario obeyed his master's orders and conjured a ball of pure aura into the shadowy figure. The attack hit its mark; the light emitted from the attack revealed that the shadowy figure was a spy drone. The spy drone hovered for a few seconds before it fell down to the floor in a soft thud. Stellanius approached the downed drone to investigate.

"My, how did it get here in the Sanctum?" Stellanius muttered as he inspected the battered machine. The spy drone was damaged from the aura sphere but it was mostly intact. Suddenly, Stellanius thought up a brilliant idea; he recalled that he received the blueprints from Looker and those blueprints contain the schematics of these drones. But as he pondered on his ideas, another drone came out of the shadows, with its weapons drawn and attempted to attack Stellanius.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Stellanius shouted as his Lucario pushed him away so he would evade the drone's attack. When Stellanius came to his senses he saw the second robot and realized why Lucario pushed him away.

"Heh, I'm sorry for doubting you," Stellanius addressed his Lucario. "I didn't know there was another drone."

Suddenly, the drone turned around to face Stellanius and Lucario and lunged at them again. Fortunately, the drone's attack was never executed as it suddenly fell down to the ground. Stellanius was surprised to see a Croagunk beside him and looked back to see the second drone spazzing in the ground. He also saw the person who saved him from the attack; it was none other than Looker!

"Thank goodness I came just in time," Looker said as he recalled Croagunk.

"Yes, thank you so much for your valiant efforts," Stellanius replied with a smile. "Lucario, can you please help me carry these drones? I'll need to study those machines."

Lucario picked up the battered remains of one of the drones while Stellanius picked up the other. Looker watched in curiosity as he saw them walking towards the door.

'According to Solaris and Lunaria, he was the one who assigned me to retrieve the strange blueprint,' Looker thought. 'I'd better ask him now what his true intentions are.'

As Stellanius approached the door, he stared at Looker briefly. He noticed at Looker's expression that the Interpol agent wanted some answers. He turned around and addressed Looker, "I bet by your expressions, you wanted some answers from me."

"Yes, I have questions to ask of you," Looker replied. "Why do you need that blueprint and what is its relation with the robots?"

"Oh, you mean those questions," Stellanius grinned as he listened at Looker. "Come with me to my room and I'll try to explain the answer to you."

In another infirmary in the Citadel, Kouto Cotello and Lanza Thorn sat down in the chair; they were waiting for the doctor to see the condition of Lanza's twin brother Filo.

"What's taking the doctor so long?" Lanza whined in desperation.

"Be patient, Lanza," Kouto reassured her. "I'm sure the doctor will tell us what happened to Filo."

As if on cue, the doctor came out of the infirmary door. Lanza especially was anxious to know what happened to her twin brother; Kouto couldn't help but felt the same way.

"Please, can you tell us what happened to my twin brother?" Lanza asked the doctor.

The doctor was silent for a few seconds before he came up with an explanation to Lanza's question.

"When I diagnosed you brother, I found that he sustained a severe head injury," the doctor answered. "It appears that he was hit hard on the head exactly three times."

"Who could've done such a thing?" Lanza was shocked to hear the doctor's answer.

"Normally, a person with head trauma this severe could've died by now," the doctor added. "It's a miracle that you brother survived to receive medication."

"Is Filo alright?" Kouto asked.

"Yes, he's okay at the moment," the doctor replied. "He's currently resting inside; I will show the two of you to his room."

As Kouto and Lanza went inside the infirmary, they saw Filo Thorn confined in a hospital bed. His head was partially wrapped in a bandage; he looked glad to see Kouto and Lanza.

"Hey guys," Filo greeted them.

"Filo, who did this to you?" Lanza asked him. "Do you remember?"

Filo closed his eyes and began to concentrate, but in the end, he shook his head in frustration. "I'm sorry sis, but I can't remember anything last night."

"It's okay," Lanza assured. "Just take a nice, long rest."

"Yeah, you're my sis alright," Filo replied before he closed his eyes and began to sleep.

"And one last thing you must know," The doctor muttered to Lanza. "It's possible that your brother may have lost some of his memories due to his head trauma."

Lanza nodded as she continued to watch over her twin brother. However, questions began to form in her mind. What happened to Filo earlier prior to this incident? What did the perpetrator want at Filo? What was the reason behind the assault? These questions clouded her thoughts as she watched her brother sleeping peacefully in the hospital bed.

Sitting at his throne at the Citadel, Odio Tristeza slouched as he recalled the events that occurred earlier today. He didn't expect Stellanius Dux to send someone like Looker to steal one of the blueprints in the library. This act of theft intrigued him to no end.

"I'm sure there's more to this theft than it looks," Odio muttered to himself. "Could it be he knows of my master plan?"

Odio stood up and walked towards a nearby cabinet. He opened the cabinet and retrieved a large blueprint from it. The he returned back at his throne and unraveled the blueprint. The blueprint turned out to be some sort of a concept idea of a super-weapon capable of destroying dimensions. As Odio was busy reading the blueprint, someone came into his room.

"I see you're busy ready, hm?" Sird greeted Odio as she entered the throne room.

"Yes, I was expecting your arrival," Odio replied as he folded the blueprint. "So, did your lackeys take the briefcase, like we planned?"

"Yes, they took it with them without question," Sird replied. "May I ask what kind of blueprint is that you're holding?"

"Oh, you mean this blueprint?" Odio held the blueprint in front of Sird. "From what I can read from it, it looks like schematics of a super-weapon of destructive proportions."

"Excellent," Sird clapped her hands. "How are you going to plan this out?"

"I do plan to build this in mind," Odio answered. "But it will take time and a lot of our remaining resources to accomplish this."

"Hmph, I see," Sird smirked. "I must go now; the Rocket Executives are waiting for me in the next room."

"Just let me know if you've made any progress," Odio replied as Sird left the throne room.

Motor-mouth's POV

Meanwhile, I was traversing through the huge cave in Mt. Moon. It's dark, creepy, and there are wild Zubat hanging in the ceiling. In my opinion, those Zubat are just as annoying in this cave as in the games! Nevertheless, I continued my trek through the dim cave, until my flashlight suddenly ran out of power. Great, of all the things that could happen here, I totally didn't expect my flashlight broke at this point in the story! Without any prominent light source, I was forced to wander in the darkness. I could have grabbed one of my PokéBalls from my pocket, but I decided against it, because it's dark and there's a chance I could pick the wrong PokéBall.

All of a sudden, I saw what appears to be a a bright light in all of this darkness. Sweet, that's what I really need in this dark cave! Immediately, I dashed towards the source of that light; however, cruel fate played its hand against me as I drew closer to the light. Suddenly, I lost my footing and tripped, knocking me down on the ground. As the light source suddenly dimmed down, I felt that I landed on something soft. As I moved my hands around in the darkness, I realized that I actually fell on top of someone! That someone was currently struggling to push me off.

"Please," The person muttered in a feminine voice. "Get yourself off me."

Wanting not to be rude, I managed to get off of that person and stood up amidst the darkness; I could tell from the tone of the voice that the person I've bumped into was a girl. This was confirmed when the light source reappeared, revealing a girl holding a rechargeable flashlight. The girl was wearing a teal coat with a white undershirt that bore her midriff, and brown cargo pants. Also, that girl was glaring at me for bumping into her.

"Why did you bump into me in this cave?" The girl asked me furiously. "And why you are here in the first place?"

"Please, calm yourself down," I calmly replied to her. "It was an accident; my flashlight broke and I wandered around until I bumped into you. I'm so sorry!"

The girl stared at me for a few seconds, then a smile formed in her lips. Apparently, she read my facial expression and determined that I was telling the truth.

"That still doesn't answer the other question as to why you're here," The girl said to me.

"I-I'm looking for a certain group of people," I explained to her. "I saw them entering this cave."

Now I can tell by her expression that the girl was surprised that I've mentioned that information.

"Really, did you really saw them?" The girl asked me. "Do you mean those group of kids with a Pikachu accompanying them?"

"Er, yeah that's them," I awkwardly answered.

"That's great!" The girl exclaimed. "I'm following them too! I thing they're hiding something sinister."

"My name is Rebecca Scooper;" The girl introduced herself as she shook my hand. "What's your name?"

I blinked as I stared at this girl; she was doing the "puppy eyes" look for crying out loud! I just rolled my eyes and answered her question.

"Heh, I have many names," I babbled. "Be it the Fourth Breaker, the Wall Breaker, or even the Lech with a Mouth."

I was quite amused at Rebecca's profound expression after I uttered those ridiculous nicknames.

"Those lame nicknames aside," I said to her. "You can call me Motor-mouth."

"Motor-mouth?" Rebecca blinked. "Is that your name? Or is that your codename?"

"Haha, you can say that it's my nickname," I grinned. Then I decided to change topics and asked, "So, what do you say? Shall we join forces to pursue our common goal?"

"Let me think about it," Rebecca replied. But, before she can consider my offer, a sea of glowing red eyes appeared to surround us.

"What in the world are they?" Rebecca uttered as she and I stand back-to-back.

"I'm not sure, but we'll find out soon enough," I replied as I pulled my PokéBall out from my bag. "Use your flashlight, Rebecca."

"Okay," Rebecca agreed. Sure enough, she used her flashlight to reveal our adversaries. We were surprised they were actually a group of Clefairy; I can tell that they're not happy to see us.

"Rotom, come out!" I shouted.

I threw the PokéBall in the air, and the Plasma Pokémon was summoned out of the PokéBall. It looked at me, waiting for me to issue a command.

"Use Thunder Wave!" I commanded my Rotom.

Rotom unleashed a weak electric blast that was able to hit the Clefairy; the attack managed to paralyze them. With the Clefairy paralyzed, I grabbed Rebecca's hand and we fled from the enraged Clefairy.

At long last, our protagonists have entered the chasms of Mt. Moon! As they traversed through the cave, Ash recounted his first time in this place.

"Man, it's good to be back here after a long while," Ash said aloud.

"I agree," Brock replied. "I hope we meet up with Seymour again."

"I'm sure we'll meet him soon enough," Misty grinned.

As Ash, Misty, and Brock began converse with each other, Yellow could not help but feel that they were being watched. However, Red noticed this and asked Yellow out of concern.

"What's wrong, Yellow?" Red asked her.

"I-I don't really know, Red," Yellow replied. "It's just that, I just had a feeling that we're not alone in this cave."

"It's quite simple," Gary interjected. "I'm sure you're referring to the wild Pokémon living in this cave."

"No," Yellow shook her head. "There's another malevolent presence. . . I can feel it watching us right now."

"It's okay, Yellow," Red assured her. "If it's one of those bad guys, we'll be ready."

"We can easily handle ourselves," Blue added.

"And besides, no bad guy can stand against us as long as we're together," Ash boasted. "Right, Pikachu?"

"Pika!" Pikachu grinned in agreement.

Suddenly, multiple red eyes suddenly appeared; they appeared around the Kanto Team. Our protagonists stood guard, in case of any imminent attack.

"Is this the malevolent presence you're talking about, Yellow?" Red questioned, in which Yellow answered with a nod.

"We can't see them clearly due to the darkness," Green declared. Then he turned his attention to Red and asked, "Red, any bright ideas?"

"Yeah, I do have a bright idea," Red smirked. Then he threw a PokéBall and shouted, "Pika, light up the cave using Flash!"

The PokéBall popped open in midair; with a flash of light, Pika came out of the PokéBall. Then Pika's body glowed yellow; the yellow light was bright enough to illuminate the cave. This allowed our heroes to see their foes more clearly, and they were shocked at their adversaries. They were actually a group of Clefairy! However, these Clefairy were very angry at our heroes; their eyes glowed in an eerily red color.

"Clefairy?" Blue blurted. "Why are they so angry at us?"

Suddenly, the arms of the Clefairy glowed white; they punched the ground with such tremendous force that the whole cave began to shake.

"Don't get separated!" Red warned.

Unfortunately, it was already too late; the cave they were situated in began to collapse. Everyone scrambled as the tunnel began to cave in, separating the team into two groups. Everyone was disoriented by the collapse and the Clefairy seemed to have disappeared.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket was walking deep into the cave when they felt the entire cave shook violently.

"What the heck was that?" Meowth bawled.

"I think the whole cave shook," James offered an answer.

"Whatever, I'm not scared of earthquakes," Jessie scoffed. Then she addressed James and Meowth, "Don't just stand there! Let's go!"

But just as they were about to venture further, a swarm of glowing red eyes from the darkness began to surround them. They were surprised that Meowth and Jessie dropped their flashlights; only James was able to hold on to his flashlight but he was shaking because he was scared.

"What are these supposed to be?" Meowth blurted.

"I-I don't know," James stammered as he looked at the glaring red eyes. "But I think they're glaring at us!"

"Shine your flashlight at them, James," Jessie suggested.

"A-alright," James hesitantly shone the flashlight at the swarm of glowing red eyes. The bright light exposed the group, revealing them to be a group of very agitated Clefairy.

"Clefairy?" Jessie murmured. "Why are they mad at us?"

"Meowth," James asked. "Can you please tell them to calm down?"

"I'm not sure if this will work, but I'll try anyway," Meowth replied. However, as Meowth tried to approach the Clefairy, they retaliated with a Meteor Mash, which Meowth narrowly avoided.

"Gah, I guess these Clefairy aren't so friendly!" Meowth exclaimed.

"Then we'd better make a run for it!" Jessie yelled.

And thus, Team Rocket made a run for their lives as they tried to get away from the agitated Clefairy. The Clefairy pursued them as they were trying to get away from them.

Meanwhile, Red began to regain consciousness. Although the light was dim, the first thing he saw was the cave-in; suddenly, he realized what had just happened to them earlier and called out his friends.

"Guys!" Red shouted to the top of his lungs. "Where are you guys!"

Then Red felt something tugging his pants. He looked down and saw Pika tugging his pants using his paws. It seemed Pika was able to survive the cave-in and was fine.

"Pika," Red addressed his Pikachu. "Will you help me look for our friends?"

Pika nodded and ran off to the darkness, prompting Red to follow him.

"Alright Pika, lead the way," Red muttered as he followed Pika.

Red was glad he taught Pika how to us the move Flash. It really came in handy in dark places such as this cave. It wasn't long when he found the unconscious bodies of Ash, his Pikachu, Misty and Yellow.

"Guys," Red shook each one of them. "Please wake up."

It took a while but one by one, each one of them began to wake up. Ash was the first to regain consciousness and Red was the first person he saw.

"Red?" Ash asked. "What happened?"

"There was a cave-in earlier caused by the Clefairy," Red explained. "It was thanks to Pika that I was able to find you guys."

"Red, what happened to the others?" Yellow asked.

"I'm not sure," Red answered. "But I think we've been separated."

"What?" Misty exclaimed. "How are we going to find them now?"

"I don't know," Red replied. "But if we were in their shoes, we would keep going further into the cave."

"Are you sure about that, Red?" Ash reasoned.

"Yes, I'm quite sure they can handle themselves," Red reassured. "Besides, I'm sure that we'll meet up with them at the end of this cave."

On the other side of the collapsed tunnel, Brock regained his senses. He managed to get up on his feet.

"Guys?" Brock called out. "Where are you guys?"

"We're here," A voice replied to Brock. Brock turned around to see Blue, along with Green and Gary.

"We're okay for the time being," Gary said. "We were lucky we're not crushed by the falling rocks."

"Do you guys know what happened to Ash and the others?" Brock asked Green.

Green responded by shaking his head vehemently. "Honestly, we don't know what happened to them."

"Nah, we should be concerned with our own safety for now," Blue suggested. "I know Red and the others can take care of themselves."

"But, Ash could be-" Brock stammered.

"Blue has a point," Green stated. "It's dangerous if we remain here. The Clefairy will undoubtedly return to ambush us; it's better for us to keep moving. I'm sure Red and Ash would do the same."

"Yeah, from I know about Ash, he and his friends will be fine," Gary added. "We just have to put our trust in them."

Brock fell silent as he considers the possible situation of Ash and Red with their current situation.

"Well, I guess your right," Brock sighed. "By what you said, it's best that we keep going."

"Let's go," Green urged. "Red and the others may be moving as well."

Motor-mouth's POV

Rebecca and I were running away from the enraged Clefairy and trekking ever deeper into the cave. I looked back if the Celfairy were chasing us, but to our relief they didn't gave chase.

"Whew, I'm glad they didn't chase after us," I blurted as I wiped the sweat off my forehead. "They're just as worse as some annoying enemies that I know of."

"Yeah, that brings up one question," Rebecca pointed out. "Why were the Clefairy were chasing us in the first place?"

"You're right; something's wrong with those Clefairy," I replied in agreement. "From what I know, Clefairy are usually docile and cute; the Clefairy we encountered are aggressive and they have glowing red eyes."

"Glowing red eyes," Rebecca repeated those words. "Motor-mouth, are you saying those Clefairy were brainwashed?"

"It is possible, or maybe they're just stressed out," I replied nonchalantly. "Anyway, we need to keep moving; they may be after us-"

Suddenly, I heard footsteps of possibly three people walking nearby. Immediately, I became alert and began to observe my surroundings.

"Motor-mouth, what are you-" Rebecca tried to ask when I covered her mouth to keep her quiet.

"Shh, there are other people beside us," I whispered to her. "Just follow my lead and be quiet."

Rebecca nodded in response and I let go of her. The footsteps slowly became audible for both of us to hear it clearly. We hugged the cave wall and I took a peek at the corner. To my surprise, it was those three losers from Team Rocket.

"That was close," Meowth said as he wiped the sweat off with his paws. "Those Clefairy sure are nasty."

"It's like they attacked us out of pure rage," Jessie added. "They're really that annoying; it's a good thing we were able to elude them."

"Are we there yet?" James complained. "I'm tired and this suitcase is so heavy."

"Quit your whining James," Jessie scolded. "I'm tired too, but we were told to go to the heart of the Mt. Moon."

"Yeah; the more ya complain, the more we slow down," Meowth added. "If we keep messing this up, those twerps will beat us there!"

"Okay, I get it," James replied. "I'll just be quiet and carry this cumbersome load."

As Team Rocket ventured further into the cave, I breathed a sigh of relief and faced Rebecca. Suddenly, Rebecca was glaring at me for some reason.

"Okay, you're hiding something," Rebecca addressed me. "Who are those people and why are they doing here?"

"Ah, I can explain," I replied to her. "You see, these guys are part of an organization known as Team Rocket."

"Team Rocket; I've heard of stories of these thugs running around and stealing Pokémon," Rebecca said. "I thought it was just a rumor."

"Trust me, it isn't a rumor," I explained. "They must be after something in this cave."

"It's just great; first, a suspicious group of kids entered this cave," Rebecca blurted out. "Then you showed up in the most awkward way possible, and then finally these three thugs showed up."

"What can I say, but it isn't a coincidence these things happen the way they should," I replied. "Anyway, we need to follow those three."

"You're right," Rebecca agreed. "Who's to say they're planning something sinister this time."

As Rebecca and I started walking further into the cave, something kept bothering me. From what I know of the previous chapter, Sird dispatched these buffoons into Mt. Moon. I'm sure there's a lot more to that; if only the Author would reveal it; I would be able to something about it.

At around the same time, Ash, Red, Misty, and Yellow began to explore the cave. The darkness was ever present; it was hard for them to see where they were going.

"Ash, are you sure you know where we're going?" Red asked.

"I'm positive," Ash cheerfully replied. "Misty, Brock and I have been here before."

"Pika!" Pikachu growled.

"Oh yeah, you're there too, Pikachu," Ash grinned at his longtime companion.

"We're heading deeper into Mt. Moon," Misty remarked. "What happened to Brock and the others?"

"I'm sure they're okay, Misty," Yellow smiled as she replied. "We have to think positive."

"I agree with Yellow," Ash added. "I'm sure we'll meet up with them somehow."

"Wait, I can hear someone nearby," Yellow suddenly said as she put her right hand in her right ear. "It's faint, but I can hear someone screaming."

"Somebody help me!" Someone shouted so loud that it reverberated throughout the cave.

"Hang on, we're coming!" Red shouted as he and the others ran towards the distressed person.

As our group approached the source of the distressed call, they were surprised at who was the one in distress. The person in distress was a man wearing a lab coat, and his face was partially obscured. He looked scared as he was pushed in a corner by three Clefairy.

"Please help me," The man pleaded. "I-I don't know where else to go."

"Guys, we better help him out," Ash suggested. "Are you ready, Pikachu?"

"I agree," Red replied as he called Pika.

"I'll help out too," Yellow said as she summoned Chuchu.

"Use ThunderShock!" Red, Ash, and Yellow shouted in unison.

The three Pikachu released a low electric current at the Clefairy, effectively paralyzing them and allowing them to use Quick Attack to knock them out.

"It's okay," Ash called out to the distressed man. "They're taken care of; you can come out."

"Thanks for saving me from the enraged Clefairy," The man spoke his gratitude as he emerged from the shadows. Ash and Misty were surprised at the identity of the man.

"Seymour, is that really you?" Ash blurted in surprise.

"Ahaha, yes, I'm Seymour," The man sheepishly replied. "It's good to see you two again."

"Okay, I'm quite confused," Red said obviously.

"Ash, can you tell us who exactly Seymour is?" Yellow elaborated. "I remember that you mentioned his name earlier."

"Oh, you must be talking about me right?" Seymour said to Red and Yellow. "You see, I met with Ash, Misty, and Brock when they first came here."

"Yeah, I remember that you research the Clefairy living here," Misty added. "Before we part ways, you stayed with the Clefairy."

"Unfortunately, a series of events happened over two days ago," Seymour explained. "It all began when a meteor crash landed on Mt. Moon."

This revelation intrigued our heroes as they continued to listen to Seymour's tale.

"Wait a sec, before Pikachu and I arrived home," Ash stated as he tried to recall what happened during that time. "We saw a meteor heading straight for Mt. Moon. Is that the meteor you're talking about?"

"Ash, don't interrupt," Misty scolded. "Seymour's not done with his side of the story!"

"Sorry about that," Ash sheepishly grinned while his Pikachu face-palmed.

"Ahem, like I was saying, it was like any ordinary day when the strange meteor crash landed and pulverized the already fragmentary Moon Stone," Seymour continued. "At first, the Clefairy were curious and approached the meteor, then the meteor began to glow red."

"What do you mean by that?" Red asked.

"Then the Clefairy began to change," Seymour elaborated. "Moments after they approached the meteor, they became very aggressive and tried to attack me. That's why you guys saw me cowering from them when you saved me."

"Seymour, you're saying that the Clefairy became enraged the moment they approached the meteor," Red said. "It could be that they were brainwashed by the meteor."

"Are you sure about that, Red?" Yellow asked.

"There's only one way we can be sure," Red answered. "Yellow, can you read the their thoughts?"

"Sure Red, I'll try," Yellow replied. Then she approached one of the fainted Clefairy; she put her hand into the Clefairy's forehead, closed her eyes, and began to concentrate.

"What is she doing?" Seymour asked curiously.

"Yellow has the ability to read the minds of Pokémon," Red explained. "She can tell if that Pokémon is injured or distressed but this will exhaust her if she uses her ability too much."

Yellow opened her eyes, removed her hand from the fainted Clefairy, and faced her friends; she looked horrified at whatever she saw in the Clefairy's mind.

"Guys, I think this is much worse than we realize," Yellow said urgently. "I saw what was going on in their minds and it was . . . horrible."

"What do you mean?" Red asked out of concern.

"The Clefairy were being tormented," Yellow explained. "It's like they're slowly turning insane by the meteor."

"Ah, so it's the meteor that is causing the Clefairy to be aggressive to us," Ash exclaimed.

"It actually makes sense now," Seymour added. "We need to get to the deepest point in this cave and destroy the meteor."

"The longer we stay here the more agitated they will become," Red agreed. "We need to get to the meteor now."

"But there's just one problem," Misty spoke. "We're separated from the others and we don't know where we're going."

"Ah, you have me," Seymour declared. "I know this mountain very well and I can guide you guys to the meteor!"

"You'll do that for us?" Ash asked.

"Why of course," Seymour grinned as he adjusted his glasses. "It's the least I can do for you guys since you helped saved the Moon Stone last time."

"This is so awesome!" Ash enthusiastically exclaimed. "What are we standing here for? Let's go!"

"Haha, you said it, Ash," Red grinned as they continued to travel through the cave with Seymour as their guide.

Meanwhile, Blue, Green, Brock, and Gary were walking through the cavern as the area progressively went darker. The only sources of light were the holes in the cave ceiling and the reflections from the stalagmites and stalactites.

"You know guys, I can actually make this place my secret hideout," Blue said. "If only the Clefairy weren't that aggressive at us."

"Hm, now that you brought it up," Green replied. "It seemed that only the Clefairy were aggressive at us."

"What are you saying, Green?" Brock asked.

"Blue, I want you to call out your Clefable," Green said to her.

"What do you need Clefy for?" Blue raised her eyebrow in confusion.

"Just do it," Green flatly replied. "Just call your Clefable out."

Blue rolled her eyes in annoyance and sent out her Clefable, Clefy. As Green stared at Clefy, the Clefable did not have any recognizable changes the moment it was called out; it didn't even have the glowing red eyes the Clefairy had.

'This confirms my suspicions,' Green thought. 'It seems only the Clefairy were affected, not their evolved form at least.'

"So, did you find anything?" Blue asked.

"I can't seem to find anything particular with your Clefable," Green shook his head in response. "It seemed that Clefable are not affected by the same phenomenon that affected the Clefairy earlier."

"This doesn't make any sense at all," Gary commented. "Clefable is the evolved form of Clefairy, so why Clefable wasn't affected?"

"I don't know," Green replied. "But we'll get to this soon enough."

Meanwhile, Brock apparently saw something coming from the darkness of the tunnel. It was a faint glow of light; it was glowing brighter as it seemingly approached closer to their location. The glowing light started to wave back and forth in a constant pace. Suddenly, Brock realized it wasn't just a light show and warned his friends.

"Guys, get down now!" Brock warned.

Without warning, a spark of electricity flew past them and struck a nearby stalagmite; the electric attack shattered the stalagmite completely. If it wasn't for Brock's warning, our protagonists could have been struck by that electric attack.

"What was that for?" Gary said to Brock. "And where did that Thunder attack came from?"

"It came from that," Gary pointed further at the tunnel. Slowly, the waving light turned out to be the arms of the Clefairy waving back and forth in a continuous motion.

"Those Clefairy are attacking us using Metronome!" Green exclaimed. "We need to move now!"

And thus Blue, Green, Gary, and Brock began to run away from the Clefairy. Truth be told, they did not know where the tunnel might lead them, but they didn't waste time thinking of that, especially when they are being pursued by the enraged Clefairy.

Motor-mouth's POV

Meanwhile, Rebecca and I continued to follow the trail of those pathetic comic reliefs by the names of Jessie, James, and Meowth. We tried our best to silently follow the trio as they go deeper into the cave.

Suddenly, Team Rocket stopped moving and began to look around. Oh, poptarts; I glanced at Rebecca and she too was just as surprised as me. Did these three buffoons detected us, or heard our footsteps? My heartbeat is beating in a fast pace, I could easily pass out; I'd bet Rebecca felt the same. But to our relief, the trio resumed walking; we remained behind and I silently sighed in relief. As those trio ventured further into the cave, I just shook my head and thought of any possible outcomes if we were detected by those three.

"What's wrong?" Rebecca looked concerned at me when she asked that question.

"Oh, it's nothing," I replied quickly. "I was getting a bit sidetracked."

"Okay," Rebecca said, and then she adjusted her glasses. "Those three are going farther into the cave."

"Yeah, and I bet they're planning something," I said. "Either that or the Author is just screwing us up."

"Wait a sec, who in the world is the Author?" Rebecca interrupted, and then she glared at me. "Is he your boss?"

"Ah-er, y-you're right," I stammered as I replied to her. I need to be careful when I break the fourth wall around this girl; she's really that nosy sometimes. "Yeah, he's my boss alright."

"Well, in that case, I would like to meet him in person," Rebecca replied. "I'd like to ask him a few important questions."

"Yeah, but right now we're stalking those three stooges," I reminded her, knowing that we were already far behind. "Ack, we need to catch up with them!"

We resumed our walk in the cavern, albeit in a much faster pace.

"But they may be too far ahead!" Rebecca objected. "We are not even sure on the path we're going!"

"Relax, I'm sure those three haven't gotten far," I replied to her. "I'm sure we won't be running to any obstacles-"

As soon as those words left in my mouth, we were surrounded by the crazed Clefairy once again. It was quite stupid for me to tempt fate like this.

"What are we gonna do?" Rebecca asked me. "We're surrounded again."

"I guess we really have to fight these fellas," I answered as I took Rotom's PokéBall from my pocket. "Rotom, pelt them with Shock Wave!"

Rotom was summoned from its PokéBall and fired a burst of electrical waves at the Clefairy. But to my dismay, a green barrier appeared at the Clefairy; the barrier somehow protected the Clefairy from the Shock Wave.

"Since when did the Clefairy learned to use Protect?" Rebecca asked in confusion.

"I don't really know how, but they can learn Protect anyway," I quickly replied. Although I could have said that it was the Author's idea, but I'd bet she wouldn't believe it.

Suddenly, the Clefairy waved their arms back and forth in a rhythmic beat. I recognized that move as Metronome; I grabbed Rebecca's hand and ran away from the Clefairy.

"Why are we running away?" Rebecca asked me.

"It's because they're using Metronome!" I exclaimed. "It allows them to use any random attack!"

Suddenly, there was a big flash of light coming from behind us; I can recognize that attack; a Hyper Beam was coming straight for us!

"Get down!" I shouted.

As we crouched down, we saw a beam of pure energy whizzing past us. If we didn't duck for cover, we would have been hit by the Normal-type attack.

"Whew, that was a close call," Rebecca expressed her relief. "Thanks for the save."

"No problem," I looked down as I replied to her. Truth be told, I'm really that awkward when a girl complements me; but I shouldn't be thinking of this, for the crazed Clefairy were still pursuing us like a bunch of super-persistent predators.

"Come on, we gotta go," I said to Rebecca as we stood up. "We're running out of time!"

Meanwhile, Team Rocket continued their trek as they arrived in the deepest point in the cave. They were rather nostalgic as they arrived at the familiar place. Like before, the place was a beautiful sight; a hole exposed the place to the outside world, but the only difference was that a strange meteorite lay on top of the fragmented Moon Stone.

"It really brings back memories," James became nostalgic.

"Yeah, I remember this place like it was yesterday," Meowth nodded in agreement. "At that time, our heist almost went off without a hitch."

"If it wasn't for those twerps," James shook his right hand. "We would've made big bucks out of that Moon Stone!"

"Yeah, as much as we like to recall," Jessie ruined the nostalgic moment. "We have a job to do-"

Suddenly, they heard an explosion so loud that it shook the cave.

"What was that explosion?" James blurted out.

"I bet those may be the twerps battling it out with those Clefairy," Meowth theorized. "Or the cave is that unstable."

"I don't know," Jessie replied. "And I really don't care. James, open that briefcase now."

"Sure, I'll open it now," James replied as he opened the mysterious briefcase. As James opened the briefcase, Jessie and Meowth could tell from his facial expressions that he was shocked at the contents of the briefcase.

"Hey, why do you look so pale?" Meowth asked.

"It's just. . ." James stammered. "The contents of the briefcase. . ."

"Come on, spit it out," Jessie sternly said. "Move aside, I want to see what's inside that briefcase-"

Unlike James, Jessie was not surprised at the contents of the briefcase. All she and James could see inside the briefcase were several metal spheres and a letter written to them.

"Hey, what's this letter for?" Meowth asked as he grabbed the letter from the briefcase.

"You read it, Meowth," James replied.

"Alright, here goes," Meowth said as he began to read the note. "According to this, the metal things are actually robots and this note is some sort of instruction manual."

"So, does it say how to activate these things?" Jessie asked as she held one of the metal spheres in the palm of her hand.

"Yeah, it says in the note that you've got to throw them like a PokéBall," Meowth read the note. "I can't read the rest, cos it's all gibberish."

"Fine, I'll follow the instructions," Jessie said as she prepared to throw the metal ball. "Here goes nothing!"

As Jessie threw the metal ball, it began to glow purple the moment it went airborne. While airborne, the metal ball began to transform and change shape. The metal ball suddenly grew from a size of a PokéBall to the size of a large boulder. Robotic arms and legs sprang from the exposed joints of the metal ball. The Team Rocket trio couldn't believe their eyes as they saw first-hand the transformation of the metal ball. Finally, the transformation was complete, and the metal ball had become a spherical mecha, armed with every arsenal Team Rocket would ever dream of.

"Wow, I didn't believe it until I see it!" Meowth exclaimed.

"This is a wonderful gift we had for ages!" James agreed.

"With an army of these, even the twerps and those annoying Clefairy doesn't a chance against us," Jessie commented. "We're on the top of the food chain!"

Then they let out a couple of evil laughs before activating the other metal spheres. With these unexpected gifts at their disposal, how are they going to use these against our protagonists?

Meanwhile, Seymour led Red, Ash, Misty, and Yellow through the humid cave. While they were walking, our heroes began to discuss each of their past experiences with one another to pass the time.

"How did you make it to the top, Red?" Ash asked.

"I admit, it wasn't that easy," Red cheerfully replied. "You see, my final opponent was Green. We had an awesome battle, in which I barely won."

"Man, I'm glad you made it to the top," Ash solemnly said. "Whereas I made it to the League Conferences in every region so far, yet I didn't made it to the top."

Red stared at Ash when he revealed his accomplishments to him. Sure, Ash didn't made it to the top, but just like any trainer Ash continued to learn from his mistakes and grow as a trainer and a person. This is something Red could totally relate.

"Ash, you don't have to be depressed if you didn't made it," Red cheered Ash. "Even I lose a Pokémon every once in a while."

"Really?" Ash beamed up.

"Red's right," Yellow agreed. "Each time we make a mistake, we need to know why we made that mistake and learn not to do that again. It's a lesson in life."

"Don't worry about it," Misty added. "There's always next year. You've grown to be a wonderful trainer over time."

"Thanks guys," Ash said to his friends. "I don't know how to make it up to you guys. . ."

"You don't have to," Red replied. "We're here for you through thick and thin."

"Um, if I may interrupt," Seymour butted in. "We're finally at the end of this cave."

As for Ash and Misty, they were familiar to the chamber since their last visit to Mt. Moon, but for Red and Yellow, it was a beautiful sight, for they have not seen anything like this before. However, the only thing that hampered the beauty of the grotto was that of a strange meteorite at the center of the area.

"So, is this the meteorite you're talking about?" Ash asked to Seymour.

"Yes, this is the meteor alright," Seymour replied as he adjusted his glasses. "Something's wrong though."

"What do you mean?" Misty asked curiously.

"There is a group of Clefairy guarding the meteor supposedly," Seymour explained. "I wonder what happened to them-"

Suddenly, loud cracking noises were heard from another nearby passage. The group comprising of Blue, Green, Gary, and Brock emerged from the passageway.

"Whew, we made it," Blue panted as she and her group were exhausted from running.

"What's wrong?" Red asked. "What are you guys running from?"

Red's question was soon answered when a large group of Clefairy emerged from the same passageway.

"They're really that persistent," Green stated.

"Yeah, we can't shake them off our trail," Gary added. "They managed to keep up with us."

"Well, at least we're together again," Blue said nonchalantly. "That's the only good thing that happened right now."

Suddenly, the Clefairy were encased in a huge black net; the Kanto Team were surprised at these turn of events.

"Haha, you all are surprised, right?" Someone addressed the Kanto Team.

Our heroes turned around to see three familiar faces riding in a humongous robot. The three of them were smirked as if they have gained the upper hand.

"Team Rocket!" Ash glared at them. "What do guys doing here anyway?"

"Haha, it's none of your business, twerp," Jessie replied.

"Let those Clefairy go!" Seymour demanded. "This is their home!"

"Like I care about that," Jessie boasted.

"This is our turf now," Meowth added. "So, all of you should be the ones to back off!"

"You said it, Meowth," James agreed. "Shall we get started?"

Our heroes faced off against Team Rocket as a showdown was about to begin. . .

Motor-mouth's POV

Rebecca and I made it to the end of the cavern; earlier, we managed to evade the pursuing Clefairy by taking a different route. As we were about to enter the inner chamber, my e-book was vibrating in my pocket. I took the e-book and examined it. Apparently, there was a message in the e-book that said, "New Chapter for Pokemon Adventures: AshGray Chapter by could-not-think-of-a-good-name".

"Hey, what are you reading?" Rebecca called.

"Oh, it's just my pocketbook updated," I explained. "I am an avid reader in my spare time."

"But this isn't the time for reading," Rebecca sighed as she shook her head. "I can see people at the end of this cave!"

As much as I wanted to read that fanfic, Rebecca has a good point. So, I put my e-book back in my pocket and followed Rebecca to the end of this cavern. As we entered the inner chamber, we hid in a corner as we saw Team Rocket confronting the Kanto Team.

"Hey, it's those kids that I've met earlier," Rebecca whispered at me.

"Yeah, and those losers from Team Rocket are confronting them as of now," I whispered back.

"So, what do we do?" Rebecca asked to me.

"It's simple," I answered dryly. "We wait."

"What?" Rebecca hissed at me.

"Take it easy, Rebecca," I explained. "If we butt in right now, it can complicate the situation; the best thing we can do for now is to sit tight and watch this scenario unfold."

Rebecca looked flabbergasted as she glared at me; I just shrugged and stared at the two opposing teams. This was going to be interesting to watch, but I would have fully enjoyed it if I brought some bags of popcorn to munch on!

End of Chapter

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