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Chapter 1

The first time Yami sees him, they're on school, and the little one is bent over his desk, covering something. What he's trying so hard to cover, Yami can't see, but what he does see is the little one's pencil moving from side to side, back and forth.

Is he drawing? Is he writing something? Doodling, scribbling, perhaps? Yami wonders. No one else is looking at the boy, but he is, because for some strange reason, he feels intrigued by him. Yami knows pretty much everyone at this school… except for this boy. Actually, he'd never even seen this boy before today—not since the school year started! Had he always been there? He couldn't be a transfer student; those were the ones who got the most attention.

And maybe that is why he's suddenly so drawn to him. Nobody seems to be paying him any attention. Maybe no one even acknowledges his existence, like Yami hadn't until today. But now, for that same reason, he wants to find out everything about the little one, hiding whatever he's doing (along with himself) from the rest of the world.

First, Yami has to find out—or figure out, whichever comes first—his name.

It's been a week since he saw him, and he still hasn't found/figured out the boy's name (and unfortunately, he's too afraid to ask the kid himself). He's asked everyone, but he always gets the same answer. "Sorry, never spoken to him." "I don't know him." "Who are you talking about?" (That one last gets him pretty angry, but he thinks he kind of has no right, since he was on that same boat just a week ago.)

And one day, maybe due to a coincidence, Yami bumps into the mysterious little one on the hallway, on his way to Chemistry.

He immediately helps the boy to his feet after a few apologies from the two of them, picking up both their books, and he feels like the words get suddenly stuck on his throat when he stares into those deep, beautiful amethyst eyes that lie in the middle of that gorgeous, angelical face. He realizes for the first time the boy is smaller than him, if only for a bit. Not like he could've guessed that by only seeing the kid when he was sitting down.

And he also realizes he might just have developed a crush on a guy he just met. He doesn't mind as much as he thought he would.

"H-h-hi!" he stutters nervously, handing the books that aren't his back. God, this is embarrassing. Yami? Stuttering? How low has he fallen by just looking at those eyes?

"Hi," the little one says shyly, clutching his books to his chest. "Uh, I'm really sorry about that. I didn't see where I was going."

"No, no! I-it was totally my fault there," Yami insists, trying hard not to blush. "I didn't see you, actually."

"Most people don't," he hears the boy say to himself, staring at the ground. But he doesn't press on for fear of being too direct.

"Er, my name is Yami!" He holds out a hand that trembles slightly, and he prays the little one doesn't notice, which he apparently doesn't, because he shakes his hand without care.

"I'm Yugi," he says as they take their hands back. "Are you a senior? I'd never seen you before."

Yami, strangely, feels a wave of relief flooding him. "No, I-I'm a junior. We have History together, as a matter of fact."

"Really?" Yugi demands, surprised. Yami thinks it's really not his fault. He's way too busy covering whatever the heck he does with his pencil. But Yami's thankful he hasn't noticed him staring at him, either. "I'm so stupid, I hadn't noticed…" Yami, however, notices Yugi's talking mostly to himself—and he's lowered his head—again.

"Oh, don't worry! I-I really hadn't seen you until last week, to begin with." He finishes in a small whisper, ashamed of himself a little bit. Yugi doesn't seem to mind, but he says nothing. Just smiles a cute tiny smile that damn nearly forces Yami's heart to grow little wings and flutter inside his chest.

The ring bells in a flash, and the halls start getting empty. "Well, I have to go," Yugi whispers, and Yami stares at him in confusion. Has his company been that bad? Yugi apparently senses what Yami's thinking and quickly adds, "You know, to class?"

Yami feels like slapping himself. He's never been such an idiot before. Of course, he's never had a crush on such a cute guy before! So he forgives himself. Maybe. A little. "Oh. Oh! Yeah, you're right, I… I gotta go, too!" he babbles incoherently.

"Okay," the boy smiles, waving once at Yami. "I'll see you later?"

He said he'd see me later! Yami is absolutely sure he has some sort of 'mini-me' jumping and dancing around on his head, and he prays the heat on his face isn't enough to form a blush. "Sure! Of course, I'll see you later. It was really nice to meet you!" he almost squeals (thank God he got a hold of his voice), holding out his hand again.

Even though Yugi shakes it the same way he did before, Yami's still glad his hand didn't tremble this time. "Same here. I mean, it was really nice to meet you, too." Yami feels this kid's just too adorable for his own good. He babbles incoherently like me! He perfectly visualizes his mini-me floating with wee hearts around him (and in his eyes as well).

It's not until he's facing Yugi's back a few feet away from him that he calls out, "Will you mind terribly if I invited you for a slushie after school? Say, at around 4 o'clock, maybe?" When Yugi doesn't respond and just stays there, Yami's afraid. What if he was too direct? What if it was too soon? What if he was perfectly stupid?

But then Yugi turns back and Yami swears those amethyst eyes are burning holes into his crimson ones. And he's smiling, on top of that! He obviously doesn't realize that such a cute, tiny small melts Yami into a pool of goo!

"I'd love to," Yugi answers, waving again as he exclaims, "See you after school!" Then he runs off to his next class.

It's only until Yugi's no longer in his line of view that Yami dares to jump around and throw his arms into the air victoriously. Maybe that's not what this is, but Yami, nonetheless, is going to think about this as their first date. And screw whoever thinks he's being way too shallow to have a crush on a guy he met a week ago and just talked to today!

As he notices his hands on his hips, Yami prays to God he didn't say that aloud before running off to Chemistry, hoping to come up with a good enough explanation for getting late. If that explanation doesn't involve 'getting a date with the cutest guy ever', he's not so sure he can come up with one.

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