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The First Weekend

"Thanks for the coffee – again." I smiled softly. I hated the clock was ticking so damn fast and I was late for work again today, but I couldn't find it in me to hurry and lose another minute of her company.

"You're welcome." She chimed. She glanced at her watch. I knew time was up yet again. I pondered for a short moment about asking her out on a proper date. I felt insecure doing it, as I usually never had been the one playing my hand first. Since Alice had already declared that she was interested, but inexperienced, I didn't really expect her to come right out and ask.

A buzzing followed by the obscene lyrics 'do it like they do on the discovery channel' sounded from my pocket. The ridiculous Bloodhound Gang song interrupted me just when I had gathered the courage to ask her out. I stood there for a moment with my mouth hanging open hating my brother to the point where I would gladly poison him with arsenic. "Excuse me." I said and smiled, hoping she wouldn't take offense when I picked up and ended the embarrassing tune.

"Emmett." I said when I put the phone to my ear. He had set the song on my phone as a ringtone for every time he called. He even coded it, so I couldn't change it. I considered changing phones just to rid myself of it, but I figured Emmett would just pull another prank on me if I did. That left me with the lyrics of that song, every time he wanted something.

"Hey sis. What the fuck took you so long? Got your head stuck between a pair of long female legs or somewhere else interesting?" He grinned loudly and I groaned.

"Have some damn manners, Emmett. I can promise you that she is interesting." I smirked and glanced at Alice.

"Really?" Emmett answered and sounded surprised. I knew why. I never told him anything about my love life, nor did he ever really meet any of my potential girlfriends. It happened a few times when I ran into him out on a date, but his general knowledge was confined to my sexual preferences. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Yes, really." I answered quietly. I watched Alice glance at her watch again and tap her foot impatiently. I held my hand over the phone and mouthed that I would see her later. Alice nodded and to my huge surprise and perhaps to her too, she leaned in and gave me a soft peck on the cheek. "See you tonight," she added. I gaped and stared at her pretty fucking stunned when she did that, but on the inside I was thrilled. Yeah, I was definitely going to get her.

"What do you want, Emmett?" I asked when I recovered my equilibrium.

"Can I borrow your place tonight?"

"You have a date." I guessed. It wouldn't be the first time that he utilized my place for his casual partners. He preferred it to the dorm where he lived at, as there he was never assured privacy with one of his many groupies.

"Yep." He barked shamelessly. "You're never there anyway." Though he used my place recreationally, there was never a trace that he had been there. He used the spare room and the sheets were always changed. He knew if he didn't play by my rules, he wouldn't be allowed back. I wanted nothing to do with his escapades.

"Er… no can do. I'll be home. I don't want to know or hear you within a ten mile radius, so you're just going to have to figure something else out."

He groaned loudly into the phone. I laughed. Normally I would have said yes, but since I wasn't planning on spending any more nights with Leah, I figured I would be home most evenings. Emmett begged for me to change my mind while I walked to my office building. I pushed the door open with my shoulder, shutting my phone off and bumped into Leah.

She followed me all the way to the office and basically slammed the door behind her without having said one word to me. I fidgeted and settled my coffee on the table. Leah leaned her palms to the table and glared at me for a long moment. She looked so harsh when she acted like this. "Are you fucking her?"

I widened my eyes. "Who?" I blurted surprised.

"You are not that fucking dense. The little bird girl. Alice. Is that why you are avoiding me?" She hissed.

I chewed the inside of my cheek. I decided now was the time to get out. Now was the time to clean the slate. "Yes." I answered evenly. Leah gaped at me, clearly not expecting me to be so blunt. "I am not fucking her, not that it is any of your business."

"It is so my business." She sneered. "You are my fucking girlfriend."

"Am I Leah? Did we ever agree on that? I can't remember that we did. Be reasonable. You wanted to push me into that category, but I don't love you. I don't have those kinds of feelings for you. Be honest with yourself. If you search deep inside your heart, you would already know that too." It was like she deflated right in front of me, all her pumped up anger was like air going out of a balloon. She sighed and nodded.

"I knew that." She said softer than I ever heard her speak. "So it was just sex?"

"Yes." I sighed. "I'm sorry Leah. We're not right for each other." I paused for a long moment, debating whether or not to get further into the discussion. "Do you even love me?"

"Not sure." She answered after a long silent moment and glanced at me through her lashes.

"You like the control, Leah. Falling in love is not something you do." I finished.

"Yeah, I like control." She admitted and I just realized how much she was always in command of me. With me breaking off what we had, she lost that control. I sighed hoping I just played my cards right and avoided a huge office fight. That would have been embarrassing. She glared at me for the longest time and left without saying another word. I wasn't sure if she was truly hurt or if it was just her ego that was bruised. With her, it was probably the latter. She just needed to fully realize that.

I ended the workday early finishing everything for the meeting with Alice and Aro Monday morning. I took a walk through Central Park letting my mind run free. I was excited for tonight. I couldn't wait to see Alice again and have the chance to actually spend some time with her. My jacket pocked buzzed and the crude melody of Bloodhound Gang blared again. I knew it was Emmett once more trying to get his grubby hands on my apartment tonight.

"What now." I sighed when I picked up the phone.

"What? Can't a guy ask his sister out for dinner?"

I groaned. "Since when did you ever ask me out for dinner? The answer is still no, but I will take you up on the food."

"Damn it." He hissed. "But I could eat. KFC in ten?"

"No, I am not having KFC. You are taking me out for dinner. I want to go to a proper restaurant. I'll be at your place in half an hour. And if you wear that heinous Beavis and Butthead t-shirt, I am going to kick your ass and set you on fire."

"Feisty. I wish my women were like that." He grinned loudly and I groaned. "See you in thirty." He said and hung up.

Dinner with Emmett was what I needed to kill the time. He had been his usual loud and obnoxious self. He kept begging to use my place, but I vehemently refused. He had a sure thing lined up at a party later, he said. I just rolled my eyes.

I rushed through a shower and straightened my shoulder long hair a bit. I threw on some make-up making sure it wasn't too much. I rushed out the door after realizing that I was running late.

The party at Aro's was packed with pretentious and pompous asses, but I wasn't here to see any of them. I was here to see Alice. I cut through the crowd. My hope dissipating as she probably already left again. I hated people being late, so why I was late to this place that I really wanted to be. It was beyond me. I snatched a glass from one of the waiters and sipped on the bubbly champagne.

"Hey, you." A soft chirpy voice said from behind me. "I almost gave up on you."

My heart lurched to a halt and I almost choked on the drink. "Alice." I said softly, trying to curb my enthusiasm. I glanced down her dress, completely unable to avoid the subtle, but rather inviting cleavage. "You look nice." I managed. She smiled in response. I stared at her glossed lips.

"Thank you." Her eyes were alive and she seemed almost nervous. She normally had this confident 'don't push me around just because I am small' façade, but now she looked anxious. She did that thing where she just grazed her teeth with her tongue. I realized it was a nervous tick of hers. I wanted to make her even more frazzled just to get her to do it again, but I decided against it.

"So are you comfortable around these people?" I asked. I didn't want to be rude and say what I really felt. There was no reason to play the Neanderthal card. Alice was so feminine and soft and I didn't want to scare her.

"With these brain dead gold diggers and guys born with silver spoons up their asses? No, I am not comfortable." She giggled. "But I do know how to mingle."

I saw my opportunity. "Want to get out of here?"

"I would love to, but I can't. Uh… Bella came with me and I don't want to leave her behind."

"Of course not. So I finally get to meet her?" I asked and inclined my head, smiling.

She did her teeth licking thing. I wished that I could lean in and kiss her. I wished that I could run my tongue across her lip and taste her gloss. It smelled almost fruity. She glanced at me through her lashes, apprehension was thick in her eyes. "Uh, Bella, doesn't know…" Alice didn't finish. She didn't have to.

I smiled and cocked a brow at her. "That you've been flirting with me all week?" I finished. I watched as her eyes widened and her breath hitched.

"Uh, yes."

"It will be my secret, then." I said gently.

Alice glanced past me and frowned. "What happened to your neck?" I froze. In my rush I had forgotten to cover up the dulling shades of the bite mark. It wasn't completely gone, just in the last grotesque stages of yellows and purples.

"Nothing." I muttered.

"So I shouldn't worry then?" She asked. I locked eyes with her and spotted her tongue peeking out. I read between the lines. She knew very well what that mark was. I might as well be as honest as I could.

"No, you don't need to worry." I sighed, figuring out how to be as subtle as possible. "Just finished business." I bit the inside of my cheek, hoping like hell she wouldn't be put off by knowing this. This week had been going so well. I didn't want to kill anything before it really started.

"I'm glad." She murmured. Her eyes were twinkling with joy.

"Hey." A soft voice said. A girl glanced at me with her brown eyes then turned her eyes to Alice. "Am I interrupting?"

Alice flushed slightly at her neck drawing an uneasy breath. "No… I was just talking to… uh, Jasper. Jasper, this is Bella. Bella, Jasper." She rushed. The girl turned her attentive brown eyes to me.

"It's so nice to meet you." She looked genuinely sincere as she held out her hand.

I shook her hand and put in a "nice to meet you too." She had a sweet and friendly face, pale, but healthy. "Alice told me a lot about you." I threw in and Alice's eyes widened. I laughed under my breath. She had mentioned Bella multiple times during the past week. "How's everything? How's the baby?"

"Great... the baby's well." Bella answered, her eyes widening questioningly. She stared at me wondering for a moment and then composed herself. No, Bella didn't have the faintest clue who I was or what her friend was up to.

"That's wonderful." I answered politely. I glanced at Alice, who looked on completely on edge. I didn't want to put her on the spot, so I decided to make my exit. I had hoped to get the chance to ask her out, but with her friend tagging along, now was not the time. "I have to go." I said cheerfully, even though I hated my chance was cut short, but Alice clearly wasn't ready to tell Bella anything about the theory she was testing. We hadn't even been out, so who was I to judge? "It was so nice to meet you, Bella. Alice, I guess that I will see you later."

Alice smiled a little sadly, but nodded.

I mingled my way through the party and stopped to talk to Aro shortly. I congratulated him on his new place while from the corner of my eye I watched Alice and Bella leave. I locked eyes with Alice when the elevator doors closed and she smiled that alluring 'I am so interested in you' smile, which I had grown accustomed to over the past week. It was a smile that made my stomach clench. Oh, how I wanted to beg to taste her lips, and I never begged!

I left the party mere minutes later and decided to call it an early evening. I checked my phone only to see Leah had left a message. I decided not to listen to it as I was done with her. Only one girl had my eye.

I went through my mail that I hadn't checked in days when I found the business card that Alice had given me on the first day. I flipped it over and noticed a handwritten phone number on the back. I didn't give it another thought, just punched in the number.

"Hello." Alice chimed softly. I relished the sound of her voice.

"Hey Alice, it's Jasper." I waited for a moment, listening to her breathing picking up slightly. "Are you free tomorrow?" I plunged in before I lost my nerve.

"I might be." She answered coy. I chuckled.

"Can I take you out?" It was silent for a long time.

"Sure." She answered a little bleak.

I ventured a guess. "Bella's there?"

"Yep." She answered curtly.

"Okay, how about I meet you outside your place at seven then. Just text me the address."

"I'll do that… and I look forward to it." The unsubtle playful bubbly tenor was back in her voice.

"Me too." I answered feeling my heart move in erratic jerks in my chest. "Very much. I'll see you tomorrow."

I couldn't sleep during the night. I was excited and scared at the same time. I never took initiative, I had always been the one asked out, the one picked up, the one pursued. Sure, Alice pursued me, but I doubted she had a clue what she was doing or she had to be horribly insecure about the whole thing. I sure as hell wouldn't let her slip through my fingers because she was too terrified to make a move.

Every time I thought about her, my stomach bubbled and I longed to see her, talk to her, to hear her voice, to watch her face light up to some indifferent comment about a sweater. I lay wondering how it would feel like to kiss her, to feel the skin of her stomach. I imagined how she would taste, what flavor would hit my tongue if I went down on her. I was completely and utterly infatuated with her. I felt the hunger rise inside of my body and I gave up fighting it. I slipped out of bed and picked up the small vibrator from the bottom of my sock drawer. I got myself off a few times thinking about Alice, seeing her tomorrow, and imagining that I wasn't entirely alone. Sated, I was finally able to get to sleep.


I had never been on an easy first date, but that was exactly how I would describe this date with Alice – easy. The conversation was light and even funny. Alice was fun to be around. She was extremely charming and graceful in everything that she did. I simply sat back at dinner watching how she elegantly wrapped everyone around her finger, including me.

The hardest part of this date was to pick out what to wear. I had gone through just about every pair of skinny jeans I had, debated over what kind of top to put on and then battled my hair for about an hour. The flat iron tamed my wavy tresses and I was finally pleased when it was straight as a nail. I had opted for the latest pair of skinny jeans, a simple button down and a necklace. I didn't want to look too done up, but not like I didn't care either.

"When did you come out to your parents?" She asked softly. We had left the restaurant and were strolling slowly towards her place. I didn't want to go for drinks or anything else as I just wanted to be alone with her. I wanted her all to myself.

"I never really did. One day my dad pulled me aside and said he needed to talk to me. I was afraid he was going to tell me he had cancer or something, but then he asked me if I was kissing girls instead of boys. Those were his exact words." I smiled at the memory.

"So what did you say? I mean, weren't you nervous?"

"I don't really remember if I was nervous. At my house, we have always been relatively honest with each other. I saw no reason to lie to my dad, so I told him I did kiss girls and that I liked it. He was sad for me for a while because he thought it was an unnecessary complication to my life. I didn't need the stigma of being different, but he would never judge me for my choices."

"So, they weren't mad at you?" She asked wide-eyed. The fear crept across her eyes like telling someone that very thing would condemn her.

"No. Now the funny part was when my parents sat my younger brother, Emmett, down for a serious talk. They told him that it was important that he understood my homosexuality and that he should support me. Me being gay was not to be treated lightly or as a cause for judgment. Emmett just roared with laughter asking how dense my parents were for thinking that he didn't know. Emmett figuring out that I liked pussy…sorry, his words not mine… was as easy as opening a piece of gum and chewing it." I bit the flesh inside of my cheek feeling offensive and blatant for using that crude expression to her face. I was used to using the word, but Alice probably wasn't. At least, not in that context. I glanced at her and she didn't seem fazed by it at all.

"So, they're all okay with you?"

"I think so. They have never said otherwise." I paused. "You never talked to anyone about this?"

"No. I mean there was never anyone I felt safe enough with." She answered quietly.

"Not even, Bella?"

Alice frowned. "No. I just don't want to make her uncomfortable. I know she doesn't share this idea that I have and it's not like I can just blurt it out." She shrugged, probably feigning her indifference. "And I definitely can't tell her now that I share an apartment with her." She said quietly.

"She's your friend. You should give her the benefit of the doubt. It's not something fun carrying it around all by yourself." I offered.

"I am not alone anymore. I can talk to you now. Right, Jasper?" She gazed at me with those enchanting big blue eyes and I melted. She was so trusting and open. It was staggering. The mentioning of Alice not being alone and her confiding in me sparked a realization. I laced her fingers into mine and pulled her down the alley just beside us. It was lit up by streetlight, but it was more private.

"How serious are you about this, Alice?" I asked softly.

Her lips parted and that damn soft pink tongue peeked out, slipping across her teeth. "I am serious, but I am also confused. I don't have this part of my life figured out." She paused. "I like you, Jasper. You are gentle and understanding and I want to get to know you better… a lot better. I am really curious about you. Everything about you." She said quietly, her feminine voice so soft and breathy. The distance between us was limited. I couldn't help brushing my fingers down her cheek, needing to feel her skin when she was so honest. It was one of her most attractive qualities - her openness and willingness to share her thoughts with me.

"Can I kiss you?" I dared. I figured asking was the best policy since Alice just told me about her insecurities. I wanted one thing for sure. I wanted to lock my lips to hers. Her eyes twinkled with curiosity and lowered to my lips. Shifting her gaze back up, her eyes shined with approval. I placed my hands on her slim shoulders and pushed her half a step backwards against the wall. Alice, brave as ever slipped her fingers into my jeans pockets and pulled my body flush against hers. I relished the warmth from her and the feeling of her soft cheeks when I cradled her face.

"Yes, you can kiss me." She answered tenderly.

I pressed my lips to hers lightly, giving a small rub of my mouth. Alice reciprocated. I could sense her gloss transferring to my lips. It had a faint smell of passion fruit. I smiled internally as that was really how I felt about her. Passionate. I was about to pull back, not wanting to be rude and slip her some tongue, though, it was exactly what I wanted to do. Alice refused the distance, placed a hand at my neck and pulled me closer again. Her mouth took over the lead and I felt her tongue slip over my lips, basically demanding access. I parted my lips inviting her in, letting my tongue mingle with hers. Her breath was soft against my face and her mouth so deliciously warm. She was skilled at exploring my mouth and all I could do was let her. I locked my hands harder around her face, while pushing my fingers into her hair. We kept this delicate dance going, letting it exceed far beyond what was actually proper for a first date good night kiss. Neither of us seemed to be willing to end it and my body was growing hungrier for this to develop. It tingled throughout my body and deep inside my belly, muscles started to dance expectantly. I wondered if Alice had a clue what she was doing to me, or if she was feeling that same desire. She probably wasn't. I didn't expect her to know what was truly going on between us. She wasn't used to dating girls, perhaps she was just going with the flow of things because they were new and exciting.

We stayed in that rather scummy alley and kissed. It wasn't how I imagined it, but I had never imagined having someone as brave and curious as Alice in my life. I was used to casual and uncomplicated.


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