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Harry loves to doodle on his sticky notes. Usually he gathers the wasted paper to use as amo against Ron. Except for one. One that Malfoy ends up finding. Through the anonymous notes, the two begin an unusual friendship, that quickly turns into more.


Draco Malfoy slowly lowered his head to his desk, as to not attract any attention. Why was he still awake? He shifted slightly, trying to get a better position to follow his fellow classmates into slumber until he realised it was pointless with the mess of papers, loosely laying across his desk.

He sighed almost inaudibly for the thousandth time and straightened. Quickly swiping his arm over the desk, Draco made to lay back down. Yet before his forehead could make contact with the cool, enticing surface of the work table, he noticed one small, square-shaped, stubborn piece of grey paper still forbidding Draco the allusive, and alluring aspect of rest. Angrily, the young wizard picked up the small note, intent on crumpling it up and throwing it into the trash. Before he could though, his curiosity took over.

Scrawled on the note, in messy, bored handwriting, were the words: "Does anyone even take this class other than for a nice nap?"

Malfoy chuckled silently to himself before digging through his bag in search of his own, green, sticky notes.



That's what was written on the emerald green sticky note, now sitting in place of the grey one Harry had placed on the counter a day earlier. The writing was neat and controlled, with the exception of the punctuation, which had a slight waver to it, as if the writer hadn't wanted to stop with just one word. Harry looked at the note for a moment more before pulling out his out notes and quickly checking to make sure his professor wasn't interested in what he was doing. He hadn't expected an answer when he started writing random sticky notes addressed to no one. Although, he already knew the answer to his responders question.

"She may have signed up with good intentions, but her actions are severely lacking in over-achiever category."

At the moment, Hermione had her arms perched daintily underneath her as she slept soundly. Harry snorted, looking at the figure next to Hermione. A very noisy red head dreamt beside her. Although, where Hermione had the foresight to balance her textbook in a way that might seem as if she were actually reading it, Ron had decided to use his as a pillow. A thoroughly drool-drench pillow at that.

Harry looked back at the note he had stuffed in one of his robe pockets and wondered to himself why he was keeping it. It's the writing, Harry thought, It really is quite beautiful.

Then the class ended and Harry walked over to his sleeping friends, rousing them for their next classes.

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