This is the first story I have ever decided to post. The idea came to me some time ago, and last night I decided to go ahead and write it. Fanfiction is however not a new thing for me, I have read lots and lots of stories, and I have written some chapters for longer stories which I have just not posted.

I'm sorry for the spelling and grammatical mistakes you will find in this story, but English is not my main language.

I wish you all a happy New Year, and hope the year of 2010 have been a good one for you and that 2011 will be even better.

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Hannah's Talk with Fisher

Hannah walked into the Jeffersonian. Earlier on that day she had called Seeley, to ask if he was up for meeting for lunch or even better an early afternoon delight, however he had told he had a meeting with booth Hacker and Cullen he could not skip out on, no matter how much he wanted.

This was the reason behind her presents in the lab. She hoped his partner, Temperance, was up for lunch instead. She liked the Anthropologist and thought they got along really great, and Hannah did not really have a lot of friends here in DC, even though she had lived here for quite some time now.

As she walked in, she looked up at the platform in the middle of the lab there she half expected Dr. Temperance Brennan to be, however she was not.

Instead of Dr. Brennan, Cam, Angela, Hodgings and the strange depressive intern Fisher, she thought his name was, were looking over the remains of the newest case of the Jeffersonian.

Angela was the first to notice the newcomer and waved Hannah over. Hannah had not interacted that much with Angela, but the few time those two had met, Hannah thought they had gotten along quite well, therefor it did not surprise her that Angela, was the one to ask about her wellbeing, to which in return Hannah asked about Angela's pregnancy, after all she was pregnant in 7th. month. They talked for a few minutes, but in the end Hannah asked Angela where Temperance was. Regarding this subject Hannah learned that, the anthropologist was having a personal day, which she was spending with a second cousin of hers, Margaret Whiteshell. Hannah had never heard about her before, and Hannah was a bit surprised upon learning about this cousin of hers, Temperance did not really seem like a family person to her.
Angela however was pull from the discussion as the depressive intern and Cam had finished with the scull, which meant that Angela had to get back to work. Angela said her goodbye to Hannah and walked off. Hannah looked after her retiring form, and said out loud, without thinking of it. "I'm impressed with her; however I would never have kids of my own".

Camille heard this and was a bit surprised, after all she had always thought the Seeley wanted more children of his own on day, so she decided to ask:
"You don't want children, Hannah?"

"No, I really don't, if I wanted I would adopt, after all there are already enough children in the world, who needs a home, however I don't really see myself a mother. I love my work too much as well as my freedom to travel. I'm a lot like Temperance in that area, another woman who does not want to have children, and prefer to focus on her career."

To this statement Hannah did not get a reply like the one she thought she would get: he had thought the reply would be something along the lines of:
"Oh I see your point, but don't really agree myself, however I know Brennan share your view. I just never really understood it, but I did adopt myself so I understand the desire to do that."

After all Cam had Michelle, so Hannah guessed the other woman would never really understand why Hannah did not see herself as a mother. However she also knew that Michelle was not Cam's biological daughter, she had however never learned how the teen-ager came to stay with Cam, and had naturally thought that Cam had adopted her.

Instead of this, she heard the depressive intern speak for the first time.

"Dr. Brennan did want a child a few years back!" Hannah's head snapped up, and she asked confused:
"Did Temperance want a child? With whom did she want it?"

Hannah, always the observant journalist, saw how Hodgings tried very hard to look like he was not listening to this conversation; however he really was listening very closely to everything which was said. She also saw how Cam was signaling to Fisher (the depressive intern) not to say any more, however Fisher continued.

"Well I offered her to use mu sperm, however she preferred to use Agent Booth's semen. I'm not sure why, however he did have some kind of super sperm count. The whole deal however was put on hold do to Agent Booth's brain tumor being followed by the strange coma dream; I never quite understood that part. Anyway afterwards Agent Booth thought they were married and that she already was pregnant with their child, however Dr. Brennan left for a dig in Guatemala for a while and after when she came back, it was never mentioned again. However I have heard a couple of the other interns saying it was never brought up again since the dream made Agent Booth realize that he was in love with Dr. Brennan, and therefor did not want to be the sperm-donor for her IVF treatments. As well as that Dr. Brennan wanted to use Agent Booth's sperm to create an everlasting bond between the two of them, because she at that time were not yet ready to admit that she was in love with him as well. However I have never really thought much about it, since it seems to depressing that they are in love but can't figure it out and be together. Love really is a sad thing."

To say that Hannah looked shocked upon hearing Fishers very revealing little speech would be the understatement of the year. Whatever Hannah Burley had thought were or had been between the two partners, her boyfriend and his best friend, it was clearly not that if a brain tumor had not gotten in the way there could be a little boy or girl with auburn curls and chocolate brown eyes or Brown hair and icy blue eyes running around here in the lab.

Okay what did you guys think? I really hope I kept them in character. Hannah is really quite difficult to write, since we know very little of her, and I don't really like her from what I have seen of her. However I decided not to make her mean or anything in this story, instead she is just a woman caught in an unlucky situation, which if I have to be honest I think is what really is the truth.