This fic is inspired by the Katy Perry song 'E.T.'! Been wanting to write this fic but I wanted to make sure it... flowed. I don't own anything in this fic! If I did then I would be a rich BAMF! Enjoy!

Hotel De l'Europe

Gillian staggered down the exotic hallway towards the big oak doors. Her hands were shaking and she was on the verge of tears. She had to go in there and warn him that his life is in danger, that they are about to kill him. If she wasn't in the bathroom at the right time, she would have never heard Viggoson's girl brag that they found an informant and that they were going to kill him.

She closed her hands together, as if she were praying. Maybe she was. Anything to calm her nerves. She hoped that the wire got a lot of good stuff on it to put him and his cronies away in jail for a long time.

She took a deep breath and smothered the wrinkles out of her dress. This seemed to calm her down. She took another big breath. And then another. She looked to her right side and saw her reflection in a mirror. She went closer to the mirror. She fluffed her hair so that it looked perfect and then made sure that her makeup was flawless. She smoothed her tight fitting emerald green dress. She couldn't be anything but perfect going into that room. They can't suspect that she is on to them.

She took another deep breath. And then another. She straightened her posture and put a demure little smile on her face. With another deep breath, she pushed through the big oak doors.

She looked around and saw Viggoson at a card table across the room. When she sauntered closer to the table, she saw his 'business associates' there as well. When she was mere feet away, she saw him. Her hands started to shake again, but she made them stop. He has to get out of here alive. They both do. All the men at the table were wearing tuxedos and holding cards in their hands. It was a high stakes game by the amount of chips in the center.

She slid up next to him and smiled down. She got a good look at his cards. Now she was never good at poker, but she knew what he had was crap. He smiled like a Cheshire cat and then threw in the rest of his chips. "All in gentlemen. I have my lady luck right here." His English voice went perfect for this crowd. He laid his cards facing down and then slipped his hand across her bottom. He was playing the part real well. Too well for her.

Most of the men at the table folded, except for Viggoson. "You'res blufving. Your vife looks scared." His Russian accent was thick. He smiled an evil smile and put all of his chips in. Then he turned his cards on the table. He had a pair of fours and sixes.

"Not as scared as you mate." He turned over his cards to show a 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King, all in different suits. Gillian expected Viggoson to take the money, but her 'husband' took it. It turns out she knew nothing about poker. "My wife is always scared when I play cards." He was grinning from ear to ear. He didn't notice the anger rising in Viggoson.

Gillian bent low to his ear and whispered loudly, "Darling, I want to see you in private. I need you right now." She bit her lip and coyly smiled. She looked at the rest of the gentlemen and in her most sultry voice she could muster, "Excuse us boys, but we have some… umm… business to take care of back at our room. He will be back for the game in about 30 minutes." She winked at them and slid her hand into his.

His eyes turned into saucers and he licked his lips. "Well, you heard the lady. I will be back soon." Some of the men around the table started to howl and throw cat-calls to the lovers leaving the room. Except for Viggoson, who beckoned one of his aides to his side.

Once they were out of the room, Gillian led the way up to their hotel room. She didn't dare tell him that their cover was blown out in public. Viggoson has his eyes and ears everywhere, including their room. Once they made it into the safety of their hotel suite, she pushed him against the closed door. She started to kiss his neck feverently. She had to make it believable to the people keeping monitor of their room. His hands traced lines down her sides, making her moan with anticipation. She could smell the scotch from his breath when he whispered into her neck, "What's going on?"

She tugged at his jacket and unbuttoned the top three buttons, exposing his chest. She leaned her body against his making sure that there was no air between them. She lightly bit his lobe, enticing a soft moan from him when she whispered back urgently, "We have been made. We have got to get out of here now. Viggoson wants to kill you." She started to kiss his lips as she rubbed her body against his, creating an electric charge.

He gently pushed her away and said in a normal voice, "I'm sorry darling, but I just remembered that we don't have any more rubbers. We used the last one this afternoon."

She started to pout, "But can't we just do it this one time. I want you right now." She used both of her hands to push him against the door and started kissing him again.

He gave in for a couple of seconds but then pushed her away. "No, I have to get a pack of rubbers from the pharmacy around the corner. I'll be back soon." He buttoned two of the three buttons and opened the door.

She grabbed her purse and said, "I'm coming with you. Last time you made a trip to the pharmacy you got side tracked by the poker game for hours." They started towards the elevator, but some of Viggoson's men came out. Both parties stopped for a mere second. Then at the same time, Cal and Gillian ran the other way to the emergency exit door while Viggoson's men pulled out their guns and started shooting.

Will Cal and Gillian be able to escape Viggoson's men?

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