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Crisis on Two PokéWorlds!

Chapter 26: Grand Battle, Sudden Betrayal!

"Tell me, Motor-mouth; who exactly are you working for?"

In the infirmary of the Citadel, these words began to haunt the only patient, Filo, inthat room. He was rolling left and right as he continued to experience this particular nightmare.

"First, here's my speech bubble in your face!"

Filo was shaking convulsively as his nightmare slowly began to turn from bad to worse.

"Second, this is for stalking me earlier!"

Filo was sweating profusely and his hands grabbed the reins of his bed tightly.

"And this is strike three; here's a Thu'um: FUS RO DAH!"

"Gyaah!" Filo suddenly opened his eyes.

He put his right hand in his forehead and realized that he was sweating profusely. Filo stared at the ceiling of his room. As he began to recall the nightmare that he experienced, he could only utter one name.

"Motor-mouth . . ." Filo mumbled. "Now I remember everything . . ."

At the infirmary of the Sanctum, PokéGuardians Solaris and Lunaria were busy patching up Jimmy's injuries.

"Okay, just hold still a little bit longer," Lunaria said to Jimmy as she partially patched up his left shoulder.

"Thanks, Solaris and Lunaria," Jimmy replied as he put his shirt on. "Seriously, I don't know how to thank you two."

"There's no need to repay us," Solaris smiled at Jimmy.

"Jimmy!" Gold's yell could be heard from outside the infirmary. Solaris, Lunaria, and Jimmy saw the door open, and the rest of the Johto Team went inside.

"Oh, it's you guys," Jimmy grinned at them.

"We wandered around looking for you," Crystal explained. She glanced at Gold and glared, "And Gold here couldn't keep his mouth shut."

"What did he do?" Jimmy asked curiously.

"Well, Gold barged into every room in the hallway, shouting your name," Khoury explained.

"Hey, I was trying to help," Gold defended. "We were looking for you anyway."

"Like shouting across the hallway would be any help at all," Silver muttered. Gold glared at Silver in response but Silver ignored him.

"So, all of you have finally arrived," Solaris spoke to the Johto Team. "We expected your arrival."

"However, we shall brief you all in your next mission as soon as Jimmy recovers," Lunaria added.

"Aw, that's great," Gold said sarcastically. "Just as we got from a really tough mission, we've been assigned to another one."

"At least, you can rest for the rest of the day now," Solaris mentioned.

"Yeah, we're really that exhausted from the entire ruckus we did earlier," Lyra added as she stretched her arms. "So, a day's rest is just what we need to recharge."

"I agree with her," Gold said as he put his hands behind his head in a relaxed manner. "So, if that's really that important, we can hear about it first thing in the morning."

With that, Gold just walked towards the door and left the room. The rest of the Johto Team was in an awkward silence for a few seconds before they realized the situation.

"Wait up!" Crystal shouted as she went out of the room to follow Gold. Silver, Lyra, and Khoury also left the room moments later, leaving Jimmy, Solaris, and Lunaria in the room.

"Should I go with them?" Jimmy asked the PokéGuardians.

"You should stay here and rest," Lunaria shook her head as she replied to Jimmy.

"Lunaria and I have other matters to attend to," Solaris addressed "Please excuse us."

As the two PokéGuardians left the infirmary, Jimmy lay on his bed and slowly drifted off to sleep . . .

Holding the remains of the attack drone, Stellanius Dux walked towards his room, with Looker trailing behind him. As for Looker, he could not contain his doubts as Stellanius opened the door to his room.

"My apologies for not answering your questions earlier," Stellanius addressed Looker. "I had my suspicions that we were being watched."

Looker remained silent as Stellanius waked to his table and grabbed a blueprint from one of his drawers.

"Looker, I know that you're just as eager to know the answers," Stellanius elaborated. "But, the answers you seek aren't easy to explain."

Stellanius grabbed the blueprint from his desk and showed it to Looker.

"This blueprint is a clue to what our foes are up to," Stellanius explained to him.

"Wait a sec, I recognize that blueprint," Looker blurted. "It's the same blueprint I stole from the Citadel."

"Yes and please read the blueprint carefully," Stellanius unraveled the blueprint in front of Looker. "What do you see?"

Looker stared at the blueprints carefully. To Looker, the blueprint depicted a schematic of a robot, and huge laser cannon.

"I can see a crude image of a robot and laser cannon," Looker described.

"You're on the right track," Stellanius replied. "As you have seen earlier, they have already built the robots. These serve as their primary force."

"What do you mean?" Looker asked.

"The robots have an ability to transform into humanoid forms," Stellanius explained. "In those forms, the robots can act as trainers and can use Pokémon. The Pokémon that the robots use are cloned using nanotechnology."

"If that is the case," Looker rubbed his chin, "What are they planning to do with the laser cannon?"

"That I am not sure of," Stellanius replied honestly. "Nonetheless, Solaris, Lunaria, and I cannot do this with ourselves."

"This is where the PokeDex Owners and I come in, right?" Looker asked.

Each one of us has a role to play in this cosmic game of chess," Stellanius explained, "Individually, we can only do so little; however, if each one of us supports one another, then the advantage would be ours."

"So, what are you going to do with the blueprint?" Looker questioned.

"Our adversaries are getting stronger even at this moment," Stellanius replied. "In order to gain as much advantage over them as possible, we need to build a robot army of our own to counter theirs."

"So that explains why you have stolen the blueprint," Looker rubbed his chin as he began to realize Stellanius' plan.

"I also have another assignment for you," Stellanius stared at Looker. "You can decline my offer, if you want."

Looker closed his eyes as he considered his choices. Then he opened his eyes and addressed Stellanius, "Okay, what is it this time?"

"It seems that you've considered my offer," Stellanius smiled. "Here's what I want you to do. . ."

"Excellent, all is going according to plan," Odio Tristeza crossed his arms and grinned as he turned on his projector in his throne. "It seems Sird's lackeys have served their roles well."

Suddenly, the door creaked open, and Lanza

"My apologies for interrupting," Lanza interrupted.

"Ha, there's no need to apologize to me," Odio replied. "How's your twin brother?"

"Oh, Filo's okay at the moment," Lanza replied. Then she saw the screen that Odio was watching and uttered. "Wait; are those the Mark-2 Trainer drones? I thought they're prototypes and not yet ready to be mass produced!"

"Those drones were indeed the prototypes," Odio grinned. "But, the best way to test those machines is on a real battlefield."

Lanza was silent as she listened to the explanation of her superior.

"Regardless if the drones succeed or fail, the outcome will be in our favor," Odio explained. "And the Team Rocket buffoons that Sird recruited did an excellent job in the whole plan."

"Are you saying you planned all of this from the start?" Lanza was surprised as she asked the question.

"Well, the theft at the library was totally unexpected," Odio admitted. "But, it did not hinder my plans at the slightest. It's a good thing the stolen blueprints held only had parts of the information from the original."

"Be careful on how you manage your plan," Lanza warned. "Should your plan fails, there will be consequences and we would not be able to complete our main goal."

"Yes, I am quite aware of the many risks that my plan has," Odio replied. "But the outcomes reaped from this will be worth the risk."

"I am just reminding you, sir," Lanza sternly affirmed.

"Thank you for your concern," Odio replied nonchalantly. "I have to plan something out, so please leave my premises."

As Lanza left the room, Odio glanced at the blueprint and muttered, "Things are going along as planned, but just to make sure. . ."

He turned on the monitor screen and pressed the playback button. He viewed a recording of the events that transpired a few nights earlier. In that video, Odio saw what a certain loudmouth mercenary did to one of his subordinates.

"Motor-mouth, you sly little fox," Odio mused. "I'll make sure I'll arrange a welcoming party just for you."

"Sir Odio must be planning something big," Lanza muttered as she walked her way towards infirmary ward where her twin brother Filo was recuperating.

Lanza was rather suspicious of the risks that their boss was taking. She knew that there were alternate methods to achieve their goals, but Odio refused to hear out these routes and remain grounded in his decision. However, she let those thoughts aside for now as she entered the ward where her brother was recuperating.

"Filo," Lanza called to her twin brother. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm doing well despite being confined," Filo replied cheerfully; then his expressions changed to a melancholi c tone. "But, I shouldn't be that glad about my recovery-"

"What do you mean?" Lanza asked.

"Not long before you arrived here, I was plagued by nightmares," Filo explained. "As I woke up, memories began to flood my mind. Now I know who attacked me."

Lanza became silent as she was eager to listen to what her twin brother was about to reveal.

"The one that attacked me and left me in this state is . . ." Filo uttered. ". . . that ungrateful bastard Motor-mouth."

Mt. Moon

Pokémon animé world

5 days before the PokéWorlds decay completely

At the deepest point in Mt. Moon, our heroes were confronted by their adversaries, the Team Rocket trio. The trio was currently piloting a humongous mecha that towered over the cave and blocked the moonlight in the exposed ceiling. From the cockpit of the mecha, the Kanto Team saw Jessie, James, and Meowth piloting the humongous machine. As they towered over our heroes, Team Rocket began to recite their motto in front of them.

"Listen, is that a voice I hear?

It's speaking to me loud and clear.

On the wind!

Past the stars!

In your ear!. . ."

The Kanto Team scowled upon hearing the familiar motto again. But Team Rocket didn't pay attention to their expressions as they continued to recite their motto.

"Bringing chaos at a breakneck pace.

Dashing hope, putting fear in its place.

A rose by any other name is just as sweet.

When everything's worse, our work is complete.


And it's James!

And Meowth-"

"Seriously, you three have to recite your motto before battling us?" Blue interrupted as she glared at Team Rocket with a deadpan expression.

"Hey, it's the second time you interrupted our motto!" Meowth accused Blue; their mecha pointed its right mechanical arm at her.

"No offense but you three can skip the motto and battle us already," Blue crossed her arms. "A typical villain wouldn't waste their time in reciting lines."

"Why you little-" Meowth was furious at Blue. He was clenching his paws in accusation.

"Uh, I think the girl has a point," James muttered. "Maybe we should take her advice and–"

"Ha, it's doesn't really matter now," Jessie spoke. "What matters is that we tower over you and we can beat all of you!"

"Just because you have a robot doesn't mean you're invincible!" Ash shouted.

"Yeah right, but we have a robot; that makes a big difference!" James taunted our heroes as they pilot their humongous mecha.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Misty rhetorically asked.

"We've beaten you three many times already!" Ash boasted confidently.

"That might be the case," Jessie replied through a microphone. "But this time, you twerps are in a disadvantage!"

Suddenly, the mecha deployed several metal spheres to the Kanto Team. The spheres began to surround our heroes in all the possible angles.

"What the heck are these?" Gary said out loud.

"You'll find out soon enough, twerp," Meowth replied through the speakers. "Activate the trainer drones!"

Suddenly, the floating spheres began to transform in front of the Kanto Team. The shape of the robots began to change from a spherical shape to a humanoid shape, forming an abdomen. Four holes opened from the abdomen as mechanical arms and legs sprouted out from the joints and the abdomen began to expand. As the drones fully assumed their humanoid form, their appearance resembled the typical Team Rocket grunt, but with emotionless expressions and they stared at the Kanto Team with their glowing red eyes.

"Now, sick 'em!" Jessie declared enthusiastically.

The trainer drones called forth their Pokémon and stared at the Kanto Team with their static faces and eerie red eyes.

"So, the battle is starting," Ash said upon seeing the robots transform. "Are you ready, Pikachu?"

"Pika!" Pikachu growled as sparks emitted from his cheeks.

The rest of the Kanto Team called out their Pokémon. Yellow had her Butterfree, Kitty and Chuchu, Red called out Pika, Blue summoned her Nidory, Green had his Scizor ready for battle.

"This is interesting," Blue commented as her Nidory used Fury Swipes against a Golbat controlled by the drones. "They're really that good in fighting dirty."

"Blue, this isn't the time for compliments," Green replied to her. His Scizor made short work on a Glalie using Bullet Punch. "I have a plan to get us out of this mess."

"What's your plan, Green?" Red asked.

"You, Ash, and Yellow will confront Team Rocket and defeat their machine," Green explained. "Blue and I will provide cover for the three of you."

"What about me?" Seymour stuttered as he asked his role. "W-what should I do?"

"Misty, Gary, and Brock, can you draw the attention of the robots and protect Seymour for the time being?" Green said to them.

"Yeah, you can count on us," Gary replied.

"Okay," Green looked at the rest of the Kanto Team. "Let's get to our positions."

As Gary, Misty, and Brock escorted Seymour away from the battlefield, the rest of the Kanto Team readied themselves against the trainer drones.

"Here they come!" Ash exclaimed as their opponents lunged at them with their Pokémon.

"Yellow, get ready," Red reminded to her.

"Okay, Red," Yellow replied with a nod. "Kitty, use Gust!"

Kitty the Butterfree obeyed Yellow's orders and flapped his wings. The whipped-up gust managed to pick up dust particles on the ground and obscured portions of the cave.

Motor-mouth's POV

Meanwhile at the sidelines, Rebecca and I watched as the two opposing teams began to duke it out in a battle of . . . interesting proportions. I frowned when Team Rocket recited their motto. Really, do they have to recite that bogus motto every time they meet the heroes? No wonder they'll never be able to stand a chance; they had to recite their motto before battling them. However, I shifted my attention to the strange meteor glowing in the background. I had my suspicions that the meteor held something of value.

"What are you looking at?" Rebecca asked me.

"Shh, be quiet," I hissed. "We need to find a way to sneak past them."

"And how are you going to do that?" Rebecca asked skeptically.

"It's simple," I replied, grinning at her. "We're going to tiptoe our way to the meteor."

"Are you nuts?" Rebecca hissed at me. "Team Rocket is just a few feet away! How'd you expect us to sneak past-"

"Relax," I replied to her. "They're currently being distracted, so there's a miniscule chance that they can detect our presence."

"Fine, I'll go with your plan," Rebecca agreed grudgingly. "But I'll put the blame on you in case this fails."

Just as I planned, Rebecca and I attempted to sneak past Team Rocket while they were still confronting the Kanto Team. As we crept closer to the meteor, I grinned that my plan was working brilliantly.

"See," I whispered to Rebecca. "I told you my plan would work like a charm-"

Suddenly, several trainer drones showed up in our midst. From what I could describe from them, these drones had the appearance of a typical Team Rocket grunt. I frowned at our misfortune that befell on us.

"Stupid, rotten luck," I muttered in frustration.

"Like a charm, you say?" Rebecca sneered at me. Then, she grumbled, "I knew this plan won't work from the start."

As we were being surrounded by these annoying drones, we pulled out our PokéBalls and began to battle these training pieces of junk.

"Rotom, come out!" I shouted as I threw my PokéBall into the air. The Plasma Pokémon was summoned and it showered the opponent's Pokémon with Discharge.

"Hey, don't leave me out of this!" Rebecca shouted as she threw her PokéBall in the air. "Magnemite, use Magnet Bomb!"

Her Magnemite conjured an orb made of concentrated iron sand and threw it on their foes; the attack managed to hit many of the drones' Pokémon at once.

"Nice, now it's my turn to shock 'em," I said aloud. "Rotom, pelt them with Electro Ball!"

Rotom unleashed an orb of electrical energy at the drones and their Pokémon.

"Not bad," Rebecca complimented. "For a guy I just met, you're really that good in battle."

"Thanks for the compliment," I replied to her. "But I'm afraid this battle has just begun."

The drones began to block our path to the meteor. It seemed those three programmed them to protect the meteor at all costs. A grin formed in my face as a ridiculous idea formed in my head.

"What's with the grin of yours?" Rebecca asked me.

"Oh, I just though up a ridiculous idea," I replied. "But it will have to wait; we've got company."

"Haha, this is going as planned!" Jessie declared as she viewed the ensuing battle from the screen in their mecha.

"Yeah, the twerps are busy fighting the robots," Meowth agreed.

"Wait, I see from my monitor that there are two more people," James said aloud as he watched a man and a woman battling the drones. "I haven't seen them before."

"I don't really care who those people are," Jessie declared. "But if they butt in, we'll treat them to a no-holds barred beat down!"

Suddenly, a powerful gust of wind appeared in the battlefield, sweeping up dust to obscure the vision of Team Rocket in the battlefield.

"Wait, what happened to the three twerps and their Pikachu?" Meowth blurted out.

"Yeah, they disappeared from our sights," James agreed.

"Then, what are waiting here for?" Jessie bellowed. "Let's split up and look for those twerps!"

"Roger that!" Meowth bellowed as he, Jessie, and James pushed a blue button simultaneously.

Suddenly, the Team Rocket mecha separated into three mini-mechas. Each of the mini-mechas was personalized by the appearance of the trio.

"Now let's search for those pesky twerps!" Jessie bellowed.

"Yeah!" James and Meowth agreed.

"Are you looking for us?" A voice called to them.

"Who said that?!" Jessie, James, and Meowth shouted simultaneously.

"We're up here," A female voice called out to Team Rocket. They looked up and saw Ash, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green staring at them.

"There they are!" James shouted.

"Aren't they supposed to be battling those robots?" Meowth added.

"We wouldn't worry about those things for now," Ash boasted.

"They're currently being battled by our friends," Blue added. "But you three are all ours to battle."

Jessie gritted her teeth. Then she put her PokéBall in a slot and pressed a button. "That's it! Seviper and Yanmega, come on out!"

"You too, Carnivine!" James tried to put the PokéBall in a slot, but Carnivine popped out and chomped James. "Gyaah! Stop that, it hurts!"

"Seviper, use Sludge Bomb!" Jessie commanded.

"Scizor, intercept that attack," Green countered. "Then attack with Metal Claw!"

Due to Scizor being part Steel, Scizor managed to take the full brunt of the Sludge Bomb. Then, the Pincer Pokémon retaliated by using its very sharp pincers to slash Jessie's Seviper.

"Now it's our turn to battle!" James exclaimed. "Carnivine, use Power Whip!"

Carnivine extended its vine-line arms and lashed them at the Kanto Team and their Pokémon. However, they managed to evade the powerful attack.

"Say, Red," Ash suggested. "How about we team up for an attack?"

"Sure," Red smirked. "Let's do it."

Red and Ash with their Pokémon ran in opposite directions. This tactic managed to confuse Team Rocket.

"What on earth are those twerps planning to do?" James wondered.

"Maybe they're making us dizzy by running around in circles," Meowth suggested.

"Whatever, we just need to stop them," Jessie interjected rashly. "Seviper, after them!"

"Y-you too, Carnivine!" James stammered.

Seviper and Carnivine followed Ash and Red respectively. In fact, Team Rocket were falling for the tactic the Kanto Team have devised.

"Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!" Ash called out.

"Pika, use Thunderbolt too!" Red commanded.

As Seviper and Carnivine encountered Red and Ash in opposite sides, they were instantly electrocuted with two high-powered attacks. The electric attack managed to knock the two Pokémon back to their trainers. The collision momentarily engulfed the area in dust and smoke.

"Did we get them?" Ash asked aloud.

"I'm not sure about that, Ash," Yellow replied.


An evil laugh echoed throughout the grotto. The Kanto Team frowned as the dust settled down.

"Looks like we're in for round two," Blue frowned.

At the sidelines, Gary, Misty, and Brock were escorting Seymour out of the battlefield. As Seymour was being escorted away, he saw the crazed Clefairy struggling from the net that Team Rocket fired at them.

"Hurry up, Seymour," Misty urged. "We need to get you to safety!"

"I know," Seymour replied as he continued to stare at the struggling Clefairy.

All of a sudden, a group of trainer drones appeared and surrounded them. Had they continued to move out of the area they could have avoided the encounter.

"We've wasted too much time already!" Gary spat in frustration.

"That means we have to battle them," Brock grimaced as he drew out his PokéBall. "Sudowoodo, come and help us out!"

"Don't leave me out of this," Misty interjected. "Staryu, come on out!"

"Blastoise!" Gary threw his PokéBall into the air. "We need you here now!"

As their Pokémon were called out, the trainer drones lunged at them with their Pokémon. This was not going to be an easy battle for our heroes.

Motor-mouth's POV

While the Kanto Team were busy battling Team Rocket, we were having a terrible time with the trainer drones. As much as Rebecca and I have the advantage over the drones by skill, the trainer drones have the advantage in numbers. In particular, I found this situation ironic as I was the one who controlled these drones in the chapter 23.

"There's no end to them!" Rebecca shouted at me as her Magnemite used Thundershock at the enemy. "More are coming!"

"Yeah, it never gets any easier," I muttered as my Rotom used Ominous Wind. "Perhaps it's time to try my crazy idea that might just work."

"And what is that idea you're talking about?" Rebecca hesitantly asked while her Magnemite fended a drone's Snover with Mirror Shot.

"Oh, you'll about to know soon enough," I grinned at her. "Rotom, it's time we show 'em our secret move!"

Rotom's body began to glow in a yellow aura, and then the Plasma Pokémon discharged its stored energy at the drones and their Pokémon.

"That's your plan?" Rebecca became skeptical upon seeing that attack. "Is Charge Beam your oh-so-secret move?"

"Nah, that was just a warm-up," I replied as I grabbed a magnet from my pocket. "Rotom, it's time to do the real thing."

I threw the magnet up in the air, while Rotom began to glow in a yellow aura. Then, Rotom unleashed the electrical power into the magnet, and the shock wave went through the drones and their Pokémon.

"Wow," Rebecca uttered in awe. "That's a very powerful Shock Wave."

"I know; it was boosted thanks to the Charge Beam earlier," I replied at her. "I would've called it a railgun, but a certain hazel-haired girl wouldn't agree on that."

"What do you mean?" Rebecca asked in confusion.

"N-Nevermind what I said," I stammered. "Let's just deal with these junk-heads."

As much as Rotom damaged them with Shock Wave, the trainer drones were temporarily incapacitated; it seemed that these models were far stronger than I thought. Also, more drones were appearing out of freaking nowhere; it seemed that as long as Team Rocket was active, these trainer drones kept coming. This wasn't good for us and the Kanto team.

"I thought we dealt with them," Rebecca groaned as she saw the drones again. "This is getting out of hand."

"Yeah, these drones are implacable," I agreed with her. "They're very hard to destroy."

"That, how do we dispose of them permanently?" Rebecca asked me.

"Gee, don't ask me about that," I sarcastically replied. "But we'll figure it out somehow."

"Then, we'd better do it soon!" Rebecca exclaimed. "More of them are coming at us!"

I thought of that for a brief moment and stared at the battle between Team Rocket and the Kanto Team. Then, I looked as the rest of the Kanto Team; they were escorting someone and they were surrounded by trainer drones. Finally, a super-crazy idea manifested in my mind.

"In that case, it would be better for us to team up with those kids," I suggested.

"What do you mean?" Rebecca asked in confusion.

"I know for the fact that many of those kids are among the strongest of the Pokémon trainers out there," I explained to her. "If can team up with them, we can boost our chances of survival."

"But-" Rebecca stammered.

"Just look at our situation; we're being overwhelmed by these junk-heads," I said at her. "At this rate, we'll lose and even be killed by these things."

Rebecca looked briefly at me; it seemed that she would rather stand her ground. But, the situation was getting dangerous, and she lowered her head and muttered.

"Okay, we'll go with your plan, Motor-mouth."

"Excellent, but we need to incapacitate these junk-heads first," I suggested. "Rotom, use Discharge again!"

As the enemy Pokémon attacked us, Rotom unleashed an electrical attack over a wide radius. The electric attack managed to hit several of the drone's Pokémon and paralyzing some of them afterwards. The drones were momentarily affected by the electrical blast, so I took this cue to grab Rebecca's hand and ran away from them.

"Let's go," I said to Rebecca. "We need to move."

Meanwhile, Misty, Gary, and Brock were not as fortunate as the rest of the Kanto Team. As they were escorting Seymour out of the grotto, they had to deal with many trainer drones; what's making their situation even worse was that the drones that they thought were down suddenly came back again.

"They keep coming back!" Misty shouted as her Staryu fended off more of the drone's Pokémon using Swift.

"There's no end to them," Gary exclaimed as his Blastoise fended off more of the enemy Pokémon with Water Gun.

"Yeah, the more we dispose of these robots, the more of them will show up," Blue agreed.

"There must be a way to deal with them," Brock muttered. "At this rate, we'll be overwhelmed."

Then, a bright light flashed nearby, this phenomenon gained their attention. Suddenly, the drones that they were battling were incapacitated along with their Pokémon. Afterwards, two people began to run towards them.

"Wait, I see two people approaching us!" Seymour pointed out.

"Yeah, and one of them is the reporter that we've met before," Misty looked at the two approaching people. "But I have no clue on the guy that accompanies her."

Motor-mouth's POV

As we walked closer to them, I felt a little nervous. Justified, it's my first time teaming up with these fellas. And what's even worse was that the Author made me do this! But in retrospect, Rebecca and I were being overwhelmed by those junk-heads; so if Rebecca and I were to survive, we really need to cooperate with the heroes for the time being.

"Um, why are you shaking?" Rebecca asked.

"W-what are you talking about?" I stammered. "I-I wasn't shaking out of nervousness."

"Ha, I knew it," Rebecca grinned. "Don't be nervous; this was your idea after all."

Come to think of it, Rebecca was right; I shouldn't be nervous; after all, this team-up was only temporary, so I just need to puff up and march towards them.

"Oh, it's . . . Rebecca, was it?" Misty addressed. "And who's the guy beside you-"

Suddenly, Brock approached Rebecca and held her right hand. At first, I was surprised at this gesture, but I remembered that this was Brock. And then, I became annoyed at his very action.

"I am glad that we meet once more, my love," Brock declared to her. "I, Brock, will be at your humble service-"

"Rotom, shock him," I nonchalantly commanded my Pokémon. Rotom grinned as it managed to shock Brock into submission.

"Why did you do that for?" Brock tearfully complained at me.

"Sorry for doing that Brock, but we're short on time," I hastily explained. "My name's Motor-mouth and I met up with Rebecca earlier."

"So, do you have any idea on what those things are?" Gary questioned me.

"Um, sort of," I scratched the back of my head. "You see, they're . . . trainer robots. They're designed to emulate trainers and have complex attack commands."

"So how do we destroy them?" Misty asked me.

"I . . . I'm not really sure," I sheepishly replied. "I tried to shock them, but that only temporarily incapacitated them."

As soon as I said that, something strange was happening to the trainer drones. Their glowing red eyes began to focus on me; I had a feeling that in a few moments they will rise up and attack us once again.

"Here we go again!" Rebecca exclaimed.

The rest of the team began to show signs of panic. If I don't think of a countermeasure soon, we'll be overwhelmed easily.

And then, I thought up of a crazy, new idea. Our opponents were trainer drones and they were powered electronically. If we could somehow tamper with the delicate electronics, we might be able to stand a chance against them! This strategy was risky, but if it was successful, then it would be worth the gamble.

"Okay, I thought up of a new plan," I announced. Then, I turned my attention to Misty, Gary, and Brock and asked. "You three have water-type Pokémon, right?"

"Why should we listen to you?" Misty sternly questioned me.

"It's because I know more of our foes than all of you combined," I replied to her. "In other words, you guys need to trust me cos' I know how to get out of this mess."

"Yeah, but what do you plan for that?" Gary asked.

"Okay, listen carefully to what I say," I explained to Misty, Brock, and Gary. "You three will drench those creeps with water while Rebecca and I prepare our Pokémon to use a high-powered electric attack."

Misty, Brock, Gary, Rebecca, and Seymour exchanged glances as they have their opinion on my plan. Then, Seymour walked towards me.

"Ah, I get it," Seymour exclaimed and adjusted his glasses. "Those robots are made of metal, and drenching them with water will make them susceptible to electric attacks!"

"I'm glad you figured it out," I replied at Seymour. Then, I declared. "Now, let's get this plan to action!"

"These three don't know when to quit," Blue muttered to herself.

The Kanto Team were currently facing Team Rocket in their combined mecha. Team Rocket could not help but place themselves above our heroes.

"Hahaha, see what we've become?" Jessie gloated. "We tower over the likes of you!"

The Team Rocket mecha unleashed its salvo of missiles heading straight for the heroes.

"Look out!" Ash exclaimed as the missiles were about to descend on them. The whole cavern shook as the missile exploded all around them.

"Blasty!" Blue commanded her starter Pokémon. "Douse 'em with Hydro Pump!"

Blast deployed his two water cannons and blaster a large torrent of water at Team Rocket.

"Ha, you're trying to drown us with that?" Meowth gloated.

"We're not trying to drown you," Blue smirked. "We're soaking your robot, so we can do this."

"Now, use Thunderbolt!" Red, Yellow, and Ash shouted.

The three Pikachu zapped the soaked mecha with their electric attack with all their stored electrical power within their bodies. The electric attack vaporized the water on the mecha, creating a mist that obscured the mecha from view.

Motor-mouth's POV

Meanwhile, we struggled on our footing as the whole cave shook. Nonetheless, we proceeded with the plan. With the drones distracted and doused by Misty, Gary, and Brock's Pokémon, Rebecca and I were preparing our electric Pokémon for the main attack.

"So, what's our role in the plan?" Rebecca asked me.

"Your role is to have your Magnemite use Metal Sound," I explained to her. "I figured that these junk-heads are vulnerable to sound-based attacks due to the metal being an excellent conductor of sound."

"Okay, I guess that make sense . . . sort of," Rebecca shrugged. "So, what are you gonna do?"

"I'll have Rotom use Discharge once all the perquisites are fulfilled," I answered her question.

"Uh, if I may interrupt, they're overwhelming us!" Seymour interrupted.

"I don't think we can keep them occupied much longer," Gary agreed.

Then, I glanced at Misty, Gary, and Brock. Ack, they were being overwhelmed already! We don't have much time left!

"A-ah, your Magnemite must use Metal Sound now!" I panicked. "They're not going to hold their ground much longer."

"Okay, the sooner we do this the better," Rebecca agreed. "Magnemite, use Metal Sound!"

"Okay, everyone cover your ears!" I warned at Misty, Gary, Brock, and Seymour.

Magnemite emitted a deafening sound by rubbing its two magnets with its body. It's a good thing we covered our ears or else we'll be driven mad the screeching. Unfortunately for the drones and their Pokémon, they were stunned as they heard the horrible screech; I bet the attack messed up the delicate circuitry of the drones.

Despite being tormented by the Metal Sound, the drones turned their attention to Rebecca. The enemy Pokémon lunged at Rebecca and her Magnemite; they were determined to eliminate the source of the horrible screeching.

"Motor-mouth, you'd better do something!" Rebecca pleaded.

"And you bet I'll do something!" I smirked. "Rotom, use Discharge now!"

Rotom's body began to glow in a bright yellow color as it dashed to the rampaging drones and their Pokémon. Unfortunately for them, they were not able to expect the Plasma Pokémon charging straight for them. Then, Rotom unleashed its stored electricity in form of beams that managed to hit all of the drones and their Pokémon. With the drones soaked from the water-type attacks and weakened by Metal Sound, they finally went down for good.

"Yeah, we did it!" Rebecca yelled. Afterwards, Misty, Brock, Gary, and Seymour rendezvoused with us.

"That plan isn't half bad," Misty smiled. "You really have a knack for this, don't you?"

"At first, I thought that your plan was nuts and won't work," Gary smirked as he admitted. "At least, you proved us wrong."

"Rebecca, thank goodness you're alright," Brock blurted.

"Um, thanks," Rebecca awkwardly replied. I glared at Brock at the moment but I realized that there were more important things going on now.

"Ah, but we shouldn't be celebrating yet," I shook my head. "We still have Team Rocket to deal with."

A steamy cloud of mist continued to obscure the mecha from the sight of the Kanto Team. Red, Ash, and Yellow were not sure if their attack successfully hit the humongous machine.

"I can't see through this thick fog," Ash gritted in frustration.

"Did we beat them?" Yellow asked.

Then, three voices shouted in unison, alerting out heroes.

"Hahaha! You really think we're going to be beaten by that attack alone?"

"I guess it's safe to say they're not out of the battle just yet," Blue commented.

The steamy mist soon cleared up for the Kanto Team to see Team Rocket relatively unscathed from the electric attack.

"Did you all miss us?" Jessie mocked them.

"Heh, I knew the rubber-plate armor will come in handy," Meowth boasted. "And it was worth every single penny we have left."

"Then, we'd better make this worth the cost!" James bellowed. "Carnivine, use Bullet Seed."

"And while at it, release more drones!" Meowth added as he pushed a red button.

Carnivine fired multiple seeds from its mouth to our heroes. Also, more drone pods were launched from the mecha, further hindering the Kanto Team.

"Just when to these three quit?" Blue complained as her Blasty drenched a drone's Boldore with Water Gun.

"It seems they're more annoying than before," Green agreed as his Scizor attacked a drone's Muk with Bullet Punch. "You really have to give credit to those three for their tenacity."

"We need to think of something soon," Yellow blurted. "Or else, we'll be overwhelmed."

"I agree; Pikachu is becoming exhausted," Ash added. "We can't fight like this for long."

"Then, we need to find a solution fast," Red said. "Time is running out."

Motor-mouth's POV

Just as we're able to defeat the first batch of drones, Team Rocket deployed another bigger batch, which utterly frustrates us to no end.

"We have to fight these things again?" Brock complained.

"And they're tough as nails," Gary agreed. "I'm not sure we can keep this up."

"Dang those Team Rocket, they just had to spew more drones for us to deal with," I grumbled out of frustration.

"So, what should we do, Motor-mouth?" Rebecca asked me.

"Should we use the same strategy earlier?" Misty suggested.

"Tch, and the tactic that we used was a one-shot," I replied. "We need to think of a new plan-"

My reply was interrupted when one of the drones aimed its right arm dangerously at Rebecca. The right arm detached from the drone and flew like a guided missile heading straight for Rebecca Scooper!

"Watch out!" I yelled as I grabbed Rebecca to dodge the missile.

If it wasn't for my timely intervention, Rebecca would have been impaled by that attack and died; the severed right arm continued with its trajectory and struck another nearby drone, impaling it in the abdomen.

"That was a close call," Rebecca muttered as I helped her stand up. "Thank you for saving me."

"It's not a big deal," I wiped the sweat off my forehead as I sheepishly replied to her.

Then, I looked at the remains of the impaled drone carefully. It seemed that the drones were not implacable after all.

"I see," I muttered. "It seems that the only thing that can penetrate them is-"

As I recalled from the events of chapter 23, the prototype drones were put down when the magnet train emitted a huge magnetic pull, pinning the hapless drones to the metal floor. Then, I smiled with confidence as I thought up of a new idea that would rid of these drones once and for all!

"By the look in your face, you have another idea in mind, right?" Rebecca asked me.

"As a matter of fact, you're right," I chuckled. "Just like before, you are the key role in this plan."

"Wh-what?" Rebecca stammered. "What do you mean by that?"

"Just follow my lead," I grinned to her. "Your Magnemite can basically attract metallic objects, right?"

"Yeah?" Rebecca raised one eyebrow. "What's your point exactly?"

"I would suspect that your Magnemite has Magnet Pull as its ability," I explained. Then, I pointed at the Team Rocket mecha and continued. "The plan is to attract all the scrapped remains from the destroyed drones and compact it into a huge metal spike. Then, you'll have to order Magnemite to use Magnet Bomb on that mecha."

"Ah, I see where your plan is going," Misty exclaimed. "Your plan is not to deal with the drones, but to attack the source of the problem and destroying it."

"Misty, I'm glad you're able to understand my babble," I grinned. Then, a group of drones appeared before us and they were ready to attack us. "Okay, we need to do our roles properly, so let's kick this plan into motion!"

"Yeah, we know the drill," Gary huffed. "We'll keep them busy while you and Rebecca prepare the big attack."

"Yeah, thanks for the support," I gave him a thumbs-up, which Gary just shook his head.

"Er, what about me?" Seymour hesitantly asked me. "W-what should I do to help?"

I looked around and saw the Clefairy were still being entrapped in the net casted by Team Rocket.

"Seymour, I want you to help the Clefairy loose from those nets," I said to him. "Can you do that task?"

"Of course I'll do it!" Seymour replied. "I'll go help them out right away."

With the pieces now in place, the plan to bring down the Team Rocket mecha has finally started. Just like in the previous stratagem, Misty, Brock, and Gary diverted the attention of most of the drones, leaving Rebecca and I undisturbed for the next step in the plan.

Rebecca and I ran around the grotto, looking for a suitable place to attract the metallic parts while keeping Rebecca safe from any straggling drones that were nearby. At last, we were able to find a suitable place where they were many severed drone parts scattered around the place.

"We found the place," I muttered. Then, I faced Rebecca and said. "Rebecca, please call out your Magnemite."

"Okay," Rebecca nodded, and then she threw a PokéBall into the air and said. "Magnemite, come out!"

The PokéBall popped open and the Manget Pokémon floated in the air for the both of us to see. Magnemite was rather intrigued and looked at its trainer as to why it was called out at this point in time.

"Magnemite, I want you to attract the metal in the area and compress it into a metal spike," Rebecca explained to the Manget Pokémon. Then, she pointed at the Team Rocket mecha and continued. "Then, use Magnet Bomb using that spike at the huge robot."

Magnemite stared at Rebecca momentarily; my guess was it was quite surprised that its trainer gave it a seemingly complex order. But, Magnemite waved its two magnets as if it understood what Rebecca was saying and proceeded to draw scrap metal from the surroundings using its ability Magnet Pull.

"Yes, it's working!" I exclaimed. And it seemed that Rotom was also grinning along with me. "I just hope this will go smoothly-"

As soon as those words left my mouth, a small group of drones managed to find our location. They were accompanied by Weavile, Goldbat, Tentacruel and many other evolved Pokémon.

"Such misfortune," I grumbled. I looked at Rotom and said. "I guess we have to fight them here."

"Motor-mouth, they're coming," Rebecca warned. "Magnemite is still drawing the metal; what should we do?"

"Rebecca, you and Mangemite continue to draw the metal," I replied. "Rotom and I will take care of these junk-heads."

Without further ado, Rotom and I lunged at the drones and their Pokémon. A Tentacruel tried to bombard me with Sludge Bomb, and then Rotom intercepted the attack using Protect and zapped the Jellyfish Pokémon with Shock Wave. Then, a Golbat tried to attack Rotom using Air Cutter, but the little Plasma Pokémon managed to dodge the flying-type attack with ease and countered with Electro Ball.

I also took part in this battle; when two of the drones tried to attack me, I was able to anticipate the attacks and prepared a counter-assault I grabbed the right arm of one of the drones, and used it as leverage, slamming the hapless machine into the ground. The other drones detached their arms and launched them at me, but I managed to roll to avoid the deadly attacks and threw a stun grenade. The grenade did wonders to the drones, electrocuting them in place. I picked up a detached arm and used it like an improvised club, whacking the paralyzed drones with it. Then, the defeated drones were attracted to Magnemite's Magnet Pull. I looked back at Rebecca and her Magnemite, and the Magnet Pokémon managed to pull a big amount of metal in a short amount of time!

"Keep it up you two!" I said to them. "Only a few more and we'll be able to use those metals for the coup-de-grace!"

"Thank you for the compliment," Rebecca smiled. "Magnemite, you better keep drawing more metal."

The Magnet Pokémon was busy attracting all the scrap metal but apparently, it understood Rebecca. However, the strain began to show on the little Magnet Pokémon.

Meanwhile, Seymour ran to the entangled Clefairy despite the chaos rampaging around him. When he arrived, he saw the Clefairy were struggling to free themselves from the net.

"There, I'll help you guys," Seymour muttered as he began to release the Clefairy from their ensnarement.

As Seymour tried to free the Clefairy, he found out that nets were really reinforced; it seemed that this net was designed to bring down big Pokémon like Aggron or Tyranitar. He saw a jagged piece of rock nearby and picked it up.

"I hope this will help me cut the net loose," Seymour hopefully muttered.

Seymour attempted to cut the net loose with the jagged rock that he obtained. However, the jagged rock did not cut through the net like Seymour hoped. He was getting a bit desperate upon this revelation.

"Come on, this has got to work," Seymour grumbled as he repeatedly cut the net with the jagged rock. However, this has left him vulnerable when three drones found him and attempted to ambush him.

"Oh no, this was uncalled for!" Seymour exclaimed when a Koffing, Arbok, and Ghastly were going to attack him.

Then, an electric attack, a fire-type attack, and an ice-type attack came out of nowhere and struck the three attacking Pokémon, knocking the three out of the battle.

"Those attacks are Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, and Ice Beam," Seymour deduced. "Wait, this can't be . . ."

Seymour looked behind him and he saw a group of Cleffa and Clefable. Like him, they were determined to free their kin from the clutches of the net.

"Thanks for saving me," Seymour said to the Cleffa and Clefable. "Let's free your friends, shall we?"

Motor-mouth's POV

Meanwhile, Rebecca and her Mangemite were busy gathering metal for the Magnet Pokémon to attract while Rotom and I were busy fighting the drones with their Pokémon.

"Are you making progress, Rebecca?" I asked her for confirmation.

"Yeah, Magnemite is attracting more metal as we speak," Rebecca replied back. "I don't think Magnemite can hold this much metal any longer."

"I know, but we only have one shot at this," I reminded her. "It's either that or we'll face death by these things."

"I understand," Rebecca nodded. Then, she pointed her right hand and declared. "More drones incoming!"

"Then let's give them a warm welcome," I grinned. "Rotom, let's kick some drone butt!"

Thus, we all have roles to play in this crucial moment; Rebecca used her Magnemite to attract nearby metal to the already massive metal spike, while Rotom and I were beating the crap out of the drones and their Pokémon. But, we were becoming exhausted as the battle continued its course; after all, Rebecca and I were human and our Pokémon were reaching their limits. Somehow, I had a gut feeling that we must keep fighting until the metal spike attracted sufficient amount of mass.

"Motor-mouth, I think Magnemite has gathered enough metal," Rebecca said to me. "Is it time to use the Magnet Bomb?"

I looked at Rebecca and her Magnemite and my eyes bulged at the metal that the little Magnet Pokémon gathered. The massive metal spike was around twenty times larger than Magnemite, and I was genuinely surprised that the little Electric/Steel Pokémon was able to attract all of those metals in a short period of time.

"Okay, now would be a good time to use all the accumulated metal," I replied. "Have your Magnemite use Magnet Bomb at the humongous mecha now!"

"You heard him," Rebecca said to her Pokémon. "Use Magnet Bomb on that robot!"

Upon hearing Rebecca's orders, the Magnet Pokémon began to use its remaining strength to aim the massive metal spike at the intended target. At the same time, Magnemite began to glow in a brilliant white color. Rebecca was perplexed at what was happening to her Pokémon.

Meanwhile, Rotom and I were disposing the last of the drones when we saw the white glow. We went to Rebecca to ask what was going on.

"Motor-mouth, what's happening to Magnemite?" Rebecca asked me.

"Hehe, Magnemite's evolving," I answered. "It's going to be awesome to watch."

After the evolution process was complete, the appearance of the Electric/Steel Pokémon has changed completely. It looked as though the Pokémon was three Magnemite stuck together by strong magnetic forces. The name for this newly evolved Pokémon was Magneton, and it apparently gained a newfound strength upon evolving. With its new body, it launched the massive metal spike with ease. I'm quite sure Team Rocket wouldn't see this attack coming.

"Seviper, use Sludge Bomb!" Jessie commanded.

"Follow it up with Power Whip, Carnivine!" James yelled.

Meanwhile, Red, Ash, Blue, Green, and Yellow were still fighting Team Rocket. With the unfair advantage with their mecha, Jessie, James, and Meowth were confident that they would emerge victorious from this battle.

"This is getting out-of-hand," Blue complained as Blasty repelled Jessie's Seviper with Hydro Pump. "We're getting exhausted and they are relentless."

"It's because they had a huge robot," Green explained while his Scizor used X-Scissor at James' Carnivine. "In other words, they had an unfair advantage over us."

"If this battle continues, they'll win for sure," Yellow added.

"Yellow, don't say that," Red replied. "I'm sure we'll find a way to beat them."

"So, do you have any ideas?" Ash asked Green.

"I'll try something," Green sternly replied. "Scizor, attack the robot with Iron Head!"

Upon hearing Green's orders, Scizor dived towards the Team Rocket mecha headfirst. It helped that the acceleration will add to the effectiveness of the attack. When the attack made contact, it managed to put the huge robot off-balance.

"What's the heck was that?" Meowth asked aloud.

"I think we've been hit by that Scizor," James said obviously.

"Then, we'll just have to swat it like a fly," Jessie took control of the robot and swiped the Pincer Pokémon away.

"Hahaha! We just have enough of your tricks!" Jessie gloated to the Kanto Team. "We'll just finish you off, and take all your Pokémon-"

Sadly, she did not manage to finish her speech when something huge impaled the entire mecha on the back. Jessie, James, and Meowth could feel the entire mecha shaking violently. The attack also forced the mecha to lose its footing and accidentally stomped the glowing meteorite with its huge feet.

"What was that attack?" Jessie said aloud.

"Don't ask me," Meowth replied. "I think it came from behind. . ."

"Uh, I think we just crushed the meteorite," James hesitantly revealed.

Sweat began to pour on the trio as they began to process this revelation. The meteorite that Sird assigned them to protect was crushed by their very own robot. Sird wouldn't be impressed about this. And that's not the only thing they should be concerned; Red, Ash, and Yellow saw this opportunity to strike a fatal blow to the mecha with a massive electrical attack.

"Now is our chance!" Ash exclaimed. "We need to attack them now!"

"I agree with you, Ash," Red replied.

"Okay, let's do this together," Yellow solemnly said. "Use Thunder!"

The three Pokémon gathered all the remaining electrical energy left in their bodies for this one massive attack. This time, the electric attack managed to penetrate the mecha using the massive metal spike as a lightning conductor. Yet, the Team Rocket mecha continued to approach the Kanto Team despite being electrocuted by that attack.

"We won't give up," Jessie gritted as she struggled to control the mecha.

"We'll fight to the very end," James declared as their robot pushed on despite being impaled and electrocuted.

Motor-mouth's POV

Rebecca and I were watching the awesome spectacle as the Team Rocket mecha continued to crawl despite getting severely electrocuted. To me, the humongous mecha lit up like a Christmas tree as it limped towards the Kanto Team. As much as I sometimes admired their tenacity, this was too much.

"Rebecca, why don't we lend a helping hand?" I suggested.

"Yeah, we need to wrap this up," Rebecca agreed. "Let's finish this!"

"I couldn't agree more!" I grinned.

Simultaneously, we shouted in unison to Rotom and Magneton.


"Keep going, Pikachu!" Ash cheered.

"Come Pika, you can do it!" Red chided.

"Just hang on a little longer," Yellow murmured.

Team Rocket continued to pilot their mecha despite getting electrocuted by the Thunder attack from the three Pikachu. The humongous mecha limped as it moved inches closer to the Kanto Team.

"We've come this far," Jessie groaned in frustration.

"We can't turn back now!" James bellowed.

"So, there's no way we'll lose!" Meowth exclaimed.

Unfortunately for them, two more electrical attacks struck the metal spike impaling the mecha. The damage was too much for the machine to handle; circuitry began to overload, interface screens went black, and the Team Rocket trio were getting shocked from the inside.

"Gyaaah! This can't be!" Jessie hissed.

"W-we were s-so close!" James blurted.

"A-and yet we're s-so f-far!" Meowth screamed.

Sparks were flying everywhere on the mecha as it finally collapsed on its own weight and exploded. The resulting explosion sent the unconscious Jessie, James, and Meowth into the sky along with the fragments of the meteor.

"We did it!" Ash exclaimed.

"Yeah Ash," Red agreed. "We all did it."

Yellow smiled as the whole battle was over. However, the blonde couldn't help but wonder about one important detail.

'Where did the two additional electric attacks came from?'

"Finally, we got rid of them," Blue sighed in relief. "They were more annoying than challenging."

"Ash!" Misty called out to him. She was accompanied by Gary and Brock. "Thank goodness you all came back in one piece."

"You guys," Ash said aloud. "I'm glad to see all of you are okay."

"Yeah, we were busy battling those goons," Brock explained. "I guess you owe us a favor for that."

"I'll keep that in mind," Ash replied as he scratched the back of his head. "It wasn't a particularly easy battle for us either."

"We have to face those robot creeps while you guys were battling that robot," Gary crossed his arms. "Either way, we're lucky we won this battle."

"Hey guys," A voice called out to them. The Kanto Team turned around to see Seymour along with a group of Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable.

"Well, you managed to pull through," Green said.

"At least the Clefairy are back to normal," Blue added.

"I'm not sure how they reverted to normal," Seymour theorized. "But I bet when Team Rocket accidentally stomped the meteorite, the Clefairy stopped being aggressive."

Then, a surprised expression was seen on Seymour's face; he looked left and right, as if he was looking for someone or somebody.

"What's wrong, Seymour?" Yellow asked.

"I could've sworn they were here," Seymour replied.

"Who are you referring to?" Green sternly questioned.

"That reporter girl . . . oh right, Rebecca!" Seymour exclaimed. "She and her friend were the ones that helped bring down Team Rocket with their electric Pokémon."

Yellow became surprised when she heard Seymour's testimony.

'So the two additional electric attacks came from their Pokémon!'

"They were here just moments ago," Seymour veered left and right. "Now where did they go off to?"

Motor-mouth's POV

After all was said and done, I grabbed Rebecca's hand and made our hasty retreat. Rebecca was rather confused as to why we were leaving that quickly.

"Where are you taking me?" Rebecca asked me as I continue to grab her hand.

"You said you wanted to meet my boss, right?" I recalled the question she asked me earlier.

"Yeah but-" Rebecca stammered.

"No buts!" I interrupted. "I'll create a portal for us to travel through HQ; just be quiet and trust me."

"Are you sure about this?" Rebecca faltered. "I know what I said but-"

"I won't let them harm you," I assured her as I opened a dimensional portal. "I gave you my word."

With Rebecca calmed down by my words, we stepped into the portal back to the Citadel.

Meanwhile in a place far away from Mt. Moon, the Team Rocket trio finally regained consciousness and found themselves in a deserted forest.

"Man, what happened?" Meowth wondered as he scratched his head.

"If I can recall, we were that close to beating those twerps," James recalled. "But, we were zapped, and I couldn't remember anything else after that."

"Yeah, the point is we were beaten by those twerps once again," Jessie sighed. Then, she noticed a bright rock next to her right foot. "What's this white rock supposed to be?"

"That is a Dimensional Shard," A voice answered Jessie's question.

Jessie, James, and Meowth turned around and saw a tall woman, with auburn hair with two pointy tips. She was leaning on a huge tree.

"S-Sird?" The trio stammered as they faced the woman.

"Hmph, I'm glad you three managed to remember my name," Sird smirked at them.

Motor-mouth's POV

"I can't believe what I'm seeing," Rebecca blurted as she saw the Citadel with her own eyes for the first time.

"Yeah, it's quite an impressive sight for the first-timers like you," I grinned. "Let me show you around."

As we walked around the corridors of the Citadel, I noticed that it was too quiet. It was like there were people watching our every move.

"Uh, let's go to the Library," I suggested. "I want you to meet my friend there."

"Okay?" Rebecca raised one eyebrow. "And I thought a guy like you don't have many friends."

"You're right, but then again, I'm human and I'm social," I cheerfully replied as we arrived at the Library and I opened the door. "Kouto buddy, are you still here?"

"Motor-mouth?" A young man approached and greeted me. "Well, you're a sight for sore eyes. And who is this girl?"

"My name is Rebecca Scooper," Rebecca introduced herself. "I was dragged along to this place by him."

"Is that so?" I retorted. "You were the one who wanted to come here in the first place."

"Just shut up," Rebecca crossed her arms. "You don't have to bring that up now."

"Haha, at least with her around, you're showing your soft side," Kouto smiled. "How was the mission?"

"Well, I couldn't say that it was a failure," I explained. "But, a lot of things happened and then I-"

I groaned as I felt a sharp needle pierced my left arm. I looked at my left arm and saw a syringe filled with a strange black fluid attached to my left arm. I hastily removed the syringe before the rest of the black fluid was injected to my bloodstream.

"Welcome back, Motor-mouth; or should we say a traitor."

Kouto, Rebecca, and I turned back to see Lanza, Filo, and a bunch of elite guards and robot drones glaring at us.

"Hey, what trouble did you cause this time?" Kouto demanded.

"Shh, I'll explain later," I muttered to Kouto. Then, I proceeded to greet them sarcastically. "Well, if it isn't the welcoming party."

"Silence, you traitor," Filo pointed his right finger at me. "You'll pay for what you did to me."

"Yeah, I did attack you; however, you were snooping around," I replied to Filo. "You butted into something you cannot comprehend-"

"Shut up!" Filo snapped. "I won't forgive what you did to me!"

"That's enough, brother," Lanza interrupted. She faced me and demanded. "Under Master Odio's orders, you and your accomplices will have to face arrest. Should you all resist, we have no qualms in battling and eliminating all of you."

"Motor-mouth," Rebecca called my name. I looked at her and saw that she was worried. At this point, there were only two appropriate words I would utter in a situation like this.

"Such misfortune," I grumbled.

End of Chapter

Author: Well, that's a well-written plot twist, isn't it?

Motor-mouth: Plot Twist?! I call it a "Wham Episode"!

Author: You've been reading TvTropes again, aren't you?

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1) How does the multiverse in this story work?

2) Are the other worlds being affected by the decay of the Dimensional Orb?

3) What the heck is the super-weapon mentioned in this chapter, and what is its purpose?

Author: Yes, let me answer the questions one by one. For question #1, the answer is already at the fanfic itself; it's explained by Stellanius Dux at chapter 23. I'll just paraphrase it: my interpretation of the Pokémon Multiverse is similar to the Solar System. If the center of the Solar System is the Sun, the center of the Pokémon Multiverse is the Pokémon Game world; the manga and anime worlds are "revolving" around the Pokémon Game world. I hope this explanation makes some sense.

Motor-mouth: For question #2, the answer is explained once again at chapter 23. The decay spreads like a virus, it starts at the Pokémon Game world, and then it spreads through the adjacent worlds until it decays every Pokémon into oblivion.

Author: For question #3, I'm afraid I can't reveal the details of the super weapon. Revealing its purpose would spoil the entire plot.

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