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Happy New Year to all of you.

Her composure at the farewell party was unflappable, as always. Doc felt oddly sentimental at watching her go. She had worked hard on herself, possessed a sharp wit and – if necessary – hard kick, and she was the most logical choice for this diplomatic posting since the Reva's special communication precluded ordinary humans. Except for a brief phase when she had been in love with him, they had always worked together well. He would miss her and their technical discussions, let alone the meaning of life and feelings. He wondered if she would ever think of him.

"Rusty will be a wonderful ambassador to the Reva," Waldo stated. "She will do all of us proud."

Doc nodded. "Yeah, she can both crunch numbers and space sorcerers. Not to mention communicate via electric currents."

"She is a role model for all of robot kind." Buzzwang joined the small group of galaxy rangers that had come to say goodbye to Rusty. "And one day I will arrest the Queen of the Crown."

"It's good to have dreams," Niko said, smiling. "Though more immediately, maybe we should try to get some cake before it's gone."

"I'll get some for you," Buzzwang chirped and walked toward the food table.

"Did you think you'd ever see robot ambassadors or deputy galaxy rangers?" Doc mused. "When I grew up, sentient AIs were still science fiction."

"I didn't," Zachary said. "But I hope I will see the Queen of the Crown arrested one day."

"All in good time," Goose replied."We had a pretty decent head count for arresting criminals this year."

Doc looked back on a year that included numerous tussles with the Blackhole Gang and rescuing Tarkon from a Crown invasion fleet.

"87 is a good number, but we should try to make it 100 next year."

"88 if you count the double headed Volian as two people," Goose corrected dryly, but Doc could see that even he was pleased with their accomplishments.

"You keep count of the arrests?" Niko asked, in mock disbelief. "Isn't it enough we saved the galaxy from annihilation three times?"

"Let's give a toast to Rusty and the new year." Zachary raised his glass of lemonade.

"To Rusty and the new year."