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Kiba had never been more paranoid in his entire life. There was something following him, and worst of all; he knew it wasn't a person. It had all started about three months ago during the full moon; Kiba found himself unable to sleep and took his dog, Akamaru, out on a midnight stroll around the park. It had been peaceful. The crisp, spring night refreshing on his skin, bracing him with its cold; moisture lingered in the air from the rains and nothing was stirring in the serene darkness, or so he thought. Akamaru started to bark at a bush and it rustled, loudly. The entire bush moved; it couldn't have been a small animal. And it wasn't. It was a wolf. It was much larger than any wolf he had seen and he loved anything canine so he practically worshiped wolves. So imagine his surprise seeing something that stood, on all fours, about five feet high. He couldn't even begin to think how tall it would have been standing on its hind legs.

But after seeing the wolf a whole five seconds, it ran away. He shrugged it off as an extremely strange coincidence and managed to keep a cool head about it; only telling Naruto about his experience.

Now that he thought about it, Naruto had acted slightly strange when he had told him about it. He had just brushed it off as the blond being skeptical but now he wasn't so sure. Naruto knew more than what he was letting on and Kiba swore he would find out what. Especially since now he saw that wolf outside his house every week for the past two months. It must have taken a whole month to even find him, Kiba mused.

It was absurd to think a wolf was stalking you, but this one really seemed like it was. Kiba let out sigh as he walked up to his window. Sleepless nights, that's what all of the times had in common. He couldn't sleep now either. Once he was at the window he looked out, strangely the wolf hadn't appeared yet. He glanced over at the clock, well it wasn't even midnight yet. He let his mind wander. If it wasn't a sleepless night, he would just roll around in bed having a fitful sleep. Waking up at least five or six times; once or so every hour if not more.

He sighed and pulled chair over before sitting on it. Akamaru walked up to him, whimpering and that's when he saw the flash of black fur. It was there again, looking up at him from the ground. One night he sat at the window for three hours just looking at the wolf. It didn't stop watching him either. But as soon as the moon was clouded over, it would leave.

Kiba wasn't sure why but he wanted to run downstairs, out the door, and onto the lawn. He wanted to touch this mysterious wolf, feeling its soft fur under his palms. He knew that was a wicked fantasy. He probably followed him here because he wanted to eat Akamaru. He frowned a little at that and the wolf wagged his tail, all to knowing that Kiba was watching, and he started to move forward, towards the front door. Kiba gasped. If that thing started to claw at the door or something of that manor his parents would wake up and investigate. The last thing he needed was to explain to the police that a huge ass wolf ate them and not Akamaru.

He ran into the hallway, swearing as he slipped on the rug. He grabbed onto the wall, looking around suspiciously even though he hadn't made much noise. When it was all clear he snuck down the stairs, wincing every time he stepped on one that squeaked. And it was never a simple creak and then silence. It was like a high pitched gun shot that seemed to last about as long as a car alarm when the owner wasn't around to turn it off. He managed to get down the stairs, without a single mishap. Akamaru had followed after him, keeping strictly at his side. He could tell the dog was nervous, because he was nervous too. His heart was pounding loudly in his ears and he could almost feel it clogging up his throat. Kiba sighed as he slowly stepped up to the front door. He could almost feel the wolf's heat coming from the other side. It was waiting for him.

He told Akamaru to go upstairs and the dog reluctantly followed his master's command, making his way back. He sat at the top, watching through the wooden posts incase something went awry.

Kiba reached for the door; unlocking it and hearing the tumbler pull back the short metal rod that was separating him from destiny. Yes, this was destiny. He grabbed the coppery knob, turning it so slowly that he didn't know when the door was going to give way. He pulled back, ignoring the squeak of the hinges. The dark oak door pulled back and there it was, the wolf. It was sitting calmly on the welcome mat. It stepped forward, pushing the door open with its head. His nails clicked softly on the hard wood making Kiba back up as the large animal walked inside. Kiba noted that its fur wasn't black, but actually a deep rich brown color. He also noted the almost sunglasses looking eyewear the wolf had strapped around his head. Somehow he felt like he knew this wolf; there was just something so familiar about it. He reached out the wolf not minding as he made a slow movement towards him. And it was quite the man, Kiba thought trying not to stare at its endowment longer than necessary. He was pretty sure if he stared at it any longer it would steal his soul.

The wolf regarded him with a light yip and made the first real move. He started to smell Kiba's hand deciding then to start lapping it so gently that the boy almost thought he it was Akamaru when he got affectionate. He petted the wolf's head, loving the velvety soft fur that filled up his hand. The wolf seemed to like the pets because he nudged his head at the hand. Kiba's heart was racing. He was so excited that he final got to touch this beautiful creature and it was enjoying his company.

But that's when things took a turn for the worst.

The wolf jumped on Kiba, making the boy cry out loud enough for Akamaru to come rushing down the stairs. He growled and was about to lunge for the wolf when it turned, growling so dangerously low in its throat that Akamaru whimpered and ran back up the stairs, most likely to hide under Kiba's bed. The wolf seemed to almost smirk down at him as he started to paw at the boy's clothing. He tore the top half of Kiba's shirt open, making sure to rake his nails down the chest hard enough to draw blood. The wounds weren't deep but they still made Kiba shake with fear. The wolf leaned down, licking up the crimson fluid, almost smiling with contentment at the taste. Kiba whimpered and the wolf looked up at him. His heart was pounding then as he stared into the eyes of the wolf.

Before he could react, teeth sank into his shoulder. Any scream died on his lips as the unbearably painful, sharp teeth sank deeper and deeper. He arched up off the floor and could have swore that he felt hands underneath his back, pulling him up into the bite. His eyes fluttered closed as the blood ran out of his shoulder.

The man holding Kiba smirked, blood covering his mouth and staining his teeth slightly. He grabbed the smaller male in his arms, lifting him up to his body. He breathed in Kiba's scent, shaking with pleasure as their scents started to mingle into one. The virus was already starting to take affect. He cradled the small body in his arms as he started to move up the stairs; he already knew where Kiba's room was from the many times he had stared into his window, plus he could smell the dog cowering inside of it. When he walked inside that dog whimpered as his master was placed on the bed, the wound on his shoulder already healing up; before dawn it would be nothing more than just faint, scarred outline.

It was a very precious mark. The mating mark would keep him safe from the other wolves of his pack; a choice few had been eyeing him as well but now they would know their place.

Akamaru trembled as he jumped up into the bed with his master. He licked at the wound on his shoulder and then smelled it, backing up a little. The dog knew that man had done something to him; Kiba didn't smell right.


Kiba woke with a start, gasping as a harsh pain shot through his shoulder. He looked around, grabbing at the appendage like it would help him. He pulled his hand back and sighed with relief when there was no blood. Maybe that whole experience was a dream and he had just pinched a nerve sleeping on his shoulder wrong. Kiba nodded his head and stood up, Akamaru noted his master leaving the room but continued to sleep.

He walked into the bathroom and heard the tell tale signs of his parents being awake. All the dogs in his house were barking, which meant his mother was feeding them. Kiba sighed as he turned on the water for the shower. He wished very much that he didn't have to go to school today but it was frowned upon to not get a full high school education, otherwise he would just stay home with Akamaru all day.

The brunette yawned, stepping into the hot water. It cascaded down his body and that's when he noticed something white and shiny on his neck. He tried to scrub it off but that just seemed to irritate his skin. He gasped and ran out of the shower so he could look in the mirror above the sink.

It was a scar, and a large one at that. Last night wasn't a dream, that wolf really did bite him. But the thing that Kiba didn't get was why the wound had healed so fast; he wasn't a doctor and couldn't recall anything from freshman biology but he knew a wound like that shouldn't have healed in the span of a few hours. He started to think about all the bites he had received over the years. None were on the shoulder, so that wouldn't explain the scar, nor why he would notice it now of all times.

He gulped and decided to ignore it for now. Kiba stepped back into the shower and finished up like he would if it were any other normal day. He wrapped the mysterious scar in bandages, and if anyone asked, he would say he got into a little scuffle with Akamaru.

Before he knew it he was stepping out onto the lawn, the sharp air was turning more and more humid as the months between spring and summer started to lessen. It would be a little while longer before summer vacation decided to stop playing hard to get and would finally arrive; he was excited and ready for it. He walked to the end of the street to see a very sleepy blond walking his way. He waved Naruto over and blinked a little. He looked like he had been hit by a train. His hair was a mess, eyes had thick, dark bags underneath them, his clothes were wrinkled, and he couldn't stop yawning.

Kiba thought at after all he experienced last night he should look like that and not Naruto. The blond smiled a little, the sleepiness of it still shinning through. He put his arm around the blond's shoulder, almost as a crutch, so they would actually be able to walk to school together instead of Naruto passing out on the ground due to sheer exhaustion.

They walked in silence, not really having to say anything since it would be idle chatter anyway. Naruto would be to groggy to form well working sentence. But it was fine, they were best friends and all their silences were comfortable no matter what. But was bothering Kiba wasn't the silence, but the continual wincing Naruto tried to hide every time they would take a step and his hand would slide a little. His shoulder was sore… Kiba shook his head. There was no way that Naruto got bit by a wolf too. Absolutely no way…Right?

It was weird to think he wanted to strip his best friend down and see if he had a large bite mark on his shoulder. So he ignored that thought. It was just a coincidence that Naruto's shoulder was sore; he was on the baseball team, the star pitcher of the school, and could have easily pulled something.

They walked into the red gates of the school and Naruto let out a loud yawn that reminded Kiba very much of when Akamaru would do that same. It even had the slight pitch increase at the end. Also very suspicious. Kiba shook his head; Naruto wouldn't hide something important from him. They were best friends and told each other everything. But all of this was suspicious; the flinching, the way he had been acting the past few months, and the fact Akamaru wasn't treating Naruto the same. He was much more standoffish towards the blond now and Kiba just brushed it off thinking it was the new cologne the blond started to wear.

Now that he thought about that, Naruto really did smell different, not just his usual ramen anymore. He started to smell…Expensive. Kiba couldn't use any other word to describe it, but he smelled like designer cologne, nothing he could afford on his own. Kiba blinked a few times…Did Naruto get a partner? Someone he didn't want Kiba to know about? He stared at the side of the blond's head. Would he lie to him about having a partner? Sure he hadn't reacted the greatest when the blond came out to him but it didn't mean he didn't accept his best friend's lifestyle.

Naruto looked over at his friend, noticing that there was a bandage poking up from his cotton white shirt. The blond blinked and then a realization donned on him. Last night was the mating moon that marked the change of seasons which meant only the more hot blooded, passionate ones were out prowling for mates. But one had to be bitten to be considered a true candidate for courting. There was no way…

The blond's eyes narrowed a little. Kiba had been talking about seeing a wolf and a large one at that. Naruto didn't like that, at all. He didn't want Kiba to know but he had his own experience with that same problem. He didn't tell his brunette friend that because he didn't want to cause him any panic but now he might actually have to mention something; especially if one of the children of Tsukuyomi was trying to involve themselves with his best friend. But before he did any of that, he needed to confirm something.

" Hey Kiba." Naruto began, trying to keep his voice from shaking. If it shook a little, Kiba would notice something was off. " You haven't talked about that mysterious wolf in awhile, have you been seeing it recently?"

Kiba found that question so suspicious that he almost wanted to scream at the blond and demand to know what he was hiding. But he wouldn't, it would cause a scene and that was the last thing he wanted right now. " Yeah, I saw it last night." He watched Naruto visibly tense. Oh yeah, he knew something. " Naruto…I have my own question for you…You've been acting strange recently; why?" The emphasis on strange made heat rush to the blond's face. He could tell that Kiba had seen through his act and there wasn't much point in lying to him any further.

" Kiba, I've been meaning to tell you for awhile now that I've found someone…" Kiba's eyes widened at the confession. He was stupid for not realizing it earlier that Naruto had found a boyfriend. He was acting much more giddy and spacey than usual but at the same time much more secretive.

" I'm glad for you then. I had a feeling you were dating someone." He replied but then the blond shook his head.

" You didn't let me finish…" He bit his lip as they walked into their first period class together. They passed Iruka, their homeroom teacher, on their way to their seats. Kiba gulped silently as he sat down with Naruto. " The guy I'm dating isn't normal…"

" What do you mean, 'isn't normal'?" Kiba said, his throat becoming suddenly more and more dry.

" Well for one, I'm dating Sasuke." Kiba's eyes widened a little bit at that. He had been so sure that Sasuke was either straight and celibate or secretly gay. The gay was kind of obvious from his strange crush rivalry going on with the blond. He was happy for the two of them but at the same time, he didn't like how Naruto said 'one'. When a person says 'one' that means other things are going to follow it. "Kiba before I tell you the second thing, you have to promise not to freak out or like make a huge scene or anything."

It was bad. Kiba could tell that much by the slight desperation in the blond's tone. Either that or it was going to be so farfetched that he wouldn't believe it. Kiba nodded his head, " Yeah I promise."

Naruto nodded back. " I should have said something when you started to see that wolf more and more…" He said in a dire tone that made sweat start to pour from Kiba's brow. " Sasuke is a werewolf. He told me about it a couple months ago and I didn't believe him, at all, until the full moon came. He transformed and told me everything, especially the details of last night and what is supposed to take place. Last night was the mating moon; the home stretch of the mating season if you will. They start searching for potential mates on the Vernal Equinox, March twentieth, and look until June twenty-first, the Summer Solstice. It is special for them and their potential mates since it's rumor that it will renew their love at the renewal of summer. The more passionate wolves go out and bite the ones they had deemed suitable and from that night to the Summer Solstice, the official beginning of Summer, it becomes a race to consummate the union." He paused slightly. " I believe that there is a werewolf after you too…"

Kiba couldn't believe what he had just heard. Uchiha Sasuke, the desire of men and women everywhere, was a werewolf. And there was a different werewolf chasing after him, trying to get with him.

The brunette started to chuckle, and then full blown laughed, filling the room with sounds of insanity. It wasn't funny, in fact the very thought that Naruto had been serious while delivering that final line made him nervous. Naruto would usually burst out laughing if it wasn't serious, but the look in his eyes was convincing enough for him. He was being stalked by a werewolf. Tears started to sting the corner of his eyes; there was no way this should be happening. Werewolves didn't exist! He wasn't being stalked by one of them! He buried his head in his hands. Who was he kidding? It made perfect sense now; the stalking, the biting, everything. He had seen that wolf about the day of the equinox and every week after that. That thing was trying to mate with him.

" Kiba, calm down!" Naruto said shaking his shoulder; the brunette winced in pain and the blond pulled back like he had been burned. " You were bitten last night by one of Tsukuyomi's children." It wasn't a question and that made the brunette shake a little out of fear. Naruto knew now what had happened. "Kiba, this is very important…What did the wolf look like?"

" Yes Kiba, what did the wolf look like?" Shino's voice came and the two of them turned looking up to see not only Shino but Sasuke as well. The Uchiha was frowning, probably unhappy that Naruto had revealed his secret. He grabbed a seat next to Naruto, smelling him as he sat and the anger was replaced by pure animalistic desire. Kiba could see it in Sasuke's eyes. There was wolf in Sasuke. He turned his head as Shino took a seat next to him; his glasses slid down his nose a little bit as he turned to look at Kiba. In those eyes he saw his own rapture. Shino was a werewolf too.

And then another realization donned on him. That all too familiar presence, the hair color, the mysterious sunglasses that the wolf wore. That wolf was Shino…Shino was trying to mate with him.

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