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Title: My Project by Gregory Verordelle

Recorded 21/01/09 17:38


This is my project on local myths. I have chosen to dictate this project, as allowed by Miss Tarrogate, due to the fact I cannot hand write it because of my broken wrist. I am grateful for this, and shall try to speak as clearly as possible to avoid confusion.

We, class 10G, were set the task of creating a project on the local myths common to Metro City to be done during the Easter holidays. While many of my classmates have chosen to research the myths about the medieval discoveries that can be found at the City Museum, I have chosen a more…obscure topic, and one of considerable controversy among those familiar with it. It may hold more status when considered to be an urban myth rather than a fabricated historical one, but I believe that I can build on the evidence already found that can support it. Possibly…possibly, I can prove that it is not a myth, but true.

The myth I have chosen to research is that of the fabled 'Doll Lady' of the Walker Doll Factory. I have heard of her in the school corridors, her story being whispered with a slight tone of indulgence- and yet at the same time, fear. The Walker Doll Factory has been derelict for a number of years, and it is the home of many of the violent homeless people and drug addicts that seem to have become increasingly common to our city over the last several years. Police seem to avoid the area, probably due to the unrestrained aggressive nature of the inhabitants. By day I walk past the factory to get to and from school, and it has become the subject of much interest on my part. I intend to investigate the site and the stories surrounding it, with…disregard to any second parties. I feel it is time for the light to be shone on this…myth.