The Butterfly Effect

A fan fiction by Tarashima

Chapter 9 – …The delightful butterfly inside will come out


As soon I'd landed I started to run. I didn't quite remember which way I'd walked when I first fell down in the enormous cave and the darkness around were even deeper this time, but I let my senses instead of my thinking lead me. And soon, I reached the opening and saw the world of green and dinosaurs. It had not changed a bit since my last visit. The only change now, was a feeling of being home in my chest.

But I didn't have the time to enjoy it, I had to find Buck, and that quickly than ever.

I pricked my ears to snap up the sounds around me. Even if it was early dawn and still very dark, the valley was full of sounds. And soon, I could snatch up the roar I'd been listening after; the growl of Rudy. It came from Lava Falls, a place I didn't visit during my last trip, but knew perfectible well the location of. And I knew that was the place where I would found Buck.

I jumped of the cliff and landed elegant in a tree. I climbed down and started to run as fast as I could, but it didn't go as fast as I wanted. Panic started to rise inside me, what if I didn't get there in time?

Suddenly I ran passed something familiar. I stopped and saw the same pterodactyl that had tried to eat me and Buck at the rift. It was sleeping on a small shelf in the mount wall. And I'd got an idea so crazy it might be working.

Carefully I grabbed a liana from a tree nearby, and sneaked up to the flying reptile. And then I jumped onto its back, making it awakening in a rather harsh way, and when it shrieked in surprise, I threw the liana over its beak and pulled the edges of it. I now had the reptile in a firm hold and even though it reacted mostly in panic; it obeyed my commands through the liana. The new experience made adrenalin flow through my body, wild and rashly like the cataracts of water in the river during spring time. I focused all my senses and forced the reptile to fly me towards Lava Falls, where the roar of Rudy had become louder and more furious.

As we came closer the lava streams and the barren land of solidified magma, I finally saw the gigantic white dinosaur that must've been Rudy. And the sight of this horrifying dinosaur made me almost fell off the pterodactyl in valid terror; this reptile truly was way bigger and meaner than the T. Rex Mother we'd met the day before my leaving. The enormous, croc-like mouth didn't express anything but absolute blood thirst and the white color on his skin made an over natural appearance. Three lines of gap-spikes run on the back and along the lengthy tail, completed the ghastly picture. And when I came closer, I could see the scar from his lost tooth.

Rudy was furiously hunting something that jumped over the trees growing along-side the magma. It was Buck! I urged the reptile beneath me to fly faster; Rudy was closing in with every second that passed by.

Meanwhile, Buck had gone out of trees and landed on solid ground, trying to run away. But Rudy was way faster and was just about to snap his gigantic mouth over the crazed weasel when I passed through them and caught his arm in a firm grip. Just behind me, Rudy shut his mouth with a loudly snap, clapping his big teeth together.

Taken by surprise, Buck turned his head up at me.


"Hello, Buck" I said and couldn't help but smile, when the happiness over finally meet him once again ran over. It also made me lost my concentration for a few seconds, making us crash into a tree. All three of us landed clumsy on the ground, and as soon as the pterodactyl realized he was free, he took off.

I lifted my head and was met by a shocked and intensive blue eye.

"Ya came back?" Buck asked.

"You hadn't been polite enough to introduce me to Rudy" I said teasingly.

He made out a short laugh. Then we heard and felt the heavy stride of the white dinosaur behind, and the dead serious feeling of survival came back to both of us.

We rose onto our feet and started to run towards the trees.

"Follow me!" Buck yelled at me and grabbed a liana in a jump, swinging forward through the vegetation. I didn't have the time to doubt my skills, so I grabbed a liana and soon I too was swinging from the perilous dinosaur behind us. This headlong flight made us move a lot faster, but as for me, I didn't think it was fast enough; Rudy was just behind us.

A mix of panic and excitement ran through my body, as I desperate tried to figure out a better way of avoiding devouring. Then I got an idea, and when I grabbed hold into the next liana, I swung myself at the side, rounding the beast and landed behind his gigantic feet. And as I'd thought, Rudy didn't quite hang along. His enormous body could hardly move as elegant as I could, when it came to matter of small areas instead of running laps.

He tried to step around and follow my moves, but he didn't have the benefits of a weasel; quick, small and twisting ability. And so I ran and jumped around under his body, and could easily avoid his jaws and stamping feet.

Another crazy idea took form inside my head. Hastily I filled my hand with sand from the ground and clenched it into a fist, keeping the sand in safety inside. Then I started to climb up on Rudy's leg and onto his back with my free hand, a move he didn't quite appreciate.

With frustrating growls he tried to reach me with his claws but luckily I was a little too fast for him. When I reached the head, I set course on of the giant eyes. It stared at me in evil shades of red and yellow and the genuine fear inside me made me almost lose my grip. Rudy was just about to scratch me down with his claws when I threw the sand into his eye.

Enraged in pain, he growled and swung his head from side to side with great force, making me lose my grip and fell to the ground, landing on my back. The brutal landing made me lose both my breath and ability to move.

As I lied on the ground, struggling to get my breath and mobility back, I saw Rudy banging his head into the ground, trying to get rid of the gravel inside his eye. With a twitchy move with his head, he was about to bashed it onto me where I was lying. I tried to scream in panic but didn't have enough air to fill my lungs. Suddenly Buck came jumping from nowhere, grabbed me in his arms and saved me just inches from being crushed under the heavy head.

We rolled away to safety, and stopped beneath a large tree. I had still problems with the breathing and capacity of moving, but thanks to my bizarre action, Rudy was now distracted.

"That was the craziest thing I'd ever seen!" Buck said fascinated.

"I-I learned it fro-om the be-est" I said, gasping after air.

He smiled appreciated, then looked back at Rudy.

"Wait here!" he said to me and I couldn't do anything else but obey.

Buck collected a long and solid creeper, which he careless rolled up, and then ran back to Rudy, who now had recovered his eye and were angrier than before. Buck made a lasso and swung it tightly around a huge rock, and then climbed up on Rudy's leg and back up to the head. There, he threw the rest of the creeper around the mouth of the reptile and swung himself off holding the vine, flew two round around the chaps and then landed elegant on the ground. He started to run off.

Rudy was about to follow, but the tightened vine hold him trapped in a firm ensnare and he fell to ground.

Buck ran back to me.

"Are ya okay?" he asked

I nodded, even if my breath weren't normal yet and the strain of catching it had left me panting and exhausted. I think Buck did see it; because he lifted me onto his back.

"We have to run, before he breaks free" he said with a slight nod at Rudy's direction.

Then he started to run away from Lava Falls, into safety in the green forest lands on higher level.

And I was back at our very first meeting, which also had ended in him carrying me on his back. I didn't know a thing about him then, I hadn't even been awake during that flight. Now, things had changed a lot.


My heart started to rush when we passed between the trees, as a result of my physical effort, the home-coming feeling and loving emotions. Everything felt a bit bizarre, and I got the impulse to laugh at the whole situation. But I still had some sense left in my head, and I stopped the giggle from popping out my mouth. It was still too dangerous to relax totally, and not only because we nevertheless were too close to Rudy.

Finally we'd reach a location where Buck thought was on enough range to the white reptile. The dawn had passed and the morning sun above shone through the roof of ice over us. Buck dropped me gentle on the ground, then he threw himself on his back, panting exhausted as his chest moved heavily up and down.

I realized that I stared at him, but I didn't turn my face away. Instead, I watched him carefully with shimmering eyes as he recovered his breath. When he'd done that, he rose to sitting position, looking at me with a tired yet joyful eye.

"Finally we can talk" he said.

"Yeah" I said, started to feel slightly nervous. I didn't quite planned to get in to this situation, even if I wasn't about to return to the ice world.

"Well, I didn't expect ya to come back, but I can't say that I don't appreciated it"

"Because I saved you?"

"Not only because of that, silly"

My heart started to run faster, and I smiled at him. He smiled back, and then he threw a glance at the ground before looking curious at me.

"Can I ask ya why?"

"You know why, you must know"

"I want to hear it"

I tried to gather strength to say what my heart wanted him to hear, it felt hard to declare all of a sudden. It didn't matter if I'd already revealed myself by kissing him goodbye for an eternity ago. I took a deep breath and let the words slip out of my mouth before I could think anymore about it.

"I love you"

He let the words sink in before he answered me with a crooked smile.

"You're aware of that ya shouldn't?"

I smiled at him.

"Why not?"

"C'mon, a lunatic like me, risking life and limb as a daily routine, beside my rivalry with Rudy, does that sound normal to ya?"

"Maybe not, but I can't help it"

"Ya know about my horrifying past, which I myself have almost totally forgotten. Doesn't that concern ya?"

"I know that you've changed so I'm not worried"

"And hey, I must be much older than ya, don't ya worry about that either?"

"No, you only feel more experienced than me, so I don't care"

"And ya don't care about the mortal peril down here?"


He sighed.

"You're pretty stubborn, ya know that?"

"Yes, I've inherited it from my mother"

I moved a little closer, I had to ask him now.

"But do you like me?"

He turned to me and looked me straight in my eyes.


My heart was about to break when he continued with a heartening smile.

"I love ya, and that's a lot different then just 'liking' ya"

I swallowed hard as my heart turned head over heels and my brain started to do sit-ups.

"You really do?"

He looked at me with a teasingly smile.

"Well, it wouldn't be polite of me not to love ya" he said humorously, referring to our very first conversation.

I laughed, and then I fell upon him and kissed him. He fell on his back, surprised but in enough control to kiss me back, holding me in his arms.

The happiness inside me exploded and for a second or two, I felt as if I was dead. But the warmth heat from Bucks lips and body convinced me that this was the reality, and I was alive. I doubted that Rosie had ever felt this way with any weasel boy above, or else she wouldn't have that many used up behind her.

Buck rolled me over, so he was lying on top of me instead of the reverse. His finger played with my long, dark hair as it was draped over my shoulders. I scratched him playfully behind his left ear, which made him broke away.

"Stop that, it tingles!" he said smiling.

His lonely blue eye shimmered in pure gladness and pleasure. My hand went from scratching his ear to gently massage it.

Then we embraced in another kiss, a more intense and passionate one. I felt tears of happiness flow from my eyes, and I knew that in this very moment they weren't two happier mammals than we in the underworld or in the world of ice above.

I'd always felt as an ugly caterpillar, until Buck cracked my cocoon and revealed the beautiful butterfly inside. And I know that my life wouldn't have ended up like this, if I hadn't fallen through the ice that day. My moments of temporary long-gone clumsiness became the lovely and pleasant adventure of my life.

The End