Audio File 004

Title: My Investigation of the Walker's Doll Factory

Recorded 31/01/09 10:03


I am recording this outside the Walker's Doll Factory. It's Sunday…I can see a break in the fence. [Sound of scuffling] I'm in- there's broken glass and syringes everywhere. It's so desolate here- the windows to the factory are shattered, the bricks are falling apart in places, and the doors have been left wide to allow the weather in for what must be some time now. I'm in the foyer- there's dead leaves covering most of the floor…I can see some bare places amongst them, but I can't be sure if they were made by feet, or the wind.

I've been walking for some time now. I would have been well lost by now if I hadn't packed a map with me. I think I'm by the manager's office- I'm under a walkway and-

I just heard something. Something…[unidentifiable sound]…oh my god, what on earth is that? It's…oh god, it looks like a doll- with nails in it's head? This is like something out of nightmare. It's sat down. Why- [Sound of explosion]

[Sound of approaching footsteps] [Sound of giggling] [Sound of footsteps fading]

[Sound of mumbling]…I'm not sure how…how long I've been unconscious. My watch- the screen is broken. It must have been the explosion…Jesus, that doll exploded! I need to get out of here. Wait- where's my map? Oh god…no. It's gone. But I had it- I'm certain I had it.

[Faint sound of giggling]

What was that? Is it…Dollface? Christabel? Are you there? I'm…hi. I'm doing a project on you. I can't believe this- this is proof. Proof that you-

What's that in your hand? A lollipop? But…I've got to go now. No, don't come any closer. I…please…stop!

[Sound of giggling getting louder]

[Sound of running footsteps]

Please, stop! Stop! STOP!

She…[sound of heavy panting] it seems… she can't go out of the factory. She chased me all the way back to the foyer where I managed to escape.

This tape needs to be sent to the police. She's real. She's actually real…