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Now authors have done every possible thing to Edward, son of a mob boss, been a prostitute, living as a church boy and been a controlling freak with an inclination to kinky sex and dominance.

Now it was my time to let my creative mind run free and I played around with Jasper. For all of you to understand what the hell is going on, I changed Jasper slightly, it is still the same person, just not in the same package. MY Jasper is FEMALE!

This is/was actually an OUTTAKE to my other Fan Fiction story Starting Over that revolves around Edward and Bella, but it took on a life of its own and is now an individual story. I am posting it as a separate, but parallel story to Starting Over. You can read one without having read the other.


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Week One

The spray of the warm water was sharp and fierce against my back. I leaned my hands against the wall and enjoyed the solitude for a few moments.

"I swear to god that your breasts are so fucking perfect." Leah's voice was deep and lacked the feminine tenor most women possessed. Her hands smoothed around my waist and slipped further up my body and cradled my breasts. Her hands, though, hardly lacked the skill of a female touch. She had the same equipment and knew exactly what to do with it. She pinched my nipples and rolled them expertly. I moaned and my arms bracing the wall softened all the way into my bones. Her lips were soft against my neck as she took a small bite at my skin. It hurt the slightest, but just balancing between pleasure and pain.

"We're going to be late." I rasped, knowing Leah wouldn't let me go just yet. But we had an important meeting this morning we couldn't afford to miss.

"I don't give a shit." Her very skilled right hand slipped down over my wet stomach and muscles deep in my belly clenched in anticipation. Her fingers smoothed into my sex. "You've been thorough." She mused biting me a little harder, it pinched. I moaned as she started rubbing me. I knew she preferred me clean shaven and Leah was the best fuck I ever had, so it seemed only fair to comply to her demand.

Her other hand smoothed down over my ass and in between my legs. The rubbing of my clit and her fingers slipping easily into me took a mere few seconds to send me tumbling over the edge. My moaning and groaning ricocheted off the walls in the small shower cubicle.

Coming down from my high I felt her teeth dig into my neck once more, hard this time. I hated that Leah had a thing for biting me this hard, but she did. I had an inclination she was marking her territory, but that last one was going to leave a mark that was for sure. She had an edge to be slightly rough and if someone told me she had a room in the cellar with all sorts of kinky toys and chains, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

Finishing the top button of my shirt and closing my distressed jeans, I stared at the discoloration just below my ear. I ran my fingers over the mark. That would take a few days to fade. Leah's dark eyes locked on mine in the mirror and she smirked cocking a brow. I knew she was daring me to say something. She would have no problem leading a dom/sub relationship I suspected. I held my tongue and chose not to argue over the bite mark this time. She was fucking marking me on purpose. I dropped my hand from the dark purplish hue and finished my make-up.

I stepped onto the elevator closely followed by Leah. The myriad of people nodded a silent good morning at both of us. No one knew we left the building together most nights, but thought we just happened to arrive the same time every morning.

I wasn't sure I would call Leah my girlfriend, but I was confident that was the title she would use to label me. Yes, I was with her and had been for a few months, but feelings I was supposed to have for her when considering I was sharing her bed and having mind-blowing sex every day, seemed to be lacking.

I tipped my ankle letting the slim heel of my shoe grind into the floor. Her breath was warm against my neck in the confined space and the blood in my veins started to rush through my body. Leah was sex on legs and I knew it was her primary weapon to keep me in her thrall. I couldn't say no to her and she knew it. So those feelings I wasn't having for her, I speculated she had for me and sex was her way of keeping me safely locked to her bed.

I slipped through the hall of small cubicles, making my way to my small office. I checked my hair in the mirror, taming a few wayward strands. I needed to look perfect and in control as this morning's meeting was important. It could be a turning point of my career. Aro was important; this new project of his was no exception. Anything he touched could very easily turn into gold. I glanced at the bite mark on my neck. I fished my concealer out of my bag, and drew the soft pad of make up over the dark hues. I wasn't able to hide it completely, but this would have to do.

"Are you ready?" My boss, Mr. Marcus asked. He was the owner of this growing establishment and he had the tendency to look utterly bored, but under that flat exterior was a sharp and often crude businessman.

"Absolutely." I smiled, closed the compact and dumped it in my bag again. I picked up the neat stack of suggestions I had prepared the past Friday. I drew a deep breath, feeling calm spread through me. I was ready.

I met Leah just outside of the conference room. Passing her she smirked and glanced at my neck contently. I narrowed my eyes at her and she provokingly ran her finger under her nose smelling it, then suckling the tip of it. It clenched in my stomach. I hated that she had this control over me, but I also hated she was so blatant about sex. Sure, pretty much every one in the office knew about my sexual preference, but no one knew it was Leah that had me at the verge of screaming out my orgasms. I figured it wouldn't blow over so easily if people knew I was fucking my boss. I was sure some would assume and draw the conclusion that I was sleeping my way to the top. That wasn't the case by far. I had met Leah at my favorite bar a week before I started this job, had a one night stand with her in a semi drunken stupor and things had evolved from there.

I was happy in my life; I wasn't searching for anything else. I had landed a job that I loved and gave me every possibility I wanted. I had a sex life and a non-girlfriend that wasn't pushing for a commitment. My brother, Emmett, lived close by and I was fortunate enough to see him a couple of times a week. Nothing was really missing from my life. It was quiet, easy and I was content.

I slipped through the door, choosing to ignore that slightly rude gesture from Leah. The room was filled with a heavy male cologne that seemed to coat everything in its harsh fragrance. I glanced at the man whose skin looked almost like paper. He was polished, exfoliated, and shaven to perfection. His eyes were a milky pale blue and falsely warm. He basically made me skin crawl.

Mr. Marcus closed the door as we were all assembled. We were all introduced to Aro, though, I knew who he was, I had never met him before. He smiled widely, his shiny white teeth gleaming almost dangerously.

"This is my very talented designer." He announced with virtually fatherly pride. I glanced at tiny girl. She was pixie-like, almost thin in the extreme. She was wearing a very feminine dress that hugged nicely at the tiny waist. She was short, her eye line just below mine. I was never blessed with long legs, the main reason I always wore heels. They gave me a slight advantage, but this girl in front of me in her beaded ballerinas did nothing to hide how vertically challenged she was. "This is Alice." Aro continued, oblivious to my staring. I tore my gaze from the big blue eyes, completely trapped in a daze.

She greeted my boss and then Leah. I held my hand out and took hers. It was warm, soft and completely confident as I locked my fingers around hers. Her smile widened and I swore it was warmer than the one she had given the others. As our skins touched, I felt a delicious tingle move through my body.

"Jasper." I said, declaring my name. I was just a few beats too late to be professional, but I was taken aback by the stunning and beautiful girl in front of me. Her hair was dark and thick around the angelic face. She was mesmerizing.

"Jasper?" She echoed and frowned, her voice like a light summer's breeze. I smiled sheepishly as that was the normal reaction to my name. Seeing my name on a business card, a person would surely expect a man, hair on the chest, a hand like a shovel, and definitely packing in the lower department, but I was all female. My mother had just refused to pick a new name when her first born was a girl and not a boy as expected.

"Yes." I smiled cordially.

"Now let's get started." Mr. Marcus chimed in. I was pulled from my reverie and pushed back my immediate fascination with Alice. I wasn't going to screw this meeting up because the girl I needed to impress had an alluring bubbly smile. I refused to. I had worked too damn hard to land this job and then lose it because I was having a hormonal induced fantasy.

Throughout the meeting, I kept meeting Alice's soft wide eyes. She looked away every time I caught her. It was cute as hell.

The meeting ended before I wanted it to, but business was done and I had all I needed to put the proposal and graphics together for Alice's new clothing line. Before standing up, she slipped her business card across the table. "Feel free to call me if you have any more questions." She said softly. Next to me, Leah groaned irritated under her breath. I was sure I wasn't the only one who heard it. Alice glanced below my ear and I brought my hand up to cover the mark she inadvertently would have seen.

Going back to my office, I slipped into the bathroom for a moment. Leah was sitting in the chair across from my desk when I entered my office. I closed the door behind me, knowing the conversation could be private.

"That was interesting." She mused sourly when I sat down.

"What was?" I asked, slightly confused. I set the papers and notes down on my table.

"Alice." She said with a slight mocking to her tone. I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Leah…" I started but didn't know what else to say. Leah clearly hadn't been oblivious to my fascination with the striking girl in the lovely dress today. Alice.

She smiled her hard smile, when she was slightly unhappy with something. "My place, Sushi and sex?" She cocked a brow. This was so typical Leah, the answer to fix issues to her was always a fuck to relieve the tension, other than the sexual frustration. "I would love to eat you the before the Sushi." She said, completely unashamed.

I bit the inside of my cheek, suddenly not feeling like going to her place at all. "Er… not tonight. I got some… uh stuff to do." I stammered. I was flustered at why I didn't want to. I had never said no to Leah, but now the thought of having another night locked in her sexual spell didn't thrill me. My mind wandered to Alice.

Leah narrowed her eyes at me and huffed under her breath. She didn't respond, but just left my office. I was glad for the solitude and decided to bury all impending ideas of Alice underneath a ton of work, basically digging myself into a hole with the graphics for her new brand logo.

It was dark when I switched the computer off and decided to walk home. I picked up a salad from the deli and spent the night alone in front of the TV.

The morning was quiet and I had been locked in a comatose-like sleep. Being alone today was a strange relief from the usual morning orgasm offered by Leah. The day was clear and warm, so I chose to walk to work. I picked out a pair of my more comfortable heels, knowing my feet would approve. I stopped at the coffee shop, longing for the caffeine to really shock my system awake.

"Hi." I blurted the second I saw her there close to the entrance of the coffee shop. She held out the cup for me and I just stared like an imbecile.

"I got this for you." Her voice was uncertain.

"Uh, thanks, Alice." I mumbled and closed my fingers around the brown carton container. Her fingers grazed mine, but she didn't pull them away as you would do with an almost stranger. My fingers tingled the same way they did when I shook her hand yesterday. "How did you know I would be here?" I asked confused though my initial shock of basically bumping into Alice at my local coffee joint.

Alice shrugged. "Just a hunch." She glanced at me for a long moment. Her lips parted slightly and I stared hypnotized. "I still have a few minutes until I have to be at the office." She paused. "You wanna sit for a while?" Her big blue eyes were insecure, but sincere.

"Sure." I mouthed. I wasn't sure it was a good idea at all. Instinctively, I wanted nothing more than to be close to Alice, but I also figured the chance of her wanting to be close to me in that same way was slim to none. Everything about her was pushing me into overdrive. I wasn't one to fall in love head over heels. I never had in the past, but with Alice I feared I would do just that.

I sat down on the cold plastic stool and left the steaming cup of coffee in front of me.

"So how is work?" Alice asked, clearly making conversation.

"Good. Your proposal is coming together rather nicely, I must say." I smiled foolishly as I was the one putting the damn thing together. But she had me puzzled to why exactly she was here. It couldn't be a coincidence as she already had a coffee ready for me.

"Sounds good." She smiled a fraction, pulling her lips free of her strangely enchanting teeth. They were perfect and straight and just behind those soft glossed lips. She ran the tip of her tongue across the edge of her front teeth. I could barely see it, but it was pink, glistering with moisture and I wanted nothing more than run mine across hers. I crossed my legs and tightened the muscles in my legs to stop from squirming in my seat. I had never felt this instant attraction before and I was completely enthralled by her. I wanted to consume her, every petite inch of her. I wanted to run my tongue across her lips, her breasts and drown my mouth between her legs. I curled my toes in my shoes; I was in fucking big trouble and I hardly knew her. "Do you live around here?" She asked after a moment of silence.

"Yeah, just a few blocks from the office. But it is hard managing a down town rent on your own, you know." I bit my tongue to stop. I knew exactly why I threw that last bit of information into the conversation, I wanted to her to know I was alone, single. Well almost. The truth was Leah was gone in a heartbeat if I had just the slightest chance in hell with Alice.

"I know." She smiled and rolled her eyes. "That's why I share a place." Share. I mulled over the word. Share, I wasn't sure I liked it, but lots of people shared apartments in New York. It didn't have to mean anything. "With Bella, we're about to have a baby soon." She smiled hugely, her eyes twinkling as she took a swig of her coffee.

My heart exploded and landed shattered in my shoes. We, a goddamn WE! So she was gay after all, but taken. I took a sip of my coffee to hide that my face was falling apart with disappointment. Having coffee with Alice wasn't so intriguing after all. I glanced at the door, waiting for an opportunity to make a quick escape. For some reason, I couldn't bear the thought Alice was already taken. I hated that I was too late. Not that I had even expected to have a chance with her in the first place, but I would have pursued her. I knew that now.

"Congratulations." I choked out, faking a smile.

"Thank you." She thrilled and smiled all happy and bubbly. She did that thing with her tongue again, barely running it across her teeth. My jaw clenched and my fingers locked hard around the cup.

She hesitated for a long moment and insecurity crawled across her face, but her blue eyes were so determined. Slowly, she reached across the table and ran her pointer finger across mine. It tingled and her finger was so delicate and soft. I choked back the sigh building in my throat. I closed my eyes momentarily, relishing her gentle touch and trying to figure out what this all meant. What was she telling me? Though, it was clear as day.

Against all my instincts, I pulled my hands clutching the cup back from her touch. "Uh… er." I stammered. Discomfort was shaking the air between us, commanding full attention.

Alice's face fell and her smile faltered completely. "I thought…" She hesitated. "I thought you were… uh, gay. I mean that's what I was told." She mouthed carefully.

I smiled at her boldness. It took guts to be so straightforward. "I am." I answered confidently. "But I just don't think this is such a good idea, Alice." I muttered, hating saying those words.

She smiled thinly. "Okay." All her big smiles and vivacious charm dissipated.

I inclined my head and my narrowed my eyes at her. "Why Alice? Why would you…" My lips twitched, it seemed presumptuous of me to think she was making a pass at me with just one small graze of a finger. My nerves were running amuck with this unexpected turn of events.

She frowned. "I thought, I mean, I have this picture in my head of us."

I stared at her. "What picture?"

Her smile was shy and reserved. "I just have these feelings sometimes, ideas, you know a hunch about things. And I have a hunch about you, Jasper." She said confidently, a curl of her sunny personality finding a way to her smile.

I chuckled lightly at her reasoning, it sounded slightly insane. "But Alice, you just told me you have a girlfriend and that you're expecting a family. So excuse me, and I don't mean to be rude, but why are you doing this then?" I glanced down at her hand.

She clenched her palm over her mouth and gave out a small squeal, bouncing up and down in her seat. "Oh my god, Oh no, no, no, no, no. I am such a klutz. Bella is not my girlfriend, not at all. Yes, she is having a baby, and I agreed to help her in any way that I could. That we would be each other's family, but we don't er… you know." She shrugged and flushed adorably.

"Have sex." I countered, seeing if I could fluster her even more by putting her on the spot. It was rather endearing to watch. I was intrigued by her outgoing animated reactions.

"Yes… uh, no. I mean no. We don't have sex." She answered and averted her eyes from mine. She exhaled slowly and controlled through her parted lips.

I took another sip of coffee and waited patiently for her to return her eyes to me. "So do you, Alice, have sex with girls?" I asked when those beautiful blue eyes retuned to me again.

Her breath hitched and she hesitated. "Not really." Her voice was tiny.

I cocked a brow, slightly confused. "Are you even gay, Alice?"

She bit her lip, tapping her delicate and nail polished fingertip against the table. "I'm not sure." She answered honestly.

"But you wanna test that theory." I finished. The image of her testing the speculation of her sexual orientation with me was entertaining to say the least.

She nodded and stared at the table. I glanced at her hand still placed on the table not far from mine. It was left there like she had forgotten it. Her dark hair fell forward hiding her face in the shadows. I was in nothing but awe for her bold move. That stuff took courage. It wasn't like a normal heterosexual relationship where meeting a cute guy you could expect he just might be into you. Being gay, you had to consider the object of your affection hardly had the same preferences as you.

I decided to help her out a bit. "I'll be at Aro's party on Friday; perhaps I will see you there?"

"Yes." She beamed, trying to control her wide grin.

I ran my finger over the back of her hand. "I'll see you there. I have to get to the office." I said and slipped off my chair. Never in my life had I been this elated about a company party.

"Thank you, Jasper." She smiled at me appreciatively.

Leaving the coffee shop, my heart was dancing franticly in my chest. I was a predator on the hunt and Alice was mine.

I met Alice every morning where she patiently waited for me with a cup of coffee in hand and that alluring smile. I had nothing but admiration for her tenacity. And every morning I elegantly avoided Leah. I had spent one night at her place, which I felt horrible about. Leah had been pushy, wanting to go down on me and I had given in, but it was utterly impossible for me to get into it, let alone get off. So I did something I never did before – I faked an orgasm! I couldn't get Alice out of my head and I felt like I was deceiving her for some reason by seeing Leah. I found Alice more and more attractive, which considering my causal past was impressive.

She was a bubbly person, chatting about everything and nothing. Mostly about her friend Bella, whom I hoped I would get the chance to meet someday. Not because she sounded like an overtly fascinating person, but because Alice was so fond of her. I wanted more than anything to be a part of her world, belong with her and know the people she knew.


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