Book One: Paraíso

Fandom: Losers

Pairing: J/C

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Faye, mild flirting, graphic description of anal play, gay sex, adult content, swearing, cockblocking, etc.

Archive: Ask

Author: Lily Zen

Notes: 'Ask and ye shall receive' is a quote from the Bible. John 16:24, so says the beta. 'Escozor' means "sting." As in the sensation. 'Mis padres' means "my parents." Only one more chapter until the end of book one, guys! Btw, I know I rarely do this, but it would be kind of cool if those of you reading the story would take the time to leave a review. It doesn't have to be anything very long or in depth, just something to say that you're out there and that you appreciate my efforts at writing. It really does help a lot to keep writers (particularly unpaid ones) motivated. True, I'm writing this for myself, but I'm publishing it so that you can enjoy it too. I'd love to know if it's working.

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Part Eighteen

From: Jake To: Nicki, Faye

Where u ?

From: Nicki To: Jake

Mid-day margaritas. :)


From: Jake To: Nicki

Hell no. Gettin' some.

Stay away from house 'til I txt the all-clear?

From: Nicki To: Jake

Sigh. Yes. Don't worry, I'll keep Faye distracted. ;)

From: Jake To: Nicki

Ur the best. This totally makes up 4 making me go

thru airport security w/ your vibe in my bag. :)

From: Nicki To: Jake

I hate you.

From: Jake To: Nicki

Do not. :D

From: Nicki To: Jake

Do too. :|

From: Jake To: Nicki

Do not ^ infinity.

Ha! I win! :D

From: Nicki To: Jake

Keep it up. I'mma tell Faye.

C who wins then.

From: Jake To: Nicki


From: Nicki To: Jake

Stop txting! Ur cock-hungry ass is growling!

I can hear it from here!

Jake laughed out loud and Cougar slanted a look in his direction. He shrugged. "Just making sure Nicki and Faye are alright." He kept his tone innocent, but his expression was all mischief.

Grinning back, Cougar teased, "'Alright' or 'out of the house?'"

Raising his palms up in a gesture of impertinence, Jake smiled unrepentantly. "You caught me."

"Red-handed," Cougar agreed as they slipped through the gate of the property. He reached out and caught Jake by the wrist, tugging him closer playfully. Jake was sure that he was about to be soundly kissed when his phone buzzed in his pocket. With a low chuckle, Cougar dropped his wrist like they were playing a round of Hot Potato and stepped back. He glanced around surreptitiously while Jake pulled out the offending item and tapped the screen.

From: Faye To: Jake

Baert. Drunkin. U?

From: Jake To: Faye

I don't even know if this is a language. :P

From: Jake To: Nicki

Is Faye drunk already?

From: Nicki To: Jake

It's ok. Took away her cell phone rights b4 sum1 gets drunk-dialed. :)

From: Jake To: Nicki

Ur a good friend. :)

Satisfied with that, Jake silenced his phone-silent-silenced it, not just put it on vibrate—and shoved it back in his pocket. He didn't want any more interruptions, dammit. One lost kiss was enough!

"Excuse me," he murmured to Cougar, who was propped up against the door looking delicious in his cowboy-esque clothing. Who knew jeans and a t-shirt could be so fucking enticing? And that hat! He wondered if he could talk Cougar into doing it one of these times with his hat on. That was something he definitely wanted to see.

With a smirk, Cougar shifted over just enough that Jake could get the rental key in the front door lock. It crowded them in very close together, and suddenly all he could smell was Carlos. He didn't really wear cologne or after-shave, Jake had noticed, so he wasn't exactly sure how he was able to smell so good. Granted, there was shampoo, but that didn't normally smell so strongly. Whatever. Cougar smelled great. It was another one of those Wonders of the World, right up there with the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge.

With the awareness of just how close they were burning into his skin, heating his blood, Jake turned the key in the lock and opened the door to the house. "The girls are out," he mumbled as Cougar slipped past him into the house, "So your breakfast worked a miracle, I guess." Jake laughed nervously as Cougar half-turned and shot him a smoldering look.

"Good," the Hispanic man stated, "They are lovely girls, but I prefer to have a modicum of privacy when I am seducing someone." For some reason, those oh-so-proper words spoken in that deep voice with its slight purr instantly had Jake's Little Jake perking its head up to say hello.

He laughed and hoped that Cougar wouldn't notice his eagerness, wouldn't think less of him for being so ready to skip the foreplay and move straight to the main event. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy Cougar's company, their talking and whatnot, but Jake was also very into the idea of having sex. Sex was good. Sex with Cougar was awesome. He'd been very good all day about not grabbing Cougar, and pinning him up against a wall so that he could rub up all over him and finish what that cock-blocker, Faye, had interrupted. That probably wouldn't be considered 'appropriate behavior.' Especially not after the riot act that Senora Miguela had read Cougar in the Mercado.

Jake was no idiot, he could read the context clues in that conversation loud and clear. Miguela was unhappy with Cougar, and it had something to do with him. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out from there. He hated the thought that he was causing problems for Cougar here just by the fact that they were hanging out together. Jake thought he'd been really well-behaved at the Mercado considering the things that he and Cougar had already gotten up to behind closed doors, and what he wanted to do. A little hand-holding-slash-arm-tugging wasn't much, but apparently it was enough to catch certain people's eyes.

Bigots were everywhere, Jake was coming to realize. It was part of the reason why he'd been such a late-bloomer; he could finally admit that. Maybe if it weren't for all the societal pressures and expectations for men, he would have been more comfortable with his bisexual nature a lot sooner. It had to be harder for Cougar. He practically oozed sexuality from his pores. It wasn't androgynous or what Jake would have called 'gay.' No, Cougar was wholly, entirely a man through and through, but he had a certain charisma that drew stares no matter what he was doing. Choosing to be with a man down in Mexico, where the culture was heavily entrenched in an archaic concept of machismo, had to make life a lot more difficult.

Plus Cougar knew everyone there. They'd gossip behind his back, spread rumors, and before he knew it his whole reputation would end up trashed. At least in Cambridge Jake had a bigger pond to get lost in; Mazatlan, for all that it had a large-city demeanor, was at its heart of hearts a small town where the phone tree was more reliable than the newspaper for the latest information.

"Jake?" Cougar's voice brought him out of his thoughts with a start, and he smiled sheepishly in response.

"Sorry," he said, "I was just thinking."

"About?" Cougar prompted as he swept off his cowboy hat and smoothed the hairs that were sticking up on top of his head. He set it on the table and quirked an eyebrow at Jake when he remained silent, unsure of how to summarize his thoughts.

Finally, he decided not to. Just open your mouth and say something, anything, he told himself. "Life. People. Ignorance. Expectations. I don't know, it's complicated. When my thought train leaves the imagination station, there's no telling where it's going to end up."

"Heavy thoughts, amigo," Cougar murmured.

"Yeah," Jake agreed with a slight shrug of his shoulders as though to say 'what can you do?' "How about instead of getting all doom and gloom though, we have some lunch?"

The look Cougar gave him in response could only be described as predatory. "That is what I was working toward," he growled and took a step toward Jake.

He laughed in response, blue eyes twinkling at the exaggerated grin on Cougar's face, and how his eyebrows wiggled suggestively. "I like the way you think," Jake replied with his amusement laden in every facet of the words.

Cougar's arm curved around his waist, his palm resting like a branding iron on the small of Jake's back just above the waistband of his shorts, so hot that its presence seemed to burn right through Jake's clothes and warmed his spine down to the vertebrae. He felt some tension release there, and Jake sank into the touch with a short, low hum of pleasure. His hands cupped Cougar's face, traced the shape of his jaw, and his earlobes, up the cartilage, and into that dark mane of hair. Jake watched as Cougar's pupils expanded and his lips parted, and knew that neither one of them was going to regret postponing lunch or even skipping it altogether in favor of certain other activities. He ducked his head and brushed his lips across Cougar's, reveling in the slight tickle of his facial hair, and cracking a little smile as Cougar growled at the teasing caress and pulled back to glare at him.

On his next pass, Jake pressed their mouths together firmly, parting his own lips and lapping delicately along his companion's lower lip. He was rewarded with a groan as Cougar stepped closer, almost swaying forward, and slid his other hand up Jake's arm, curling around his bicep.

"I want—" Cougar began, but was cut off as Jake slanted his lips over Cougar's and devoured him in a kiss that was as hot as the hand on the small of his back. From the eager way Cougar responded, Jake had pre-empted his needs. The hand resting on his t-shirt suddenly bunched the fabric as Cougar let out a moan and a moment later dove underneath it, stroking over Jake's skin lightly and making him shudder.

When the kiss finally broke, the two of them had tottered back to brace themselves against the kitchen counter, Cougar leaning back flushed and panting with the edge digging into his back. Somehow he managed to not look uncomfortable at all. Licking his lips, Cougar asked Jake, "Where?"

That was all, but Jake knew exactly what he meant. Something inside of him was tingling as he responded, giddy, and playful, "Here."

All Cougar did was quirk an eyebrow at him, and then nod slowly. "One of us must retrieve the essentials from your bedroom if you want…?"

"Hell yes. Be right back," Jake smiled and pecked the other man on the nose.

Cougar chuckled and smiled fondly at the gesture as Jake left—hurrying, but trying not to look it—to get the lube and condoms from the bedside table.

Kinky kitchen sex was something Jake had always wanted to try. At least now he could cross it off his bucket list. He was back as fast as humanly possible, bare-chested and –footed, having tossed both sandals and shirt off in the bedroom. Jake figured it couldn't hurt to get a head-start on things, though the look Cougar gave him when he got back was definitely more amused than aroused. That thought was confirmed when said man started laughing.

"Lo siento," Cougar mumbled as he clapped a hand over his mouth to smother his chortling.

Incidentally it also covered up his wide grin, which Jake was kind of fond of so that was disappointing. He said as much, though in a much subtler fashion, when he gently plucked Cougar's hand away from his lips. "I like your smile," Jake said, and smiled back at him. If anything, Cougar's smile grew even brighter, like sunshine in the middle of his swarthy features. His eyes softened, and something warm and sweet that had nothing to do with sex passed between them.

Cougar gently kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear, "Gracias."

Butterflies danced in Jake's stomach at the simple statement, then spread outward in no discernible formation as those little kisses found their way down his stubbled cheeks to his lips where first the lower then the upper were each carefully paid attention to, nibbled upon. He felt Cougar's hands slide over his bare skin. One fingertip teased around his left nipple until it tightened, and then moved on, gliding over his ribcage until he was encircled, embraced. It was the first time Jake had ever used the word in his mind in relation to himself, and something inside of him squeaked 'safe, relax, home.'

The kiss deepened, and Jake absentmindedly shoved both the tube of lubricant and the foil-wrapped package onto the counter behind Cougar. He wanted to be here, lost in the tenderness of this moment, and for some reason he didn't think that having a tube of slick digging into your back was very romantic. Then again…

Cougar nipped his lip, derailing his train of thought, and Jake let his hands drift lower, feeling Carlos' waistband, his belt, and inching his way underneath the t-shirt so that he could pull the fabric up and over the other man's head. The skin over his stomach was surprisingly soft with just a thin line of hair leading from his belly button to far more erotic landscapes. Jake resisted, heading up instead, the t-shirt bunching over his wrists until, with a sigh, Cougar broke away from his mouth and gave him just enough aid to get it completely stripped off of him, tossed onto the floor beside them. Or somewhere.

The important thing was that it was no longer in Jake's way.

His hands drifted back down Carlos' body, and he took advantage of the momentary space between them to feast his eyes on the sight of that sleekly muscled body, tanned from the outdoors, and traced his fingertips over the Sacred Heart tattoo. "Why this?" Jake asked.

"To be forgiven for my sins," Carlos replied, then urged Jake to return to his lips with two fingers on his chin. They caught and clung, then fluttered apart like hummingbirds sipping nectar from flowers. Fingers normally nimble, and adept at taking apart and putting together the smallest of parts, fumbled with the Hispanic man's belt. Jake whined in frustration, the sound traveling into Cougar's mouth through their open-mouthed connection.

Cougar released an answering sound from somewhere deep within him, and pressed their lips together with further urgency. His hands fell away from Jake's body, and covered the technophile's hands. Together they slowed and worked as one to slip the leather tab out from the buckle. The pin released from the belt hole with a subtle, drawn-out pop, but the sound resonated in Jake with all the eroticism of a loud moan.

He let out a shaky breath and licked his lips, then flicked his tongue over Cougar's mid-air in a move so wantonly vulgar that Jake felt Cougar's dick twitch against his fingertips. Cougar groaned and stole his breath in another earth-shaking kiss.

Jake parted the zipper on the other man's jeans, and drew back just far enough to say, "Kick off your fucking shoes."

"Okay," Cougar agreed with an affectionate chuckle, and a nip to Jake's lower lip. A moment later he'd toed off his boots and batted them out of the way with one foot.

In response, Jake dipped his head to the enticing join of neck and shoulder, nuzzled the skin there, nipped, licked, sucked until Cougar was arching his back, raised up on his toes, head thrown back, eyes closed, and clinging to the pale-skinned man with both hands tight against his back. One latched onto his bony shoulder blade, and the other dug into the meat of his lower back. It was a good pain though, especially when Cougar opened his mouth, mewled, and panted for breath.

He backed off then. Yeah, that was definitely going to leave a mark, Jake observed with a measure of pride. Then he shoved Cougar's jeans and his underwear over prominent hip bones, and let them both pool around the bartender's ankles.

Laughing breathlessly, Cougar kicked the tangle of clothing away bent his knees so that he could reach his feet one at a time, standing like a stork as he pulled off first one sock and then the other.

Jake allowed him just enough room to do so, but ghosted his hands down the other man's abdomen, unable to abide a complete cessation of contact, tickling the sparse hair leading to his genitalia. When Cougar straightened, he danced a little closer and let his hand drift a little lower, sliding through crisp pubic hair. The edges of his blunt nails trailed lightly over that so-sensitive skin, and Cougar shuddered. "Dios mio," he choked out as Jake reached the base of his erection and grasped it firmly. My god.

There was no 'hello, how do you do?' then; Jake knew exactly what Carlos wanted, and the older man found himself enjoying the unexpected role reversal.

A slow, upward tug had him moaning, a little furrow appearing between his brows as he clenched his eyes shut once more. Jake brushed his lips over the tense skin, and it smoothed away as Cougar opened his eyes. A small bead of pearlescent liquid, proof of his arousal, oozed from the tiny slit in the head of his penis, and Jake swiped his thumb over it, spreading the pre-cum over his length as his hand slid back down.

"Mm," Cougar hummed and licked his lips. Then he glided his silken mouth over Jake's and purred, "I like this side of you."

"Yeah?" Jake replied as he moved his hand over Cougar in another intense, drawn-out caress of his throbbing member. "Good, then undo my shorts," he ordered with a thread of humor in his tone.

Something inside of Cougar quivered for a second, and then he obeyed once he'd managed to unlatch his palms from Jake's skin. Button and zipper were no match for opposable thumbs, and it was the work of a moment before Jake was kicking off his shorts.

His cock fit right into the groove of Cougar's hip bone as he stepped even closer, eliminating the space between them, and slid a hand into the other man's dark curls to tug his head back, tilting his face up for another kiss. Its mate, the more daring of the two, slid over Cougar's side and down his back, cupping his ass. He pulled back towards himself slightly, and Cougar flowed with the motion, hips flexing, rubbing against the younger man's body.

It was sweet torture, hungry bodies arching, crashing into each other, mouths clinging, tongues tangled, but Jake felt Carlos' need building, winding up, tightening like a coil or a snake ready to spring. It was echoed within him as well. His fingers slipped between tanned cheeks, and accidentally brushed against Cougar's anus. The other man reacted like he'd been shocked, ripping his lips away with a hoarse, choked cry.

"What?" Jake blurted out and guiltily jerked his fingers back to what he considered to be more neutral territory—Cougar's butt cheek. "Oh, man, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

"No, no," Cougar soothed, chuckling, and drew Jake toward him so that he could kiss his cheek, "It has been awhile for me since I've…since anyone has…touched me there. I was just startled."

"Oh?" Jake asked, relaxing as Cougar left tiny pecks of his lips over Jake's brow, his nose, and drifted down to his lips.

"Yes," Carlos reassured him, "I do not mind. Would you?" His tongue flickered over Jake's lips, and they parted eagerly as he exhaled.

"Would I what?" he responded.

Chuckling once more, Cougar replied frankly, "Slick your fingers up and work them in my ass. Fuck me. Tease me until I'm begging for release." Bending an arm behind him, Carlos fumbled for the lube on the countertop. "I'll need it," he stated, sliding the tube into Jake's numb, disbelieving fingers, "Trust me."

"Alright." Jake's smile flickered to life. "If that's what you want."

"It is."

"Ask and ye shall receive."

"That is blasphemous," Cougar admonished the younger man, but the effect was spoiled since he was laughing as he did it.

Jake shrugged and grinned impishly, then he popped the top of the slick and squeezed a little out onto his fingers. Dark eyes watched his movements with hungry anticipation as he wiggled his fingers, spreading the goop, then added a little extra. Before it could slide off of his fingers or slip through the cracks, Jake used his other hand to spread Cougar's cheeks, exposing the hidden rosette to the air, and carefully smoothed his fingers around the area, teasing and relaxing the other man's entrance all at the same time.

Like before, Cougar groaned his pleasure, though it was more controlled that time. He was expecting the intrusion now, anticipating it. He relaxed his body in welcome, widened his stance. By the time Jake's index finger penetrated him-just the tip, not enough, not nearly enough-he was ready for it. With the position they were in, refusing to move somewhere a little plusher and recline, standing with shaky knees, clinging to each other, there was hardly room for deeper contact.

Fingers curled, Jake made it work until he tongued Cougar's earlobe and groaned, "Turn around."

That miniscule escozor was removed, and Cougar opened his eyes blearily. Wondering how far this would go, he turned, facing the counter, and propped himself up on it palms down. His butt stuck out a bit, and he knew that this would make things a lot easier for Jake. He could see what he was doing now, and Cougar would get what he wanted out of it without compromising Jake's initial request for sex in the kitchen. Though he wasn't quite sure why his younger lover was so interested in it in the first place. It was a question for a later time.

At Jake's urging, he popped his ass out a little more, and Jake groaned. "Damn, Cougar, now I know why you like being on top so much. Having you like this is…" he hesitated.

"Intoxicating? Empowering?" Cougar suggested, throwing a look over his shoulder.

"Yes," Jake agreed with a nod and a smile, and leaned forwards to nuzzle Cougar's hair. He kissed the smaller man gently, conscious of the awkward angle and how it must be straining Cougar's neck. "Okay," he sighed, "Let me know if I'm doing something wrong, or how I can do it better. Deal?"

Turning his head back around, Cougar let the chuckle roll through him, deeply amused. "If you do something wrong, you will know." He snorted out of his nose.

Jake laughed, and playfully smacked his butt. It didn't hurt that much, but it was loud and made Cougar jump. "Don't get smart with me," he teased.

Cougar wiggled his derriere back and forth in response, and said demandingly, "Hurry up back there."

A little huff of laughter escaped him, and Jake teased, "Relax, tight-ass." Sweeping Carlos' hair aside, he nibbled over the back of Cougar's neck and licked a slow, wet line right down the other man's spine. Cougar shivered as Jake blew a cool breath over the saliva, and Jake's eyes lit up with an inner fire as he watched goosebumps rise on the other man's arms.

"I am relaxed," Cougar argued half-heartedly.

"No, you're not," Jake scoffed. He set his teeth in the thin skin between Cougar's shoulder blades, grabbed hold until the other man moaned and his head drooped down towards the marble-patterned Formica countertop. He laved his tongue over the small patch of trapped skin in the confines of his mouth, and released it with a little suck and a pop. "But you will be." Sliding in the space between Cougar's hips and the cabinets, Jake grasped his manhood. He kept his touch lighter than Cougar liked and varied the pace of his strokes, which he knew would arouse Cougar but it would also keep him from coming too soon.

Cougar's only response to Jake after that action was an incoherent noise.

It was only then with Cougar well and truly lost in the sensations that Jake returned to his original task. Keeping his hand on Cougar's cock, he sought with his free hand the other's waiting entrance. Sticky fingers slid over the textured skin easily, and Jake found the tip of his middle finger sucked in quickly as the hole fluttered under the light touch. He not only heard Cougar's quick intake of breath, but felt it as his body tensed up momentarily. Fascinated, Jake began a more thorough exploration of an area of the body that for most of his life he'd considered taboo. Having Cougar at his mercy like that, figuratively speared, was definitely intoxicating though. It was like he'd just discovered a new drug, the thrill, the power-trip, the desire, and the gleeful joy found only in being defiant meeting, colliding within him in a euphoric explosion.

Jake let his finger move a little deeper, wondered at the heat and the tightness. With the unnatural lubrication, it felt startling similar to the insides of a woman. So this is what Cougar feels when he's inside of me, Jake thought. Curious, he curled his finger up a little, pushed it in as far as he could, and felt the pad rub up against the soft, pliable inner wall. Suddenly, Cougar shook a little and released a sound like nothing Jake had ever heard him make before. His voice dropped into such a low register that Jake was surprised, but it still came out loud—louder than he'd ever heard Cougar before—and clear, full of such wordless want that Jake's cock leaped in harmony. Warmth settled somewhere in his chest, the glow of pride and something else, as he realized he'd found Cougar's prostate.

"Por favor," Cougar grunted, "Más." Please, more.

He added another digit at Cougar's urging, was rewarded with more of those sounds that seemed to spill helplessly from his lover's throat, and used them to feel out the passage, spreading lubricant as they worked their way around.

"You have to," Cougar breathed through a spasm as Jake stroked his gland again, bit his lip for a second as the flare of ecstasy settled into something more manageable, something he could function around. "You have to stretch it more. Push the boundaries. Scissoring your fingers helps."

Jake nodded, then realizing that Cougar couldn't see him, not turned away as he was and beside that Jake was pretty sure that the other man's eyes were closed, he breathed, "Okay." There was a fine tremor running through him all the way down to his buried fingertips as his own need seemed to fold in on itself and then multiply. There was something about this act that had him more turned on than he ever remembered being with a girl. The obvious trust that Cougar had placed in him was touching, and his lover's vocal enjoyment of the act fanned the flames of his arousal, keeping him hard despite the fact that his dick was for the moment shoved to the back-burner in this dance. That time was all about Cougar.

Suddenly remembering that his other hand was cradling a stiff prick, Jake began his strokes anew, trying to match the rhythms of both hands to something simpatico, like a soprano and an alto singing in harmony. Sometimes he faltered, but Cougar didn't appear to enjoy it any less if his gasps and strangled moans were any indication.

"Is that good?" he murmured in Cougar's ear, flicking his tongue against the lobe, and then sliding down over the column of his neck.

"Si," Cougar groaned, "Es perfecto. Keep going. Más rápido. Add more." Yes, it's perfect. Keep going. Faster. Add more. His hips thrust into Jake's fist, his cock sliding easily, slick with its own salty essence. Then he jerked back as Jake pulled out, squeezed a little more lube onto his fingers one-handed—which was a whole lot harder than it seemed; holy hell!—and sent three fingers plunging into Cougar's anus.

He reacted like he'd been shocked, arching his back with a cry. "Yes," Cougar hissed as Jake found a new rhythm, this one faster, firmer. Fucking. He was most definitely fucking Cougar with his fingers now. With a guttural sound, Cougar worked himself back on Jake's fingers with single-minded intensity. The thrusts were hitting his sweet spot pretty regularly, and that combined with the firm grip on his cock and the familiar stimulation had the hot desire in his gut churning, swirling, coalescing into a burning ball, a supernova ready to explode. Cougar drew a breath to warn Jake and found it stolen as another burst of pleasure obliterated his thoughts.

Seeing Cougar like that, literally incoherent with desire, had Jake so turned on he couldn't believe it. He felt like he was right there with Cougar, feeling what the other man experienced, reliving his own memories of similar occasions. Breathless and excited, Jake trailed open-mouthed kisses down Cougar's back, drinking in the heave of his lungs working, the muffled vibration of his cries. Then Cougar groaned out between clenched teeth, "I'm close," and Jake's only thought became fixated on making Carlos orgasm, taking his pleasure where it wanted to go, right up and over the edge. "So come for me," Jake replied, and kicked up his torment another notch, doing away with all the foreplay. He shifted into the rhythm that Cougar preferred on his dick, the one that would bring him to an intense climax quickly, and worked his fingers in that dark, moistened cavern with a greater sense of purpose.

"But you…" Cougar stuttered and trailed off, hissing through his teeth as he felt his orgasm rising, the tip of his engorged member tingling.

"Doesn't matter," Jake stated, "I want you to come." He nibbled on the back of Cougar's neck and then sucked hard, leaving another mark that would darken and take up temporary residence there.

Shuddering, lungs seizing up, Cougar tipped his head back in a wordless scream as that one action tipped the scales and ecstasy barreled through him, destroying and remaking his world in the span of a mere moment.

Jake caught his breath as Cougar's body jerked and froze simultaneously, as hot pulses shot from the tip of his dick once, twice, and a third waning stream as his reservoir was depleted.

Arms shaking, Cougar let his upper body slump onto the counter top. His knees wobbled as reality came back in stuttered awareness and fractals behind his eyelids. "Shit," he breathed out as he simultaneously became aware of the stupid grin on his face. Laughter bubbled up inside of him and came out in lazy chuckles. He felt Jake's fingers within him as he did so, and the sensation was almost too much too soon. He stopped with a groan and a shiver.

Like he already knew what Cougar was going to ask, Jake anticipated his sensitivity and gently withdrew his sticky digits, and uncurled his fingers from his lover's slowly flagging erection.

Cougar sighed, feeling mixed emotions of loss and relief. When he felt a little calmer, a little more settled in his skin instead of floating up on the ceiling, he turned around and let himself rest against the cabinetry as he reached for Jake. His companion acquiesced easily, sliding into Cougar's arms and looping his own around the smaller man. Cougar's head found Jake's shoulder, and he turned his face into the groove where Jake's neck sloped into his muscular shoulder, breathing in the warm, earthy scent of him. "Gracias," he murmured.

"My pleasure," Jake responded, and Cougar smiled as Jake kissed the top of his ear.

Part Nineteen

His bones were jelly, his body filled up with post-coital lassitude. Cougar sighed and kissed the patch of skin nearest to his lips as he leaned against Jake.

He'd fed. Of course, he had. It was impossible not to. Granted, for a full feeding he needed his partner's orgasm, but he could also gain energy simply through the metaphysical connection that formed between them when they were in the throes. Not as much, but enough. His parasitic magic reached out a clawed hand and tangled with his partner's own aura, tying them together in a bond of lust for those moments. He knew that it allowed for minor shared sensations—Cougar always felt his bedmate's emotions more acutely then, like an echo called from the opening of a cave or a voice on the paper telephones he'd played with as a child. The line, of course, went both ways, so he knew that Jake had felt some of his emotions throughout the encounter as well. Everyone did. Most people just weren't sensitive enough to notice it. They confused the feelings for their own, though really they had no reason to believe otherwise. A lot of people didn't believe in magic, so why would they?

Jake's unsatisfied need buzzed on the edge of his consciousness. Shifting, Cougar began to toy with his companion's earlobe, flicking it gently with his tongue then drawing it between his lips for a little suck and tender nibble. He was rewarded with a little whine in the back of Jake's throat.

"Cougs," Jake licked his lips, "You know you don't have to if you don't want to. It's not tit for tat, remember?"

"I remember," Cougar husked and chuckled, "Pero quiero." But I want to. It was also a matter of politeness in a strange way. He could feel Jake's arousal, vibrating, tingling at the edge of his mind in a place where he couldn't see it. It snapped and sparked like a candle flame. Letting it die out unsatisfied seemed almost cruel, not to mention a waste of good food.

His mama had taught him better than that.

Raising his lethargic head up, Cougar slid one hand up Jake's spine to cup his neck and urged him to tilt his head down with subtle but insistent pressure. He kissed Jake, brushing their lips together softly. Both of their mouths were swollen from earlier, so it didn't take much force to feel the stimuli. Licking Jake's abused lips, Cougar pulled back just enough to murmur, "You have a beautiful mouth."

Jake laughed quietly. "Thanks? It does the job, I guess. I don't know if I'd call it beautiful. It gets kind of annoying when it won't stop yapping, or so I've been told." A blush began to creep up the pale skin of his neck.

Cougar glided his lips over Jake's once again in an undemanding, open-mouthed caress, smothering his urge to smirk at the other's antics. "It is beautiful even when it is yapping. Trust me, I am a good judge of these things."

"Heh, th—" He was cut off as Cougar dipped his tongue in Jake's mouth, flicking over the embarrassed man's appendage in an invitation for more. Jake hummed in pleasure and sealed their mouths together, letting the slick muscles vie for dominance. He surrendered when Cougar made an 'o' with his mouth and sucked on his tongue, closing his eyes at the sensation. Then his lover dove in, taking over, and turning Jake's world inside out so that all his perception narrowed in on the hot, wet tango taking place within his mouth.

Cougar swallowed Jake's moan and dropped his hand to the younger man's firm backside, cupping one cheek in his palm, and giving it a squeeze. He broke the kiss when he felt breathless, and knew that Jake had to be feeling the same, starved for fresh oxygen not sucked in from the nose in the space between their faces, the air hot and thin, and mostly carbon dioxide. As Jake gulped in fresh air, Cougar's lips trailed lower and lower, kissing over his lover's neck and toned pectorals, then down his abdomen, sinking to his knees as he went. He licked the prominent 'V' of Jake's hipbones, then turned, rubbing his cheek against the full, flushed length standing proudly between Jake's muscular, lightly furred legs.

"Ah!" Jake gasped, and flung a hand out as his body trembled at the feel of Cougar's barely-there stubble and smooth skin sliding against the sensitive flesh of his dick. It slapped onto the countertop with a meaty thwack, but he didn't feel any pain from it, just a light sting that somehow added to his internal inferno. His fingers dove into Cougar's hair, pulling it back so he could watch with rapt attention as Cougar licked carefully and methodically at his cock from root to tip like he was working a Popsicle in the summertime. "Cougar, please, god, please, don't be a tease," he begged as proof of his excitement welled up in the slit. His blue eyes looked wild, electric when Cougar glanced up and locked gazes with Jake as he flicked his tongue out to catch that single drop.

He savored it, rolled the flavor around in his mouth until it dissipated, mixed up like a solvent with his saliva.

Jake's mouth formed a shiny, reddened 'o' as he licked his lips and his jaw dropped open at the sight.

Cougar wrapped his hand around the shaft, pumping experimentally, and Jake's hips thrust toward him. He licked the cockhead again, swirling his tongue around the tip, leaving a thick trail of saliva behind. That time he was pleased to note the low, heartfelt groan spill from Jake's throat. He smiled as he kissed the base of Jake's cock and ran his tongue over the subtle divide between his balls. The fingers in his hair tightened almost painfully until Jake swore under his breath and made himself relax his grip.

"Sorry," Jake apologized and soothed the abused scalp with a gentle touch.

Shrugging, Cougar replied, "No big deal." Then he opened his mouth wide and took the tender sac in, sucking gently, and running his tongue over the tightened skin.

"Cougar!" Jake shouted, trying not to tense his hand up again, "Oh, Jesus." He hissed as that evil, mischievous mouth made its way up again, Cougar's tongue taking the lead and trailing from one end to the top once again. The next thing he knew the tip of his cock had disappeared in that dark cavern and Cougar's cheeks hollowed as more and more of his length followed it. Breathing heavily, Jake fought against the warm, enticing tingle in his balls, and the urge to close his eyes and revel. He had to watch this, had to remember it: the way Cougar's pupils seemed blown out, expanded with desire, how his eyelids fluttered down, thick, dark lashes laying on his cheeks in sideways crescent moons; the sight of Cougar's bee-stung lips wrapped around his turgid member; the feel of his mouth—hot, wet, tight—and the slide of his tongue. "Shit," Jake whispered to himself as he felt the tip of his dick meet the back of Cougar's throat. He swallowed, constricting tightly around Jake's penis for a moment, and then relaxed, coming back up to catch a breath.

Cougar opened his eyes just wide enough to catch the frantic look on his lover's face. He could feel Jake's emotions, sure, but seeing it was a pleasure of a different sort. He bobbed his head back down, slowly, painstakingly swallowing the entire length once more. Cougar was thankful that he'd been born without a gag reflex, particularly at times like these. His throat tightened again, the walls of his esophagus adding massage to the vacuum of his mouth, and he came back up, releasing Jake's cock with a loud pop. It glistened in the bright mid-day light, and for a second Cougar actually found himself smiling at the sight. He took stock of the condition of his throat, deciding that he could probably deep-throat Jake once more without any lingering soreness.

He pressed his lips to the ridged skin just where the bulbous tip met the shaft and kissed it with his mouth parted, applying the tiniest amount of suction just there.

Jake shuddered hard and whined. "Carlos," he breathed out, looking down.

Glancing up, Cougar slipped Jake's dick in his mouth again, sucking hard. Jake's fingers clenched in his hair, but in his state of awareness, caught up as he was in Jake's emotional storm, Cougar barely noticed the pain of it. In fact, he felt his dick give a valiant effort toward stiffening once more. He blocked off his magic from that part of himself, wanting to wrap this up soon. His stomach was twisting with something other than desire, making its demands heard.

Jake just managed to get out a snicker before Carlos took him all the way in fast and hard. The noise turned into a choked cry as Cougar sucked and swallowed and laved the underside of his dick with his tongue. A callused hand cupped his sac, massaging it intermittently—first a little roughly, then barely there, and finally somewhere in between that was guaranteed to get him off expediently. He felt his balls jerk and managed to squeeze out, "Cougs," before his body emptied itself of all its pent-up juices. He came and came, and felt like he'd never need to come again, like Cougar was sucking all the jizz right out of him forever.

When he managed to open his clenched eyes, Cougar was watching him.

He was still on his knees on the floor, feeling rather proud of his handiwork. Jake was flushed and dazed, and his fingers trembled as he released Carlos' hair, and sank to the linoleum. Cougar watched his chest heave as he raced to catch his breath, and smiled at the sight.

Jake's brow furrowed and he asked with his voice awash in confusion, "What?"

Cougar simply shrugged, and raised his hand to brush Jake's hair away from the sweat beading around his hairline, then trailed down to run his thumb along a prominent cheekbone as he leaned in, placing his lips on Jake's cheek in a chaste gesture of affection.

Sighing, Jake pulled him close and returned the kiss, and then demanded one on his pouting lips. He smiled when Carlos acquiesced with a fond huff of laughter. "So…" Jake began.


He licked his lips. "You wanna raid the fridge and go pig out in my room?"

Laughing so hard that his eyes crinkled up at the corners with crow's feet, Cougar nodded his head.

They both clambered up onto their feet, and for the first time Cougar took stock of the condition of the room. His boots lay tipped over in front of the kitchen sink. One sock was by the fridge while the other was all the way across the room lying on the kitchen table. His hat rested peacefully next to it, where he'd placed it upon entering. His blue t-shirt was on the kitchen counter by the microwave, and both his and Jake's bottoms lay in a contrasting pile of dark and light in the middle of the room. He started chuckling again.

"What?" Jake looked around, then noticed where Cougar's gaze was fixed. "Oh, ha, I guess we made a bit of mess, didn't we?"

Turning, Carlos gestured pointedly to the cum staining the cabinet door. "A bit?" he snickered.

Flushing, Jake shrugged, and then he too started laughing. "Oh man," he wheezed, "I gotta clean that before it dries." He grabbed a few sheets of paper towel off the roll and wet it under the faucet for a second. Still grinning, he started wiping up the cabinet door. "Why don't you poke around, see what you want to eat?"

"Okay," Cougar agreed with a slanted look at Jake. As he strolled over to the refrigerator, he landed a sharp smack on his lover's firm ass, taking advantage of his bent over position.

Jake jumped and yelped. "Carlos," he growled in a warning tone.

The answering look he got was unrepentant, then the refrigerator door opened and Cougar very nearly disappear as he bent over to peer at the contents. "Not much here," he murmured teasingly.

"Hey," Jake said, tossing the paper towels in the trash can, "We have all the essentials."

"Beer, water, and Mountain Dew?" Cougar snorted disparagingly, then winked at Jake over the top of the door so that he knew Cougar was just joking.

"There's more than that," Jake replied, "Isn't there?"

"Si," Cougar chuckled, "Frijoles, tortillas, eggs…I think that's a tomato, but it looks strange. Don't eat that. I see cheese, and leftovers that say 'Nicki's: Touch and Die'…and another box that says 'This box contains slab o' cow. Open in case of food-mergency.' There is a drawing of a cow on it too, I think, in crayon. Your friend is quite the artist."

Jake laughed and went to lean in over Cougar's shoulder. "Oh my god, it looks like a balloon animal. It's a balloon-cow. See, you totally grab his butt-stringy-"

"I think that is supposed to be a tail," Cougar remarked mildly.

"—and tug him along. And what are those supposed to be, legs? Those skinny little twigs will hardly support his body mass, let alone allow him to move." Both men stared at it another moment and snickered. "God, she's a bad artist. What does that say on the side?"

"'One teqila, two tehkeylah, three tequila…cow pie!'" Cougar read, pronouncing it carefully so he'd get all the spelling mistakes just right. "She does know that's shit, yes?"

Jake snorted. "Normally. Anyway, what else do we have? Let's just take a peek in here…" he murmured and reached around Cougar, grabbing the box marked as Nicki's, and flipping open the lid. "This looks like the remnants of fajitas. We could heat this up, chop up the hamburger, and roll it up in tortillas with some cheese."

"Delicioso," Cougar replied cheekily. Delicious.

"Fuckin' gourmet. You better believe it," Jake shot back, and pulled the other box out of the fridge.

Cougar reached in for the tortillas and cheese, and placed them on the counter next to where Jake was busy emptying out the containers onto a microwaveable plate. "Hey, cool," Jake said in wonderment, "What do you know 'slab o' cow' means steak. Sweet. Faye gets a cookie for sharing this voluntarily…or she would if I had any cookies."

"And Nicki?" Cougar asked with a grin.

"The gremlins must have gotten in the fridge," Jake replied with mock-seriousness. "We should probably throw some stuff around to make it look convincing." The blue eyed man scanned the room again. "On second thought, maybe we should just pick up our clothes. With any luck she'll come back happily buzzed and will have forgotten about her food." He slid the plate in the microwave and hit a couple buttons, turning the timer on. For a second he watched it spin around inside, then he turned to Cougar and said, "Seriously, I'll never hear the end of it if they come home and our clothes are lying all over the place." Jake made a face, sticking out his tongue. "Girls," he said disgustedly, "They're such gossips."

Chuckling, Cougar replied, "Okay, so we pick up our things. You…heat. I will clean." Padding away, oblivious to the subtle sway of his hips and his own nudity, Carlos picked up the articles of clothing off the kitchen floor, and counter, and table. When his arms were full, he carried everything back into Jake's room and dumped it on the unused second bed. As far as he was concerned, that was clean enough. Returning to the kitchen, he found Jake pulling a plate of warmed tortillas from the microwave.

"Look," the young man called, "I found cinnamon and sugar, and honey. It's dessert! Win!" He beamed at Cougar, and the older man had no choice but to smile back. Jake's grin was infectious.

"Yum," Carlos purred, sneaking up behind Jake to run the edge of his teeth over the back of his companion's neck. "And what do we eat it on? Each other?" There was a thread of humor in his voice, but he was more than half-serious. Cougar heard Jake gulp, and squeak out, "Tortillas, man. We got tortillas."

"Ah," the Hispanic man replied, "Veo." I see. A thought struck him then. "Do you want to lick honey off of me?" he teased, whispering into Jake's ear.

Groaning, Jake replied, "Give me a couple minutes, then yes. Cocktease."

"It's only a tease if…"

"You don't intend to follow through," Jake completed with a smile. He turned and caught Cougar's lips with his own in a quick peck. "Now, shoo. Grab a plate and let's go eat."

"In bed?"

"In bed," Jake agreed.

"Then siesta?" Cougar wondered.

Shrugging, Jake said, "If you need to, but I gotta tell you that I can't sleep right now. Too much energy."

At that Cougar leered suggestively. "I can fix that," he purred, and Jake shivered but stepped away pointedly.

"Food first," he said, and Cougar's stomach chose that instant to voice its opinion again, aroused by the smell of food. Apparently it agreed with Jake.

Grabbing the plate with the tortillas on it, Carlos stuck the little bottle of cinnamon-sugar mix in the crook of his arm as well as the honey. He raised an eyebrow when Jake pulled two bottles of beer out from the fridge.

Jake smiled mischievously. "It's five o' clock somewhere. Besides, it's either this or Mountain Dew. I want something with flavor to it."

Lifting his shoulder in a Gallic shrug, Cougar just nodded his acceptance. He didn't care if they had a beer or two with their meal. Lots of people did south of the border.

Picking up the other plate that was laden with two large burritos, Jake led the way back into the bedroom. They settled cross-legged on the bed, and Jake put down the plate, reaching for the remote. He turned the small TV on out of habit, but kept the volume low. "Voila," Jake flourished his hand, "I give to you…fajita-burritos! They're delicious and portable."

After a skeptical look, Cougar picked up the smaller of the two and took a bite off the corner. He chewed thoughtfully, swallowed, and glanced over at Jake, who was already two bites ahead of him. With a small smile, Carlos acknowledged, "Not bad."

"See?" Jake mumbled with his mouth full, "I'm a master at making do. Trust me." He chewed for awhile, then swallowed and reached for the beers he'd set on the nightstand. Twisting one cap off, he offered the bottle to Cougar, who took it and rested it against his thigh between his crossed legs. Repeating the same procedure with his beer, Jake took a sip from the bottle and then set it back on the nightstand. As he reached for his fajita-burrito again, Cougar asked, "So why sex in the kitchen?" The partially chewed bite was almost choked on. "What?" Jake asked when he'd cleared his throat and swallowed his food, "Well…why not?"

Cougar smirked. "That is not an answer." He took another bite off of his burrito-fajita amalgamation, and waited for Jake's answer.

His companion squirmed, then shrugged his broad shoulders. "There's just something about doing it where you're not supposed to," Jake admitted, "I mean, the kitchen? That's where people eat, not where they fuck, but you turn that around and…"

"The thrill of the forbidden," Carlos said after he swallowed. He lifted the longneck bottle to his lips and tipped it back for a generous drink, feeling Jake's eyes on him as his Adam's apple bobbed up and down. Cougar replaced the beverage in between his legs and glanced up at Jake.

The young man licked his lips, cleared his throat, and finally stated, "Yeah. Much more eloquently said."

"Simplified," Cougar countered, "I am good at paring down words to the necessities."

Jake nodded and they slipped into silence as they concentrated on eating for a bit. Then a thought seemed to occur to Jake and he blurted out, "Why do you ask? Did you not like it?" He seemed nervous, the expression on his face pinched with worry.

Carlos grinned. "I think we can both agree that I enjoyed myself," he soothed. "I was just curious."

"Oh," Jake replied, the relief in him evident everywhere from tone to posture.

"Jake," Cougar reached out and touched his forearm, "I would not have gone along with it if I was not…into it. I liked it." Smiling, he squeezed Jake's arm underneath his hand lightly, and Jake looked up from his plate, smiling back.

"Well, good," the college student stated, "Otherwise I'd kick your ass." He grinned, showing that he meant it only in jest.

Cougar widened his eyes dramatically. "Why would you do that? If it is bruised and hurting, I cannot let you fuck it."

Jake froze, staring at the Hispanic man, and then he started to laugh. "Oh man," he broke off to chortle some more, then quelled his mirth enough to wheeze, "You had me going, Cougs. You're funny." He wiped away tears at the corners of his eyes.

He waited until Jake had quieted, eating peaceably until just the right moment. After his friend had returned to his food, Cougar asked mildly, "Why do you think I was joking?"

Sputtering, the young man set down the last two bites of his food. "'Cause you're well…you're…you. I mean, you're like super hot and all suave and shit, and I know you like pussy, dude. I know you do."

"And that excludes me from having sex with men?" Carlos wondered.

"Well, no!" Jake's voice went up an octave. "That's not what I meant. I mean, clearly you're having sex with me, but it's…different."

"Because you have been on the bottom?"


"So that makes it less gay for me because I fuck you like a woman?"

"Yes—No—I—what? Goddammit, Cougar!" Jake ran his hands through his hair in frustration. "That's not what I meant. Stop fucking with my head."

"It's what you said," Carlos responded, casually taking a sip of beer. As strange as the turn in conversation was, he found himself enjoying it a little. It was nice to hear what Jake thought about all this. A lot of it echoed his own confusion as a teenager, and Carlos realized that he had inadvertently sent Jake's life into a tailspin that maybe he wasn't ready for. There seemed to be a lot of conflicting thoughts and feelings boiling under the surface of his mind. Then again, he supposed that the first time he'd been with a man had been much the same. He'd had to completely rethink his world view. It had been a difficult and confusing time for him.

"Yeah, well, that's not what I meant. Obviously letting you…fuck me up the ass doesn't make me any less of a man. It's not like I'm going to up and grow a vagina," Jake muttered. He looked Carlos in the eyes, and the Hispanic man's heart went out to him upon seeing the turmoil reflected in his stormy blue eyes. "But you're different from me. There's…you seem like such a man's man. I am…not."

Picking at the label on the longneck, Carlos asked Jake frankly, "You like how you feel when we fuck, yes?"

Jake nodded hesitantly.

"Then ask yourself why I would enjoy it any less. Same parts," Cougar noted, "And I have had a lot longer than you to experiment. Just because I am a different kind of man from you—quieter, introverted—does not make me any less inclined to bottom. Being a 'man's man' has nothing to do with my biological responses. If you wanted to fuck me, I would let you. Food for thought." With that, he returned to eating the last of his burrito.

For a long while Jake was unusually silent. He finished up the last of his burrito, chewing slowly, and took pulls off of his beer with his brow furrowed with concentration.

Cougar was reaching for the still-warm plate of tortillas when Jake said quietly, "I guess I have a lot of stuff to think about."

Shrugging, he replied, "I would not expect you to have it all sorted out in a day. You have spent your life living as a straight man. It is going to take time to cast aside the preconceived notions that the heterosexual world has taught you. Right now you are confused because according to hetero society, I am a man, a masculine man, and masculine men do not let other men stick dicks up their asses. However, that is a very limited world view. Allowing you to come into me does not affect my machismo, it only adds to my pleasure. You will learn that people are not always as they appear. Sometimes the biggest, toughest men are the ones who only want to bottom, and the most effeminate are the best tops."

Jake sighed and reached for a tortilla, rolling those words around in his head.

Cougar took his as well, drizzling a little honey on it, and tapping the slightest amount of cinnamon-sugar over it. Then he folded it over, and took a bite. The sweetness melted on his tongue. He wanted to smile. It was a good dessert, and a clever idea on Jake's part. He watched his younger lover do the same, and again he ate it the same way—slowly, thoughtfully, distractedly. Carlos could see him thinking hard. It was a little painful to watch. He wanted to be able to comfort Jake somehow, to smooth this transition, but the only experience he had in the area was tangled closely with his incubus abilities. It was hard to reveal one without revealing the other, and Cougar was afraid that if he started talking, he wouldn't stop. Something would slip, and then Jake would run or push him away. He was only in Mazatlan for another day; Cougar didn't want to spoil the last of his time there. From that point on all Jake would remember was the nutcase who took his virginity.

Si, definitely keeping the incubo tale under wraps.

Jake was still young. There was ample time for him to reconcile what he was taught with what his body desired, and come to some sort of balance between the two. Human sexuality was much more complex than just preferring vag or dick. Cougar was confident that Jake would figure it all out eventually.

Carlos finished his tortilla, and sat back against the headboard, crossing one tanned ankle over the opposite knee. He was still nude, but he didn't mind. He was comfortable in his skin, and apparently Jake was too distracted with his internal happenings to notice his own nudity. Cougar enjoyed the view despite the somber aura in the room. Biology couldn't let him do anything but.

The silence grew heavier as Jake finished his tortilla and made his way through another one, eating his feelings.

Carlos knew he needed to do something to get him out of that mindset, so he said the first thing that came to mind. "I was a Philosophy major, you know," he stated.

Blue eyes flicked up to his, and Jake cocked his head bemusedly to the side.

"In college," Carlos clarified.

Raising his eyebrows, Jake asked, "You went to college?"

The Hispanic man snorted and replied, "Si."

"So you didn't always want to be a bartender?" the blond haired man replied with the birth of a smile on his face.

Shaking his head emphatically, Carlos said, "No. I wanted to be a teacher."

"So what happened?" Jake queried, "I mean, obviously you're not. Why the change?"

"I double-majored in History and Philosophy, and I finished my Bachelor's for both when I was twenty-three. There was a lot happening in my life then. I wanted a break…so I left, and came to Mazatlan. I always thought I would go back, I just never did."

"Why not?" Intrigued, Jake scooted around until he was facing Carlos.

Cougar shrugged and took another pull off the beer he'd been nursing since the start of the meal. "I didn't want to leave. I'm comfortable here. The original plan though was to get my adult educator's degree, which at the time was only a two-year program, and teach part-time at a community college while I did the longer education program so that I could eventually make the move to teaching at a university level. But I got settled in here and just…never went home. I've visited a few times in the past couple years, but every time I go home I am struck with the bittersweet urge to hug my family and flee all at once."

"Why?" Jake asked. He was leaning forward now with his elbows on his knees. This was the most he'd gotten out of Cougar since they'd met about his life.

At that, Carlos looked up and seemed to shy away from the question. The why was complicated, and far too personal a tale. He shook his head and told his friend, "That, amigo, is private." As Jake began to blush with embarrassment at having been rebuffed, Carlos added, "No offense to you. Just…there are things I would rather not talk about. I love my family, but let's just say they drive me a little crazy."

Nodding, Jake drawled, "Okay. Then at least answer me this: why philosophy? You don't seem like a philosophical sort of guy."

Cougar laughed. "Not much anymore, no," he agreed. "At the time I was going through a lot of changes. I needed to learn how to think for myself. The philosophy classes helped me do that. Before I knew it my advisor was telling me that I should just declare it my major since I'd already taken over half the requirements. History was my original major, but by the time I declared Philosophy, I'd taken too many credits in that field that wouldn't transfer to a Philosophy degree. So then I double majored because it only added an extra semester for me. It was the least waste of money."

Contemplative for a second, the bespectacled man then asked carefully, "Not that I'm uninterested, but why are you telling me this?"

Clearing his throat, Carlos tried to put his thoughts in order. He peeled the label all the way off the beer bottle and laid it on the bedside table. He licked his lips, and used his right thumb nail to pick at the skin on the side of the nail bed of the left. Finally, he said, "In high school, I was very popular. Well known. Infamous, really, for…getting a lot of play. When I was seventeen, I realized that I liked men too. It was hard for me to accept at first. My family…well, being gay was never talked about, and I do not even know if mis padres know what 'bisexual' means. I had no one to talk to. When high school ended, I decided that I needed to figure out who I was outside of my reputation, and labels, and other things. I needed a change. Philosophy provided an environment for me to do that. Perhaps you need to find your environment, your safe space for you to pull away and be at peace within your own mind. Not necessarily a philosophy class, but something." Looking up from his hands, Carlos said, "I know how it feels fighting a war within yourself."

Swallowing convulsively, Jake managed to respond with a strangled, "thanks." He was about to say more, but there was a stinging behind his eyes and a pressure in his throat closing his windpipe. Whipping off his glasses with one hand, he pinched the bridge of his nose and scrubbed his free hand over his eyes. When he thought he'd wrestled the urge to cry back down into submission, he looked back up, and said, "Thank you. That's really good advice."

Cougar just shrugged his shoulder and offered a miniscule smile.

A moment laden with something new and fragile passed between them.

Carlos patted the bed up next to him. "Come here," he requested.

Jake scooted closer as Cougar moved all the detritus from their meal.

He tapped the mattress again when the blond man stopped a few feet away.

With a reluctant smile turning up the edges of his mouth, Jake put his back up against the headboard next to Cougar. He tossed his glasses carelessly onto the nightstand.

Cougar's arm looped around his back, pulling him in closer until their bare hips touched.

Jake sighed, but he still had that grudging grin on his face.

Carlos kept up the half-hug until the tension seemed to drain from the younger man, and Jake slumped against him, his head finding Carlos' shoulder. He turned slightly to find a more comfortable position, and Cougar wrapped his other arm around Jake's waist.

After an indeterminate amount of time, Jake mumbled into Carlos' shoulder, "We're cuddling."

"Si," he agreed with a little grin of his own.

"I love to cuddle," Jake breathed out, and slipped his arm over Carlos' waist in a return of the gesture.

"Si, I know."

They sat there together, just holding each other, arms entangled, Jake's warm breaths puffing out over Cougar's chest. The television was the only sound in the room aside from their breathing, a low murmur of soothing background noise. When he noticed Jake's eyelashes opening and closing in very long blinks, Cougar asked, "So can I talk you into a siesta now?"

Jake snorted, but replied with an affirmative nod.

The two of them climbed under the covers, and went back to cuddling in a fully reclined position. It didn't take long until Jake nodded off, exhausted by his tumultuous emotions, and Carlos followed soon after once he was sure that his companion was most definitely out cold for the time being. Cougar was tired. It was the kind of tiredness that slipped under the cracks no matter how much sleep he may have gotten the night before, the kind that snuck up and slapped him in the face when he thought about just how much he had left to do in a day. There was Jake—he wanted to take him out later on after the worst sun of the day had faded, show him Mazatlan at night away from the clubs—and then he still had a full night's left of work to do. The stolen energy buzzed inside of him, but he closed his eyes resolutely. Save it, he told himself, you'll need it later.

When his eyes opened again, he found Jake propped up on his side staring at him. Cougar grumped and closed his eyes again.

Jake chuckled. "Wake up, sleeping beauty," he sing-songed.

A teasing hand drifted up Cougar's ribcage and he flinched at the ticklish sensation. "Hn," he grunted and went to push the hand away from his sensitive spot.

"You're cute when you wake up," his young paramour announced gleefully, "And when you sleep. You're like a grumpy little kid who doesn't want to wake up for school in the morning."

Cougar's eyes slitted open just wide enough to glare out balefully at the cheerful, blond menace. To say that Carlos was not a morning person wasn't accurate. He was not a waking-up person. The time of day was irrelevant. He came back to awareness with all the grace of an angry bear disturbed during hibernation.

Jake hid his smile behind his hand, muffling the sound of his chuckles but not diminishing them completely. The mirth burst forth anyway in the crinkle of his eyes, and the movement of his chest and shoulders with every chortle.

Feeling as though he was being laughed at, Cougar took action. Reaching out, he casually batted Jake's hand away from his mouth and replaced it with his lips. He kissed Jake, and had the pleasure of hearing those giggles-at-his-expense stutter to a halt. Fingertips slid under his chin as he kissed his energetic friend. "Feeling better, I see," Cougar murmured when their lips parted.

"Mm," Jake agreed wordlessly, and rubbed his nose across Carlos'. He was smiling again.

Sensing that the moment was right, Cougar said to him, "Does this mean you will fuck me in the shower now?"

Drawing back minutely only to ascertain the seriousness of Cougar's words, Jake studied him for a second, and then nodded. "Yeah," he said out loud, because once he said it out loud there was no way he could go back on it no matter how his nerves tried to undermine his decision. He'd always been that way, diving in head first despite not knowing where the bottom of the pool was.

"Yay," Cougar stated, his voice completely even keel, no inflection but for the barest hint of joy. He rolled onto his back, but turned his head to keep his lover in sight. "Vamanos?" Let's go?

Part Twenty

He was kind of shocked that Cougar even suggested it; shocked, aroused, intrigued. The emotions fired through him in quick succession as he lay there, propped up on one arm, staring into rich brown eyes aglow in the light of the setting sun that crept through the window. When he'd teasingly suggested sex in the shower at Cougar's apartment, he'd still been under the impression that it was himself who'd be on the bottom. Looking at it from a more logical perspective, Jake realized that it made more sense for Cougar to do so. Physically, he was a little smaller, lighter. If they wanted to do full penetration, one of them would either have to bend over or be lifted up. With the physics of shower-sex in mind, Jake acknowledged that it would be easier for him to support Cougar rather than the opposite. Focusing back in on reality, Jake locked gazes with Cougar across the inches that separated them.

Cougar looked languid, like some kind of Aztec god reclining, basking in the heat of his own triumph. Yet there was still the potential there for more, as though it would only take a flicker of thought and he would be ready once more for wild orgies and virgin sacrifices. His dark hair had escaped the confines of its holder, and it frothed around his head and neck, trailed over the white sheets in curlicues, a modern contrast painting in his bed. Golden fingertips were dancing across the miniscule space between their bodies, walking over Jake's skin. He shivered as they lightly touched his sensitive skin there on his waist, and felt his mood tipping toward desire again.

An hour and a half ago they'd gotten each other off, and Cougar was giving him come-hither motions again. The man was insatiable. Not that Jake minded, especially not when the other man brushed their kiss-swollen lips together in a soft, wet caress that drew a breathy sound from him. The touch of Cougar's tongue was almost tentative, sweet, and when his Hispanic lover pulled away with a gentle smile, Jake knew he was game for whatever Cougar wanted to play.

"Okay," Jake drawled, his voice slurring like a drunkard. Then again he was kind of drunk on lust. "Let's go take a shower."

That low chuckle spilled out of Cougar, the one that just grabbed him by the balls, and made him sit up and take note. Jake smiled and followed as his sinuous lover slithered off the mattress, heading for the bedroom door. All Jake could think was to thank his lucky stars that his roommates were gone. On their way out, Cougar swiped the lube off of the pile of clothes and grabbed one of the little foil-wrapped condoms for good measure.

Jake followed the tight, muscular backside wiggling before him like a dog on a leash. Not that Cougar wiggled when he walked. No, that implied haste. He had this long, easy stride with a bit of a swagger to it. He hadn't really paid attention to it prior to that day, and wasn't that just a damn shame? It was the jeans' fault. They obscured the view of that luscious ass. His eyes fixated on it wonderingly. All of the sudden he was looking at Cougar's butt in a very different light. His cock was going to go in there. The thought was met with a little disbelief. Hm.

He realized he was staring when Cougar stopped at the bathroom door and shot an amused look over his shoulder. Jake flushed and wished not for the first time that he wasn't so pale-skinned. However, the Hispanic man disappeared into the bathroom without a single comment. The water started up almost immediately as Jake pulled a couple towels from the linen closet and followed behind. As he hung them neatly on the towel bar, Cougar waved him over. "Come feel," the other man instructed, and Jake obligingly ran his hands up and down Cougar's back, then wrapped them around his waist. "Feels good to me," he chirped impishly, and rubbed his cheek over dark locks, his stubble catching slightly on the strands.

Cougar chuckled and writhed up against him, using his whole body to caress over most of their skin. "Not me, the water. Is the temperature okay?"

"I know," Jake teased, and held out a hand to test it. "A little cooler. I'd hate to run out of hot water, wouldn't you?"

Wordlessly, Cougar adjusted the knobs, and when the stream was just perfect he shimmied—yes, Cougar could and did shimmy; Jake was impressed-out of Jake's grasp so he could step in. He ducked his head under the spray, and it made quick work of plastering his hair to his head, flattening his curls and giving them the appearance of black satin. He ran his hands over the sodden mass, ironing out the little snags and tangles until it hung straight down almost to the middle of his back.

Jake stepped into the tub behind Cougar and gave into the irresistible temptation to glide his own fingers over his lover's long hair starting from the crown of his head and tracing a path over his spine until he reached the end of the strands and slipped onto the skin. "Your hair is so long," Jake murmured.

"It is?" Carlos glanced over his shoulder like he was trying to gauge its length. "I suppose I don't notice it most of the time. Do you think I should cut it?"

"No!" Jake shouted without a second thought, then realizing how dumb that sounded, smacked himself in the forehead and continued in a calmer tone, "I mean, it's nice the way it is. It suits you."

"Oh, okay," Cougar replied, but the effect was ruined when he snickered a bit. "You're so funny," he murmured, and playfully tapped Jake's wrist. Still smiling, Carlos reached for the shampoo. It was the luxurious, expensive stuff that Nicki used, the stuff that smelled a little like chocolate, and was only sold in salons. She'd be royally pissed if they used too much, but Jake was pretty sure that she didn't measure the contents of the bottle after each use. Chances were she wouldn't even notice. In any case, it was worth possibly getting in trouble if it meant that Cougar was going to crawl in his bed smelling like chocolate. He could just imagine the scent getting stronger as he turned Cougar on. Maybe he'd…maybe he'd go down on his Hispanic lover; watch him dig his head into the pillows. The smell would linger there, embedded in the pillowcase fibers until they returned the rental keys and the maids came to clean up.

When Cougar turned to rinse out his hair, Jake finally found his way out of his daydreams, faced with the current, daunting reality. "So," he began, "How exactly do you want to do this?" He chewed on his lower lip nervously until Cougar's spiky eyelashes lifted and dark brown irises studied him.

"First," Cougar began as he reached for the conditioner, "I finish this. Then…you turn around."

"What? Oh," Jake sighed, relieved and disappointed all at once, assuming that Cougar had changed his mind. "Okay," he agreed, turning once the other man had finished pulling the thick conditioner through his hair. He braced his hands on the wall, but was surprised when Cougar went for his shoulders, not his ass or his dick or any of his more interesting body parts. Strong fingers kneaded firmly into his tense muscles until he groaned, then they gentled, and Jake sighed in tandem.

"Uno momento," Cougar whispered just loud enough to be heard over the shower spray. His hands disappeared for a moment, and Jake bit his lip to stop the sound of protest that wanted to escape him. Then he heard the sharp snap of a cap opening up, and smelled something pungent and floral-fruity. When Cougar's touch returned to him, his hands glided over Jake's back aided by body wash. The girls had decided to bring one bottle and share it to increase packing space. Jake had opted for the 'not exploding' option and brought a bar of soap. Granted, soap had a way of sticking at the oddest places. The lotion in the body wash worked better for the massage—and Jake knew that was what Cougar was up to now.

Heels rubbed his back on either side of his spine as Cougar dragged his palms lower. Jake found his spine sliding back into alignment, coaxed by clever hands. A few of his vertebrae popped in a way that released the tension that he'd held there. "You can stop that just this side of never," Jake tried to tease, though his voice was too relaxed to really pull it off. Every syllable came out thick and slightly slurred.

Cougar chuckled, the sound a low burble barely distinguishable from the spray hitting the tub and flowing down into the drain.

It made Jake think of those dumb Zen water fountains, though in that case the hum of the motor annoyed him, overpowering any relaxation he might have felt from the water running over the stones.

There was no motor there in the shower though, just relaxation as Cougar's callused hands worked the worries out of his back. Lips glided over his shoulder, a gentle caress on his wet skin. There was a brief suction as Cougar's mouth greeted his neck with a kiss, waking up the nerve endings just there so that the focus of his world became the little patch of skin between those lips. Jake sighed and felt himself melt a little more on the inside, proverbial putty in his lover's hands. A light tongue licked away the water beaded on the surface and followed the same line that Carlos' lips had taken just moments ago.

Thumbs dug into Jake's back, sliding into the large dimples above his ass, pressing hard, forcing a groan from Jake's throat. He may have been melting on the inside, but a certain other part of him was getting stiffer.

Cougar turned him very gently, slowly, and they kissed as his hands kneaded into Jake's muscles, rubbing his pecs and his abs, sliding over his hips to grasp his ass, massaging the tight globes until Jake felt a wild flame flicker to life, the glow warming a place inside of him that only Cougar had touched.

His hands grasped Cougar's long, wet hair, twisting it efficiently and moving it aside so that Jake could touch him unhindered by the heavy length. Cougar groaned when the firm caress ran down his neck to his back.

They stood embracing under the soothing hiss of the shower spray, lips chasing and connecting, playing tag with each other. Gradually, the chaste moment gave way to the fire within, and Jake licked Cougar's thicker lower lip, begging for permission. The way opened to him, and he swept inside. Their tongues caressed each other. The texture along his taste buds made him shudder with pleasure. His hands grew bolder and slipped lower. Cougar's, as a result, went higher, releasing his butt and sliding over his lower back. As he palmed Carlos' cheeks, the hands on his back stiffened, and he felt Cougar groan into his mouth. The reaction sent some visceral emotion spearing through him, going straight to his cock. He felt the coil of arousal tighten a little more in his gut.

"Hey," he broke the kiss and whispered, "Can I…?" His index fingertip slipped between Carlos' cheeks and circled the tight pucker there hesitantly.

A shiver crawled up Cougar's spine as his eyelids fluttered, and he hissed, "Yes." Then he caught Jake's mouth in a fierce liplock, nipping the less experienced man's upper lip as his finger penetrated shallowly. Cougar was still slick inside from their earlier play, the muscles a little more relaxed than they had been. His hips rolled against Jake's, eager length bumping against Jake's and sliding in the pronounced dip of Jake's hipbone.

There was something so hot about that. Jake moaned, his hips surging back, breathing stuttering at the sensation of his dick rubbing against wet skin. Pubic hair teased his sensitive flesh, and his fingers tightened around Cougar's ass. Needing more, he withdrew his fingertip, and broke the kiss with a wet smack. "Turn," he requested, not realizing just how bossy he sounded.

Cougar's eyes looked glazed, the pupils wide. It made Jake think of opium smokers and the old myth about the Lotus-Eaters. When his back touched the cool tile, Cougar startled, breath escaping in a quick huff as his body adjusted to the temperature. He looked a little more awake after that, and Jake grinned wickedly. Cougar smiled back as Jake's touches returned to his body, moving them both closer toward the edge of ecstasy. "Keep going," the older man begged in a rough voice, licking his lips hungrily.

Jake had no intention of denying him.

He parted the shower curtain and reached for the little package on the ledge, tearing the foil with his teeth.

Cougar leaned toward him, mouth settling on his collarbone, nibbling lightly as his hands came to rest on Jake's wrists. Together they descended, and the dark haired man leaned back to watch as they rolled the condom on Jake's flushed length. There was something incredibly erotic about watching as their hands drifted lower, working together to do such a simple task. Sometimes, with certain people, taking the time out to see to safety took one out of the moment. It broke the mood. With Jake and Cougar, it was just another part of it, a slight shift into a different gear, no less erotic for the practicality of it.

"Wrap your legs around me," Jake said when they were done.

Cougar, suddenly straight-faced, replied, "If you drop me, I will kick your ass." The little twitch of the muscles near the corner of his mouth gave him away.

Jake kissed the corner of Cougar's mouth right where his amusement was trying to escape, and chuckled. "I won't, I promise." Then his arms wrapped around Cougar's thighs and lifted, and Carlos looped his arms over Jake's shoulders as his legs curled around the larger man's waist. It should have felt awkward being cradled like an oversized kid. It didn't. Jake's dick brushed his perineum, and he shuddered. There was nothing childish about the embrace.

"Let me know if it hurts, or if I'm doing something wrong, or—" Jake's words were cut off as Cougar mashed their lips together.

"You will be fine," Cougar stated.

There was a brief moment where Jake shifted his grip, balancing Cougar with one strong arm, sliding his other hand between them to position his cock. He pressed Cougar into the tile a little harder as he felt the man's body begin to slip, and Cougar's legs and arms tightened on him in response. He felt his tip at the fluttering entrance, and his hips stuttered forward, following a subconscious demand from his brain to slide home. Jake held his breath and bit down on his lower lip as he penetrated.

Cougar's breath hitched—he felt it in the other man's chest, heaving against his own.

He shifted his grip again so that Cougar was once more a stable weight in his arms. His Hispanic paramour spared a moment to raise a sardonic brow at him.

"What did I say about dropping me?" Carlos joked dryly.

"Ha, ha," Jake replied with equal sarcasm, "You try holding a full grown man with one arm, and see how you do."

Carlos' eyes crinkled at the corners as he laughed. Jake drew a breath as he felt it travel all the way down Cougar's body, and into his cock through their joining. "True enough," Cougar acknowledged, "You're much stronger than I thought."

Jake's hips flexed, impatient with the wait. Another inch was gained. Through gritted teeth, Jake replied, "Yeah, must be all the iron I pump between stints in the comp lab." He stuck his tongue out at Cougar facetiously.

With a devious look in his eyes, Cougar licked it. Their tongues tangled in mid-air, snakes twining and writhing together, and then Carlos sucked Jake's tongue into his mouth with a wet slurp, releasing him with a pop.

Jake moaned as the kiss ended. His body thrummed with the urge to move. He wasn't sure why he was holding back, but he was.

Finally, Cougar angled his body so that his ass dropped a little lower, taking in more of Jake's length. "Por favor," the older man licked his lips, "Move." Hips wiggling impatiently, Carlos made a small sound low in his range, almost a mewl, but not quite.

At that sound, something in Jake broke. His eyes grew wild, and he thrust all the way in until he was balls-deep.

Carlos' head tipped back abruptly as his eyes squeezed shut. A muffled thud sounded as his skull met the tile, and the tile refused to give way. Neither of them paid it much mind, and when Cougar opened his eyes up again he was smiling. "Good," he breathed, "It's good. Keep going."

Swallowing, Jake nodded his head. He pulled back, feeling his dick being squeezed by Carlos' inner passage. It was almost too much, tighter than most of the girls he'd fucked. Not that he'd been with a whole slew, but there were enough to form an accurate comparison, and… His mind was spinning, whirling in the moment, in that piece of time. He couldn't have focused on any one thing, couldn't have stopped even if he'd smelled smoke or heard screaming. He drove forward into that desperate clutch once again, into an endless black hole. Space: The Final Frontier.

Cougar grunted. "Faster," he tried to order, but it came out more like a plea.

Jake's body knew what it had to do even if his mind had temporarily vacated the premises. It fell into a natural rhythm, one he had known instinctively his whole life. It was just like breathing. In, out, rinse, repeat.

Cougar was making noises that Jake had never heard a man make before. Low and high, whining, thick, needy… It sent something primal surging through his veins, and he plunged into his willing receptor with greater urgency. He felt powerful, virile… Cougar surrendering himself like this made Jake feel like he'd just stepped off a cliff to find that he could fly. It was wonderful and exhilarating, and completely mind-blowing. Lost in lust, he latched onto Carlos' lips with his own, kissing him sloppily. Neither of them seemed to mind. The arms around his shoulders tightened even more as Carlos surged into him eagerly. Mouths became as invested in fucking as the rest of their bodies. Every brush of lips was enhanced by the feel of his prick sliding in and out of Cougar's tight ass, the pleasure in his balls condensed a little more every time their tongues laved over each other.

It was embarrassing how quickly he came. One second he was fine, and the next he knew the familiar surge had erupted inside of him, taking him by surprise. Jake's eyes flew open as his body defied his commands to cut that shit out. He made a startled noise and accidentally bit Cougar's lip. The taste of copper pennies trickled into his mouth.

Cougar grunted at the slight pain, and held on tighter as Jake lost control. He was probably saying a quick prayer that Jake wasn't about to drop him on his ass in the tub.

Locking his knees, the younger man rode out the waves of his climax. When the last spurt dribbled out of his cock, caught expertly by the condom he wore, Jake let out a shaky breath. He dropped his head to bury his enflamed face in Cougar's shoulder. "Fuck," he swore quietly, and then clearing his throat he began in a louder voice, "I'm s—"

"Don't be," Cougar quickly interrupted with laughter and happiness in his tone. "The first time is always a little overwhelming, no?"

Laughing weakly, Jake replied, "I guess so."

"Put me down," Carlos said kindly, "And we will move locations. The water is growing tepid."

"Oh, shit." And for the first time he noticed that Cougar was right, the water was rapidly cooling. The bungalow's small water heater just couldn't hold out for that kind of fun and games. Easing Cougar's feet back down to the tub bottom, Jake felt his penis slip free.

Cougar slithered around him with a touch of his hand across Jake's chest, passing over his nipple. It was sensitive and made him shudder a little.

Jake turned slightly to peel the condom off, the intimate caress a little too much too soon.

Carlos turned the knobs until the water shut off abruptly.

"Back to the bedroom," Carlos commanded, slapping Jake's butt lightly. As he stepped out of the tub, he licked the slowing trickle of blood from his lip with a little grin. It wasn't exactly how he'd pictured it, but it had been good and fun, and that was what mattered. He spared a glance down toward his turgid member. Oh well.

Jake followed him out right after, wrapping the condom in a tissue and tossing it in the little bathroom garbage can. Then he reached for a towel on the bar, and handed the other to Cougar. "So, uh, I really am sorry—"

"I said don't—"

"—about the lip," Jake finished, looking down at the shallow cut on Cougar's bottom lip. He offered Cougar a small, sheepish grin.

In response, Cougar licked his lip again, and husked, "So make it up to me." He winked and turned his back, walking back to the bedroom, wrapping the towel around his waist as he went.

Jake was suddenly very grateful his roommates weren't there as he had the distinct thought that he'd kill anybody who ogled Cougar's ass the way he did. "Calm down, caveman," he whispered to himself wryly, and then followed.

He stopped short of the doorway, frozen as he watched Cougar dry his legs off, bent over with his butt in the air.

Peeking between his legs, Cougar chortled at Jake's expression. "Come on," he enticed his younger lover, and straightened up. Tossing the towel onto the spare bed, Cougar crooked a finger at Jake. He caught Jake by his towel as the younger man strode into the room, fingers curling over the tucked ends of the terry cloth.

Clearing his throat, Jake admitted hesitantly, "I'm not sure if I can get it up again just now. So…yeah. Nothing too fancy, I guess." He shrugged with a little half-grin, and Carlos chuckled and nodded.

"Okay," the Hispanic man agreed, "Nothing…fancy." He maneuvered Jake so that the backs of his knees touched the bed, and with a light shove of his palm, he sent Jake down, holding on to the towel with his other hand. The fabric came unknotted, and Cougar quickly whipped it away, banishing it to the opposite bed with its cabinet-mate.

Jake gulped as Cougar prowled over him, hovering on his hands and knees like some great cat. Their bodies weren't touching at all, but the look in his eyes touched him with more intimacy than any hand could. It seared him from the inside out. Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Jake raised one hand in the air. It curved around Cougar's hip, his thumb finding a home right in the hollow next to the bone. He rubbing his thumb in a circle and was pleased when Cougar sighed, hips shifting forward minutely in response to the stimulation, meager though it was.

"Cougs," Jake began, "Your voice says 'simple,' but your eyes are contradicting that."

Cougar smirked, and leaned down to lip at Jake's chin. He chuckled when Jake squirmed and said, "Cougar, what the-?" The rest was lost to a moan as Cougar let his lower body drop so that he was straddling Jake's groin, and rolled his hips. Sure, Jake wasn't hard anymore, but he could still feel and receive pleasure from that, and that was certainly…well, it certainly felt.

His free hand curved around the opposite hip, and with a little tug, Cougar repeated the motion.

The Hispanic man continued the sweet torment as he nuzzled Jake's mouth with his. When Jake parted his lips for a taste Cougar denied him, ducking his head to idly flick Jake's sensitive earlobe with his tongue.

He gasped, arching up as Cougar ground down, and it felt so good that he whispered Carlos' name in a hoarse plea, unable to string together enough words to make a sentence. In wordless reply, Carlos drew his earlobe in between his lips, nibbling gently, and sucking playfully as he released it. Then he shifted his attention to Jake's cartilage, running his tongue over the delicate curved shell. The sound of it, so loud, wet and crackling, collided with the feel to make the moment even more exaggerated. A hot lightning bolt shot through his gut, adding to the excitement building there.

"Carlos," Jake gasped, "I thought this was about getting you off."

A deep, warm chuckle rolled out of Cougar's mouth. "This is getting me off," he purred near Jake's ear, "Can't you tell?" With that he thrust his hips pointedly.

"Oh, fuck," Jake groaned, his eyelids fluttering, slamming a hand down on the mattress as a little ball of ecstasy fired off within him, ricocheting like a pinball until it dropped into the place where the rest of the good feelings went. They layered on top of one another, building until they filled up the cup and runneth over.

Then Cougar whispered, "Unless you'd like to try something new?" He pulled back just enough to lock gazes with Jake, his eyebrow raised in question.

Licking his lips, Jake asked, "Like what?"

With a wicked smile, Cougar replied, "Your mouth, my pito. I return the favor."

"You want to sixty-nine?" Jake clarified with both eyebrows raised up.


"But I…can't…" Jake's voice trailed off.

"You will still enjoy it," Cougar replied, "As will I. If, however, you are uncomfortable with the idea that is alright."

Hesitantly, Jake admitted, "I've never given head before." He licked his lips nervously.

Not that he hadn't thought about it. He'd just never gotten around to trying it out. He didn't think he'd mind though. It probably wouldn't be too bad. After all, he'd gotten blow jobs before, and he really liked them, and part of it seemed to be more about knowing that your partner was enjoying something than you actually enjoying it. So maybe he wasn't going to become some dick-sucking maniac superfan, but Jake thought that as long as Cougar liked it he'd do it. Then he wondered if that was how his ex-girlfriends felt about it. Probably. Something about that made him laugh.

Cougar gave him a confused look.

"Nothing, nothing," Jake murmured, "Just thinking. I'll give it a try if that's what you want."

Pecking Jake on the lips, Cougar smiled and said, "Gracias." His lean legs shifted as he moved to kneel next to Jake rather than on top of him. "Do you have a preference for position?"

He shook his head mutely in reply. Truthfully, Jake didn't even know where to start. It seemed like no matter which way he could think of he was courting choking, possibly puking if his gag reflex was triggered. Then he remembered watching Cougar go down on him, and how much the older man seemed to enjoy it. Something warm slithered through his veins at the thought of reducing Cougar to such jelly-kneed satisfaction utilizing the same method.

With a fond look, Cougar suggested, "How about this?" He shuffled around on the bed, turning so he'd presented his back to Jake, and then once more straddled the more inexperienced member of the pair. That time he was higher up, closer to Jake's pecs, and the he shuffled back until his cock was poised above Jake's face.

The view was interesting, to say the least. If he was honest, looking at Cougar's dick so close up was more than interesting. It was…tempting. He found the shape of it, long, not quite thick, but not slender either, the visible texture of the veins underneath the thin skin, that little interesting spot where the flared mushroom-like head met with the shaft, arousing. It was kind of hot looking at that reddened, weeping length amidst the thatch of dark, curly pubic hair as gravity pulled it down and it pointed at his mouth like a primal divining rod. Carlos' sac looked taut. With a gentle touch Jake rolled them in his palm and carefully pulled them back from Cougar's body only to massage them into their previous position.

Cougar shuddered above him. He saw it ripple down his Hispanic lover's tanned muscles, watched as another drop of translucent, milky fluid welled up at the tip of his cock and rolled out, sliding off the head. It landed on Jake's neck, and he felt it glide down until it disappeared into the sheet underneath him.

Suddenly Jake felt something warm and wet close around his flaccid penis. A tongue slid against him and the cavern became a vacuum. It was almost too much, and he cried out loudly. "Cougar, oh god," he panted, "How am I supposed to think while you do that?"

An evil laugh vibrated up his body, and Jake squirmed as his head kicked back. When he was able to breathe again, and could open his eyes, and think with at least a little lucidity, he took Cougar's dick in his hand and stroked up and down very slowly with the kind of pressure that made Carlos groan.

Jake smiled a little at the response, and wrapped his hand around the base, angling the other man's penis toward his mouth. No big deal, he figured. He just needed to watch his teeth. That was fine. With his hand he could control the depth. He was pretty confident that Cougar wasn't going to try fucking his face. That seemed kind of impolite, and Cougar, for all his Sex God Among Men ways, was really polite.

Cougar let out a little sound, something like a hiss and a whimper all wrapped up in one.

That was encouraging. Jake took him in a little further, pillowing the soft, spongy head on his palate. He tried to remember what he liked, what felt the best (the answer was almost everything), and imitate it. First he dragged his tongue back and forth, tracing the divide where the bulbous tip met the shaft. He liked the sound that Cougar made around his cock, felt himself beginning to stir though the response was much slower than usual. Next he tried bobbing his head up and down, letting his saliva slick the shaft, moving until his lips touched his hand and then backing off. When that went well, he repeated the procedure until he felt Cougar's hips shift minutely.

Jake released Carlos' dick from his mouth with a pop, and traced the thick vein with firm pressure from his tongue.

Cougar squirmed a little, and another sound vibrated through Jake's body starting at his cock and seeming to come out of his own throat like he was a tuning fork that had been struck.

Finding that the more aroused his lover became, the more aroused Jake himself became. He tongued Cougar's balls with quick flicks interspersed with more drawn out caresses. The subtle shifting of them under the skin was intriguing, and he made a game of chasing them with his mouth.

When Cougar backed off of his cock and hissed, "Madre de dios, you sure you haven't done this before?" Jake laughed and pressed a slight sucking kiss to the base of the cock he was attending to.

"Nope," he chirped, "But I'm glad it's working." Then in a quick motion he took the length back into his mouth, and snuck a clever hand up to rub Cougar's perineum in a long, drawn out circle. His lover grunted and Jake felt a shudder pass through the body above him. Lips kissed the inside of his thigh, and silky hair tickled his skin. Cougar nuzzled his sac, and then like a cool, summer breeze descended onto his length to assuage the heat building within him.

Jake was really starting to get into the whole thing when he heard the front door slam and Faye call out, "Jake? Jakey-Wakey? Pssht, he's not here." Jake froze with Cougar's dick in his mouth, and he felt Cougar do the same. They listened as Faye and Nicki walked through the house. "Mm, I want chocolate chip cookies," Faye whined, "Nickiarooni, will you make me some chocolate chip cookies?"

A heavy sigh, and then Nicki stated, "No. Go puke and pass out. You're annoying the shit out of me."

"You're so mean to me," Faye pouted. Something bumped and scraped across the floor. It sounded like furniture being moved. A loud chink followed as an object fell onto the ground.

Another sigh crept under the door, and Nicki grumbled, "Come on." Their voices faded into the distance.

Jake released Cougar very quietly, glancing fearfully at the door. "Sorry," he whispered, "They were supposed to wait for the signal."

"The Bat light?" Cougar replied with a heavy note of teasing in his voice after he'd done the same.

Smiling despite himself, Jake answered, "A text."

Maneuvering off of him, Carlos sat up and looked at him.

"I can't," Jake said, "I just can't with them here. I mean, good god, what if Faye comes busting in here again, and I've got your dick in my mouth? How am I even going to yell at her to get out?"

Smiling with a little bit of odd humor, Cougar crawled off the bed and walked to the door, quietly turning the lock into place. He turned around and presented the door knob with elaborate Vanna White hand gestures. While Jake was busy stifling his laughter, Carlos got back up on the bed and straddled him. "Be very quiet," Cougar warned, and licked his palm. He took both of their lengths in his hands, and stroked up and down slowly.

Jake gasped and raised his hips up involuntarily.

"Shh," Cougar hissed, and one hand left their members to tweak his nipple in retaliation.

Biting his lip and exhaling hard through his nose, Jake reached down and cupped them as well, his thumb rubbing affectionately over Cougar's fingers. They worked their shafts as one, and just the sight of it was enough to have Jake curling his toes. He watched the rolling muscles under Cougar's skin as his body moved with the stimulus, with the feelings building within him. Eyelids fluttered and dark eyelashes veiled his irises from sight. Cougar's tongue ran over his bottom lip. He bit down as his body suddenly jerked and came.

A stream shot out and hit Jake's stomach, and then another next to his belly button. He kept stroking, watching as Carlos' body lost control, and was surprised to feel the familiar tingling of an orgasm building in his own tired limbs. He arched his back, and his mouth dropped open. A groan was ripped from his chest, and he fought to keep his eyes open as the last of Cougar's come dribbled down their cocks.

Cougar squeezed them, and the simple touch was enough to make him shake once again with aftershocks. Collapsing next to him, Cougar nuzzled Jake's shoulder and nipped him playfully. "I said 'quiet,'" Carlos joked.

Still a little blown away by the dry orgasm, Jake just stared at him wide-eyed. His jaw worked, but no sound came out.

Cougar kissed him.

Not knowing what else to do or say, Jake kissed him back.