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"Excellent, all of you have done well so far."

On the top of the Sky Pillar, the remaining members of Team Aqua and Magma followed Sird's orders as the robot drones began to seal the Sky High Pokémon Rayquaza inside a triangular barrier.

"Mistress Sird, the all of the floors of the tower is repaired to the fullest extent," One of the female Team Aqua grunts reported to her.

"Wonderful," Sird grinned. "The sooner the tower is restored, the better our plans will be executed."

"Mistress, we just received distressful news!" One of the male Team Magma grunts reported. "According to our scouts, the PokéDex Owners have been spotted on Mirage Island and they seem to be preparing to come here!"

"This is exactly what I've expected so far." Sird's eyes narrowed upon hearing the news.

"Y-you mean you aren't bothered by this at all?" The Magma Grunt asked.

"No, their arrival does not concern me that much," Sird smirked. "Rather, their arrival will help hasten the grand plan into fruition. Send the available grunts and drones to each and every floor of the Sky Pillar; I want to tire out the PokéDex Owners as they strive to scale the Sky Pillar."

"Understood," Both the Team Aqua and Magma grunts nodded, and as they left the Sky Pillar summit, Sird began to stare at the sealed Rayquaza.

"PokéDex Owners . . . perhaps it's time for me to face them personally once again."

Crisis on Two PokéWorlds!

Chapter 29: The Climb towards the Sky Pillar!

"At last, the time streams are fully synchronized!"

The Sootopolis Gym Leader Juan looked at his Sandshrew-shaped hourglass. As soon as the last grain of sand fell in the bottom of the hourglass, which was the signal for the Hoenn team to call out their Pokémon. Sapphire called out her Tropius, while Drew called out his Flygon.

"By the time you leave this place, things should go smoothly," Juan said his final words to the Hoenn team before their departure.

"Grand Master, you're staying behind again?" Ruby asked Juan.

"As before, I'll monitor your progress from here," Juan nodded. "Time is running out for all of us; all of you need to fly to the Sky Pillar quickly."

As the Hoenn team flew away from Mirage Island, Juan looked at his Sandshrew-shaped hourglass and once all the sand in the glass has trickled down at the bottom, he turned the hourglass upside-down.

"I leave this crisis to all of you."

Motor-mouth's POV

"So, that's what happened while I was in a coma."

I listened to the explanation of Sigmund Runa about the events that passed during the time I was unconscious. Of course, Kouto and Rebecca helped filling out the details.

"So, you've met with the Hoenn team and they saw my condition," I said. "That was quite informative. All the while, I was trapped in my worst nightmare."

"What do you mean?" Rebecca asked.

"Oh, I experienced a particular nasty nightmare involving a duel with my own dark, evil shadow," I explained. And I turned my attention to Sigmund and asked. "So, Sird finally made her move to manipulate the remaining members of Team Aqua and Magma."

"Indeed," Sigmund confirmed. "If my assumptions are correct, Sird is using those people as her pawns. In fact, her possible plan is to awaken the three legendary Pokémon of the land, water, and sky in a single location."

"That's not possible!" Kouto blurted out. "As far as we know, the Hoenn crisis was resolved and the Red and Blue orbs disappeared into obscurity."

"You're right," Sigmund agreed. "But Sird somehow obtained a bunch of items that will summon the Weather trio."

"Ah!" I exclaimed. "Don't tell me she has the Ruby and Sapphire stones in her possession?!"

"What do mean by that, Motor-mouth?" Rebecca asked me.

"The Ruby and Sapphire stones are rumored to have the ability to emulate the climate of Hoenn on other regions." I answered.

"Yes, I heard about it." Kouto added. "According to the top-secret files that I've read, the two gemstones were used by Giovanni of Team Rocket to power up Deoxys a few years ago."

"The last thing I could recall was that the gemstones fell into the possession of Celio of One Island." I added. "This means . . ."

"This means Sird infiltrated One Island and stole the Ruby and Sapphire stones!" Sigmund postulated. "And if I recall, the kid named Emerald has a green stone on his forehead . . ."

"This is very, very bad." I exclaimed. "With the three stones going to the exact location, Sird will have all the ingredients necessary to reawaken the Weather trio once more."

"And that's not all!" Rebecca said aloud as she pointed out. "Look! They're leaving!"

As we looked at the direction where Rebecca was pointing, we could see a Tropius and a Flygon flying towards the Sky Pillar.

"It seems that the Hoenn Team has made their move." Sigmund muttered. "We must do the same."

"For once, I agree-" I said.


Suddenly, we heard two crashing sounds not too far from our location.

"What on Arceus was that?" Kouto covered his ears from the deafening sound of the crash.

"Something or someone crashed nearby." I replied. "Let's go check it out!"

"Okay, Motor-mouth." Rebecca agreed. "Perhaps it might be an enemy, so we have to be prepared."

We ran towards the crash site at full speed; frankly, we would expect some hostility as Rebecca suggested. However, as we arrived at the crash site, we were utterly surprised at what we found.

"It just can't be…" Kouto uttered. "What are those two doing here?"

"Yeah, this seems unimaginable." I agreed. "Latios and Latias . . . why did these two crashed here in Mirage Island of all places?"

'Please . . .'

A voice just entered my head. I looked left and right to discern where the voice came from, and then I looked at Latias.

"Motor-mouth," Rebecca asked me. "Is there something wrong?"

"It's just that I heard a voice in my head." I replied. "Someone's trying to communicate with us telepathically."

"It must be these two," Sigmund suggested. "Latios and Latias are telepaths and highly intelligent, after all."

Suddenly, Latias opened her eyes in a way that looked as if she was desperately looking at us for help.

'Please help us . . .'

I may be a mercenary, but even I have standards. I couldn't even refuse the pleas of this cute legendary Pokémon like Latias.

"Don't worry," I replied. "We'll help you."

"We've arrived at the Sky Pillar," Wally said as they arrived at their destination.

Normally, the Sky Pillar was obscured by a thick blanket of clouds, but now the clouds disappeared, making most of the tower visible for miles around.

"So, this is the Sky Pillar," May examined the ominous tower. "How come we didn't come to this place before?"

"From what I've heard, you guys went to Pacifidlog Town instead," Drew muttered.

"Well, we were travelling around Hoenn for Pokémon Contests and Gym Battles," May replied. "We're focused on those two goals-"

"Everyone, arguing doesn't take us anywhere," Emerald interrupted. "We shouldn't be distracted by anything else; now, we need to focus on going up the Sky Pillar."

"Emerald's right," Sapphire agreed. "The more we waste our time here, the more we let our foes plan whatever they're planning up there."

"Wait, there's something strange on the Sky Pillar itself," Ruby stated. "Isn't the whole tower used to be a wreck?"

"Really? It does look like someone or a group of people renovated the whole place in just a span of several days," Max commented.

"Regardless if the enemy's waiting for us, we need to enter the tower," Drew remarked.

"Yeah, bring it on!" Sapphire pumped her right fist into the air.

Motor-mouth's POV

'Thank you for your kindness,' Latias telepathically send out her gratitude toward us.

'Who knows what could have happened to us if it weren't for your presence,' Latios agreed.

"Yes, we acknowledge your gratitude," Sigmund replied. "Tell us, how did you end up here in the first place?"

'W-we are not so sure.' Latias replied.

'You see, we do not have a permanent home.' Latias explained. 'Unlike the others of our kind, we chose to roam and wander across the Pokémon world.'

'And so that was our fate until we approached a black hole.' Latios iterated. 'It was horrifying; seeing a gate of pure darkness trying to suck anything in . . . we never stood a chance.'

Hm, from their story, I could assume that they're not the same Latios and Latias that Emerald befriended in this world. This meant that the barrier between the Pokémon worlds was beginning to destabilize. Who know if there were others that suffered the same fate as these two?

'If it weren't for your assistance we would have been done for,' Latias continued. 'We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.'

"Well, there's no need to thank us," Rebecca smiled. "We are all glad to help."

'And we'll be glad to repay your gratitude in the only way we can,' Latios answered.

"And, what will that be?" I asked.

The two Pokémon looked at each other and smiled. Whatever they're planning, I just hoped that they're planning to transport us to the Sky Pillar safely.

"Ah, Black and White, I see that you've accepted my request."

At Stellanius' quarters deep within the Sanctum, the Unova Dex Owners Black and White accepted the request from Stellanius Dux and they were currently discussing their next objective.

"Yeah, we did," White acknowledged. "In your request, you made it sound so urgent, Mr. Stellanius, right?"

"Yeah, my full name is Stellanius Dux," Stellanius confirmed. "Hm, do either of you know the whereabouts of the remaining Unova Dex Owners Lack-two and Whi-two?"

"Honestly, we have no idea on where they are at the moment," Black replied. "Lack-two said he was quite busy at the International Police to assist us and Whi-two hasn't contacted us lately."

"It's such a shame that neither of them can help us now," Stellanius sounded disappointed. "At least, you two responded to my request, that's already a blessing in disguise."

"So, what do you want us to do?" White asked.

"I'm glad you asked that question, White." Stellanius smiled. "You and Black will help out a group of fellow PokéDex Owners-"

"Really?" Black enthusiastically replied, steam was gushing out from his nostrils. "Prez, are we going to meet our seniors!?"

"Yeah, I hear you loud and clear." White glanced at Black.

"Heh, he's quite a hot-blooded fellow, isn't he?" Stellanius remarked.

"You have no idea," White shook her head as she replied. "So, when are we going to meet up with them?"

"All in good time, Miss White," Stellanius replied. "We need to wait until the weather clears a little."

Black, White, and Stellanius turned around to see Solaris and Lunaria entered the room. Solaris was holding a lump of Dimensional Shard in his left hand while Lunaria was holding an antique-looking circular ring on the palm of her right hand.

"Ah, it's you two," Stellanius nodded. "Your timing is quite handy at this hour."

"Excuse me, but who are these two?" Black interrupted. "Are they PokéGuardians too?"

"Wow, you're more observant than you look." Solaris responded. "I am Solaris, and this is Lunaria."

"You must be one of the Unova PokéDex Owners." Lunaria acknowledged. "It's nice to meet the two of you in person . . . but what happened to Lack-Two and Whi-Two?"

"We haven't seen the remaining two," White replied. "And we haven't been able to contact them either."

"Ah, speaking of contacts," Stellanius spoke. "Have you two gathered the item that I've asked?"

"Of course, are you referring to this gear?" Lunaria replied as she was holding a strange circular device from her right hand and handed it over to Stellanius.

"What kind of gadget is that?" Black asked.

"Black, this is called a Mega Ring." Stellanius replied. "It's a very special device holding one of the key components of Mega Evolution."

"Mega Evolution?" White asked curiously.

"Why won't you all accompany me to the main lobby?" Stellanius grinned. "I'll explain it on the way. . ."

As the Hoenn Team entered the Sky Pillar, they were surprised by the massive changes that occurred inside the esteemed tower.

"Is this really the Sky Pillar?" Emerald asked. "It looks . . . new."

"This isn't the Sky Pillar that I remember," Wally remarked.

"Yeah, it feels as though the Tower's been renovated," Ruby added. "And it was all done in such a short period of time too."

Meanwhile, Sapphire was glaring as they continued to scour the area, as if she felt an ominous presence reeking nearby.

"I'm sensing that someone's watching us," Sapphire muttered. "Keep yer eyes open."

"I hear you loud and clear, Sapphire!" May grinned.

Suddenly, the ceiling shook so violently that it collapsed on the Hoenn team; revealing grunts from Team Aqua and Magma with one thing in mind: the wearing down of the Hoenn Team! Some of the grunts immediately began their assault, calling out their Pokémon (several Golbat and Sharpedo) to attack the group.

"Team Aqua and Team Magma!" Ruby exclaimed. "What are they doing here?"

"Maybe they're the ones that renovated this place," Drew answered.

"Our Mistress was right," One of the Aqua grunts muttered. "These are the brats alright. Let's get them!"

"Everyone, prepare for battle!" Emerald exclaimed as he and the rest of the Hoenn team grabbed their PokéBalls.

And thus, the battle to reach the top of Sky Pillar has finally begun. Ruby sent out Zuzu, Sapphire sent out Toro, Emerald called out Sceptile, and Wally summoned Roselia while May called out her Wartortle, and Drew called out Roserade.

"They were waiting for us at the start!" Sapphire exclaimed while Toro was using Flamethrower at a random Golbat.

"Yeah, it's such a shame these guys crashed the party!" May exclaimed while her Wartortle used Skull Bash at a Sharpedo.

"Guys, we need to keep moving," Max suggested. "These creeps are trying to slow us down!"

"Right," Drew agreed. "Roserade, use Bullet Seed!"

Roserade nodded and fired seeds from its petal arms at the opponent's Pokémon. However, there were more of the enemy Pokémon coming than being shot down by the grass-type attack.

"Roselia, use Bullet Seed too!" Wally exclaimed. "Clear the path!"

Finally, Wally's Roselia gave its support to its evolved form. Standing back to back, Roselia and Roserade aimed their petal arms at the enemy Pokémon and grunts alike and fired seeds in a rapid-fire fashion.

"Let's go!" Emerald exclaimed. "While Roselia and Roserade are distracting them, we need to move up."

"Understood," Everyone else in the Hoenn Team nodded in response. With Roselia and Roserade providing covering fire using Bullet Seed, the Hoenn Team ascended towards the top floor of the Sky Pillar bit by bit.

Motor-mouth's POV

"You know, your ideas are bordering on insanity, right?" Kouto deadpanned.

"Nonsense, it's the only ticket towards the Sky Pillar, so shut your mouth and cooperate!" I replied. "Besides, it was the Latias and Latios' idea in the first place! I just went along because I thought it was cool!"

"Both of you shut your mouths!" Rebecca snapped at both of us. "Stop your bickering and just do what those Pokémon said!"

If the readers were wondering: why the heck the three of us were arguing? It's because Latias and Latios actually offered us to fly to our intended destination, which was the Sky Pillar.

"Actually, I kinda like flying with your Driftblim," Kouto regretted. "It always reminds me of the hot-air balloons."

"Well, at least I didn't name mine with a stupidly long nickname," I shrugged.

'Um, if may interrupt.' Latios stared at the three of us. 'These arguments will not get you anywhere.'

"Time is of the essence," Sigmund added. "The longer we delay the closer Sird gets with succeeding in her master plan."

"Fine," I huskily agreed. "The sooner we get this done, the more eager I'm going to battle that manipulative auburn-haired witch."

We rode on the backs of the two Eon Pokémon; Kouto and Sigmund were riding Latios, while Rebecca and I rode on Latias.

'I never knew that humans are so . . . lively,' Latios telepathically sighed. 'It feels stressful at times.'

'Let it slide for now,' Latias remarked. 'Besides, it's what makes humans so interesting to bond with.'

'Whatever you say, sister,' Latios sighed in defeat. 'Let's just go to the Sky Pillar.'

As for the Hoenn Team, they were under attack from almost all corners by the grunts belonging to Team Aqua and Magma.

"Yahoo! I haven't been excited to battle like this in a while." Sapphire grinned as Toro punches one unlucky Sharpedo with Sky Uppercut.

"Let's keep them occupied with us!" Ruby exclaimed as Zuzu pummels several foes with Hammer Arm.

As Ruby and Sapphire were the heavy hitters, Wally and Drew were not far behind as their Roselia and Roserade continued to pelt their opponents with a continuous shower of Bullet Seed.

However, Emerald realized that each of their Pokémon were showing signs of fatigue, obviously from using moves in a constant rate they'll wear themselves out. So, Emerald grabbed a few PP ups and Leppa berries from his pocket and gave them to his companions.

"Here, use these on your Pokémon!" Emerald said as he gave the items to the rest of the Hoenn Team. "We need to be on our best when we reach the top of this tower."

"They're relentless!" Max exclaimed.

"Nah, compared to what I've accomplished in the Battle Pyramid and Battle Tower, this is just a piece of cake!" Emerald said aloud.

"Emerald, you've challenged the Battle Pyramid and won?" May asked.

"Yeah, and I've beaten the rest of the Battle Frontier Facilities over the span of merely seven days." Emerald replied as his Sceptile fended off a Sandslash from a Magma Grunt.

"Really?" Max blinked. "That's wayyy faster than Ash would have accomplished!"

"Well, it helps that all of the facilities are all on a single island." Emerald shrugged. "Unlike what you and Ash did in your own world-"

"Uh, as much as we like to discuss about the Battle Frontier," May interrupted. "We're in a pinch now!"

"Then, we've wasted too much time," Emerald grunted. "Sceptile, use Leaf Blade!"

Immediately, Sceptile's leaf appendages glowed bright green, and the Forest Pokémon dashed towards the Pokémon of the Aqua and Magma grunts, fainting several of them and kept many at bay.

"The coast is clear," Drew said. "Let's go to the top floor-"

"Sorry brats, but I'm afraid we can't allow all of you to get past us."

From the shadows, four ominous people descended to confront our heroes. As for Ruby, Sapphire, and May; they were all too familiar with the three out of four of these people. They are Mack and Mitch from Team Magma along with Shelly and Amber from Team Aqua.

"You're the Admins of Team Aqua and Magma!" Ruby and Sapphire exclaimed.

"Miss us?" Matt grinned; Sapphire glared at him in response. "I haven't exactly forgotten our battle on Mt. Chimney."

"Well, it's really a surprise, boy," Mack said to Ruby. "We meet again, although Marge would be more delighted to meet you, but alas, she did not join us this time."

"I'd like to chat with you lot," Shelly interrupted. "But, we're here to delay your ascent on this tower."

"What did you say?" May and Drew blurted.

"Heh, if you brats want to continue further, you need to get past the four of us first," Mitch grinned as he grabbed a PokéBall from his pocket. "Trust me, we're not gonna show any mercy to you all."

Realizing that these people meant business, Ruby, Sapphire, May, and Drew entered in a four-way battle against the Magma and Aqua Admins.

"Emerald, you take Max and Wally with you to the top of this tower!" Ruby exclaimed. "We'll handle things from here."

"W-what about you guys?" Emerald replied. "Will you catch up with us?"

"It depends on how fast we beat 'em up," Sapphire said. "So, ya guys better get movin'!"

Having no other choice but to trust them, Emerald, Max, and Wally tried to run past the four Admins, yet a certain fiery Magma Admin won't allow their attempt to go unnoticed.

"Just as we said, nobody's getting past us!" Mitch snapped as he threw his PokéBall. "Torkoal, use Flamethrower!"

"I'm not gonna let that happen!" May exclaimed. "Wartortle, use Protect!"

"You tried to roast my little brother and his friends?" May snapped. "Well, you just made it personal; nobody hurts my brother and gets away with it!"

"Sis. . ." Max muttered as he was appalled by May's determination.

"Max, we need to keep moving!" Emerald urged. "She's buying us time. So, let's go."

"Right," Max acknowledged. "I hope you all can meet up with us."

"Don't worry about us." May replied. "Once we're done with this, we'll meet you at the top floor!"

As Max, Emerald, and Wally climbed up to the next floor, the Magma and Aqua Admins scoffed at the sight of the three boys progressing.

"Do you really think they would make such a difference?" Mitch boasted as he stared at May. "Especially with that runt; I bet he's your little brother, isn't it?"

"Oh, you really underestimate us," Ruby spoke up. "We've been through a lot to get this far, not to mention that we've beaten at least the two of you in separate occasions."

"Yes, I haven't exactly forgotten our fated encounter boy," Mack sighed.

"Enough of these trash talks," Shelly interrupted as she grabbed her PokéBall. "We're here to battle you brats, and we'll do it now!"

In a flash, a Ludicolo, an Armaldo, and a Ninjask all joined with Torkoal in the Pokémon that the Admins sent out. In the side of the Hoenn Team, they had Toro, Zuzu, Roserade, and Wartortle.

"Heh, this is going to be an interesin' battle for sure." Sapphire grinned as she cracked her knuckles in anticipation.

Motor-mouth's POV

"Finally, we're here!" Kouto exclaimed.

"Pipe it down," Rebecca replied. "Do you really want them to find us?"

"Rebecca, chill out." I spoke out. "What's the point of stealth here, if we will battle those grunts eventually?"

"Ah, I was considering stealth to have an advantage over our foes!" Rebecca replied as she flapped her arms like a human hummingbird. "At least that was a good though-out plan!"

"I'm afraid Motor-mouth is correct." Sigmund interrupted. "Due to the unusual wind speeds, we cannot risk Latias and Latios to fly us to the top of the Sky Pillar."

'We're terribly sorry that we weren't able to carry you guys at the top,' Latias apologized.

'But still, once the wind calms down we will await your arrival at the top of this tower,' Latios added. The Eon Pokémon turned to Sigmund. 'If your assumption is true, then both humans and Pokémon are in great peril.'

'Anyway, we shall continue to monitor your progress from the outside,' Latias continued. 'I wish all of you the best of luck.'

As the Eon Pokémon floated off, I couldn't help but hope that we'll see those two dragons again. Heck, I wanted either one of them for my team! I'd think Rebecca would agree! But, my thoughts were interrupted when Sigmund began to address us.

"A theory is only justified if it's proven otherwise," Sigmund replied. "Let's enter the tower already. Everyone, please call out your Pokémon."

Upon Sigmund's request, we called out our Pokémon. Kouto summoned his trusty Beheeyem, Rebecca chose to call out Magneton, and I decided to summon a Pokémon that I haven't used in a while.

"I send you out, Gengar!" I threw my PokéBall into the air.

As my PokéBall opened, a purple ghost Pokémon appeared for all of us to see. The Pokémon had red eyes and a wide mouth. It sported a mischievous smile that creeped out Rebecca a little. The Shadow Pokémon stretched out its arms, as if it was glad that it was out of its PokéBall.

"Wait just a darn second," Kouto objected. "How did you obtain a Gengar?"

"Do you remember that I requested a trade to you some time ago?" I replied. "You traded your Zoroark and I traded my Haunter to you. After Haunter evolved into Gengar we traded back."

"Ah, a lot has been going on that I basically forgot about that trade." Kouto sheepishly replied.

"I call this one a noodle incident." I grinned. "So, are you guys ready?"

"More than we'll ever be!" Rebecca, Kouto, and Sigmund replied in unison.

Frankly, there was only one epic expression I could though before we went inside the tower. I raised my right arm into the air, and pointed my index finger at the sky and said with my loudest voice.

"Then, let the ascent on Sky Pillar commence!"

"Do you really think they can catch up with us?" Max asked Emerald.

"Why do you ask me that question?" Emerald replied. "You've known May and Drew for a long time while I know about Ruby and Sapphire. Without any doubt, I'm sure they will catch up to us."

"Uh, guys we have a serious problem here." Wally interrupted. "These weren't in here before." He pointed at a crowd of Pokémon glaring menacingly at them.

"I know what this is," Emerald said aloud. "It's an elaborate puzzle."

"Emerald, did you face these before?" Wally asked.

"Don't worry; this one is nothing compared at what I've handle before." Emerald boasted.

"What are those Pokémon doing here?" Max exclaimed.

"I dunno, but those aren't trained Pokémon," Emerald deduced. "It seems our resident baddie will manipulate everyone, even the Pokémon that inhabit this place."

"We need to hold them off somehow!" Wally said. "If we don't-"

"Yeah, I know," Emerald acknowledged. "Wally, you and Sceptile will distract them. Max, I need your help at this."

"Okay," Both boys replied.

As Wally's Roselia and Sceptile fended off attacks from the wild Pokémon, Max sat beside Emerald, he became curious as Emerald lay a strange device onto the floor.

"Emerald, what kind of device is that?" Max asked.

"This is a kit of a device the old shoemaker gave to me a year ago." Emerald explained. He gave a shovel and a black casing to Max and asked. "I need you to gather enough soil from around here and store it on the cartridge labelled 'Sky Pillar' while I assemble this device."

"I got it!" Max nodded as he stood up and began to collect the soil and dirt from the area.

Meanwhile, Wally, Roselia, and Sceptile were busy fending off wild Pokémon from harming Emerald and Max. Even at the middle of battle, Wally couldn't help but notice that he was battling with Sceptile once again in the very same location.

"You know, this reminds us of our first ascent here; right, Sceptile?" Wally wondered, which the Forest Pokémon acknowledged with a nod.

"Alright, let's bide Emerald and Max more time to complete whatever they're doing," Wally said. "Roselia, Sceptile, keep up the offensive!"

Meanwhile, the remaining members of the Hoenn Team are busy fending off attacks from the Magma and Aqua admins.

"Heh, I've never had a battle this intense!" Mitch grinned as he faced against May.

"Stay focused on the battle." Mack warned as he fended off a Poison Sting from Drew's Roserade. "The last thing I'd expect from you is to slack off during battles."

"I get what you said," Mitch replied. "Torkoal, use Shell Smash!"

Cracks began to appear on the shell of the Coal Pokémon. That made Torkoal move much faster than usual. It began to spin around the Hoenn Team.

"That's what I'm talking about!" Mitch grinned. "Now, use Smokescreen!"

Torkoal's shell began to emit smoke as it continued to spin around the Hoenn Team, forcing them to stand back to back along with their Pokémon.

"Be on your guard!" Drew warned.

"I-I don't like where this is going." May grimaced.

"Tch, I really hate it when I can't see 'em." Sapphire grunted.

"I'm more concerned about Emerald, Max, and Wally," Ruby said. "I wonder what's happening to them. . ."

Motor-mouth's POV

Meanwhile, we were walking on the first few floors of the Sky Pillar. Yet in my mind, I could feel as though we're like a four-man party in a Mystery Dungeon RPG. Wait a minute . . .

"Man, it's really appropriate to listen to the background music of Sky Tower in this place," I contemplated. "I really miss playing those Mystery Dungeon games-"

"For the record, it's called Sky Pillar, not Sky Tower," Rebecca corrected while she crossed her arms in annoyance. "Get your terminologies straight, Motor-mouth."

"I think he's referring to a level on video game called 'Mystery Dungeon Red/ Blue Rescue Team'," Kouto explained. "I've never played that far into the game though."

As we walked around each floor, we could clearly see evidence of a tough battle; many Pokémon were knocked out on the floor, the grunts were unconscious, and there were many seeds lying on the ground.

"Something isn't right here," Rebecca said as we walked at the second floor of the Sky Pillar.

"Yeah, as if a battle had occurred here and the grunts were defeated hastily." Kouto acknowledged.

"Hm, these seeds came from a Bullet Seed attack," Sigmund muttered as he picked up one of the seeds and examined it. "It seems that the PokéDex Owners and their companions are somewhere on the higher floors. We must make haste."

As we tried to progress further into the tower, we were attacked by stray Aqua and Magma grunts along with the native Pokémon of this area.

"Ack, things doesn't really go easy for us, does it?" Kouto grimaced.

"Nonsense, we have powerful Pokémon to back us up!" I nonchalantly replied. "Besides, these fellas are just mere cannon fodder! Mooks, to be trope-savvy!"

"Geh, will you stop using that term, Motor-mouth?" Kouto cringed. "I-I don't want to be reminded of my past. . ."

"Tch, we're in a battle and you two are still arguing over petty things?!" Rebecca called out when her Magneton took damage from an Aqua Jet from a grunt's Sharpedo. "And I need some help here!"

"I'm on it!" I replied. "Gengar, use Sludge Bomb!"

Gengar fired a corrosive amount of sludge at the opposing Sharpedo. Of course, Rebecca's Magneton was immune to Poison-type attacks so it was unaffected by the attack.

"Hah, thanks," Rebecca huffed. "You're really fond of timely rescues, aren't you?"

"Haha, don't thank me just yet." I replied. "There are more of them coming this way!"

"Just keep obtaining those samples, Max!" Emerald said aloud.

"I'm on it!" Max replied.

As Wally and Sceptile kept the wild Pokémon at bay, Max was busy gathering soil samples at the Sky Pillar and Emerald was assembling a makeshift soil bomb made by the "Shoemaker" Trick Master.

This was how the idea was developed: Not long after the events of the Battle Frontier, the Trick Master wanted to congratulate Emerald in a way that the boy would truly appreciate. So, the Trick Master toiled days and nights researching and developing his next gadget to be given to the exceptional boy.

The Trick Master based the developing gadget on an idea on his travels on a certain region called Fiore. In the Fiore region, Pokémon Rangers used a device called Capture Styler that worked by calming and controlling wild Pokémon. Interested by its design, the Trick Master sought to emulate the concept of the Capture Styler in his own way and succeeded in making the E Shooter, in which he gave to Emerald soon afterwards.

For the developing gadget, the Trick Master needed a way to disperse the soil samples in a short duration. As Emerald had informed him; the E Shooter was a success, but it had its limitations; one of which was that it need to encase the targeted Pokémon in a circle before the soil sample could take effect, which was disadvantageous on certain critical situations. As an inventor, the Trick Master sought to improve over his inventions; yet, the concept eluded him for some time.

The Trick Master was only able to fully develop the idea when he accidentally left the boiler for too long. As hot water began to spew out of the boiler due to intense heat and pressure, that finally gave him the idea to finish his new gadget.

"Here Emerald, this is the last soil bag that you've gave me!" Max handed the item over to Emerald. "Are you sure it's done?"

"Yup, and you're just in time too," Emerald replied as he put the soil into the homemade soil bomb. "Now, we need to find cover cos this thing's gonna blow!"

Emerald and Max distanced themselves from the ticking soil bomb.

"Emerald? Max?" Wally asked. "Did you two-"

"Hey Wally, don't look back!" Emerald exclaimed. "It's gonna get dusty in here!"

Heeding Emerald's warning, Wally activated his breathing filter and he, Emerald, Max, and Sceptile looked away from the ticking time bomb. Moments later, the time bomb detonated, and a cloud of soil appeared all over the room.

"That was the soil bomb you two set up?" Wally asked.

"Yeah, I found out that all the Pokémon that attacked us on this floor had different birthplaces," Emerald explained. "Meaning they're not native from the Sky Pillar itself; so, I used the soil sample from Faraway Island, then mixed it with the soil sample from this place."

As the soil cloud settled down, Max and Wally saw the formerly agitated Pokémon were lying on the floor, relaxed and lost their will to fight.

"I guess we can now go to the top floor." Max concluded. "I just hope we're not too late . . ."

Motor-mouth's POV

To be frank, we were holding our ground as valiantly as possible. But, there was no possible way we could fight a group this large and our Pokémon could only battle so many.

"Gah, there are too many of them!" Rebecca shouted.

"It doesn't help when those cannon fodders know to utilize zerg rushes," I replied. "Even I'm getting tired of battling multiple opponents at once."

"At this rate, we'll be overwhelmed!" Sigmund reiterated. "I assume you have a plan for this, Motor-mouth?"

"Motor-mouth, do you really have a plan?" Kouto asked. "Or are you just smiling for no apparent reason?"

"I do have a plan alright," I grinned. "I do admit it'll be quite unorthodox. Kouto, I need your help!"

"Help? Help in what?" Kouto asked.

I responded by recalling my Gengar and pointing my right finger on a particular wall.

"I need your Beheeyem to use Psychic to open a hole in that wall." I replied.

"Are you nuts?" Kouto snapped. "It'll cause an updraft, and it just makes things worse for us!"

"Oh?" I raised one eyebrow. "Do you like to be overwhelmed by those instead of going through the plan?"

Kouto looked at the horde of grunts and Pokémon that were after them. As much as he wanted to object, Motor-mouth's plan was actually justified.

"Tch, I admit you really have a valid point," Kouto sighed. "Beheeyem, do as he says and blow up that wall using Psychic!"

Beheeyem acknowledged Kouto's orders and blasted the particular wall using its psychic powers. Upon doing so, the air pressure in the room began to lower and the sheer winds were beginning to pull Motor-mouth and co. out of the tower.

"Everyone, please recall your Pokémon and prepare to jump!" I said aloud. "I call on you, Driftblim!"

When the Blimp Pokémon appeared, we all managed to ride on top of it as Driftblim rose upwards.

"In the end, we have to go along with your insane logic," Rebecca sighed. "Tell me Motor-mouth, what in Arceus is going on in your mind?"

"I doubt that Motor-mouth's plan is that insane," Sigmund disagreed. "After all, his plan saved us a lot of time."

"I know that using Driftblim was very risky, due to the fact we can't steer Driftblim to the exact coordinates," I explained. "But, if my hunch is correct, we will arrive at the summit based on the direction and the speed of the air currents."

As we rode the air currents with my Driftblim, I hoped with the bottom of my heart that we were able to confront the big baddie before she could do something horrible to the Dex Owners. . .

"W-whew, we made it to the summit."

Those were the words that came out from Max. True to what he said, Max, Emerald and Wally had calmed down the rampaging Pokémon and now they found themselves on the top of the Sky Pillar.

They turned their attention at the sleeping Pokémon in front of them. It was the legendary Pokémon of the sky, Rayquaza. But, a machine was connected to the legendary Pokémon through a series of cords attached to the Rayquaza's body.

"Wait, isn't that Rayquaza?" Max said. "Why is it attached to that machine?"

"I don't know Max." Emerald grimaced. "Whatever that machine is, it isn't doing any good to Rayquaza by its looks."

"My, I was worrying that you three would never arrive."

An auburn-haired woman appeared in front of them. She was dressed in a customized Team Galactic uniform; she was standing above the machine that was imprisoning Rayquaza.

"The timing is impeccable, almost perfect," The auburn-haired woman mused.

"Who the heck are you?" Emerald demanded.

"Oh, I'm Sird, and I'm quite pleased upon your arrival," The auburn-haired woman replied. "Now, the ancient Pokémon of the sky will be fully awakened-"

"Driftblim, use Shadow Ball!" A voice interrupted.

A blob of pure shadow energy interfered between the three boys and auburn-haired woman, forcing the two sides to back off from the impact zone. When both sides looked at the source of the attack, they were surprised at the person responsible. Sird was frowning and glaring at the one responsible, while Emerald, Max, and Wally were awestruck at the one that managed to arrive to support them.

"I'm sorry Sird, I'm afraid we cannot let you do that," A familiar face greeted Emerald, Max, and Wally. "And besides, since you're in cahoots with my former Boss man, I'm more than ready to take you on!"

"Motor-mouth!" Emerald, Max, and Wally gasped.

"Truly I was not informed of your presence," Sird complimented the eccentric young man. "I'm quite impressed-"

"Cut the chatter, you despicable manipulator!" Motor-mouth interrupted. "We know for the fact you're responsible for petrifying the Kanto Dex Owners and Silver. For their sake, we shall stop your plans from here and out."

The moment Motor-mouth mentioned that very fact, Sird glared at him even further. Emerald, Max, and Wally could feel a powerful aura emanating from Sird. However, Motor-mouth remained completely unfazed by the glare.

"Motor-mouth, you provoked her on purpose, didn't you?" Rebecca called on Motor-mouth.

"Rebecca, just relax," Motor-mouth replied. "Provoking her was part of the plan."

"What kind of plan?" Kouto grimaced. "You didn't even inform us!"

Suddenly, Sird began to let out a chuckle that creeped out people nearby except for Motor-mouth.

"You claim that it's part of your plan to provoke me?" Sird mused as she summoned her Persian, Banette, and Starmie in battle. "Well then, it seems that part of your plan has succeeded."

"In that case, I'm allowed to return the favor by saying this phrase," Motor-mouth replied by calling out his Rotom and Gengar alongside his Driftblim. "Bring it on!"

To be continued . . .

Motor-mouth: Well, the cliff-hanger was quite unexpected, isn't it?

Author: After some hiatus, I managed to think up of this cliff-hanger. This serves as a beginning of an epic battle between a despicable villainess and an eccentric mercenary.

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