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Chapter 2: Hannah's talk with Clark

It was Sunday and Hannah Burley had woken up way too early for it been a day off. Therefor she was nit at the national mall. She was woken up because of the fact that her boyfriend Seeley Booth went to mess at Sundays, when he was not working on a case.
Seeley had more than once tried to talk her into going with him, however she had straight out told him, that she was in no way religious. He had tried to argue that, she had told him she was born Catholic like him. This she had reply with saying, that she might have been born, and practiced religion to a certain degree when she was a child, but after having traveled all over the world at lots of places with war, she could no longer support religion, because of all the things she had seen done in the name of a god.
She had in other words turn against religion during her time observing war. Seeley had tried to argue with her over the issue, however she had straight out told him it was not up for discussion, he would just have to agree to disagree.
He had in a response said that "Bones" would never back down from a discussion like this one over religion. Hannah had said that: "That might be true, but I'm not her, and this is something I don't wish to continue talking about". However he had continued to invite her along, saying he hoped he could turn her around in her view if she started to see how you could also look at religion, however she had always said no.

Hannah had said no again today, with an additional reason this time. It was only 3 days since she had learned some interesting things about her boyfriend and his partner upon a visit to the lab. When she came home after this visit, she had had a long and serious talk with her boyfriend, about these things. He had told her some more things about the situations, as well as telling her many times that he was in love with her and not his partner.
No matter what her gut tried to tell her, about that she should just walk away now; she had actually not had any reasons not to trust him, when he said that, so she stayed. After all he did not spent that much time with Temperance, actually he spent almost no time with her besides work time, so why should he not be over her if he had ever been in love with her. After all he had also told Hannah that the dream was due to the fact that Temperance were reading a book to him, she thought would cheer him up, since it is common knowledge to talk and read to coma patients, and he had turned the people in the book into people he knew. Things had been a little tense since then, but she trusted that things would soon be better.

All of these things played a role in her being at the mall. She had decided that when she had already woken up, she would take a walk and enjoy the weather.

As she was walking she looked around her. People were having picnics at the grass, or sitting at benches talking and drinking coffee. In front of her she saw a guy with dark skin; he was in running clothes, and he obvious taking a break in his work out. Upon looking a bit closer at him, she stated to recognize him as someone from the lab. Clark Edison, she thought his name was, he was the intern who was already a Doctor, but because of how amazing Temperance was in her field, he still very much wanted to work alongside her.
She secretly admitted, that she though he was a very great looking follow, one she would, if she had not had an amazing boyfriend, who were a stallion in bed, not mind taking a ride on.

Hannah decided to walk over and say hallo, after all the beautiful weather had gotten her in a great mood.

"Hallo, Dr. Edison, right, are you enjoying a morning run?"

Clark looked up at the woman in front of him, he knew that he had seen her before, but he was not completely sure where and who she actually was.

"Hallo, yes I am. Can I ask you where I know you from?"
"I'm Hannah Burley, Agent Booth girlfriend."
"Oh, the journalist."
"Yes, I work at the Washington press corps, at the White House."

Clark nodded, and apologized for not remembering her, but also said that he tried to keep out of all the personal issues at the lab.

"Don't worry about it; I can imagine there can be lots of personal issues, sometime."
"Yes, and they love talking about those issues. Like Angela and Hodgings; of how they were together and how they broke-up after Angela's now ex-husband came back, right after she had gotten a divorce because when she learned that Dr. Saroyan had slept with the ex, Angela and Hodgings were both mad, Angela for what Dr. Saroyan had done and Hodgings for Dr. Saroyan being a factor that the guy stayed a bit longer, and in the end they broke up, since they realized it had mattered to both of them."
"That seems like a lot of things happened regarding that ex-husband. What about Seeley and Dr. Brennan, were they also involved in the ex-issue?"
"No, they were in London at a trip."
"London, what were they doing there?"
"They were solving murders, but they original went there, because Dr. Brennan had to give some lectures in England and Agent Booth came along and ended up giving a lecture for the Scotland Yard."
"Oh, does it happen a lot that they travel together?"
"Well, they went to London and to China, and they used to go to lots of other stats around U.S."
"Were they? Did they stay overnight?"
"Yes, lots of times. I know from Vincent that they once went undercover and stayed in a little trailer. I really don't understand how they handled that, since they always look like, they were ready to just rip each other clothes off, and go at it like rabbits against the wall. I really never understood how they handle the sexual tension. They look so passionate when they argue, really like they would love to just go at it and make their bodies all sweaty and salty while having crazy monkey sex all over the placeā€¦" Clark stopped in his little speech. He had gotten all worked up over the B&B-issue (as the interns had named it), just like he had done some time ago in the lab, when Hodgings, Angela, Dr. Saroyan and Dr. Brennan herself had looked all surprised at him. Clark had really not meant to let all that slip especially to Agent Booth's girlfriend. He looked nervous at Hannah, who looked like a water balloon had fallen down her heard, she was in completely shock, so Clark made a decision and quickly told her had he was sorry and he really had to get going, with that he took off and left the shocked journalist standing alone at the mall.

Again Hannah was left speechless because of one of Dr. Brennan's interns. She had never imagined that people thought that Temperance and Booth had lots of sexually tension. Tension which it seemed was always on the edge of tripping over, and making her boyfriend and his partner rip each other's clothes and go at it like dogs in heat.
Hannah was a mix of emotions, but one thing was clear in her mind. One thing she decided to focus on, after all she had gotten, where she was in her career, because she followed this rule most of the time; "Journalist first, woman after", and she knew, she needed to be the journalist right now, after all there was a story to discover and reveal in the bright daylight.
Hannah thought about what to do next, and when she remembered that Clark had mentioned someone called Vincent. She knew there was another intern of Temperance's called Vincent Nigel-Murray.
Hannah thought that it could be him that, Clark had been talking about, which meant that Mr. Nigel-Murray would be her next stop on the road to her new story.

Okay, this was chapter two. I'm sorry for the mistakes, but as I stated in the first chapter, English is not my first language.
I decided to go that way with Hannah's view on religion, because I know people, who have had these thoughts after having been to places where wars are fought in the name of a god, therefor I thought it could be an interesting thing to add to Hanna's character, after all we already know that she is supposed to seem a bit like Brennan (but without the abandonment issues), so I decided to make her not believe in God either, just like Brennan.
However I decided to have her original Catholic born and raised, to make her perfect, on paper, for Booth, however again he is in a personal relationship where the SO don't share his view on God and religion. However Hannah did not want to discuss it like Brennan does.

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