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Chapter 9

"Five minutes." Madam Pomfrey warned the group that had just burst through the doors sharply.

Immediately Harry was surrounded by his fellow Gryffindors while Blaise and Pansy walked calmly over to Draco's bed.

"Oh, Blaisey, look! It's The Saviour of Our Saviour!" Pansy said mockingly, coming to a stop in front of Draco, blocking his view of Potter's bed.

"Oh yes, you've already got a nickname!" Blaise stated after catching Draco's confused look. "That was some move out there Dray."

"Saving Potter? Please, I just didn't need to give everyone another reason to hex me. You know they'd accuse me of intentionally letting him fall, or even charming his broom if I didn't save him."

"So it wasn't because he could possibly be the one giving you extremely mushy love notes? Or the fact that he's the man of your dreams?"

Draco scoffed. "The 'man of my dreams'? Get real Pans; I hated the guy until this year. And I'm still getting used to the whole 'polite acquaintances' thing." Draco faintly heard Granger yelling at Potter about his recklessness. "Just because he isn't a complete wanker anymore doesn't mean I don't think his hair is atrocious, his glasses ridiculous and how in the world does he put up with her screeching?"

Blaise and Pansy shared a very Slytherin grin before schooling their features until something akin to belief showed on their faces.

"I think she just said something about how he intentionally fell or something else, utterly absurd."


"Hermione" Harry hissed, "Keep your voice down!"

But it was too late; Malfoy was already hopping angrily off his bed and marching gracefully over to Harry's.

"YOU FELL ON PURPOSE?" Draco's face was full of incredulity and confusion.

Harry opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted by Madame Pomfrey's stern voice telling his friends to go to the Great Hall for dinner.

Hermione gave Harry an almost apologetic face while Ron just turned away with what seemed like a smirk.

"Stop with the faces Ms. Granger, Ms. Parkinson. And get out of my infirmary. I have patients to treat. Out!"

Harry watched his friend pile out with a bemused expression that slid right on his face when he turned back to see a very angry looking Draco still standing near his bed.

"Did. You. Fall. On. Purpose?" Malfoy pronounced each word through clenched teeth.

"Well, not exactly. Sort of. Yes." All of the anger left Malfoy's body as soon as Harry had spoken.


"I-." he paused.

"Spit it out."

"N-no reason."


"Seriously Malfoy! Drop it." Everyone was okay and his plan had already begun to work. Why couldn't Malfoy just leave it alone.

It was a few moment before Malfoy spke again and when he did his voice was dangerously calm.

"Why did you fall, Harry?" The use of his first name coupled with Malfoy's tone was what broke him.

"I don't like the way people treat you." Draco's look of incredulity returned.

"What?" Out of everything Harry could have said, this was right behind 'because I'm in love with the Giant Squid and would do anything for it' on Draco's unexpected list.

"You- you helped during the War, and nobody recognizes that. You've changed so much but everybody just clings onto the past. I was tired of seeing you secretly protect the same students who insult you daily. I was disgusted at how noble and smart and kind people claim to be when they're all just hypocrites. I was tired of being the one in the spotlight all the time."

Draco was bewildered.

"Potter," He spoke slowly, "You do realise you could have died?"

The words tumbled out of his mouth before he had time to think. "I knew you wouldn't have let me fall." Harry gave Malfoy a slight grin.

Draco felt his lips twitching and rolled his eyes. "It was purely instinct, Potter. You looked like a helpless puppy, calling my name."

Harry was surprised at Malfoy's teasing tone. "Instinct? Ha! You just couldn't resist touching me."

"I thought this whole experience was to get people to like me, not to make your exceptionally large head even bigger."

"Hey! My head is not large. This damn hair just makes it appear so."

Draco started to laugh when something dawned on him.

"Wait! Is that why you gave me the Snitch too? To get people off my back? Thanks Potter but I'd rather win on my own. Contrary to popular belief, Malfoy's do not cheat."

The sneer that Harry hadn't seen in months was back and he rushed to mke it dissapear once more. "No! Of course not! I gave it to you because it was rightfully yours. You practically had it in your hands before I fell. And you would've won if you hadn't saved me. Speaking of winning, do you know what the score was?"

"No, I was too busy throwing a Gryffindor on top of me to see how bad my team lost."

"'Throwing a Gryffindor on top of you?' Better not let anyone else hear you say that. Out of context, they might get the wrong impression." Harry winked. "Besides, I don't think Slytherin lost, you caught the Snitch, remember. You must've beaten us. "

"But Gryffindor was so far ahead!"

"What are you too arguing about now?" Madame Pomfrey was walking towards the seekers holding two small bottles in her hands; the only difference between them was the color. One was a bright green color while the other was white with a tinge of purple. Neither looked very appealing.

"We were just wondering who won the game."

"Oh, well I think that's still being decided."

"What? Why?" It never took this long, even with a few injuries.

"Well because Madame Hooch had to look up the Rulebook, of course."

The blonde was getting frustrated, and, in order to prevent Malfoy's I'm-always-right-so-shut-up-before-I-hex-you Mode from turning on full blast, Harry stepped in.

"Er, Madame Pomfrey, why would she have to do that?"

"Well, there hasn't been a tie in years! Surely you boys haven't ever seen one."

"A tie?"

"Yes, yes a tie. When Mr. Malfoy here caught the Snitch, it brought the score up to match Gryffindors. This, of course, hasn't ever happened at Hogwarts before so now Headmaster McGonagall has to look for similar instances for a ruling. Now, enough about Quidditch; time for some healing. You must be exhausted. Here, Malfoy into the bed next to Potters. And drink this." She handed Draco the purple concoction. "Just something to help with the bruising, Mr. Potter fell on you pretty hard." She handed Harry the green potion with a murmured, "Don't worry it tastes a lot worse than it looks. It's to restore your energy from using all that magic,*" before gliding away to help other patients.

Draco shared a look of disgust at the potions with Potter before sighing and angling his head to drink. Potter's soft voice reached his ears before he could.

"Thanks Draco."

Draco looked over to meet Potter's eyes and found nothing but sincerity there. Then the Gryffindor was gulping down the green liquid and spluttering.

"That was vile!"

"Good to know. Makes me so much more excited to drink mine."

Malfoy brought the small bottle to his lips and Harry followed the movement with his eyes. He tipped his head back, revealing a long, pale neck and swallowed his potion elegantly.

Draco licked his lips. "Yum. Tasted like cherries," He lied. It hadn't tasted of anything at all, except for maybe a slight hint of tree bark.

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